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Build-n-Share Challenge #170 **Forbidden Love** Due February 28th, 2023**


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    Can I pre-emptively ask for a teeny extension, just in case? ^^; My build is long-since done, uploaded, Karl's downloaded, etc and photographs are under way...but I can't guarantee my slow-plum connection is going to get them all uploaded in the next hour. .___.;
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    A few more hours to get those entries in!
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    b]CHALLENGE #103 -Dream a Little Dream[/b]

    FORUM ID: Kittkat7147
    ORIGIN ID: Kittkat7147
    LEVEL: Expert

    LOT: Dream a Little Office
    LOT COST: $1000
    LOT NAME: Catscratch Cottage - Brindleton Bay
    GALLERY COST: 171,789
    TOTAL COST: 172,789

    A converted factory with both industrial and contemporary elements... I wanted this office to be in an industrial setting, so I chose the docks of Brindleton Bay. The backstory is that this was a former bread factory that I have converted into office space. The offices retain many industrial elements that have been incorporated into the design. Exposed brick and industrial piping show the factory history of the lot while floating stairs, glass elements and contemporary furnishings give a modern twist.

    The special touch that I have always wanted is a wine cellar. This feature is found in the basement "executive apartment" (for out-of-town clients or when I need a place to crash), and contains many hand crafted vintages from Champs Les Sims and around the world.


    TWITTER TAG:@Kittkat7147
    FACEBOOK PROFILE: https://www.facebook.com/Kitkat7145/
    TUMBLR LINK:http://kitkatssimporium.tumblr.com/


  • Laireen35Laireen35 Posts: 47 Member
    Hello and good morning. I would like to ask for a short extension of deadline. I'm done with building. Need to take pics and upload. Will it be possible to get a couple of hours more?
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    Can I pre-emptively ask for a teeny extension, just in case? ^^; My build is long-since done, uploaded, Karl's downloaded, etc and photographs are under way...but I can't guarantee my slow-plum connection is going to get them all uploaded in the next hour. .___.;

    We're happy to give you a little extension based on technical difficulties - it happens to all of us! Go ahead and post your entries as-is for now. As long as you have your media slideshows finished by end of day 9/27, you'll be good-to-go :smile:
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    Awesome job, @KittKat7147. I love that roofline and wish I'd thought of it!
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    CHALLENGE #103 -Dream a Little Dream
    FORUM ID: SimsIslandheart
    ORIGIN ID: SimsIslandheart
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: Cherry Creations
    LOT COST: $3000
    LOT NAME: Preeminent Domain
    GALLERY COST: $171,814
    TOTAL COST: $174,814
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: BnS103 - Dream a Little Dream (Lot)
    ENTRY DETAILS: Cherry Creations is the hot new design studio in town, ready to design all your weird building needs. A full executive suite, employee offices, beautiful bathrooms and a spacious meeting room are joined with a cozy arboretum for a relaxing building experience. #MOO #NoCC #PlayTested
    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: No CC - only MOO and In-Game Resizing
    TWITTER TAG: @IslandheartArt
    FACEBOOK PROFILE: Islandheart Studio

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    Hello @BuildnShare , I have re-upload the building .

    I edited the original post. X-Cube Design Studio V.2

    Thank you.


    OID:- x4m1r4
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    CHALLENGE #103: Dream A Little Dream
    FORUM ID: Laireen35
    ORIGIN ID: Laireen35
    TWITTER TAG: Laireen35
    LEVEL: Expert
    LOT: Link to the Gallery
    LOT COST: 17,000 §
    LOT NAME: San Myshuno, Skye Fitness – renamed to ‘From The Ground Up’
    BUILD COST: 157,952 §
    TOTAL COST: 174,952 §
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: Link to pics on google photos

    DREAM A LITTLE DREAM ~ From The Ground Up ~

    Newly developed office building in Uptown San Myshuno. The building has been designed for and by the architects at the highly appraised architectural firm ‘From the ground up’. As all of the employees have a severe passion for coffee (some might say unhealthy addiction), of course a coffee shop is included, and espresso machines and coffee makers are to be found on each floor.

    This office building is made like building blocks – in different colors (white, grey and blue). It's a modern building, and it suits the surrounding uptown area perfectly. The building is placed on a lot with the most perfect outlook over the city, and the architects really had this stunning view in mind when they designed this house, as there are patios on each floor – some floors more than one.

    Ground floor: Reception, back office (Karl’s office), coffee shop, toilets. From the back office, there’s a private elevator going to the management offices on the top floor. From the coffee shop, there’s access to a large patio with ocean view, furnished with high tables and a foosball table.

    First floor: Offices, break room, toilets. Access to patio with seating.

    Second floor: Conference floor. Conference room, small lounge area with kitchen and espresso machines. Toilets. Access to three patios.

    Third floor: Management floor. Manager’s office including kitchen facilities, espresso machines and coffee maker. Private toilet. Meeting room. Access to large patio with seating.

    Build includes elevators to all floors. One elevator is private for the management. This can be accessed on the ground floor only via the reception back office (Karl’s office).

    My special addition: Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee! In-house coffee shop. And espresso machines and coffee makers all over the place!

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    This marks the close of challenge #BnS103. Good luck to all who entered!
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    They certainly are a large family. Of course, you had heard the news, so tragic - both parents dying in a car accident, and four orphans left behind! Their estranged aunt and her wife had agreed to take them in, so they wouldn’t have to be separated, but two twin babies, an eight-year-old, and a teen are a lot to take on for new parents!

    “Of course we never expected to be unexpected parents,” Saanvi, the aunt, says. “Couples like us really don’t have that issue.”

    “We’re very happy to do it,” Luna quickly adds. “But we’re very cramped in our place, now. “Ayla and Aesha share our bed, but Nila and Faisal are sleeping on the couches, and that just won’t do forever.”

    You nod sympathetically. “I understand completely.”

    “We love our house,” Saanvi says. “And the view. We don’t want to move, so we’ll have to add-on three new rooms and probably another bathroom.”

    “It should complement the existing architecture as well,” says Luna. “But we’d love to have the interior updated while we’re making so many changes. Make it more friendly for the number of people in it.”

    “And we want Nila and Faisal involved in their rooms,” Saanvi continues. “This is going to be as much their house as ours, I want to help make them feel as if they really belong there.”

    You nod and turn to Nila first, the middle sister. “Hello, Nila,” you say.

    She turns red and hides behind her hands, but with some gentle coaxing from Saanvi, she returns your greeting.

    “Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself? Do you have any hobbies? Anything you like to do for fun?”

    “I like to paint,” she says.

    “Oh? And what do you paint?”

    She shrugs and goes quiet.

    “She’s shy,” Luna offers as Nila shrinks into her. “She seems to really like browns and pinks together.”

    You decide to let Nila off the hook and turn to Faisal. “And what about you?”

    He doesn’t look at you but softly says, “I- I really like my telescope.”

    “Me, too,” you say, hoping to draw him out a little more. “I love looking at the stars.”

    He looks at you, not expecting that. “Yeah. I- I want to find a new one and name it.”

    “Oh? That sounds wonderful. What would you name it?”

    “Paavai,” he says.

    You remember that name from the news article. It was the mother. “That’s very beautiful.”

    He nods.

    “What about color? What colors do you like?”

    He thinks a bit longer about that before saying, “I guess yellow. Or… maybe purple.”

    “We’d like the babies to have a few things to help them develop their skills as they grow,” Saanvi says. “I’d like their room to be in a soft shade of green or blue.”

    “I like the colors in our room now,” Luna says, “but something new and fresh would be nice.”

    “I think this should all be very doable.”

    “Since you’ll be working on the whole house, we’ll be taking a vacation for a few weeks,” Saanvi says. “So we won’t be around for questions during the renovation. I hope we’ve given you enough to go on?”

    “I think I’ve got all I need,” you say. “The house will be move-in ready by the time you come back!”

    “Thank you so much,” Luna says. “This is such a burden off us.”

    “I am only too happy to help,” you say, already deciding to waive your fee for this one. You have every confidence that this new family will be able to overcome their tragic beginning and thrive in their new house.

    • Renovate and add-on to Riverside Roost in Willow Creek.
    • 200k Budget (final cost of the building, not in addition to the existing house value)
    • The final build should have at least four bedrooms decorated per the requests and interests of the family as indicated above. Also, take into consideration items from the existing building for things Saanvi and Luna enjoy.
    • The exterior style of the house should reflect the current style, but the interior can be redesigned to give a fresh feeling and to make the best use of the existing spaces.
    • Don't worry about adding on the lot cost to this one, they already own it.

    Room Challenge:
    Create Sanvi and Luna's Living Room. Must include a place for them to read to the children, a stereo and a TV.
    • Budget: $75,000
    • Size Limit: 40 squares in any layout you choose (it can be smaller if you wish). Be sure to include a slide showing the layout square count in your entry slideshow.

    Sim Challenge:
    Make the family and show them moving into the new house. Tell us a little about them.


    Please use the whole of hashtag #BnS104 when you upload your creations, any build, room or household without this hashtag will not be judged.
    The deadline for this challenge is Wednesday 10th October 2018 ** [no later than 23:59:59 EDT/New York Time]
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    Apparently I am a total Derp today, have added into the brief which house you are expected to Renovate (it's Riverside Roost in Willow Creek btw :tongue: )
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,931 Member
    I have tried a renovation like that to that house so many times and it always turns out weird. Looking forward to being schooled by all the clever solutions you guys come up with.
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 353 Member
    which child is the teen?
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,931 Member
    Appears to be the boy Faisal
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 353 Member
    i thought so
  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,708 Member
    Dang it .. I missed the office deadline .. asleep at the wheel!! I will go move on the the next one ...
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  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,034 Member
    I have tried a renovation like that to that house so many times and it always turns out weird. Looking forward to being schooled by all the clever solutions you guys come up with.

    I've done it before, just once. It's a little sloppy and pretty basic as all I really did was slap a nursery on it just off the upstairs bedroom and add a roof section. Wasn't planning to play that family, but they did need the extra room, so I only did the bare minimum. This one is definitely going to need a lot more thought, time and effort, so it'll be an interesting challenge.
  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,899 Member
    Hi @BuildnShare, for #104 challenge, it requires us to retain the current style of the house. I'm wondering, if we ever change the roof style, will it consider changing the house style?
    OID:- x4m1r4
  • TinkPlaysTinkPlays Posts: 80 Member
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    Are there restrictions on the doors, windows or stairs being moved? Or adding fencing outside?
    Thank you
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  • MommaBeanMommaBean Posts: 12 New Member
    Hey all! 🤗 Its been a long time since I've been active on here. Looking forward to building again! Let's see if I can get back into the swing of things with this challenge?!?
  • suepeasuepea Posts: 1,832 Member
    I may be dense but the budget for the reno is $200,000 over and above the value of the lot? And can we update the exterior if we keep the style the same? Thanks! Looking forward to playing :-)
  • FidgetyAtomFidgetyAtom Posts: 128 Member
    @suepea Definitely not §200,000 over and above no. It's just max lot price is §200,000. You do not need to include the lot price this time though! So get right up to that §200k mark!
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    the same thing
  • MaryKupMaryKup Posts: 113 Member
    Can we make the house bigger or do we have to work with in the original house? I'm looking to make the upstairs bigger to add the rooms and baths needed.
  • SimsIslandheartSimsIslandheart Posts: 281 Member
    Sneak peek! I think this is the fastest build I've done yet. Build and play-testing was done yesterday, and I'm doing the family move-in photos today. <3 (Build photos might take a tad longer... ^^; )

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