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Katy Perry Sim

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I've decided to start a thread with some of the looks I did with Katy Perry.
Just a quick note, I don't think I'll upload my Katy to the gallery unless you want me too. Another thing to note is, I took the most popular Katy Perry from the gallery and worked my butt off to try to get some of the looks perfect. I would also like to mention No Custom Content was used, only Expansion, Game and Stuff Packs, I do own everything for The Sims 4. If there's a certain look you would like me to do comment, and I'll see what I can do. :smile: here's a link to it. [/url] Don't worry I'm still gonna do Katy Perry, I'm just waiting for more content to be released for the game at the moment.


My Sim version of Katy from her album One of the Boys.

The actual album.

The Sim Version of Katy from her album Prism

The actual album, I don't think I'm that close but at least I tried lol.

Music Videos:

The Sim Version of Katy in Teenage Dream, one of my favorite songs, and personal favorites.

Katy in the music video, I also watched the music videos to get them even more accurate.

Sim Version of Katy in Roar.

Katy in the Music Video.

Sim Version of Katy In Hot N Cold, one of my personal favorites

Katy in Hot N Cold, again not the best photo, but for some reason, there's not too
many photos of this look.

Sim Version in Last Friday Night, ironically it's Friday today lol.

Katy in Last Friday Night, not the best photo in the world lol.

Sim Version of Katy in Swish Swish, I didn't change her hair color for this one, I also didn't want a really short hairstyle.

Katy in Swish Swish, in my opinion, I like Katy with her long black, colorful hair more than her short blonde hair.

Sim version of Katy In Part of Me, now they don't have like a simple dress with just a denim jacket overtop or ❤️❤️❤️❤️ even a leather jacket (which would be so freaking cool), they also don't really have matching colors too, so I just used what I could work with.

Katy in the music video.

Sim Version of Katy in Firework, I tried so freaking hard to find a dress that would look close to what she wore and this is the best I could do. They need more dresses in my opinion.

Katy in the music video, this one looks so much better than mine lol.
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