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Parenthood: Toddler Always Makes A Mess Autonomously

I've had the Parenthood gamepack since the day it launched. I have one gripe about it though. Toddlers always make a mess when I'm not controlling them. I have a toddler in my game with barely any points in the thinking skill. Why is this?!
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  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,071 Member
    A couple of things are going on. On the positive side, while a toddler is making a mess, they are gaining a skill, but I can't recall at the moment which one it is. The second is where the parents have to get onto the child about making a mess. Depending on the parent's skill level they have different levels of severity they want to give the child, meaning they can yell at the kid, hug it out, express disappointment, and a few others as well. Also done enough times can lead to the parent giving the child a timeout. This can be corrected by a sim being a diligent parent.
  • Pinky7797Pinky7797 Posts: 83 Member
    I mean, dont toddlers always make a mess? I know sims is a game but in real life toddlers make messes all the time lol. Maybe try making the toddler clean up their messes xD
  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,071 Member
    You can't get the toddler to clean up their messes, this can happen when they are kids. If you have a child in the household, you can have the parent sim encourage the child to clean up the mess their little siblings make. It will also raise their Responsibility traits also.
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    Toddlers can't have timeouts doe
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  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,071 Member
    I know they can't have timeouts, but the older kids can, and they really hate it. lol
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