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Sims 4 Room Challenge



  • RavennaRavenna Posts: 57 Member
    I'm starting this challenge now and I really think it should be called the Hotel California Challenge lol
    I'm Meryl, and I go by Merrill on Twitch, and also I make retrowave when I'm not in The Sims. Check out my stuff on the Sims 4 gallery under the ID 'RavennaSanguine'

  • gayle_afcbgayle_afcb Posts: 157 Member
    I've just re-started this one for about the 5th time!! Needed a distraction from my current rosebud challenge having had to re-start all over as my dear son decided to delete the almost completed one from my saves! I'm only on sim week 2 so a long way to go, current points is about 125. Love my little lot - I fenced off an 8x8 area then made the building 6x6, leaving an outdoor area 2 squares wide on 2 sides of the building. A 2x2 bathing area - the talking John is ace for keeping social about midway up & 4x2 sleep & study area at the back leaving a 6x4 kitchen/living area. In my garden, I have a 3x2 pool, treadmill, easel & plants!




  • emmixoxemmixox Posts: 1 New Member
    tried this without scoring...

    had to bend the rules a tiny bit and left the house to adopt another sim because mine reached elder before completing challenge and i was scared all my hard work was going to be for nothing.
  • Kabbac12Kabbac12 Posts: 16 New Member
    Hi could I do it with a kid or a pet? Would it work?
  • HannahCTHannahCT Posts: 4 New Member
    I finished the challenge a few days ago. I have all the expansion packs and game packs (up to and including 'Get Famous', which came out during my attempt at the challenge) and decided to max every skill possible (except the minor skills) and complete every aspiration level possible in order to maximise my score.

    Skills maxed at level 10+ (I included Vampire Lore which maxes out at level 15) -> 28 skills * 10 points per skill = 280 points
    Aspiration levels completed (counting 'mostly harmless', 'readily a parent' and 'prudent student' once each even though they each feature in multiple aspirations ) -> 33 levels * 5 points = 165 points
    Completed on day 100 -> 1 point (could have done this earlier as I had at least 250k left after building the mansion, but I knew I'd get more points by finishing off maxing my skills)
    No deductions for unpaid bills or critical social

    Total points: 280 + 165 + 1 - 0 = 446 points

    (Full info on skills maxed and aspiration levels achieved is at the end of the post)

    I decided to try and complete the entire challenge without buying any needs-related reward traits (so for example no 'hardly hungry' or 'seldom sleepy' but things like 'savant' and 'iceproof' were fine) and without using any space outside my 8x8 area except when I was moving things around in build mode. I did end up keeping the Harvestfest gnomes just outside my garden fence so they didn't get in the way all the time, but I sold them all before building the final mansion.

    I also decided that once I'd bought a skill-building object it had to stay either in the house (at normal size) or the sim's inventory until I either replaced it with a more expensive version of the same object or the challenge ended. During the challenge I did arrange the objects so that some of the items I was finished with weren't accessible, but in the final build at the end the house had to be liveable and the skill objects all usable. My final $300k mansion was a complete mess and had scaled down paintings and statues all over the place and a roof covered in the gargoyle things from vampires, but I did manage to pack all the stuff into the 8x8 area in such a way that my sim could use everything.

    I called my sim Rapunzel Rapunzel (it seemed fitting for someone trapped alone in a small space, although I didn't make it a tower as I also wanted her to have a garden) and gave her the creative, genius and music lover traits. Creative and genius obviously helped her with her skills, and music lover gave her happy moodlets whenever she played or listened to music. I started her off with the 'Master Vampire' aspiration so that she could have the 'quick learner' trait from having a knowledge aspiration and then clear it out quickly once I started gameplay so I could focus on aspirations that allowed me to gain points quickly (to purchase reward traits such as 'savant', 'morning sim' and 'night owl' that helped with skill gains).

    She moved in to one of the lots in Brindleton Bay which I gave the traits great acoustics (for all those musical skills), home studio and fast internet. I think if I did the challenge again I'd pick the 'Homey' trait instead of either 'home studio' or 'fast internet' as although I maxed cooking naturally during the challenge I did need to work on gourmet cooking and baking at the end. With 'homey' I might have ended up maxing all 3 cooking skills before I'd done everything else, but then I could have saved time by cooking group servings of meals instead of the single servings I used most of the time.

    I divided my 8x8 lot into a 5x8 room (with a wall three tiles in that extended 3 tiles down, providing a 3x3 space that became a galley kitchen and bathroom) with a door in the bottom right corner leading to a 3x8 garden. Since I have seasons I covered half of the garden with a glass roof and left the other half open to the elements and moved my plants around so that those that weren't in season were sheltered and the others registered as outside (because they seem to grow more harvestables and evolve faster when they are outside during the correct season(s)).

    As I said I started off by trying to get as many reward store points as a I could so I could purchase the skill-boosting reward traits ASAP. Some of this involved switching to aspirations that I couldn't even complete one level of just to get the points. I also made use of Rapunzel's whims to gain points. In these early days I gained social by telling jokes at the microphone, earned money mostly through painting and mixing drinks and then selling them (the 'prose and pop' drink is great for that. It's a level 1 drink and you can only make it when you're inspired, but it has a decent sell back value that increases each time you go up a level. You get to the point where you can make a $100 profit per drink pretty quickly). I also started Rapunzel's garden so she could start getting her gardening skill up ready to be able to talk to plants for social.

    After gathering up all the easily gained points I did the painter, botanist, computer whiz, author and musical aspirations. The botanist one took forever and was hindered by the fact that it wouldn't let me plant anything during winter because it was too cold - even when I made a garden planter and placed it inside the heated house. Also the grafting update has made it almost impossible to get the cowplant berry (or indeed dragon fruit) by grafting and I obviously couldn't get it by fishing it or using the rocket (given my rules about not selling skill items or placing them outside my 8x8 area once I'd used them I didn't have room for a rocket, but if you're happy to keep stuff outside your room when you're not using it I think there is room for a rocket) so I ended up buying lots of rare seed packets and opening them until I got a cowplant berry.

    At some point during that time I bought 'Get Famous' and also squeezed in the first levels of aspiring actress and world-famous celebrity (mostly gaining my fame via the streaming drone). I also picked up the Celebruserum and Established Name fame perks as soon as they became available - Celebruserum gets potions sent to you which help with skill building (and sometimes also refill your energy, hygiene or fun needs) and Established Name means your sim gets more money for crafted items such as paintings and books. The potions especially were useful to get through the higher levels of some of the skills, especially those that don't help your sim make money (or gain social) within the confines of the room challenge - for example Charisma, Parenting, Veterinarian and the first 9 levels of archaeology.

    I also discovered that 'perform musical scene for tips' (unlocked at acting level 5) increases your social need. By this point I'd maxed out gardening and comedy so Rapunzel's social need was boosted by performing musical scenes (raising comedy), bonding with bees (worthwhile as happier bees make better quality honey and you get send them to get gifts for you) and troll teh forums (raising mischief skill). 'Troll teh forums' also counts as a mischievous interaction and you can make sims dislike you by sending them chain letters or spam money requests (neither of which raises social so I decided that interacting' with the listed sims was allowed. My sim 'knew' people because of the welcome wagon, Vlad 'introducing' himself, club invites & Father Winter. Despite ignoring all of those attempts to contact her the people appeared in her relationship panel and were therefore fair game for sending chain letters and spam requests to) so I also managed to complete the first two levels of 'Chief of Mischief'.

    I finished off with Fabulously Wealthy, Nerd Brain (second to last as the rocket thing was *technically* doable so I couldn't swap to any aspiration other than Mansion Baron afterwards) and Mansion Baron, but held off on completing the last one until I had maxed all of the available skills. I didn't bother trying to increase the value of my sim's home until I had the funds necessary to build the whole mansion so that I didn't get clobbered by depreciation costs.

    A list of each of the skills Rapunzel maxed and the main items/interactions she used to do so

    Acting - mirror & microphone for the early levels, and then 'perform musical scene for tips' to gain social from level 5 onwards
    Archaeology - Levels 1-9: books, studying artifacts for historical insights (note: you can examine multiple objects at the same time for quite a large jump in skill. You can't examine your own paintings but you *can* examine the wall hangings crafted using the woodworking table), refining crystals/extracting elements (from crystals and metals received as gifts from the bees or from lightning strikes on my lot). Level 10: authenticating artefacts sent in the mail.
    Baking - oven
    Charisma - mirror
    Comedy - microphone
    Cooking - oven
    DJ Mixing - DJ booth
    Fitness - books, get energised and use the 'exercise' interaction (I didn't want to buy a fitness machine and have it taking up space)
    Flower Arranging - Flower arranging table
    Gardening - gardening interactions and lots of talking to plants for social
    Gourmet cooking - oven
    Guitar - guitar
    Handiness - repairing objects, woodworking table (crafting guitars turns a nice profit, incidentally)
    Logic - chess table, painting mathematical diagrams on the easel (mostly the easel - I only really used the chess table to get the focused moodlet to help achieve the ideal mood for skill building)
    Mischief - computer ('troll teh forums' appears under web when playful even if you haven't reached mischief level 2, and it also boosts your social (although rather slowly))
    Mixology - bar (lots of 'Prose and Pop' drinks to get money)
    Painting - easel
    Parenting - books, computer (browse parenting forums)
    Piano - keyboard
    Pipe organ - organ
    Programming - computer
    Singing - 'sing in shower' to get inspired, 'sing song' interaction on piano and guitar to build two skills at once
    Vampire Lore - vampire books
    Veterinarian - medicine crafting station (note: actually crafting stuff doesn't seem to boost the skill but 'do lab work' does)
    Video Gaming - computer
    Violin - violin
    Wellness - yoga mat (also good for getting a focused, inspired or energised moodlet)
    Writing - computer (maxed well before I finished the writing aspiration so there's no real need for writing skill boosts as you'll reach level 10 no problem anyway)


    Level 1 only:
    Master Chef
    Master Mixologist
    Super Parent
    Aspiring Actress
    World-famous Celebrity

    Level 1 - completed but not counting towards points total
    [Renaissance Sim - same as Nerd Brain level 1]
    [Public Enemy - same as Chief of Mischief level 1]
    [Big Happy Family & Successful Lineage - same as Super Parent level 1]

    Levels 1 & 2
    Painter Extraordinaire
    Computer Whiz
    Nerd Brain
    Chief of Mischief

    Levels 1-3
    Musical Genius

    Levels 1-4
    Freelance Botanist
    Bestselling Author
    Fabulously Wealthy
    Mansion Baron

    @katoregama Thanks for creating this challenge! I had fun playing it and it's good to know about all these useful methods for fulfilling my sims' social needs without having to find other sims for them to interact with.
  • HannahCTHannahCT Posts: 4 New Member
    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I left ageing on and used a potion of youth to age Rapunzel back down to the start of her young adult life state every time she was about to age up to adult. I also had seasons set at one week and chose to open gifts during Winterfest and take advantage of the seed packts the gnomes dropped during Harvestfest (although I opened them all rather than selling the packets themselves). I started the game in Spring and during her first Winterfest (out of 3) she got a computer worth over 3k, which was rather a help towards the 3k worth of electronics requirement in 'computer whiz'.
  • AspensongAspensong Posts: 105 Member
    How did your sim become a vampire if no one can get inside to bite him/her due to no door. Or did I misunderstand? I thought you completed Master Vampire in it's entirety.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,065 Member
    Vampire lore not vampirism I believe. :) Which is just reading books ^^
  • AspensongAspensong Posts: 105 Member
    Thankyou for the clarification Shadami. I thought if one starts as vamp and then mixes the drink to change to human it might be possible...
  • Meganbrett12Meganbrett12 Posts: 1 New Member
    I just started this and I’m loving it. Maybe I’m a natural hermit because I’m having no issues keeping on top of things in my 8x8 house lol

    Idk how to post pictures or I would show my house that I feel is perfect. I am on the second level of mansion aspiration and my home is currently worth $60k. I’m happy with it lol she gets about $6500 a day form book royalties.
  • FeryaFerya Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi all. I've been giving this challenge a try and it's really fun. I have noticed something that puzzles me though and I was wondering if someone can help me out with this.
    Everytime I complete a stage in the mansion baron the value of my home decreases by around 2000 simoleons. For instance, I just completed the one where you have to have a home worth 100.000 and after I complete that my home value dropped to around 98.000. Also the value of my home seems to randomly decrease on it's own. I haven't been doing anything but keeping my Sims needs up and I have noticed the value of my home drop by several hundred simoleons (around 400) And then there is the matter where I just put 30.000 of upgrades in my home and the value only went up by 23.000
    Can someone please explain how this works? This is my first challenge so I'm new to a lot of the mechanics.
  • authslothauthsloth Posts: 1 New Member
    I've played sims forever but never tried a challenge, this will be my first one. I'm really excited!
  • MommaAddiMommaAddi Posts: 1 New Member
    Where is the trash can that turns trash into money?
  • _Vitor__Vitor_ Posts: 1 New Member
    Now this challenge got pretty easy with the tiny living pack
  • HannahCTHannahCT Posts: 4 New Member
    > @_Vitor_ said:
    > Now this challenge got pretty easy with the tiny living pack

    Yep, I'm tempted to get Tiny Living and try and see how fast I can complete everything with the new bonuses from Tiny Living and the Study Spot lot trait from Discover University. Last time I maxed everything possible (except rocket science and the parts of Nerd Brain that require a rocket) in 100 days without using any needs-based reward traits, so I think if I remove that restriction I could cut down the time quite significantly despite the addition of the Robotics and Research & Debate skills - especially as Research & Debate helps you build other skills more quickly (via the research machine and the bonuses for levelling the skill) and the only new aspiration level you can complete is level one of Academic.

    Actually the degree courses and the elective classes could really help with the skills that are tricky to manage in this challenge, such as rocket science because of the size of the rocket means it takes up nearly all your space, charisma, mischief and parenting because levelling them without interacting with other sims is a pain, and archaeology, herbalism and fishing (especially the latter two as there was previously no way to max either of them within the confines of the challenge) because they normally involve leaving the lot. Charisma, Mischief and Rocket Science are all core skills for some of the degrees and I'm pretty sure all the others are all available as electives (as long as you get lucky and they're one of the options when you're choosing your elective), and even though you can't go to class you can still do homework, study, write term papers and create presentations to help raise your skills.

    In fact writing this has convinced me to give the challenge another go, although I might not be able to beat my time record by as much as I was initially thinking, because I'll have 5 extra skills to max (Herbalism, Fishing and Rocket Science in addition to Robotics and Research & Debate) and I'm also going to remove my 'all skill objects must stay inside the room at all times' restriction to allow me to do the whole of 'Nerd Brain' rather than stopping at level 2 so that will take a little time too.
  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 257 Member
    I am gonna have to try this, but here's a strange question: because of story reasons in my legacy (don't ask) I have a vampire trapped in a crypt for the next 100 in-game days. How do I somehow do this challenge or something like it without directly using the mansion baron aspiration to grade progress?
  • Lisamango0Lisamango0 Posts: 105 Member
    Oh my god, this is a cool challenge! Definitely trying that out soon! I've been reading 4 pages into this now..

    I've wrote it down in my notebook, and I think i'm going to mark the scores. like marking the days, the times she had critical socials, the amount of levels she completed, the skills that are up to level 10, etc. That way I can count it all together at the end.

    It's over when the aspiration is completed right? (Makes sense..)
  • Lisamango0Lisamango0 Posts: 105 Member

    I've finished it! Do I have to post pictures? My house is on the gallery.

    I've written this down in the spoilers. Final Score: 257 points!

    My Sim Cecilia lived on a 30x20 lot..I've bought the cheapest lot, but I did not pay attention to the size. Really thought it was smaller. I did only build an 8x8 room, and I did not expand. You may extract points if neccesary..

    Simdays: 78
    Critic Socials: 0! ( really payed attention to that..Talked to plants a lot haha!) Utilities shut off: Never.
    Skills that I've maxed out: 10
    Aspiration stages/levels complete: 27
    Youth Poison once & Bought a marketable reward near the end.

    Started out with 100 points.
    100 - 78 days = 22 points.
    22 point + 100 for the max. skills: 122 points.
    122 + 135 ( aspiration levels/stages) = 257 points
    Aspirations and the stages that i've passed:
    Renassaince sim: 1.
    Painter: 2
    Whizzkid: 2
    Nerdbrain: 2
    Writer: 4
    Music: 3
    Baron villa/maison: 4
    Cooking: 1
    Acting: 1
    Very wealthy aspiration: 4

  • AimeeHoldenAimeeHolden Posts: 1 New Member
    Can you use the computer to fill your social needs?
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,065 Member
    Yes you can. There is a socialize tab
  • Jas_AppleturnJas_Appleturn Posts: 15 Member
    I have literally just started this challenge today!
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,978 Member
    Nice one. I've added this challenge to my list.
  • shakerellashakerella Posts: 313 Member

    100- 72 days = 28 points (I wrote down each day and came up with 57 days lived. However, young adult = 24 days adult x2 = 48 days = 72)
    16 Level 10 Skills = 160
    Aspiration = 170
    Total = 358

    I drank 1 age potion right before I turned elderly. I aged elderly on the last day of the challenge.
    Normal Lifespan

    Painting, Comedy, Cooking, Writing, Gardening, Baking, Guitar, Gourmet, Handiness, Charisma, Video Gaming, Mixologist, Programming, Knitting, Mischief, Wellness

    Mansion Baron +20, Fab Wealthy +20, Celeb +5, Freelance Botanist +20, Renaissance Sim +5, Computer Whiz +10, Nerd Brain +10, Master Chef +20, Master Mixologist +5, Best Selling Author +20, Painter Ext + 10, Musical Genius +15, Lady of the Knits +10

    IMGUR images
    My Current Challenge: Drifter House Challenge
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