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Autonomous upgrading.

Has anyone else ever had a sim upgrade an object without telling them to? I just saw my teen sim install aromatherapy to the hot tub, which is cool, but I have never had a sim do that before.


  • Livin in SimLivin in Sim Posts: 1,145 Member
    Do you play with MC Control Center mod? I believe it has some settings that when enabled, allow Sims to autonomously Upgrade items, as well as some other interactions that aren't normally autonomous.
  • MelmackMelmack Posts: 209 Member
    @Livin in Sim no I don't use it. Which is why it was so weird.
    I did have her doing a bunch of repairing and upgrading the day before, so that when she moves out she doesn't have to hire handy men all the time. Maybe she just really wanted the hot tub to smell nice. :wink:
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