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Why do you play Sims?



  • SikoahGraceSikoahGrace Posts: 1,358 Member
    I was just discussing this at work this week.
    Co-worker: Oh you're one of THOSE people. So are just kind into it or do love it? One of my friends plays.
    Me: I love it. My pixilated wonders are the best things ever. I get to create worlds, lives, and little people and live out their stories. Sometimes I completely mess up their lives so they have to take a new path in life and sometimes they have a traditional families. Right now I have a legacy where all the men are having the babies and raising them.
    Co-worker: That's not traditional.
    Me: Don't judge. It's perfectly normal in my Sims little world.

    I simply play because I can. It's fun for me. I play to create. I play to tell stories. I play to decorate. I play to build. I play to escape. I play for the community.
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 1,582 Member
    I play because I love the game, to relax and to escape real life :)
  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 557 Member
    Many reasons really. I suffer depression and anxiety episodes and when unwell, playing the sims distracts me and being able to ‘control’ them makes me feel like I still have some sort of control in real life. Weird huh! Once I was so unwell I couldn’t get any enjoyment out of the game at all, it was terrible!

    I like to take screenshots and occasionally write about my game play.

    I love setting up a game, possibly even more than playing it.

    I enjoy granting my sims wishes and giving them a happy life!

  • lbradleylbradley Posts: 8 New Member
    I enjoy making massive families on the sims (I know that can come across weird) but I've always wanted a big family (even though I'm only 19. I've had a tough up bringing with family members and people lying about who my parents were etc etc... so the sims allowed me to create my own world and be whoever I wanted to be. And the sad thing is I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend in real life!! :D
  • ladysweettartladysweettart Posts: 239 Member
    lbradley I love playing large families in my game as well!!!
    I have a YouTube Channel dedicated to Sims 4! You can find it here if you are so inclined!

  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,409 Member
    NotSoLucky wrote: »
    Everyone has a reason for playing sims. Personally, for me its just because I find it to be fun. Some people play for control, some people play to get away from real life, some for designing. Why do you play?

    It's fun. I like coming up with scenarios and objectives in my head and seeing it play out. I give my sims as much autonomy as possible.

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  • SimmivieSimmivie Posts: 199 Member
    Actually I'm playing diffrent states of my life.... I have one family of the future, when there is mom, dad and two kids.. One with a mom and just a teenager... And one with a young adult, who am I right now... I just also like to think about stories and with Sims I can "make them true" :D
  • mikamika Posts: 1,679 Member
    It's fun and I can do things I can't do in reality, like get rich in under a week, become an immortal vampire, or invite my enemies to a pool party and then drown them by removing the ladder and building a fence around the pool.
  • bootsguybootsguy Posts: 827 Member
    Not just to entertain me and have fun as it gives me goosebumps which proves that "life imitates art," I want some scenes in my game play of The Sims 4 to crossover to real life either in direct way or the other way around or the opposite.
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  • Daniela_SophiaDaniela_Sophia Posts: 13 New Member
    I like games that don't have a goal, i find it relaxing when you can do whatever you want. It's simply just a game of life where you wake up, go to work, maybe go out with your friends, spend time with family and then go back to bed. I like making stories, the experience is wonderful!
  • KatieGKatieG Posts: 54 Member
    The Sims really taps into my creative side. I love to write stories about them. They make great muses. :)
  • orangehippogrifforangehippogriff Posts: 946 Member
    I relate to others that have said they play the game to relax or because it is therapeutic. I have a really debilitating anxiety disorder that causes me to be housebound a lot, so it keeps me from getting bored and allows me to create a beautiful utopia that I can live vicariously through. I get really attached to my families so I love watching them live their lives to the fullest. I like that the game doesn’t have many bad things that happen and that there’s no fighting or battling and just very little stress. So yeah, it soothes me and makes me happy
  • orangehippogrifforangehippogriff Posts: 946 Member
    mmt3363 wrote: »
    Many reasons.

    For one thing, the game is sentimental to me. My grandfather bought me my first computer and The Sims 1 for my birthday as a kid. He was super excited about it because the lady at the store told him that the game was a “dollhouse simulator”, and I had addictivly played with barbies since I was a toddler and was arriving at the age that I was starting to outgrown playing with them. I loved the game immediately, and when he would visit we would play together; him guiding me to build and decorate different houses and reminding me to keep an eye on the sim’s needs. He passed away several years ago, but I think of him every time I play. Especially now because I think he would be so amazed with all the cool stuff you can do in the game these days.

    I also play as a creative outlet. I love decorating houses and working on my building skills. I love telling stories with my sims. It also really helps me relax and unwind.

    I promise I’m not even crying one little bit
  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 8,908 Member
    When I'm bored and have nothing else to do.
  • BoardwalkBoardwalk Posts: 25 Member
    I like to design. I really should have been an architect or an interior designer! Sims gives me a fun, creative outlet.
  • damageincracingdamageincracing Posts: 275 Member
    edited September 2018
    I play Sims4 occasionally just to see if they've fixed any of the screw ups yet. When I see they haven't, I go back to Sims3. The game play is much better in Sims3 in my opinion, there's more to do in Sims3, and the sims don't look like cartoon characters. Maybe they can do a better job with Sims5. IF they do a Sims5 that is, after how bad they screwed up this last one...
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