I Just Want to Say Thanks ❤

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Hi :mrgreen:

I just want to say Thanks to all the Wonderful people in the CAW section; Visitors and Builders alike.

Thanks for sharing, caring, and the courtesy. Thanks for sharing ideas, suggestions, encouragements, opinions and for just stopping by to say Thanks or Good Work all of us over the years (many Years).
I want to say thanks to all the people who've been so nice and helpful to each other. The ones who ask for help and share help. The ones who have said Thanks, and asked for more- even asked for special work.

Personally, I want to Thank the people who've been so nice to me and told me they like my work and worlds. Anyone and Everyone who have taken the time to tell me what they liked about them; who've asked me to make special worlds; who've even asked for my CAW files to change for themselves; who've Shared pictures of the changes they've made, too.
It's made me feel appreciated for the hours and hours I spend on them. Asking, Thanking, and Sharing makes me feel as if I'm seen as a person Worth taking Your time to share with me.

That Means a Lot to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you❣ :mrgreen:

*I forgot the Modders- Thanks for doing what I can't and expanding not only CAW but the game. Awesome~ :cookie:


  • JACKIEJOYJACKIEJOY Posts: 392 Member
    You are very welcome. You are the one who puts months of work into beautiful pieces of art that you share with us with no charge and no strings attached. So I thank you as always.
  • chojrakchojrak Posts: 94 Member
    You scared me. :tongue: For a moment I thought it was farewell. :sweat_smile:

    I am grateful too to all people who made CAW section. So much tutorials, tips, and knowledge about this tool here. It's making work with this capricious tool easier. :grimace: Also to all people who made beautiful worlds. Without their worlds I would abandon Sims 3 long time ago. Exploring new worlds give me so much joy. :wink:
  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 406 Member
    You're welcome. Thank you for all your knowledge and help.
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    Well I'm really appreciative that you and other world makers put so much time and effort into your worlds ( you too, awesome modders <3 ) That you make them the best they can be, avoiding EA's routing mistakes, and in some cases even trying to correct them. That you pour so much of your heart and soul into your work to make your own visions and that of others, come alive, in these beautiful places for our Sims to live and explore.
    I don't think the game would be half as beautiful or adventurous without the magnificent worlds created by those of you that took the time to master the tools that EA gave us.
    CAW and I decided we didn't like each other very early on, so without people like you Bec, and the others who bring worlds to life, my sims would be stuck with only what EA gave us. While their worlds are also lovely, variety is awesome.
    Thank you all so much <3
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    I've found a few of your worlds would be great for all kinds of legacies and Beach City would work well for a BACC in TS3 or an apocalypse challenge where I have to play the town.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 14,980 Member
    I'm appreciative of all the hard work you do to make very nice, playable worlds for us.I have almost all your worlds installed and have played them all at one point or another, I even use them to travel to for vacations! They are wonderful and you have a real knack for creating!
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