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I'll make your dream sim - 100% guarantee I'll do it in the next half an hour

Please try this out, only two people have asked me to do it and they ended up loving their sim and putting it in the game
Original discussion - https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/946148/ill-make-your-dream-sim#latest

Hi Guys! I've decided I want to put my CAS skills to a test and see whether I can make your dream sim. Please try this out.
All you have to tell me is:
- Skin Colour
- Eye Colour
- Ethnicity
- Hair Type (Texture/Length)
- Body Type
- Hair Colour
- Outfit Style
- Name
- Traits and Aspiration (Optional)
- Your Account Name
- Any Extra things (piercing etc) (Optional)

I will be only doing Everyday but if you want all outfits then I will do it
I will be uploading them to the gallery and my account is @GNinja1207
I will be using CC and will list what I use when I upload it so you can get it
I specialize in female sims so I have more CC for them but I can make boys too :)
If you don't want me to use CC then tell me

This is all for fun and if you don't like your sim then tell me and I'll try again
(If you like yours and want to follow me on the Gallery then I won't complain ;)

Bye <3


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