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The Sims Freeplay has pregnancy!

Just in case you didnt notice that the mobile game the sims freeplay now do pregnancy, I am kind of disappointed The Sims 4 dont have the detail as they have where they give out an exciting annoucement such as showing an ultrasound picture and baby shower party


  • MaggiedollMaggiedoll Posts: 236 Member
    edited June 2018
    A) why is this in the sims 4 discussion and
    B ) are you talking about the sims freeplay, or the sims mobile? I thought they'd have stopped adding things to freeplay when they launched mobile..

    I was hoping that the sims mobile would be an actual paid game more akin to the PC game, and minus the have-to-buy-things-every-three-seconds-to-really-play aspect of "free" games. No such luck, which restricts it to a waiting-room distraction.
  • Finbar659Finbar659 Posts: 1,210 Member
    edited June 2018
    @Maggiedoll -

    A) - its odd how they made pregnancy so detailed in that game unlike The Sims 4 which is why I brought that up in TS4 discussion. Probably a way of "money money money"

    B ) It is in The Sims Freeplay which turns out they are still updating :S

  • Funpuppy_sims345Funpuppy_sims345 Posts: 139 Member
    And i still think sims freeplay is better than sims4
  • SharraBSharraB Posts: 1 New Member
    Why I can't get my pregnant sim to give birth even after clicking to baby crib. What do I do?
  • PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
    EA /Mavis could you unlock the babies changing table better hygiene it was part of the crafting event it didn't unlock.

    And can we pick our own quests in freeplay the most important to me are:
    1.Love in air
    2. The bumpy road, Nany quest
    3. Toddler Quest
    4. Ageing to Seniors the prices of building are really expensive so I can't complete the tasks that unlock these quests.
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