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The Sims 3 Homeless to Billionaire challenge

MadgegamesHDMadgegamesHD Posts: 11 New Member
I've seen homeless challenges for The Sims 3, but a lot of them involve your sim still living on the home lot. I've tried to create a totally unique challenge which is to my knowledge unlike any other homeless challenge done before. If it resembles another challenge, I promise it's purely coincidental.

"The Homeless to Billionaire Challenge" created by MadgegamesHD


#1. Must purchase property with house already on it
#2. Must lock the house for all sims once the challenge starts. You can no longer set foot on the property after this point
#3. Must delete all burglar and fire alarms from the purchased property before starting the challenge
#4. Must sleep outdoors (Tents, sleeping bags and igloos are allowed)
#5. Must start with little to no money (Maximum budget §250)
#6. Cannot start learning any skills until the challenge officially begins
#7. Food must be salvaged from trash, grown, cooked on public grills using only accumulated ingredients or purchased from snack vans
#8. Cannot eat at a restaurant more than once a week
#9. Must be unemployed (No profession, job or self-employment)
#10. Cannot travel to the future to cheat at lottery
#11. No business partnership(s) or ownership(s)
#12. No hotels (Cannot either own one or be a guest in one)
#13 No mods (Unless fixing a bug or glitch)
#14. No console commands once the challenge starts (unless fixing a bug or glitch)
#15. No buy/build mode once the challenge starts (unless fixing a bug or glitch or conforming with rule #20)
#16. Cannot stay on other sims' home property
#17. Use of public toilets is allowed but you may only wash once a week
#18. Must travel only on foot unless travelling a long distance (In this case only public transport such as taxis or trains are allowed)
#19. If your sim becomes a celebrity, you cannot go any higher than one star
#20. Buydebug can only be used to purchase a tent if it is not found in a consignment store
#21. Cannot have friends, family or partners help you unless in a life-threatening situation
#22. No pets allowed
#23. First stage of challenge is completed once you can afford to live in a house costing a minimum of §30,000 (No selling the originally purchased house before this point)
#24. During the rest of the challenge until the end, all previous rules except #13, #14 and #20 no longer apply
#25. Second stage of challenge is completed once you reach §1,000,000 household funds
#26. Final stage of challenge is completed once you reach §100,000,000 household funds, gain five star celebrity status and own one or more houses costing a minimum of §1,000,000 each

Pre-challenge tips

Once you create your character, by default you will be given §20,000 as a starting budget. Try purchasing the most expensive house you can afford with that money

If you still have some money left over, try doing things that will end up draining it quickly such as leaving electronics and lights on 24 hours a day to rack up bills, ordering pizza, hiring workers such as maids, gardeners or exterminators, prank calling emergency services as they will fine you for wasting their time, ordering food from expensive restaurants etc

Consider purchasing a musical instrument to busk for money while you're homeless

Homeless Challenge tips

During the colder seasons, it is strongly recommended that you sleep in a tent or an igloo to prevent your sim from freezing to death

Go to the library to find skill books from which you can learn survival skills such as gardening or fishing or learn how to become
more advanced at a musical instrument so you can earn more money when busking

If you're a celebrity, you will sometimes be falsely accused of doing bad things. If you pay §2,000 you can go to court and sue the newspapers for slander and if you win the case you will get a profit (having the 'Lucky' trait will give you a higher chance of winning the case)

If you grow your own food, consider keeping half of the produce for yourself and selling the other half, but only when you're growing large amounts

If you grow your own food, try also learning how to catch fish as they make very good quality fertilizers

If you fish, consider keeping one third to cook, using another third for fertilizing if you grow food and selling the other third but only if you catch large quantities

Try collecting gems and rocks around town as some can be extremely valuable

If you're feeling lucky maybe buy a lottery ticket or two

Try busking in areas with a higher chance of seeing celebrities

Try and accept as many opportunities as possible, you could gain a level in a skill or earn good money by doing so

Grow money trees once you have a high enough skill level in gardening

When you get enough lifetime happiness points purchasing the "inheritance" reward will give you around §30,000

Play the puzzle game during the loading screen to get lifetime happiness points

Useful traits would be: Love the outdoors, Lucky, Mooch, Loves the cold, Loves the heat, Green thumb, Angler, Virtuoso, Natural cook and Gatherer

Remember to unlock all the doors and turn out all the lights in the starter home before selling it

Nowhere in the rules does it say you can't turn aging off

Please let me know what you think and if you will try the challenge yourself. If you're confused by any of the rules or have any questions then don't hesitate to ask.
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  • MadgegamesHDMadgegamesHD Posts: 11 New Member
    I know, I know, One hundred million is only a tenth of a billion, but that is the maximum amount of money you can have in your household funds (to my knowledge). The Billionaire part was mostly for "catchy title" sake.
  • Sonshine77Sonshine77 Posts: 150 Member
    I know this is an old thread, and I'm not sure how EA is on reviving old threads. I am attempting this challenge. However, there are a couple of corrections. First, a single sim starts out w/$16,500 and not $20k and second, it is not possible to cook any veggies from his/her inventory. In the beginning, there is only access to an outside grill and your sim can't cook fish (or veggies) on unless he/she has bought and read the recipe books for fish and chips and various veggie dishes. That can be a bit hard in the beginning. Another correction is that lights and things like that do not increase the bills. Only the property and objects on the property are billed and I think the amount of money you also have on hand, kind of like income tax. I am doing this in a custom world called Great Bear which has a few campsites around complete w/the luxury tents.

    One tip I have though for making money in addition to what you suggested is to go into edit town and make a community lot for gardening and place a wall around them and a roof so that in the winter, they won't go dormant. In the mean time, go to the library and have him/her study science. When he/she gets to lev 10 you will get the Group Science Project. When your sim gets to the point of affording a second house ($30k+ in funds), you can have him/her buy a lot big enough to start building (or not, it can be just a lot for the GSP and then buy the $1,000,000 house separately) a big house and enough space to place the GSP. Place and start working the GSP (3 levs on each side (I start w/the blue b/c then if you fail, you get a power nap which can be very handy)). The green one one the GSP is VERY difficult until the last b/c of it spinning. Also get a science station as money allows. This is a very lucrative way of getting into the millions of simoleons, especially when you get a Tiberium which you can clone and reproduce over and over. Once you get that, it is VERY easy although, tedious to get to the 100,000,000 mark. Since the GSP also gives tons of metal, I also took the liberty of creating another community lot and placing the Prism Art Studio on it. I know it's a premium item, but it saves on the cost of paying to get the metals smelted. You just need to take your sim there and there are three furnaces w/which to smelt metal.
  • EA_LannaEA_Lanna Posts: 3,854 EA Community Manager
    Sonshine77 wrote: »
    I know this is an old thread, and I'm not sure how EA is on reviving old threads

    Generally, bumping oldies is a no-no but we've no problem issue with it when the post bumping them has new information, tips, insights or is helpful for other players to know like yours is here :). Thanks for sharing.
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  • IreneSwiftIreneSwift Posts: 6,061 Member
    It sounds like an interesting challenge, but the OP said in Rule #2 that the sim can not set foot on the property once the house has been bought and locked, and in Rule #7 that the sim can grow their own food. Sims can't plant a garden on any property they don't own. So I think the OP must have meant they can't enter the house again, rather than not setting foot on the property at all.

    As far as cooking off the home lot, they can roast any kind of fish or edible produce with a portable fire pit, with no cooking skill. That would be something I would definitely buy the sim to start out with, along with a tent and a musical instrument.

  • Sonshine77Sonshine77 Posts: 150 Member
    IreneSwift wrote: »
    the OP said in Rule #2 that the sim can not set foot on the property once the house has been bought and locked, and in Rule #7 that the sim can grow their own food. Sims can't plant a garden on any property they don't own. So I think the OP must have meant they can't enter the house again, rather than not setting foot on the property at all.

    This is why the community garden lot. I created a community garden. I think Riverview already has a community garden so you wouldn't need to make one for that hood, but for most others, you do need to make a community garden lot .
  • Sonshine77Sonshine77 Posts: 150 Member
    Here is a pic of my community garden. You have to use buydebug to put the plants in. This is all in the setup of the game. Her instructions are once the challenge begins, you can't use any console commands so you need to do this to set everything up before your challenge begins. This is just an example of how I do my community garden. You can do yours any way you want.


  • BABYxTHExLUXEBABYxTHExLUXE Posts: 225 Member
    Reading through this like its a round about way of a more simple homeless challenge. Noting the date though, I dont know which one was created first.
    No longer blogging.. Its youtube instead.

    Lyle Rose on YT
  • Sonshine77Sonshine77 Posts: 150 Member
    Maybe, but I got lucky on the 2 nd try. He got a tiberium on his 2nd try on the GSP. He now has 2 mil so I'll be buying the 1 mil house (I edited one of the more expensive houses and put a bunch of the most expensive futuristic cars in it). He's still cloning and growing his Tiberium. Before he got that, I had him roasting veggies over the open fire. I had him read the science skill book and then bot building at the library in the winter. I have a custom made bot building shop where he makes and sells bots while his tiberium is growing.
  • Sonshine77Sonshine77 Posts: 150 Member
    I went to her blog and it looks like glitzy angel's challenge was published first. Hers was published in 2010 and this one in 2015.
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