What do you do while playing The Sims?


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    If I am playing my game with lots of custom content, I will often play a mobile game, do chores, download custom content (and sometimes unzip it but not install it yet) and categorize custom content in my TS4 downloads folder (a subfolder of my Downloads folder) to prepare it for testing later, or read the forum while waiting for my game to load. (By the way, when I am doing chores, I often wish the game music from the load screen was different from the main menu screen music so I wouldn't have to keep coming back into the room to check if the game had loaded yet. That little difference helped make the Sims 1 30 minute load time wait tolerable in its day.) While the game is loading, I also often post in the forums, or sometimes play a Facebook game. I also have Bluestacks for PC, so sometimes I will play a mobile game on my desktop computer (and yes, both the Sims Freeplay and Sims Mobile work on that app - so I can play Sims while I am playing Sims :smiley: ). And no, it doesn't seem to impact my game performance: I usually get a frame rate of 165 to 175 fps even with browser and Bluestacks open - then again, I also have a gaming computer that is only 2 years old. However, I try not to play at times when the temperature is over 80 degrees F - right now according to my heat monitoring program, my GPU shows it has reached 120 degrees F while my computer has been on today - and I haven't even played Sims today. Inside the house right now, it is about 82 degrees F.

    If I am playing a test game with only new custom content that I am testing, I will often have my browser open in the background, usually with a YouTube music channel playing, and the game music muted. If the game loading time is one minute or less, I generally don't do anything in the background except play music, eat meals, or put away clothes that just came out of the dryer (and usually pause the game for the latter two unless I am at the main menu screen or manage worlds screen).
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  • BabyKayBabyKay Posts: 5 New Member
    I like to listen to ASMR or play smartphone games :)
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    When I play the Sims, I would normally have the television on and would also be playing the Sims Mobile at the same times. Every couple of hours or depending on the duration of gameplay, I would take breaks to do house chores or take the dog out for his walks.

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    When I fully play the game, I listen to music. When I'm taking pics for a sims story, then I'm listening to music and reading through my writing to see what I need to take a pic of. :) Browsing the forums happens too, so I don't get too bored.
  • jooxisjooxis Posts: 513 Member
    If I'm in build mode I listen to music (and sing along). If I'm in live mode I like to immerse myself in the game so I don't do anything on the side.
  • Nyx_NightmareNyx_Nightmare Posts: 57 Member
    When I'm playing Sims I'm always focused on the game, but I do like to think about what custom music I should add into it while my Sims sleep every night.
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    I guess while my primary Sims characters do their everyday tasks-- go to work, school, party, etc.-- I just sit back for a moment and maybe write a paragraph or two for my fan fictions, do a little drawing project, or catch up on my mobile games too.

    Or sometimes I do a few chores around the house or take my dog around the block of my neighborhood for a few minutes while my Sims profile is running its everyday tasks until a pop up would show up when I do return to my PC.
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,793 Member
    I often listen to radio, podcasts or audio books. But sometimes I just want to enjoy the sounds in the game, because they are very detailed. On slow weekend mornings I play while eating breakfast.
  • twilight1028twilight1028 Posts: 4 New Member
    I thought I was the only one that didn't just play the Sims while playing it. I typically put a Harry Potter movie on in the background and because ive watched them so much I know whats happening by the words.
  • MadRadMandeeMadRadMandee Posts: 110 Member
    I usually have The Office or Parks n Recreation going in the background while I'm playing.
  • aprilroseaprilrose Posts: 1,832 Member
    I usually have a program on tv with the tv volume muted. Something like House Hunters, Flip or Flop, or any of the other HGTV shows that focus on decorating and renovation that don't require me to really pay close attention. I like looking for ideas I can recreate in my sim's homes.

    I do this too and take photos of homes I like that appear in house hunters and design ideas.
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  • ZedieZedie Posts: 38 Member
    - Push my cat off the keyboard x75674000 times
    - Miso soup or cheese toastie
    - Get comfy
    - Blast the Sims 4 Soundtrack because I'm not a POSER
    - Cry
  • firemixtapefiremixtape Posts: 574 Member
    When I play the Sims, I'm usually eating, blasting Twenty One Pilots or 5sos, and watching Anne with an E at the same time.
  • yannokfcyannokfc Posts: 28 Member
    If I'm in build mode or in CAS I listen to The Used, MCR and BMTH <3 when not in those modes, I take screenshots of my Sims doing random stuff and send it to my friends in our GC
  • KatastrophicSimKatastrophicSim Posts: 90 Member
    I play the game. lol
    Sometimes listen to music with the TS4 but with the TS2 I love the in-game music enough to be content with that.
  • Morgan1117Morgan1117 Posts: 6 New Member
    I usually get on YouTube to one of those scary voice-over videos (like Corpse Husband) and listen to it in the background.
  • verlainemverlainem Posts: 837 Member
    Rainier cherries are in season, so I have a big bowl next to me while I play.

    That was me a few days ago lol
    I have a hard time multitasking when playing sims 4
    When I played Sim 1 - I would leave them queued up and leave the house. Sometimes there was tragedy, sometimes they just continued on with their little lives lol.
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  • KelvinKelvin Posts: 6,899 Member
    I usually mute the game and listen to music on Spotify or YouTube. I like soundtrack but I’ve been listening to it for so long that I need a break from it. Also, listening to different type of music helps me get inspired sometimes :blush:
  • StormySkyStormySky Posts: 35 Member
    Since I have been listening to Harry Potter on Audible, I'm really wanting to do some kind of Harry Potter themed challenge, but I don't know if that's even a thing, or if I'd need to boot up sims 3 to make that happen. Probably. So it'll be awhile lol.
  • CharliecheesenurgersCharliecheesenurgers Posts: 3,673 Member
    I have the forums open on my phone and listen to low fi music. It’s super relaxing.
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  • AnnikaperiAnnikaperi Posts: 535 Member
    When I play, I just play, but I may listen to other music when I am building or creating sims.
  • MunyarMunyar Posts: 31 Member
    If my girlfriend is awake I'll RP an unrelated story with her. We're currently doing one about dragons in the desert. Otherwise I watch music videos on Youtube.
  • Pixelate_My_World0Pixelate_My_World0 Posts: 16 Member
    I usually give my simmies my full attention but every now and then I'll play some music in the back :)
  • SoapSudsSoapSuds Posts: 1,359 Member
    Listen to music. I enjoy playing the Sims to relax, and listening to music is another relaxing activity for me, so doing both is definitely a great, relaxing time.
  • Shawnathan8Shawnathan8 Posts: 16 Member
    [quote="SoapSuds;c-16632417"]Listen to music. I enjoy playing the Sims to relax, and listening to music is another relaxing activity for me, so doing both is definitely a great, relaxing time. [/quote]

    Same here! It’s my alone time and I don’t want anything to disturb it!!
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