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What things should be patched in?



  • worldofdrakanworldofdrakan Posts: 329 Member
    edited July 2018
    - An ignore button for chance cards (like in TS2); Fun fact, I've tweeted Sim Guru Graham about this, and he told me that this is a feature that they have on a list for consideration.
    - Slow dancing for couples!
    - Story progression
    - Body hair (for ALL, not just the men)
    - Ocean swimming
    - Shower woohoo
    - More hairstyles and clothing for men (they're always SO short-changed in CAS)
    - More cold weather clothing; Seriously, compared to all the warm weather clothing, there isn't nearly enough clothing for cold weather. Seriously, I was SO surprised to see that a lot of cozy and warm-looking clothes already in CAS aren't considered cold weather clothing.
    - Burglars/firemen
    - More traits; I actually have an idea for one trait specifically, Brave.

    Features of the Brave trait:
    - Never gets tense in the presence of bears or ghosts. In fact, they actually get positive moodlets in their presence, a confident 'not afraid of bears/ghosts' moodlet.
    - Can never get the random seismophobia moodlet on quake zone lots. They also have a 50/50 chance of not getting a negative moodlet during an earthquake. If they DO get one, though, it's minor and wears off pretty quickly. The other possibility is them becoming confident from braving through the earthquake.
    - Cannot get a tense moodlet on cursed lots. Instead, they can randomly become confident, insisting that they aren't afraid of the supposed "curse." The other negative moodlets are still possible, though.
    - Never gets tense during thunderstorms, although they still don't particularly like being outside in them.
    - Will put out fires without being directed to do so, and will do so immediately instead of taking a moment to stand and scream at the fire. The tense 'fire is out' moodlet does not last nearly as long for them either.
    - The 'scare' mischief interaction will always fail on them. They have a 50/50 chance of becoming bored or confident from it. The bored moodlet, "was that supposed to scare me," and the confident moodlet, "you thought that would scare me!"
    - Are more likely to win fights.
    - Will either get a bored or confident moodlet from watching horror films. The bored moodlet is the usual one, but the confident moodlet is for managing to not be scared.
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  • caitzelcaitzel Posts: 48 Member
    Different ceiling wallpaper. Even just a couple. I doubt they'll add it in at this point, but there's always hope.
  • SjofnSjofn Posts: 296 Member
    - More traits; I actually have an idea for one trait specifically, Brave.

    I would also like some Coward action back, plz. I'd like a lot more traits in general, really, it's sort of sad how paltry the options are. I understand not wanting to bring back all the ones from TS3, but there are quite a few I think would work nicely in TS4 (Brave/Coward being big ones, but also more subtle ones like 'Shy' ... being shy is not the same as being a Loner, dang it!).

    I miss spooning in bed, so I'd like that back. I'd also like our sims to actually dance with each other. Not just slow dancing, they used to pair off and dance to fast stuff too in previous versions and I miss it. The group dances are not the same dang thing.

  • Cleo60Cleo60 Posts: 8 New Member
    > @SimsLovinLycan said:
    > lexus20 wrote: »

    > Oh! That reminds me! Proper bathroom stalls!! I'm getting sick of having to make a bunch of mini rooms for the toilets every time I make a public bathroom...

    - Yes.
    - Laptops
    - Food stalls we place on lots should have employees
    - And the cupcake stall should only offer cupcakes and some sorts of coffee. In the German game you can buy three sorts oft cupcakes, crabs, fish-tacos and pasta primavera. :o
  • Crystal03Crystal03 Posts: 15 Member
    I just want to be able to have the urns/ graves of my sims who die when I wasn't playing that family :(
  • crazycat_135crazycat_135 Posts: 1,321 Member
    edited July 2018
    Crystal03 wrote: »
    I just want to be able to have the urns/ graves of my sims who die when I wasn't playing that family :(

    It would be great if the game just instantly placed the urns/graves in the family inventory after a sim dies. Especially if you weren't playing the household at the time of the sims death.
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  • mikamika Posts: 1,668 Member
    -Lounge/pool chairs
    -Spiral staircases
    -Cemetery/Graveyard Lot with mortician NPC
    -Actual movie theater Lot
    -The pickpocket, Unsavory Charlatan
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,640 Member
    1. More staircases (U, L, spiral)
    2. Cars with burglars, firefighter
    3. Bunkbeds
    4. Storyprogression
  • Cleo60Cleo60 Posts: 8 New Member
    And I would like to sort the relations in the menu both by names and by the status of the relation bar. Also a "family" tab would be nice.
  • hevkerhevker Posts: 84 Member
    Oh my I have a few!
    1. Firemen
    2. Burglars
    3. Romance/Death overhaul. It needs to be more realistic and I can't stand my sims kissing and snuggling up to eachother to just randomly chat about something. Couples don't always feel like couples.
    4. Family tab in the social menu.
    5. More trait slots and more traits
    6. Spiral stairs
    7. Terrain editing tools
    8. Sunburn/tanning because I have NO idea why that wasn't in the seasons ep.
  • AbyArashiAbyArashi Posts: 385 Member
    We need a looooot of things:

    1. Buglars/Firemen
    2. Bunkbeds (PLEASE PLEASE) and tall beds with desks underneath
    3. Slow dance !!
    4. More shapes for stairs (L shaped, spiral,...)
    5. Ocean swimming !!!!! (Why wasn't this added to seasons? I don't know)
    6. Tans/Subnurns
    7. Shower woohoo, public bathroom woohoo
    8. Laptops !!
    9. Ceiling wallpaper, like... Please????? It's time
    10. More traits slots and more traits!
    11. Family tab in the social menu
    12. More lot types (graveyard, cinema,...)
    13. Relaxing, reading, checking the phone, wathing TV in bed, more love interactions in bed like kissing, making out, cuddling,...
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  • agustdagustd Posts: 946 Member
    It's a very small thing, but I really wish they could patch in the ability to relax on beds.

    I've been playing Sims 3 recently and remembered how cute it was that sims could read books lying down, or simply just cuddle with their partner in beds. I hope devs bring back this interaction.
  • 1ovemysims1ovemysims Posts: 57 Member

    Adult Sims able to go to the toilet without holding themselves and waving at me, It's annoying since the new patches now they can do even less on their own. So why do we even bother to potty train the toddler if they will just grow up to pee on themselves, and 2 bathrooms are near?

    And the waitress at restaurants peeing on themselves at your table and keep working never go shower and you have to mop it up,

    I want more things we ask for to be patched in, And more annoying things patched out.
    I feel it is to much time spent on adding things that EA workers think is funny or amusing to them. If they were one of us they would not feel its funny to be on a date and the waitress just pee in front of your table.
  • MVWdeZTMVWdeZT Posts: 2,992 Member
    edited July 2018
    Sims get rid of slippers when they get into bed and sandals when they go swimming (and maybe hats, too?). They have the animation for yoga already.
    Slow dance.
    In-game clocks that work, i.e. match what's at the bottom.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,310 Member
    I remember to have read somewhere that in TS2 they had a concept for something similar to the headmaster, but for work. You basically would call your boss, give him a food, talk about work stuff, and then you would get promoted. but i think that it doesnt need to be in all stages of work, but only in the last one or something like that.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 4,810 Member
  • ChelsPlaySimsChelsPlaySims Posts: 93 Member
    - bunk beds
    - nicknames in CAS that people with certain relationship status can call sims
    - favorite foods that can give your sims moodlets
    - more baby interactions, like taking out of the crib and rocking in a rocking chair
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