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Flower Arranging: Scenting the Arrangements

kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
starting at skill level 3, your sim will learn how to use two different flowers to give their arrangements a unique effect. i know @SageRainWillow beat me to this by listing them in the 'things you've discovered in seasons' thread (*shakefist* but not really) but here, i'll go into a bit more detail with them. other than the 'timelessness' one, all scents leave a visual effect floating from the arrangement.

...for the first few levels, i was too intent on using what flowers i had available so didn't actually write down the order they arrived from the skill. not very methodical, i know, but all the later scents were done in order...

Bluebell grants the 'timelessness' scent, which ensures the arrangement scented with them will never decay

Rose grants the 'romance' scent. when gifted, the receiving sim automatically does the 'filled with passion' interaction. the interaction is also usable from the arrangement when it's placed on the ground or a table. +2 romance moodlet for 2 hours. pink hearts float up from this display until it wilts

Dhalia grants the 'mourning' scent. 'weep from beauty' is the interaction, automatic when gifted, also usable when it's displayed. +2 sad for 2 hours. a stormcloud hovers over this display until it wilts

Snow Drop grants the 'seasons' scent. has a 'watch wisps' interaction. +2 creative for 2 hours. has wisps floating up from it (they look like the willowisps from outdoor retreat, but colored for the different seasons)

Crocus grants the 'bee-friending' scent. has bees floating up from the display. if placed in proximity of a beehive/apiary, it automatically sets the hive to the calm state until it wilts

Daisy grants the 'joy' scent. 'joy and sunshine' interaction for +2 happiness for 2 hours

Snapdragon grants the 'disrespect' scent. three different interactions, 'shut up', 'rude news', 'how dare they', all grant +2 anger for 2 hours, do not stack. swear word symbols float up from the display

Chrysanthemum grants the 'friendship' scent. 'full of friendship' interaction for +2 happiness for 2 hours. a smiling face hovers up from the flower display

Tulip grants the 'faithful' scent. no interaction when placed, but if gifted, the gifter gets a +2 happiness buff called 'faithful' with the flavor text of 'from gifting a tulip-scented arrangement'. the sim receiving the gift cannot initiate romantic interactions (...other than offer massage and serenade), at least for a time.

from here on out, the flowers are considered 'rare flowers', so use the 'scent with rare flower' interaction instead of the plain 'scent' interaction

Christmas Rose grants the 'slumber' scent. 'feeling drowsy' interaction which makes a sim immediately walk to the nearest bed/couch and take a nap

Begonia grants the 'cursed' scent. 'cursed' interaction, +2 dazed for 2 hours. thick, black cloud hovers over the display

Bird of Paradise grants the 'magnificence' scent. 'be magnificent' interaction for +2 confidence for 2 hours.

Lily grants the 'creativity' scent. 'creative skill inspiration' for +2 creativity for 2 hours.

Death Flower grants the 'death' scent. 'death flower demise' interaction auto plays when gifted, ages sim up, kills elder sims, eventually creating the new 'death by death flower' ghosts

Orchid grants the 'life' scent. 'inhale life essence' interaction usable once every 24 hours per arrangement. not yet sure what it does, since tester sim is an eternal young adult who already had all needs maxed when he went to sniff. will also test what it does when a ghost smells it
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    candy8candy8 Posts: 3,815 Member
    I don't really care about the scent Sims can't smell anyway why didn't the developers give us different Vases to put the flowers in they did in sims 2.
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    LairaLaira Posts: 39 Member
    [quote="candy8;c-16560488"]I don't really care about the scent Sims can't smell anyway why didn't the developers give us different Vases to put the flowers in they did in sims 2.[/quote]

    We have different vases to put the flowers in, you can click on the vase and change it.
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    LissyK9LissyK9 Posts: 205 Member
    Thank you so much for compiling this info! It's super helpful. :)
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    mikamakimonmikamakimon Posts: 470 Member
    Thanks for sharing this info! I'm glad for this added feature as it now gives purpose to growing flowers. My sim just leveled up enough to try the crocus scent on bees, and it does work! I'm curious to see if scents can be combined? The bluebell especially would be so useful if it can be added to other scents so the arrangement will not decay.
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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    a bit more information learned about the 'faithful' arrangement. this will also be added to the original post.

    when a sim gifts a 'faithful-scented' arrangement to another, they get the following buff:

    and, the recipient doesn't get any special moodlets, but at least for a time, they can't perform romantic socials on sims other than the one that gifted them the arrangement. unfortunately, with the exception of 'serenade':

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    ParmaViolet87ParmaViolet87 Posts: 1,800 Member
    Thank you for this!

    Helps me plan my revenge on Creepy Moustache Stalker guy. He's been desperate for a date with my Sim for a life stage. I'll make his life hell with flowers :naughty:
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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    slowly working on more info here, with a few more screenshots. important info from it will be added to the initial post, too

    here's a shot of the cursed moodlet:

    interestingly, the recipient of this was an evil sim and she did the maniacal laugh upon receiving the arrangement

    the interaction upon receiving a death flower scented arrangement is called 'death flower demise', even if it just ages the sim up instead of killing them:

    ...but it does kill elders:

    the tester sim was an evil clone of the one who created the arrangements. i had transferred the same death flower arrangement to the other sim three times to gift back to the tester before she passed away at elder stage. her death interaction was called 'betrayal' and, again interestingly, even though she was dead and laying there waiting for grim to reap her, she got a high happiness moodlet from the fact that her whole family was gathered around her crying (evil sim surrounded by sims with bad moods)

    now just to wait a sim week or so for her to come back as a ghost so can play around with life-scented arrangements...
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    LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,436 Member
    I wonder what would happen if you made two of those Death Flower, one to kill an elder, and what would happen if you gave the other one to the Grim Reaper?
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    Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 1,042 Member
    I am very pleased to hear that I can murder sims by giving them death flower scented arrangements! :naughty:
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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    well, finally got the ghost back into the household, so whipped up a 'life-scented' arrangement and had her inhale life essence...but it didn't bring her back to life. guess it really is just to reset the day's in a sim's current age category
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    HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,825 Member
    Thank you for compiling these.
    I'm definitely going to be using the death one (too bad it only kills off elders) but seems like a good way to age a sim up differently. I hope it works when you are playing with aging off. I also really like the faithful one I can imagine a jealous sim giving this away frequently and it could be useful in other stories.
    To me this is adding more to an arsenal of witch like concoctions. Wish there were more.
    Question if you add bluebell to other arrangements will it make them last eternally also?
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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    oh it works with aging off. i play without aging, so the 'life-scented' assortment really doesn't do anything for me. (though i am about to see if a ghost smelling it two days in a row does anything...doubtful, but gotta check)

    and, for the faithful one, the only thing that bothers me about it is that the one who gave the arrangement can be as unfaithful as they want (and if you try to give the same gift to another sim, esp the one who just gave it to you, they know and you take a relationship hit for it. though they'd still get faithful-locked, too). also, occasionally it backfires and the sim can't even be romantic with the person that gave them the arrangement (this only happened to me on love day which...was the worst possible day for it...)

    scenting any arrangement with bluebell will make them last forever, however, only one scent can be placed on an arrangement. if you put...say, death-scent on one arrangement, then it won't allow another to be put on, not even to overwrite it
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    xxLeilaaxxLeilaa Posts: 57 Member
    If I want to make a florist shop and sell the flower arrangements should I add the bluebell scent or will flowers that are for sale never decay anyway?

    I want to make a shop that is run by NPCs.
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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    that i haven't checked. this family does own the one retail store in my game, though, so i might get around to checking. i'm hoping that the at least one of the same displays that slows down food decay will work for the flowers, but not sure any will fit
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    KHS12KHS12 Posts: 3,023 Member
    Aaah, love this so much. Thank you for compiling all of this! My sim is a level 8 floral arranger but I hadn't looked in to scenting them just yet. This saves me from a lot of confusion
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    SjofnSjofn Posts: 332 Member
    How long does the faithful thing last? One of my sims gave one to his brother in law because I wasn't sure what it would do and said brother-in-law is usually my guinea pig.

    I'm sure you can tell how this is problematic.
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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    it lasts less than a week. 3-5 days. i was bad about keeping exact track 'cause trying to do so many different things at once. been working on multiple other families lately, getting a few new gardeners into the game (since it seems no one joins this career unless you make them) and making sure certain ones become botanists and others flower arrangers
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    SjofnSjofn Posts: 332 Member
    Yeesh, that's forever. At least it wears off, though, I was worried. <3
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    SjofnSjofn Posts: 332 Member
    It lasted about three days, btw. Lesson learned!
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    dopaminedroiddopaminedroid Posts: 169 Member
    I love that this gives us a cheatless way in which sims can kill other sims. I assume you can just give several death flower arrangements in a row to a sim to age them up until they die?
    -OneGrilledCheese @ the gallery-
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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    you sure can. i even gave the same one over and over again (since the tester sim was in the same household, i just moved it back to the gifter's inventory and had them gift it again)
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    elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,590 Member
    edited July 2018
    I am very pleased to hear that I can murder sims by giving them death flower scented arrangements! :naughty:

    Lol. This cracked me up.

    There are a lot of evil simmers around :D

    Edit: Spelling *blushes*
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    DerellaDerella Posts: 765 Member
    I'm a florist in real life... I wish I had this power! :lol:
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    SjofnSjofn Posts: 332 Member
    So uhhh, has anyone else played around with the Cursed flower arrangement? I ask because I had the same sim give his nephew one, because I wanted to see what it did. +3 Dazed moodlet, sure okay, that works.

    But then a little later on, I get a message that his nephew is Evil, yadda yadda. Which ... hang on a second, no he isn't? He's Gloomy and a Music Lover!


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    kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    hmm...that is actually rather interesting. my tester sim was already evil (a bad clone), so never noticed anything of the sort. gonna have to poke around at that later

    i do know that when she received the cursed arrangement, she did the maniacal laugh and i was really curious why...
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