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Two small things

Two small things that would really make this game enjoyable for me(I enjoy it now) would be more trait slots and some new aspirations. My least favorite parts about making new sims are picking the traits and choosing the aspiration, I constantly use the same few.


  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member
    More personality traits and a couple more haircolors or skin details. But I'm guessing more haircolors are kind off out of question.
    ID: cykelnHH
  • lizisprocrastinatinglizisprocrastinating Posts: 118 Member
    I’d love some more aspirations, I get tired of doing the same things over and over.
  • LolaLuvsSimsLolaLuvsSims Posts: 1,785 Member
    @Todiloo I would welcome more traits but I really want to be able to assign more than three
    @lizisprocrastinating great handle. I dislike quite a few aspirations so I'm always using the same few.
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