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L-shaped stairs?

Not sure what else to call them, is there CC or even an expansion which includes the stairs that go half up onto a landing and then up in another angle? Like gosiks cottage landing stairs for sims 3? He did a conversion but its only in decor?

Thanks :)


  • samemiesamemie Posts: 1,608 Member
    I don't think so (although if there is I'd love to know too), but you can sort of create your own either by using two separate levels, or by removing the foundation on the bottom floor. I hope that makes sense and I explained it okay, but if not I can try and find pictures or video to explain it better.
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  • hellbunny123hellbunny123 Posts: 52 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Hello :)
    This is a video guide to having L shaped stairs

    That's a great video tutorial, thank you for sharing! I think I'll give this a go!
  • HippiSimsDesignHippiSimsDesign Posts: 58 Member
    I love making L shaped stairs. This tutorial is great, but I wish they would create one for us to use in the game so it wasn't so complicated. I also love removing the foundation floor in rooms to create sunken living rooms, offices, kitchens and things of that nature.
  • HippiSimsDesignHippiSimsDesign Posts: 58 Member
    When watching these tutorials does anyone find themselves trying to rotate the camera as if you are in Sims 4 world and want to get a better angled shot?!?!?! HAHA I'm such a loser.
  • ParadoxSimsParadoxSims Posts: 89 Member
    Same here searching for the same thing and found this! That video tutorial helped, thanks so much!
  • augold45augold45 Posts: 2 New Member
    I just wish someone would make the stairs and not have to have a sunken floor. How would you open the front door and get into the living room and walk to the stairs if the floor is sunk?
  • shnailehshnaileh Posts: 7 New Member
    > @augold45 said:
    > I just wish someone would make the stairs and not have to have a sunken floor. How would you open the front door and get into the living room and walk to the stairs if the floor is sunk?

    I have just created a youtube video for what you are describing. It wont let me post a link but you can search "Sims 4 Doors in Foundations" in youtube
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 4,610 Member
    Here is the link to @shnaileh's video:
  • shnailehshnaileh Posts: 7 New Member
    i just renamed it "creating staircases in the sims 4" as I thought more people might find it. Also fixed some issue with the background music duplicating - the music is annoying enough as it is :D

    Its my first ever video that ive made. It took a lot of work but I hope it shows that you can have more interesting staircases. I cant wait to see what people do with this,

    sorry you may have to re post the link to the video again.
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 4,610 Member
    Here it is:

  • shnailehshnaileh Posts: 7 New Member
    Feel free to post a link to my video anywhere else so that more people can see that it is possible to make interesting staircases with doors that open from ground level. I feel like not many people know and its a question that gets asked a lot.

    Sorry its not a more detailed tutorial. we will likely get better stairs in the game one day anyway. My video is for those who are impatient!
  • ZaszZasz Posts: 587 Member
    Is there a similar method to create l-shaped stairs from the ground floor to the 1st floor instead of just having them on the ground floor?
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  • TechnocolorTechnocolor Posts: 2 New Member
    K9DB's Teleporter and Elevators mod lets you make aesthetic stairs into functioning stairs. Like say you line up selves around a pole to look like a spiraling staircase place the red marker on the first floor at the base of the staircase and the green marker on the next floor. More green markers can be placed if the staircase spans multiple floors. Mod requires city living though cus it uses the elevators in the pack and you can only really have one stair case made with this cus only one red marker can be placed
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