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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


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    Congrats to @lorrie1910 @jhgkjhgkjh @wildling @kojik well done! @BuildnShare thank you for adding the photos of each build, it makes it easier to see which build you are referring to.
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    EXPERT RESULTS FOR #BNS94 - The Hawthorne Project VIII


    Sun and Sand is a cute little modern bungalow. I love its diagonal positioning on the lot. The raised foundation with inset pool is very nicely done. I love how the tall windows on the front open up to let the tropical air in. Great choice of plants and hardscaping for the front area. The outdoor living spaces are very well thought out and designed. Love the mid-century modern look of the butterfly roof. Lovely pergola over the back patio with plants to help screen the sun. The wood tones inside are very tranquil and provide a seamless transition from the exterior colors. I like the use of rugs and wall art to bring in color. The bathroom counter is nicely done – love the counter piece choices.

    Suggestions: The kitchen and bedroom design didn’t flow as well as it could have with the lovely design established with the exteriors and living room/office.


    Shoreline Cabin is very striking with an almost Polynesian feel to it. I love the contrast between the whitewashed wood siding and the dark brown trim. The surrounding palm trees lend to the tropical setting requested by Hermey. The expansive wrap-around porch is fantastic. Love all the little areas set up for Hermey to enjoy the sun and warmth and the kitchen with views of the water. Very nice use of columns and spandrels to define the entrance instead of an arch or door. Great job carrying a nautical theme throughout the build with wall decorations. I like that Hermey has some curtains to cover up the “windows” at night and keep the bugs out.

    Suggestions: Even though it was a bit more complex in reality, the roofline looks like a simple gabled roof over a rectangular structure at first glance. I would have liked to have seen more detail in this area.


    Hermey’s lot looks so inviting! I love the little rock-lined pathway leading up to the front door. Great use of terrain paints for a realistic landscaping job. You’ve chosen a pleasant palette for the interiors. Everything flows nicely from one area to the next. Great use of the small spaces. What a cute little kitchen! Great job with the cluttering. The master bedroom and bath are divine. How clever to make custom paintings to match! What a cool lower room with view of the pool – it’s like a hidden oasis. And great job on the solar panels to keep things energy efficient.

    Suggestions: The only thing I would have done differently would have been to put some kind of trim around the top edge of the shipping containers.


    516 Hawthorne Way is a lovely modern build. I love the opposing sloped roof sections and the contrast of the vertical and horizontal siding on different sections of the home. The brown wood of the fencing section, front porch, foundation and window trim all tie together nicely. Love the palm trees and other plants that fit so well into the Oasis Springs setting. The back yard will be a lovely retreat for Hermey with the garden boxes, easel, small pool, and back patio. Great overall layout - it's compact to fit the budget but all of the client requests and basic Sim requirements are given attention. The dark wood of the kitchen cabinets and dark window trims is very masculine and a departure from what Hermey is used to in his old life. Great job on the interiors overall.

    Suggestions: Great job on the pattern wall in the living room, but I would have liked to have seen other patterns throughout the home. A bit more clutter used strategically would give life to the different rooms.


    Pineapple & The Blue Sea is so lovely and tropical from the outset! I love the beachy blue shutters, fencing and front door. The palm trees are perfect as are the green plants out front. The shape is simple but perfect for a beach cabana. I love the huge back porch, and the picture windows across the back of the home that give a wonderful view of the sea. The purple bougainvillea is lovely. The tropical colors inside are nicely done. I love the flip-flop string lights! The turquoise wall tiles in the bathroom are the perfect choice. The little outdoor entertaining area with the brightly colored metal chairs and painted “garage” door is lovely. What a perfect tropical retreat for Hermey!

    Suggestions: I like the idea of the home being open to enjoy the ocean breezes, but the practicality of having no window/curtain in the bathroom is an issue for me. In the kitchen, I feel like the purple counters didn’t really blend with the rest of the color scheme.


    Casa del Sol has such a wonderful Spanish flair to it. I love the clay tiled roof, and the tiles set into the fencing. Great job on the roofline and the pergola out front. The living room is very nicely done. I love how the scalloped shape on the curtains is reflected on the rug and the touches of blue and yellow that carry over into the kitchen. The "nesting" tables are fantastic. I'm guessing 9/0 was used here to make one slightly taller? Hermey's master bedroom retreat is sure to be a space he enjoys spending time in. The curved patio out back is lovely. Great choice of windows with shutters in this area. I like your use of terrain paints to define different areas of the yard. The pool area is just perfect! Great job on landscaping it to blend in to the natural area.

    Suggestions: I preferred the shuttered windows in lighter blue that were on the side and back of the build instead of the darker blue windows in the front.


    Sunny Sanctuary is a little contemporary jewel that fits into Oasis Springs' landscape perfectly. I love the little rock gardens in the front and the large rectangular "pavers" leading up to the front door. The turquoise water in the L-shaped pool in the back contrast contrasts so nicely with the house and sandy terrain. Great pergola out back with plants to shade from the sun. And that pool skimmer hanging on the wall isn't CC? How have I missed that in game? I like the blue tones chosen inside. Even though they're not all the same shade, they blend with each other nicely. Great job on using custom paintings to supplement the available artwork. Very nice bedroom and office area. Love the small vegetable garden with implements hanging on the exterior wall.

    Suggestions: For me, the bathroom tile and artwork choices weren't as harmonious as the rest of the design.


    Escape from the Cold looks like the perfect tropical island getaway for Hermey! I love the tiki-hut look of the roofline and the cut-out concrete block “fencing” that gives a peek at the pool on the other side. The pool and bar area is so inviting. I love the decking choices and the “planter” that extends into the pool just a bit. Oh, and the entire thing is open-air – how creative! And what a change for Hermey from his former life in the frozen North Pole. The wall tiles in the bath are gorgeous! What a tranquil bedroom space. I love the contrast of the white/cream linens with the dark wood trims. The separate buildings of the home all clustered around the swimming pool make for a fantastic tropical retreat.

    Suggestions: I would have loved to have seen a bit more color for Hermey in the home. And maybe walls in the bedroom to be able to keep out the bugs and critters when sleeping?


    Casita des Flores is a perfect tiny Mediterranean villa! I love the terracotta tile roof and the spandrel pieces on the upper tower. The little side octagonal turret is nicely done. I love the wooden shutter windows and the arched doorway that is reflected in the arched window to the left. The yellow and orange colors in the front landscape plants blend perfectly with the siding colors. The patio and stair tile choices are perfect. The contrast of the cut stone and stucco textures on the exteriors is lovely. The hand-painted door inside is just perfect. I love the Mediterranean wall tiles and how the blue color from the tiles have been pulled throughout the house. What a tranquil master bedroom for Hermey – love the two-tone paint job in here. The tower office area is very well executed.

    Suggestions: Even though it’s probably authentic, I didn’t just love the brown wall color inside in the main living area.


    WOW – what a gorgeous little Tudor cottage! It’s immaculately done with a perfectly landscaped stone path leading up to the fairy tale front door. I love the complex roofline, and the double stack chimney. The little pond to the side blends so nicely into the landscape with the added rocks and plants around it. Hermey will love spending time outside in the gorgeous gardens and is sure to enjoy planting his own fruits, herbs and vegetables in the garden plots provided. My thoughts went "tropical" when reading Hermey's letter, but this fits his requests in a totally unique direction.

    Suggestions: We score lots equally on architecture, landscaping, and interior design. Compared to your stunning architecture and landscaping, the interiors were a bit drab in comparison.


    Paradise Found is such a lovely little home! The roofline is expertly done and provides great visual interest. I love the palm trees and the flower choices in the beds surrounding the front. Talk about curb appeal! Your terrain painting is fantastic – I love the layering. The planters around the back with garden plants in them are a unique idea. Love the tiny upstairs deck set into the roof pieces. The shades of blue inside are tranquil and, along with the whitewashed wood tones, add to a beachy feel. The tiny kitchen is so cute! Love the cluttering you’ve done on the kitchen counter and the entry table. The design is cohesive and blends well throughout the home.

    Suggestions: The one thing I might have experimented with would be more tropical-feeling colors on the exterior siding.

    The amazing entrants in this level never make things easy, and this round was no exception. Honestly, each build was so creative and had a unique take on the challenge. It was my pleasure to get to pore over them. It ultimately comes down to nit-picky details in picking "winners" for this challenge. So, without further ado, here are our Expert Category Winners...


    Sim Entry Winner: VagueNightmare

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  • mannannamannanna Posts: 427 Member
    @lorrie1910 Congrats on winning the starting out level!
    Congrats on winning the established @jhgkjhgkjh!
    and for placing @Wildling @KojiK
    Big congrats too to all the expert winners @WrathofCath , @FaithofKaela ,@Masajo ,@Ainsleyf and @TheDismalSimmer !!! All houses were gorgeous as usual <3

    Thanks also @BuildnShare for the great critique and all your hard work. LOVE the spoiler pics!
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    hmmmm..... @BuildnShare I don't see anything for my build.
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,457 Member
    Apologies @gmcrozier - it seems we missed yours on this occasion, the judges are heading back to their posts as we speak. Sorry!! We'll get back to you ASAP.
  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,839 Member
    Many thanks for the feedback @BuildnShare, and the second place!! I completely agree about the roof trim, but there was just nothing left in my budget!!

    Congrats to @lorrie1910, @jhgkjhgkjh and @WrathofCath!! All fabulous builds that totally deserved the wins!!

    And also to @Wildling, @KojiK, @masajo, @Ainsleyf and @TheDismalSimmer for placing!! Everyones build this round were some creative and individual!! There is certainly some talent here @BuildnShare :smirk:
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    Hermey's Hideaway is very cute and gorgeous with a wonderful cheery appearance enhanced by the flipflop lights and decorations. The purple plants at the front add to the beauty of the facade and the large windows will provide light and airy interiors. It's good to see you've used terrain paint to create pathways around the bungalow and to the veggie garden. The rear porch is very ornate and attractive with the columns and spandrels and is perfectly shaded for working out or painting while observing the beautiful views. The swimming pool looks so refreshing, it will be lovely to cool off here. Going inside I absolutely love the sunny yellow theme, very warm and bright. The open plan concept provides a feeling of spaciousness in the living areas and the soft warm tones contrast well with the cool blue. The computer and chess nook looks fabulous tucked away from the main areas.

    Suggestions: First of all please title your pics, it's expected at this level. The veggie garden is lovely and spacious but I would have liked to see this 'filled out' more. Perhaps spread the plants about or create a pathway in the middle. Also I would have placed a seat and maybe some flowering plants or mats in the rear porch, this would add colour and interest to this area and provide a resting place after working out or painting.


    I hadn't realized titles were required; I'll start doing that! I've noticed that my builds are a bit bare in garden/flower areas...I think I'm going to have to start trimming back on my window and wall budget to fit them in. ;)

    I appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

  • jhgkjhgkjhjhgkjhgkjh Posts: 256 Member
    Congrats to @lorrie1910 and @WrathofCath!! And to @Wildling, @KojiK, @FaithofKaela ,@Masajo ,@Ainsleyf and @TheDismalSimmer! But to all builders as well - there are amazing creations!

    Thanks for the first place! Absolutely uenexpected! But I'm happy. :)

    @BuildnShare As always, great feedbacks and really helpful suggestiona! I didn't think of corbels at all. :) But as you mentions them, they would have been a lovely detail on the facade. and I really think your new way of presenting is fantastic - a lot of work for you guys, but really fantastic.
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    Please excuse my English and feel free to correct any mistake you find. :) It is not my native language.
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  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 4,681 Member

    Congrats to @lorrie1910, @jhgkjhgkjh and @WrathofCath!
    And to @Wildling, @KojiK, @masajo, @Ainsleyf and @TheDismalSimmer for placing!
    I´m glad for I didn´t have to judge! All the homes are so wonderful and so differents!

    Thank you very much for your fantastic feedback @BuildnShare! I love the pics of each build, it was a great idea.


    Shoreline Cabin is very striking with an almost Polynesian feel to it. I love the contrast between the whitewashed wood siding and the dark brown trim. The surrounding palm trees lend to the tropical setting requested by Hermey. The expansive wrap-around porch is fantastic. Love all the little areas set up for Hermey to enjoy the sun and warmth and the kitchen with views of the water. Very nice use of columns and spandrels to define the entrance instead of an arch or door. Great job carrying a nautical theme throughout the build with wall decorations. I like that Hermey has some curtains to cover up the “windows” at night and keep the bugs out.

    Suggestions: Even though it was a bit more complex in reality, the roofline looks like a simple gabled roof over a rectangular structure at first glance. I would have liked to have seen more detail in this area.

    You don´t like simple roofs? Intricate roofs are overrated! :mrgreen:
    Now seriously LOL you´re right, maybe looks too plane.
  • LebannaLebanna Posts: 1,156 Member
    Congratulations everyone on their wins! Fantastic builds this round. Loved looking through all of them.

    @BuildnShare thanks for the feedback!
    Writer for Platinum Simmers

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  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,627 Member
    Thank you very much @BuildnShare for your wonderful review and valuable feedback, always greatly appreciated :)
    Many congratulations to all the winners, fantastic homes for Hermey all round :)

  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,457 Member
    gmcrozier wrote: »
    hmmmm..... @BuildnShare I don't see anything for my build.

    Feedback now posted! Please accept our apologies for overlooking your entry :(
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,020 Member
    gmcrozier wrote: »
    hmmmm..... @BuildnShare I don't see anything for my build.

    Feedback now posted! Please accept our apologies for overlooking your entry :(

    Thank you, I do try to use the comments to improve my builds. As far as the overlook... it happens and it seems the challenges have been very popular lately, increasing the chances for something like this to happen. Thank you for all of your hard work, challenges have come and gone, but Build 'N Share is still here!
  • FidgetyAtomFidgetyAtom Posts: 128 Member
    Congrats to the winners and placers!! Your builds were so amazing :) Well deserved wins <3
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    but it can buy The Sims
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    the same thing
  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 612 Member
    Congrats to all winners, so many great builds :smiley:
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,337 Member
    Whoa! I am seriously shocked about this! Each and every entry was so unique and so superbly done! @BuildnShare, I don't envy your having to judge. Thank you for your feedback and I completely agree. Blue and cream would probably been a much better choice of color. :smile:

    Congratulations @lorrie1910, @jhgkjhgkjh, @Wildling, @KojiK, @FaithofKaela, @masajo, @Ainsleyf and @TheDismalSimmer! :blush:

    Outstanding entries from everyone! :smile:

    Thank you so much @mannanna, @FaithofKaela, @jhgkjhgkjh, and @AIRIS6962! Very much appreciated. :blush:
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Congrats @Lorrie1910, @jhgkjhgkjh, @Wildling, @KojiK, @WrathofCath @FaithofKaela, @Masajo, and @TheDismalSimmer! Fantastic builds all around!! And thanks @Buildnshare for the challenge and the review!!!
  • lindaylinday Posts: 1,332 Member
    Thank you so much for your time and comments, @BuildnShare! And congrats too all who won and placed! There were so many great entries this round, it’s so much fun to see this challenge still going strong!
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    EXPERT RESULTS FOR #BNS95 - We Need Some Space


    Mars Station 1 has a very cool shape. I love the use of rounded roof pieces to create domes and connecting tubes. Love the water treatment reservoirs! How creative - I totally was not expecting the use of polls and fountains for this. The decontamination rooms and assembly area are fantastic. Nice, functional dining area and kitchen. The crew quarters are spartan but very realistic for a space environment. Love the aquaculture tank in the rec area. The chicken coop is such a cute touch! All the upstairs areas a so nicely done. Love the conservatory and infirmary.

    None, this place is fantastic!!

    Life on Mars has such interesting exterior features. I love the instruments level and the tall “tethering” sections that extend down off the upper habitat areas. Love the greenhouse and the water drilling area. Great observatory telescope as well. Great idea for the composter to create fertilizer. The lab area inside is very nicely done. I like that all the fixtures seem anchored to the walls with just the one big piece of equipment in the middle. Choice of refrigerator for the pantry is perfect. Love the space-age bathroom! The green botanist's bedroom is fantastic as is the geologists. Just adore that space-age rec room, it looks perfect!!

    Suggestions: I didn’t find the brick texture in the downstairs bedroom as realistic as the rest of the habitat. The sleeker beds in the upstairs bedrooms seemed to fit with the theme better than the iron frame ones.

    Discovery is such a creative design and nestles perfectly into the red Martian landscape. Great idea of the depressurization chamber. I love the sail-shaped “solar panels.” Great concept that the pods were each launched here and used stabilizers to help them land. Good job on the hygiene pods. I like the uniform renewal pods with their communication consoles. I really like the idea of the entertainment and fitness pods. They’re compact and realistic for a space habitat. Love the greenhouse area and how clever to include insects for pollination! What a cool biotic filtration system.

    Suggestions: I feel like this was a very realistic representation of a space habitat; but, for the competition, I would have liked to have seen some more design details. For example, some variation in the renewal pods to show off a little of the crew's personalities.

    Mars Utopia has a striking architecture with the contrasting green and white siding. The mirrors/mirrored windows are an interesting touch. Great idea to use those light wells to provide natural light to the basement. Great use of industrial objects to lend realism. Love the fenced off “caution” area. Awesome idea to include a climbing wall. Love the landing with activities that overlooks the garden. The science lab is fantastic – love all the details. Lovely lounge area. The galley is nicely done with very industrial looking objects. I love the idea of the raised grass planters for extra CO2 scrubbing. The sleeping rooms are so clever. I love the recessed storage and the bunk beds – very creative and realistic.

    Suggestions: I found the large stone arch to the botanical garden a bit mismatched compared to the modernism of the rest of the build. I was wondering how you had made the 270-degree areas airtight, as I couldn’t see any windows, so I did actually DL your build, the use of the Alcineat was a great idea, but it does make everything inside unusable...

    Mars Module has some really interesting architecture, those lights sized up to act as columns is a great idea. The science area looking through to the water supply looks great, as does the orange recreation area. From what we can see, you've some interesting object choices and your placement works well.

    Suggestions: Photo labels/captions would help us better discern what we’re looking at. I don’t think wood and stone would be easily available on Mars.

    Mars One looks fantastic from the outside. I love the Quonset hut shape to the main part of the building. Very creative use of flooring and lights to create the “M1” logo on the roof. Great layout with the majority of the space underground. This would make a lot of sense for a real habitat – use existing rock/soil for protection rather than having to ship so many heavy materials from the home planet. I like the small but private sleeping quarters – again very realistic. Botanist Bay is fantastic with the vertical gardens on the walls – great use of space. Love the living quarters area – small but packed with function. All your technical rooms are so nicely done with tons of detail.

    Suggestions: Were there any plants for food in Botanist Bay? I would have liked to have seen more pictures of the different shelf decorations in the sleeping quarters.

    We Need Some Space is very striking with an almost Steampunk flavor to it. I like the siding colors and the copper colored pipes on the exterior. Great rocket area. The kitchen galley is very industrial and utilitarian which I find realistic. I really like the crew quarters with hanging partitions for a bit more privacy. The diamond plate flooring is a cool choice. And what a perfect touch to drawings from the crew members’ kids back on the home planet! Fantastic greenhouse with glass walls and ceiling for maximum light. I feel like you put a lot of thought into what would be realistic as well as decorative.

    Suggestions: Please provide picture labels/captions to explain a bit more about what we’re looking at.

    Enter Space is such a cool concept!! Those pyramidion monoliths are fabulous, and the main plant area is such a great concept. And that gorgeous little Mars Rover, what an ingenious and cute addition. All the little touches you have included add a huge amount of realism to this out of this world build. The contained space plant area is amazing and I just love that little meditation room with waterfall, it looks so tranquil!

    Suggestions: The only thing I would change are those curtains in the space bar, I would liked to have seen what a more modern blind would have looked like.

    Domus Mars looks fantastic from the exterior, all those solar panels!! Using the well lights is a fab idea to allow natural light to penetrate the basement areas. The sleeping quarters are tight, but well positioned and lend each room its own personality, great use of MOO in there! The recreation areas are so lovely, modern, but it feels lived in, not too sterile. The use of that tiny fence to act as a watering system is ingenious! And I love how the trees have room to grow into that second level. All the pipes and that water filtration system add a huge amount of realism to this build.

    Suggestions: My only issue, and it really is nitpicking, is that the corridors are all really narrow, I’m not sure that that would translate well into play.

    Space Base looks amazing! Those rounded roofs add a real sci-fi feel to the entire creation, so do those rounded lights and large windows. The layout works really well and I love those floor tiles with the pipes, you have used them just the right amount for them not to feel overwhelming. I love how you designed the botanical lab, it’s perfect with a station for collecting samples and writing notes up on the PC. Having those emergency lights throughout the build adds a great sense of realism, that if anything happened, all the crew could be notified wherever they are!

    Suggestions: Be a little more careful with your object placement, I can see the exterior plants sticking through into the interior in places. I didn’t see any Alien plant life anywhere in the botanist's room or the main conservatory..

    Things to Come looks wonderful both inside and out, the sparse landscaping adds to that Martian landscape feel and your architecture is really interesting, lots of gizmos on the exterior to add to that Sci-fi feel. Your medical and science bays look wonderful, so many thoughtful little additions and that clone - Inspired!! You made some really interesting object choices throughout this build and your placement is top notch!

    Suggestions: Some of your screenshots are a little dark, consider changing the time of day when you take them to allow some natural light in, or adding some buydebug lighting. Those pieces of wall art on the kitchen walls are a tad overpowering, I feel they detract from the room itself, perhaps just a normal tiled wallpaper would have been more in keeping.

    SSA Mars Simulation Dome is a really great concept for this brief. The crew barracks, although being furnished the same all have that stamp of individuality which is just great. The common areas feel scientific without being too sterile, a really fine line and you nailed it! Your hydroponics unit looks amazing, the medbay and science areas are so full of wonderful detail they add such realism to the build. And look at Cyclops!!

    Suggestions: My only suggestions would have been to quarantine the alien plant species, as we have no clue how they could affect the rest of the flora, also, did I see a place for the crew to grow their own food? The only other thing were the prints high on the walls in the common room, I really don't think they were needed.



    I love the pics of these scientists working together in their habitat. Great job on the "Cadet Logs" - love it! I also enjoyed reading the individual notes about each crew member. Thank you for providing both candid sim shots and focused headshots for each sim.






    This was not an easy decision to make, you guys are truly making each round harder and harder to judge!!

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  • jhgkjhgkjhjhgkjhgkjh Posts: 256 Member
    Awesome entries - all of them!
    Congrats to @gmcrozier , @trashdocka, @kilra0 and @linday! Yeah!
    Lovely builds! I wish I could have done something like that, but I had to pass... I couldn't have done what all of you did.
    You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
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    Please excuse my English and feel free to correct any mistake you find. :) It is not my native language.
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  • glen1974glen1974 Posts: 86 Member

    congrats to @gmcrozier @trashdocka @kilra0 & @linday , great builds everyone.
    BTW, @BuildnShare 'Things to Come' is my build, believe you have mixed my name up with gmcrozier! :o:D:D
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,582 Member
    Congrats to @gmcrozier , @trashdocka, @linday and @kilra0! Your builds look so realistic!
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,799 Member
    edited June 2018
    @gmcrozier - so glad you won # 1. I love your build. @trashdocka, @linday @kilra0 - congrats on your win! To all those who entered, I thought all of the Expert builds were gorgeous. It must have been really hard to decide. Congrats to everyone and great job for all who entered.
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,104 Member
    edited June 2018
    congrats to @gmcrozier @trashdocka @kilra0 & @linday , great builds everyone. <3@BuildnShare just to let you know that I play tested my build and everything inside is playable. :( I don't understand how it was not playable for you. :o:/
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,457 Member
    @glen1974 - apologies, I used gmcrozier as a placeholder for the formatting and had a bit of a brain melt, it's all fixed now.

    @abelhinha35 - perhaps it's because I was 'outside' the alcineat area when I tried, each time I clicked on something, the only options I got were those for the element, or perhaps it behaves differently when placed from the gallery?
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