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Spring Fling Homemade Gift Exchange ~ CLOSED


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    @KhemKat19 'Morning! Couple thoughts based on my own experiences: (1) Any special characters in a lot name can cause problems (I can't remember if it gives you any kind of message on that or if it just doesn't show up). (2) I sometimes have problems if I try to change out too many pictures on the upload, so I've just gone to a custom "cover" on my stuff and I do OK that way.
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    suzses wrote: »
    @KhemKat19 'Morning! Couple thoughts based on my own experiences: (1) Any special characters in a lot name can cause problems (I can't remember if it gives you any kind of message on that or if it just doesn't show up). (2) I sometimes have problems if I try to change out too many pictures on the upload, so I've just gone to a custom "cover" on my stuff and I do OK that way.

    Good to know. Thanks!
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    @KhemKat19 - There are still many things to try.

    First, give your computer a hard reboot by shutting down and turning it back on again after a decent 20 second wait. This gives everything a true fresh start with no residual problems.

    Next, move out your screenshots and downloads folders as well as any other export files besides the two you want to upload. Also, everytime you use the launcher, it puts in .tmp files in the dccache folder. So, I always go into the dccache folder and delete all the .tmp files there (but ONLY the .tmp files). Also, there is a missingdep file in there that can be deleted when you are having problems. I think it tracks all the files you delete through the launcher (but I could be wrong).

    Try uploading first one and then the other rather than both at the same time.

    Sometimes large files have more problems uploading than smaller ones; so if you used Zinda's Upload Image Changer program, you might have a super large file. Changing out just the first picture in an upload will make it lots smaller and still be appealing on the exchange.

    If the first try doesn't work, just load your game. There is more to try.

    When Mia said to rename the uploads, it's because sometimes the launcher remembers that it already uploaded that file, so it is too quick to say it's uploaded. You do want to give the upload a different name before reuploading. Try putting your name and no cc in the description only to make the title shorter. That too will help.

    Sometimes, you have to take your home from your bin and place it on another lot OR bulldoze the current lot (after renaming it and placing a copy of it in your bin to ensure you have the latest version) and then placing the bin lot. Go into the lot in Edit Town mode and change the title and description a bit. Then look around in buy/build mode to make sure it is the latest version. Pick up something and place it somewhere else and then put it back or slightly recolor something. Then save. Then go back to edit town mode and choose share.

    Try to export again without changing out any pics or with just changing out the first pic.

    Again, try to upload the just one gift at a time. I'd start with the smaller size file.

    Good luck!
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    @MiaSkywalker - LOVE the way you incorporated the greenhouse roof over the study and, of course, the shape! The landscaping and decor is so perfectly elegant. It's a show place for sure! Every room is grand. You really have a knack for building and decorating these old Victorians.
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    The image of the sneaking thief was found via Google.

    Our poor PC is going to groan after today. Thankfully I only ended up with 3 new world's yesterday, on top of all the lovely builds & sims.

    I like the idea of a summer exchange, but odds are against as we will be going back to the Midwest again. This time hubby's mom in addition to my mom.
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    I just thought of another thing we haven't mentioned to you yet, @KhemKat19. If you don't have ccleaner, get that free program and run it. It cleans up all sorts of things like internet caches and leftover registry files. Running that first and trying again is as good as a fresh reboot.

    EDIT: But it doesn't reset Internet Explorer and delete your personal settings. THAT is main culprit with the old IE use of the launcher. You have to actually FIND Internet Explorer on your computer and open the browser. Then go into Internet options Settings>Advanced and click reset as well as checking the delete personal settings box. That will then let you log into your launcher. I had to do that myself this morning!
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    To: @DinoJr
    From: Addy
    Gift 4 of 4

    All good things must come to an end and this is your last gift. Hopefully you’ll have fun playing out this story as John and Katie learn to think outside the box.

    The Tripp Lawson Story
    Part Two

    You were told that John and Katie met, but not told how or where. Now is the time will correct that intentional oversight from yesterday.

    John Lawson graduated from high school with merit and decided to enter the workforce instead of going to university (not that being an average student had anything to do with his decision).

    He interviewed at the Police Department and was hired.

    After a couple of nights spent bunking with his work partner, John decided that a place to call his own would be nice. He didn’t require much … a comfortable bed instead of a couch, somewhere quiet for reading a good book without the unnecessary distractions of things like TVs or computers and perhaps room for preparing a meal without the risk of banging elbows with a friend.

    John doesn’t want to upset the friendship he is building with his co-worker and is relieved that he (in my testing, John’s work partner is male) understands. No need for harsh words, whew!

    John looks at the newspaper to see what is available …

    ~*~ in another part of town something similar is happening ~*~

    Katie Tripp graduated from high school with highest honor and decided to turn her love of growing things into a full-time career to support herself while she figures out how to fulfill her secret passion for acquisition. Her deft fingers coaxes things from the soil or rapidly repairs a clogged toilet even though she is typically less than graceful with other things. Katie thinks being perfect is overrated.

    Katie also thinks a space to grow produce and store her stuff would be nice and (wait for it!) begins looking at the newspaper to see what is available …

    ~*~ a short while later ~*~

    John and Katie individually notice the listing for Box Luxe (a 2-bedroom, 1 bath house built at 150 Ely Road in Riverview) and hail taxis to take a closer look at this possible solution to their individual needs.


    Upon arrival, the two become aware of one another and give friendly smiles (the kind that people give others while out in public as paths briefly cross). They seem kind of familiar to one another (possibly saw one another in the halls at their high school).

    John says, “Ladies first” and follows Katie toward the wide welcoming stairs.


    Katie briefly wobbles on the steps and John offers his assistance. She gives a small smile and without words indicates that this is nothing unusual so please don’t worry about it, then proceeds to head towards the front door.


    Katie almost swoons in pleasure as she glances to her right. “What a wonderful garden!”


    To find out what the inside looks like, please go HERE.
    Download Link: Box Luxe (unoccupied house)
    Download Link: Tripp Lawson (house with Sims)
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    Gift 4 of 4

    Good morning! Seems we aren't in Kansas anymore. Or in Cotes d'Ambonnay either.

    Instead, today we're in Dragon Valley. I suppose that isn't such a big surprise.

    I had something in mind I wanted to do for you and realized part way through that I don't really know exactly how you play DV. I did pick up your phrase "not too modern-ish," which doesn't surprise me, but the whole place is such a big anachronism that I still wasn't sure exactly what was OK and what wasn't.

    My solution was to make two versions of my gift for you. They're not too much different, really just some lighting choices and appliances switched out.

    There are two wildflower spawners on the lot, one at side front and one in the back. It also has a small herb garden on the side with buydebug plants.

    I've been calling it a "tea house" (but in sims' lingo it's a hangout), and I just realized perhaps "tea room" would conjure up more of the right picture. Tea house makes one think of a Japanese one, while tea room is more English, and that's what this is: more English-Fairy. ;)

    Anyway, I'll stop babbling about it and just show it to you. :) Just FYI, I haven't separated out the pictures by version, but if it was taken in the dark, it was the "less modern" one and daylight the "more modern" one.

    Exchange Links:

    Seedy Tea (More Modern): <-- New link for upload with missing upstairs fireplace replaced

    Seedy Tea (Less Modern):

    In addition to pictures below, you'll find more here:

    40879105535_c63b8a4b3d_b.jpgSeedyTeaFront by Sue H, on Flickr

    41778238231_546446216f_b.jpgSeedyTeaOutdoorArch by Sue H, on Flickr

    40879233075_b8afe7750b_b.jpgSeedyTeaOutdoorNight by Sue H, on Flickr

    41778226281_433cfffb7b_b.jpgSeedyTea First Floor by Sue H, on Flickr

    40879236285_a4933d9e67_b.jpgSeedyTea First Floor Night by Sue H, on Flickr

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    It’s the last day of gifting, @KhemKat19, and I got off to a late start after typing you a novel earlier and doing some trouble shooting myself. My launcher first wouldn't open. So, I had to search for solutions to that. First, you can delete your email/password file in the downloads file. (I didn't have one. I think maybe ccleaner cleaned it up already.) Then, I found a helpful video that really didn't need to be a video that showed opening up the task manager and finding the launcher there and choosing END TASK. So, it probably just got hung up from opening it up earlier.

    So, I got the launcher to finally open while I went to shower, giving it lots of time. Then, I typed in my password to log in and immediately got the same box asking for password. I really find that annoying. But, I've learned the solution and a quick search will give you the solution too. You can RESET Internet Explorer AND check on the option to delete the personal settings. (I think when Windows updates, it somehow messes with this!) Of course, since we don't use Internet Explorer any more, you have to find it on your computer. It is there.

    Any way, by then, I was distracted with new uploads and had to rec, fav, download, and leave comments. (I will get to the new ones in this thread as soon as I get mine posted now.)

    Now, are you excited to see what I might have built for you? I’ve already covered your three favorite worlds and your three preferred building styles. But you did drop another hint about what you’d like…
    There was that OTHER comment:
    Other: (Describe here anything that you’d really like that might or might not have been previously mentioned!): I do enjoy interesting community lots, so if my buddy wants to make a community lot with premium content I am so cool with that! And if my buddy wants to give tomb-building a go, that would be amazing!
    Go here to see your last present:

    Download is here:

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    Hmm, I just noticed that the last picture I have in my Flickr album for Seedy Tea is missing something important: the fireplace behind the barista that should be under the picture on the wall. I wonder if it's in the upload?! That's the more modern version, and I built it first so the fireplace really SHOULD be there. If it's not maybe I accidentally deleted it somehow. When I get a chance here, I'll go look and if it's missing, I'll upload another file for that version.

    I'll also be back to catch up commenting on all the awesomeness that's appeared last night and this morning. <3
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    So, yes I did indeed delete the fireplace. When I was tidying up right before uploading the lots, I remember noticing a couple pieces of the original chimneys still stuck inside the replacement chimneys. You couldn't see them from the outside, but I just can't leave things like that alone ;) and so I deleted them and apparently got a fireplace along with. Anyway, I replaced it in the file where it was missing, reuploaded, and corrected the exchange link in my post.

    Must get out of here but will be back later to catch up on everything.
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    Sheesh I've gotten so behind on comments.

    Ok lets see first off Thank you everyone for such kind words on what i have uploaded so far. Magnus I feel like you are going to be getting paired in quite a few games. You going to be a busy sim lol. Speaking of good looking sims. I grabbed both of yours @MsPrissy88 Deidre however may have some competition in my game as I have a sim also named Deidre (ironic I know :tongue:) and she is single and ready to mingle! ;) So I'm kind of glad you have separate versions of them as i never have the heart to break up couples.

    @Dinojr loving the shabby farmhouse, you really achieved that aged look which can be hard to do in the sims sometimes. Looks like it will be a great home for Kaelyn to renovate. Reminds me of a reno house I made for myself a while back was lots of fun having my family renovate it over time. I did lol that my sim made money by selling the decorative spider webs from the now and then mannor, yes you get money for cleaning today. :tongue: Omg just looked over Farm to Table Cafe. That is such an awesome concept! I love places like that in real life and it will be fun to have it game as i'm going to have to "borrow" this for my game as well. I'm a sucker for mint/teal siding I don't know what it is it just really draws my eye in the sims and real life. I love how you have decorated the lot with miss matched tables and chairs really stressing the quaint rustic feel of the place. It looks like such a nice place to visit and do some gardening with sims that don't have space to garden at home, I think I will put this in my simiopoilis (think I butches the name of that world, can never remember how to spell it >_<) save somewhere in the suburbs. The mushroom garden in the shed is such an awesome idea I really want to use in a future build. That or add it to my farmers market and community garden lot.

    @KaytayRoall Modern executive is just wow, I love everything about it and am so glad you were able to get the texture issue sorted out. Its so weird though I use skin and eye and body texture replacements and a texture replacement of the cow and they have never attached themselves before so was racking my brain on how to help you but luckily it got sorted out. Anyway back to the house, the kitchen is lovely, I love the darker blue color of it. The living area in front of the big windows is amazing. Loving all of the Asian art you have used it really gives the place such a calming feel along with the colors you have chosen. I really really love what you did with those paintings that have the black and white frames on the brick wall where they look like they are alternating. Such a creative idea. :) The roof is my favorite part though, great views and a great space saver for the garden since you were working on a 20 by 20. Will be grabbing this for my game fore sure.

    @Kgaff Morakai Estate is beautiful, I love the landscaping as always. Your gardens are always so pretty. Also loving the little greenhouse I don't know what it is, I've been loving greenhouses in sims 3 lately lol. I like what you did with the wall butterfly and wall birds in the kids room, that's a really pretty touch. they look great together. :)

    @Jessabeans Vitality is an amazing build wow. I really don't even know where to start. The mermaid fountain, the hair stylist area, the massage room framed with curtains, the classy stylish colors you have used. I just want to go sit by that fountain with a good book for hours. I'm really going to have to go shopping in your library after the exchange is over. I get the feeling many amazing things await me. Seriously with The Coffee Press? why so much awesome? you are blowing up my downloads folder. This will go so perfect in my city save. I love the industrial hipster look the place has (one of my favorite aesthetics lately.) The little spot for the toddlers is awesome and so well designed, I love all of the colors you have used in this place with teals and the warm brick colors, it feels so warm and inviting (as a coffee shop should) :smiley: That indoor garden with the industrial windows is everything, I love the way that looks with the sunken sitting area next to it.

    @Mystik1978 Tina has such a tragic but interesting back story. You put a lot of thought and effort into her. I like the soft rose and blue colors you used for her outfits. It gives her a very soft and pretty look.

    Continued in next post, this was turning into a novel lol.
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    Continued... :smile:

    @MiaSkywalker Your berry sims are always amazing. Berry sims aren't always my cup of tea but I like these two very much. Linette is very pretty, I like her face and the various shades of purple you have used and how well they go together. That hair style goes so nice with her face shape. There is something about her eyes that draw me to her, I do love purple eyes but there is a beauty to her eyes purple color aside. Tomas is very handsome, love his face and all the blue, who ever said being blue is a bad thing? :tongue: He has that same beauty to his eyes that Linette has that I cant quite pinpoint. I'm going to have to "borrow" them for sure. I have a few of you sims in my game that I modernized so I could play with them in modern worlds like Deondre (just love that sim lol, hes in most of my saves somewhere and has married into a family of mine before.) Nebula is so adorable. I love the ombre affect to her and the star pattern. Mystikal Manor Is a beautiful Victorian. I love the lilac color of it. The gardening is just wow. I love it, its so pretty and frames the house nicely. The rooms are all decorated really nicely. The playroom is my favorite I love all the happy child friendly decor and the castle mural just brings that room to life.

    @ADWilson Trip and Katie look like a really cute couple. I love Tripp's name and back story. His name really suits his secret wish. I could see him being in his own super spy movie. Their lives together will be interesting with what seems like it could conflict a little. I'm liking their modern home, you really got the contemporary look down. Loving all of the windows and I like the see through closet you made. The living room is really nice, I like how you framed the tv. The decking over looking the garden is one of my favorite parts. This stylish modern house suits the sims very well. :)

    @suzses Orchard House house is so cute! I love the angled part of the house, that's hard to pull off sometimes with the games roofing system but pays off big time when its done well like it is here. It gives the house such a dynamic shape. Loving all of the natural woods and stones to give the house such a natural look and fitting of the time period. I think the bathroom is my favorite part, little details like the buckets really help sell the time period the house is set in. Seedy Tea is beautiful wow, Adding curtains to the the arbor from bohemian gardens is such an awesome idea, it created a great look. The landscaping is stunning on this one I love natural looking gardens. The shape of the build with its roofing is so magical and pretty as well. I don't know where to start with the interior. I love the walls, the pattern, the colors the texture. Teal and white, and warm wood tones together, Its just beautiful in there. I love the wall shelves with various treats sitting on them that's such an great idea. This is one of the things I love about exchanges I think we simmers give each other such good ideas and make each other better builders. :)

    @Mmdrgntobldrgn LOL that gif with your comment had me cracking up.

    @fleshjenn Wow you put so much effort into Fairchild household and it shows. I love the way you set up their backstory with their parents and then transition to it not being about them. A tragic and mysterious back story and two very interesting sims to show for it. I like their looks, they are both pretty sims and i like how you have styled their outfits. Especially Jacob's red shirt with the flame pocket and back.
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    @ciane Lol I knew at least one gift would pop up while I was writing my novel post. This looks like a fun lot to explore, and a secret tomb in the arcade? Will have to check that out, tombs are so fun to add to non world adventures builds. :smiley: I like the flow of the lots and how they make an L shape, it looks so realistic. I like how you have done the roofing and the interiors look so clean and crisp and modern. I agree the spa is lovely, I really like the layout of it. Its great to have premium content lots, I feel like I forget some of those items at times so its nice to have them in a concentrated location. I think the restaurant is my favorite I like the colors in that one a lot, the white cabinets with wood doors are gorgeous.
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    @ADWilson - I love the story that goes with the lot and the sims. I think it's perfect. I also really love that lot. It reminds me a lot of a container home that's been modified with a great bump out here and added space there. The garden is very nicely done as well. AND, a surprise! I'll be exploring that in much closer detail!

    @suzses - A nice way to present your tea shop with two options! Lovely color palette, gorgeous garden areas, and a very unique roof that is awesome indeed!
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    I'm behind again! Time to get caught up, lol.

    @Mystik1978 How sad, for Tina to have had so much tragedy in her life! Hopefully she'll have some wonderful things happen to her in the future!

    @MiaSkywalker The Horse Lovers family is so very colorful! I especially love the hair on both of them...great shades of purple and blue! And Nebula Star is beautiful. Love the shading on her coat! As for Mystikal Mansion: Purples and greens and blues, oh my! Did I mention those are probably my 3 favorite colors? (Seriously, the entire main living area of our house is green, the computer and guest rooms are blue, and my reading room is purple...cause hubby said I could paint it any color I wanted, so I did!) And it's nice to see the non-pink girls room. Nice change of pace there! Love the L-shape to the house, too. And the Victorian roof pieces are so much fun!

    @ciane Another beautiful inspiration pic, and a great little Victorian! Love the color scheme of the exterior (I love those colored roof patterns, but half the time I have trouble making the rest of the house suit them!) And those hanging chairs on the porch are one of my favorite pieces from that set, so I always love seeing them! Oh, I love the Selena Sinclair Studio! I love the art objects (glassblowing, sculpting, etc) but the Prism Art Studio just does *not* work for every world. And trying to create a space in existing art galleries only works for the huge ones. So yay for having more gallery options! Oh! A Spa and an arcade and a restaurant *and* a tomb? How interesting! An interesting modern style with the tomb too, don't see as much of that!

    @ADWilson lol, I love the secrets in the Tripp Lawson household. They sound like they'll be a lot of fun to play with! And the Box Luxe is great! Don't know that I've seen you build that style before, but I like it!

    @suzses Oh, Orchard House is going to look wonderful in DV. So cute! (And I fill up the small lots in my world pretty quickly too, these days...not only is it fun to build on those, but there's so many amazing ones I've slowly acquired over the years!) Seedy Tea is also adorable! English-Fairy is such a fun theme to run with! (and really, that does kinda sum up the overall theme of DV, doesn't it? Maybe make it English-Fairy-Elf, lol)

    @DinoJr Love the Farm to Table Cafe. I think you used at least half of my favorite colors somewhere in there, isn't that a nice coincidence? :smiley: And you can never have enough lots with all the plants!

    @Mmdrgntobldrgn Ok, that sneaky gif is amazing. I might have to steal that one, lol.

    @Catdog123 You're right, definitely a larger household! But it's a beautiful one! Gorgeous horses, and fun and interesting sims! (In-game horse genetics are fascinating to get all sorts of crazy interesting combinations, even more than sims, I feel like) Wonderful wardrobe recolors, too. Especially Yona. Hard to find good stuff for the elders! And the Lakeview Cabin is beautiful. Love the dark bricks with the stone.

    @fleshjenn What an interesting back story for the Fairchild family! Very sad to hear about their parents, but I'm glad they have each other!

    @Jessabeans Great Java Hut in The Coffee Press! Love the modern feel, with the subdued industrial colors. Will fit in well with many worlds! And the play area for the kids is a great touch! My rebel sims are gonna have to start hanging out here, lol.

    @KhemKat19 Another thing that could be wrong that I don't think I saw mentioned is patterns and/or store items. Some of the oldest store content will pitch a fit if you try to upload them. (some things from the tiki set and a couple of pieces from the ultra lounge kids rooms for sure, but possibly some other stuff) Not *everything* in those sets, but certainly a few items! And sometimes the new patterns that come with store items are equally grumpy. Happened to me a few times and drove me nuts!

    And I think I'm caught up! Yay!
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    @MsPrissy88 I'm your buddy, and I'm VERY sorry for how long it's taking me to upload your gifts. I emailed them to Addy, so hopefully she can do something with them :D I'll post pictures when I hear back from her about it.

    To everyone who has been offering advice and help, thank you so much! I've tried all the suggestions, to no avail. Those lots just won't upload for some reason.

    @ciane I absolutely LOVE my gifts from you, they're beautiful!! I already downloaded and rec'd them, and I can't wait to get in-game and check them out!! I can't even choose which residence is my favorite because they all look wonderful :D I keep thinking I love how the Mediterranean looks (arches and it's so tiny squee!), but then remember how cool the tudor is, and then the victorian is just stunning! I just love how you managed to cram family areas into such small spaces, because I love tiny homes but I'm a family player so it's always a challenge finding homes that fit :D I'm STOKED to check out the tomb omg, I love tomb raiding and needed a new one to try!! I'm so impressed you took on that challenge. Spakitas will be making an entrance into all of my games <3

    Edit: I forgot to add that I also really love the use of color! Color is awesome :D

    To everyone else, I can't wait to go back through and look at all of the amazing creations! I've seen a few here and there, but I'm looking forward to going over all of them in detail! <3
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    Some of the oldest store content will pitch a fit if you try to upload them. (some things from the tiki set and a couple of pieces from the ultra lounge kids rooms for sure, but possibly some other stuff)
    ^^ This. I had forgotten about it, but yeah, the tiki stuff is notorious for that. I remember one time @Cogitotoro was trying to upload something for either a challenge or a contest, and was struggling at it for several days. It turned out to be a tiki item that was causing the problem. (I think the table lamp with the hula girl, although I could be misremembering.)

    Yeah, I know, in many ways that doesn't help because it means trying to almost randomly replace things, and it IS frustrating that you can't use what you want. I hope you do find it and are able to fix it!
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    @Bookworm742 - I can't take credit for the Selena Sinclair Studio. That was a joint effort by @KaytayRoall and @DinoJr for @Catdog123. I do agree it's awesome in design and layout and functionality. And I love the alliteration as well.

    I thought it was mostly the new Tiki and Ultra Lounge patterns. I think it's a problem if they aren't in the dcbackup folder. Most of us delete the files there, but those patterns are special. I think I'll do a special install in a vanilla game and copy over just the pattern files into my dcbackup folder.
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    Yay, @KhemKat19, I'm so glad you love the lots. I too LOVE tiny lots and that was a main consideration in all my builds. I went larger on the community lot only because I wanted to squeeze in more stores and a decent tomb.

    I think @Bookworm742 has the right idea. I really, really, really hope that is your use of a special store pattern that is the culprit. If that's the case, @ADWilson can probably just put the lot in her game and hit share. Then, send a copy of the export file back to you. You can install that lot in your game and look around. Maybe you can spot a changed texture. Hopefully, you can upload it soon. I do remember in the past that one person had to upload to another site as they just couldn't get the lot to upload to the exchange.

    I did mention size before in reference to adding pictures. I've had a big lot not want to upload before. So, if your lot is more than 10M, THAT might be a problem.

    I'll send positive thoughts out that you and Addy can solve the problem by just sending it back and forth and any textures changing.
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    Whew! What a day.
    One of my tires (2017 vehicle) is flat. Put air in it last night and it's flat again today. Tried Fix-a-Flat which poured out the seams near rim so you know this tire is dead, dead, dead. Hubby just finished placing spare so I'll be going to the repair shop after driving daughter to work (joys of sharing a vehicle) tomorrow ~ ~ her 1st day. Yay.

    Heading over to hospice to visit mother-in-law before we grab dinner, but I will return soon.

    In progress:
    Working on trying to resolve the issue/s with Kat's gifts and hope to have an idea on that sometime tonight/tomorrow. Will let everyone know as soon as I do :) Sent a PM with images to Mia.

    Am behind on updating the front page of the thread and will get to it as soon as I can.

    Sorry and thanks for being so understanding!
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,778 Member
    Some days are more challenging than others! I hope your tire fix works out well. Wish your daughter good luck on her first day at work. AND, I hope Mia, you, and KhemKat can get those lots to upload soon.
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    Gift 3 of 3 final gift :(

    @KaytayRoall well I am sad to say that this is the end of our journey. But never fear we will come across each other someday, just wave a cheerful goodbye as you sail away on your brand new Boat!

    The Jaded Duchess:
    The Jaded Duchess began life as a Riverboat on the bayou. She served as a home to a fisherman, a den to thieves, and a tourist ship for travelers.
    after years of disrepair and abandonment a grumpy old mechanic found her and cleaned her up. Turning the riverboat into a magnificent vessel worthy of the sea.
    Now she is no longer bound to rivers and spills but can sail far and wide across the boundless blue.

  • DinoJrDinoJr Posts: 89 Member
    Oh gosh, time to get caught up on Day three stuff.... since its day four!!!


    Katie and John are wonderful! I love the outfits, and its so funny that you and Prissy both made opposites attract style sims! I like that you skilled them up and gave them jobs too :-)

    ... And I LOVE the house! Modern/Scandinavian/container home looks SO VERY COOL! And the Story! This looks like a lot of fun, and I'm super excited that there's some mystery around it! I look forward to checking the place out... And seeing what kind of trouble Katie can get into... <3


    blue raspberry is so sweet! (hehehehe) I love that Victorian style with all the rooms and spaces to explore... I want to play with this house, with a rich old sim who travels and collects artifacts to fill all the spaces with! Downloaded!

    And that community lot is awesome! An arcade that leads to a secret tomb? Are you sure you didn't build that bit for me? I think you may have without knowing ;-)


    Oh I love these small, but so adorable and functional builds! Also I love how each of your houses has a place for the cats! Thats it, Im buying dragon valley and putting all of your gifts in it! Magnus is gonna be the mayor!

    Seedy Tea-
    Its so cool that you included two versions of this... very thoughtful for your buddy and play style! I think you definitely nailed the English tea room look!!

    @KaytayRoall and... me! lol!

    Really, she did most of this build... so I will comment on it for that reason! I love it! you did such a good job and I'm so happy you let me collaborate with you on this... it was so much fun, and I look forward to doing another project together! <3<3<3


    Wow, again, absolutely gorgeous sims, with a beautiful house! I don't usually play with large families, but I do believe that I need these folks in my life! And that house... and eventually those horses :-D

    Also... So happy you like the Selena Sinclair Studio! The name has a bit of a secret in it... did you figure it out?


    So much backstory! I like the dynamic between the sims you made too, having a brother and sister trying to make it on their own makes for a really interesting story, and I wonder what sorts of lives they will end up having?


    What a cute coffee house! I love all the added areas for play and hanging out, live music, and that you included a kids area.. . sunken floor design is very cool!!!


    Oh my goodness, what a completely MASSIVE build! I think exploring every inch of this house sounds like a lot of fun, and could take quite some time! I'm impressed that you were able to make so many gifts, with such a huge creation! Very Cool!

    All these amazing gifts you all created... will keep me busy for some time, most assuredly! Thank you again for being such an open, welcoming community <3<3<3
  • DinoJrDinoJr Posts: 89 Member

    You posted one more once I hit send lol.

    The Jaded Duchess is VERY cool! I said before I had wanted to do some kind of ship, and now you and @Catdog123 both have made beautiful builds that are so inspiring! I love this house boat!!! I like how each tier tips out just a bit further than the one beneath it, and the color choices are very "cool." I like the central spiral staircase too... almost reminiscent of a main mast that was used to build the stairs. Also the name is great!
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