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looking for players to add with the sims freeplay



  • JessAlmJessAlm Posts: 1 New Member
    Add me on Facebook please.
    My name on Facebook is "Jess Alm"
    With black cover background.
    I'm currently on level 15, with 7 house, 6 couples, (each couple matches their clothes), one baby, a cat. I'm gonna try to build every house and places around my town. Without buying money or LP
    Right now I have police station, fire station, Sorcerous place (the witch tower), the park, pet store, promotion store, children (or infant) store,
    Town hall, science lab, and many more.
    Feel free to add me! Just message me that you're adding me for sims. :smile:
  • KRYPT3CHKRYPT3CH Posts: 2 New Member
    Brand new to Sims Freeplay, currently level 10 and grinding to get to 11. I would love to have some neighbors to visit as I am pretty active this time of year considering the weather. You can find me on Facebook, my name is Ezra Smith and my profile picture is a kitten in a Santa hat. Just message me that you're adding for Sims so I know lol. Thanks!
  • KRYPT3CHKRYPT3CH Posts: 2 New Member
    SimChickee wrote: »
    Add me, Fb is Sim Chickee

    Can't seem to find you on FB @Sim Chickee
  • MingYangYoMingYangYo Posts: 362 Member
    How do I connect it to FB??
    Let me in I got a heart of gold

  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    MingYangYo wrote: »
    How do I connect it to FB??
    Look at
  • MingYangYoMingYangYo Posts: 362 Member
    Thank you!
    Let me in I got a heart of gold

  • Hannah_2001Hannah_2001 Posts: 1 New Member
    Send me a friend request on game centre Fuzzy cat 4
  • MingYangYoMingYangYo Posts: 362 Member
    What's game centre ??
    Let me in I got a heart of gold

  • 23kels8923kels89 Posts: 803 Member
    edited January 2017
    Hey guys!!
    I'm looking for some friends on FB... I don't have any social media accounts but figured I'd might as well create an account just for the sake of Free Play. :grimace: Add me here

    Also, if you've sent me a friend request, please quote me or let me know somehow because I'd like to limit my friends to just Sims players. Thanks!! :heart:
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    Find me on the Sims 3
    Find me on Origin

  • AvRsYn12AvRsYn12 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi. I just created a FB account just for playing sims FreePlay so don't be shocked that my profile page is empty and I don't have any friends yet. I sent you a friend request, my FB username is AvRsN12.
  • KymarKymar Posts: 29 Member
    Game Centre Kymar77 needs neighbours
  • YvonneMcDermidYvonneMcDermid Posts: 51 Member
    I have searched but cannot find Kymar77 on game centre. Is that correct? If you still need neighbors add me, player810946464. I have everything that has come up so far in the social tasks and if you need anything else, just send me a message in game centre.
  • YvonneMcDermidYvonneMcDermid Posts: 51 Member
    I have looked for you on game centre but the search cannot find you. If you still need a good neighbour with all the items, add me, player810946464. Anyone else who is looking can also add me.
    Happy simming!
  • ThymelessThymeless Posts: 1,184 Member
    edited July 2017
    @YvonneMcDermid Is the offer to add you still open? I'm pretty new to the game and have no neighbours at the moment :) My facebook is blank (I've only just got it, and it's purely for freeplay) but I can change that soon enough.

    EDIT: Ah! I just read game centre - my mistake :)
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  • Real_Gamergal11Real_Gamergal11 Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi I'm Judy, im 13 and I'm already lv 25 on free play here's my Facebook
  • Real_Gamergal11Real_Gamergal11 Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi! I'm Judy I'm 13 and am level 25 my Facebook is Judy Rose
    My bio says, "my diet consists of cheese and carbs"
    I look forward to visiting with you
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