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More Friends! The Sims Mobile


  • BeatirxKiddoBeatirxKiddo Posts: 3 New Member
    Level 24 ERVUPFM
  • CaityKCaityK Posts: 1 New Member
    Level 24 Daily Player!! Please add me only if frequent player. Thanks!! :)

    CODE 4PX33JQ
  • EndrianaEndriana Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi, please add! Active player GVWFEEM
  • SumdapSumdap Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey everyone. New player. Level 21. Need lots of friends. Stickers and like attending parties. My code is: RQ9RFR9
    Let's be friends and neighbors!
  • Sweeties29Sweeties29 Posts: 47 Member
    Hey guys, I'm level 13 and my main sim's name is:Valery Ahmed and her wife is Dakota Kahn.
    My code is:XPQJEC7. Add me! I give tons of stickers and love attending and hosting parties.
  • GetSossiedGetSossied Posts: 8 New Member
    > @Sumdap said:
    > Hey everyone. New player. Level 21. Need lots of friends. Stickers and like attending parties. My code is: RQ9RFR9
    > Let's be friends and neighbors!

    You should join our LINE app community then :)
  • miracolose1miracolose1 Posts: 2 New Member
    So far I'm level 29, I'm grinding type of gamer, so let's play together
    My code is NHDGRA3
    add me ^^
  • miracolose1miracolose1 Posts: 2 New Member
    Does anyone here also f2p gamers? Add me as friends. See my code ↑ up there. For premium gamers, will happy to see your houses as well :D
  • R_RobotR_Robot Posts: 1 New Member
    RLYWWGF Daily player, level 27, 3bd house
  • Mistral_KateMistral_Kate Posts: 2 New Member
    > Lvl 36
    Must give out stickers everyday and active. I delete 3d or so inactive players
  • Ryanm23Ryanm23 Posts: 1 New Member
    Add me :) LVL 24.. very active user!
  • elelunicyelelunicy Posts: 1,944 Member
    Add me too NMDPRHW I play every day.


  • rosemorgan92rosemorgan92 Posts: 2 New Member
    Here is my friends code: YEEQWHL
  • IceyVampirIceyVampir Posts: 31 Member
    My Code : EG4CEQP
  • xwxnnxwxnn Posts: 2 New Member
    LEVEL 21 and daily player! Add me: 4CGR6QC
  • StarstruckStarstruck Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey all!
    I'm level 24 and very active! I host level 10 parties and give out stickers to everyone who come!
    Feel free to add me!
    Code: LYH6K3D
  • WingardimLeviosaWingardimLeviosa Posts: 204 Member
    Here's my code 3399QPH. Add me if ya would like.
  • MusashiKorianMusashiKorian Posts: 1 New Member
    KGKWGQU Is my code. I am active everyday :)
  • IAmHelloWitchyIAmHelloWitchy Posts: 1 New Member
    My code is WUPHT6Y - daily player, 3 Sims (Naomi, Maia, Josie). I attend parties, give stickers, etc. :)
  • cassieC1989cassieC1989 Posts: 1 New Member
    I’m currently on level 31 and i’m a daily player, i would like to add some new players who are also active daily!...

    I give out all my stickers daily and would like to accumulate stickers via players instead of purchasing fashion gems!...

    Thanks! +++++ CT9XUJL +++++
  • Dlma01ktDlma01kt Posts: 1 New Member
    Add me please. Play daily/very active. Need stickers and will send as well.

    ** 6CJCV7M **
  • Sehcral1991Sehcral1991 Posts: 1 New Member
    Add me: DTKGPVV
  • whispersftly79whispersftly79 Posts: 35 Member
    Very active player. I sign in every hour or so. I give stickers out like crazy. Please add me. GYXEA6C
  • BasiicBasiic Posts: 3 New Member
    pls add me :) i just started two days ago and im already on level 12 Y6G3FKK
  • VengefulNoodlesVengefulNoodles Posts: 128 Member
    Mine is RK3NNAC
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