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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    Very nice @Todiloo! is there a way to save apartments? I did an apartment redesign and wanted to save it like a house to my library but it wouldn't let me.
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  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,302 Member
    Brett planted some blackberries, then clean freak Kassie went & mopped the yard after he watered them.



    Kassie & the boys hadn't been off the lot all week, so they went to the park where the boys got into a fight over the toddler tunnel. So much for best buddies.


    Kassie had to mediate & dole out a few scoldings.




    They made up over some grilled fruit.



    By the time they got home, they were completely tuckered out & went right to sleep.


    Meanwhile Brett got a promotion at work.



    He also finally finished the rocket ship & made his way to Sixam.

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  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    edited April 2018
    Today I actually spent more time in CAS than actually playing the game. That baby boom I mentioned earlier? All first-wave toddlers had grown up to children and all second-wave babies had grown up to toddlers. Me being the sims-control-freak that I am I dressed all of them. :tongue: It's fun but getting tedious at some point. But I did -some- gameplay and my story continues. ^_^

    I welcomed a few new households to my universe (townies I edited). These are the Mims, Luna, Kraus, Dawkins and Radford families:

    Trevor and his girlfriend Annabel were expecting their first baby. Annabel and Trevor agreed to give the baby the Purdue family name. Annabel insisted that the child would be named after her Feng grandmother or grandfather who were Lily and Victor Feng. Meanwhile Annabel is still pursuing vampire-ism behind Trevor's back, and dating Marisol Straud! Annabel asked Marisol to turn her while they were out on a date, but Marisol explained she didn't have the power to do that yet, but that Vlad, Marisol's father, could turn Annabel.

    She had the plan to get Vlad to turn her while pregnant, in the hopes her baby too might become a vampire, which to her would be a great thing. She visited the Strauds again but Vlad refused to turn her while pregnant. She was told to come back after the baby was born.


    Trevor threw a BBQ dinner party with family and friends to celebrate the pregnancy, he really enjoys grilling hamburgers on his own grill since he never really got the chance to enjoy eating meat when he lived with his parents who are both vegetarians. :tongue: Trevor is really starting to bond with Annabel's father Clinton. (And also getting a bit flirty with his childhood friend Kyra, the woman with the yellow hair.)


    The baby came very soon after the dinner party. It turned out to be a boy who is now named Victor Purdue.


    Annabel and Trevor invited their close family over to show them the new baby soon after the birth. Annabel got to show her baby to her dad just before something terrible happened:


    Annabel and Trevor were struck by deep grief and extreme happiness at the same time. Brylee, Trevor's mom, invited Trevor to come to the spice festival to take his mind of Clinton's death. They watched Arvin (Trevor's dad) play live guitar and got to try some food:


    Meanwhile, Annabel managed to sneak out of the house to be turned to a vampire by Vlad. She was turned with her girlfriend Marisol witnessing. The first step for Annabel towards her dream of being a good vampire. Marisol seemed happy about the whole event as she hugged her father right after the turning.


    Suddenly food didn't taste all that great anymore for Annabel.


    But spending time with her son is distracting her from her stomach-issues.


    Meanwhile the only thing Trevor has noticed about Annabel is her new choice of clothes, which are a bit more "feminine" and Trevor can't complain about that. :tongue: (I gave her a few new, more vampy looking outfits, 2x everyday, 1x sleepwear, 1x party)


    They do look like quite a normal family, don't they? :lol:


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  • TrashDeBluncTrashDeBlunc Posts: 85 Member
    So this is the first time I believe I'll have posted in this iconic thread! But I have to share what feels like a lot of insanity in this new legacy game I started. I married my founder Astrid to Johnny Zest after she hit it off with him, and a favorable comparison to her "eh" date with Sergio Romeo. Things are chugging along, and Astrid produces an heir, I named him George. The very next day after George is born, Johnny caught fire trying to cook and I could not for the life of me get him to a shower, so George was already fatherless and the bills were suddenly too high for Astrid.

    Thinking fast, Astrid remembers that Sergio was a tech guru and had a decent salary, so she invited him to the Romance Festival for a heat-of-the-moment marriage. Turns out Sergio hates kids! But he seemed alright with George as long as he wasn't required to care for him too much. They even became friends over a few games of chess.

    So I was nervous about George being an only child, heir and a spare y'know? Considering Johnny's death I decided to go with Astrid's whim to have Sergio's baby despite his hatred of children. They go off to the hospital when the time comes, I build another bedroom, they return with a daughter! I name her Dorothy. Oh snap a boy too?! Uh, Anthony sounds nice.... ANOTHER GIRL?!!?!

    So to recap, Astrid's preferred husband died while still a YA, and her son now has triplets for spares, his half siblings from the man that didn't want the family life. It's rich in irony and reminds me why normal speed is so fun! No super sims and careful planning, just chaos and luck!
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    @TrashDeBlunc That's quite a chaotic gameplay you had! I know that feeling of surprise triplets while there is a kid already. They're a pain to play with as toddlers. Good thing you found another man for your sim, I don't think it's even possible to raise four toddlers with one sim and everyone living to tell. xD
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  • TrashDeBluncTrashDeBlunc Posts: 85 Member
    @TrashDeBlunc That's quite a chaotic gameplay you had! I know that feeling of surprise triplets while there is a kid already. They're a pain to play with as toddlers. Good thing you found another man for your sim, I don't think it's even possible to raise four toddlers with one sim and everyone living to tell. xD

    I took a break for that reason exactly, the triplets are about to be toddlers and I already feel sympathy for the adult sims, they're not going to get any rest at all! I've never rolled triplets before so I was excited to mention it in the forums, an unintentional death AND triplets! In one quick game!
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    @TrashDeBlunc Prepare for a lot of your sims skipping work and being tired and being in need of some fun. :P You're lucky that the first kid is old enough to play chess already because four toddlers is an even bigger chaos. You can hire a nanny to help care for the toddlers but make sure you have the kids bedroom downstairs because nannies + stairs are not compatible (your toddler can't ask them anything when they can't climb stairs).

    Anyway, I have a thread about multiples and I'd like to invite you to post some screenshots there once your triplets grow up. :smiley:
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  • storminmaystorminmay Posts: 137 Member
    I created a lovely single dad for my main lady Sim to eventually mingle with. Trying to take things slow and focus on him and his son (especially since I just got the Parenthood pack) before I start romancing. I always move too fast with my Sims and their romances!
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  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,938 Member
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    After giving Caleb and Lilith a makeover, I created Lucian Crowe

    Obviously, I am in a Goth mood :lol:

    He had always dreamt of being a vampire and his parents had thought it a simple phase, like his unhealthy desire to wear a bear suit when he was a child. Now that he is grown and challenged with building his own home and family, he moved into a rumoured vampire haven; Forgotten Hollow. It was there that he met Lilith and her brother Caleb.

    A romance bloomed between Lucian and Lilith and she moved in with him, though the house wasn’t much

    Convincing Lilith to turn him during a date at a nightclub, neither one seemed to care about the audience. Those that did pay attention simply thought the entire ritual a “goth thing”

    Several days later and Lucian became a vampire. Luckily the basement had just finished being constructed.

    # dreamsdocometrue
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  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    Okay! Time to catch up on everyone's gameplay!

    @ldmarko - poor Kasie! Mommy duty looks like hard work! And glad your sim finally made it to Sixam!

    @DinowCookie Annabel is cracking me up. I love the story you have going. Also your townies look great! I usually don't bother with mine! It is so sad that Clinton died so soon after Annabel giving birth! Victor is such a cutie and there's a really strong resemblance in the family!

    @TrashDeBlunc that is one wild ride! OMG. I think I would have fainted if that had happened in my game!

    @storminmay good luck with that single dad! I love playing single parents in my game but I, too, usually rush the romance! Hope it all goes well!

    @Celticgamer0 I love Lucian Crowe's look! What a great storyline and I like the backstory! Lilith deserves some happiness and I can't wait to see what they get up to now that Lucian is a vampire!

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  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    So this is what happened in my game today!

    Colten stopped by to see his daughter, Melody. Constance still doesn't remember that he's the father of her child.


    He convinces a very tired mother to let him take Melody to the park for a play.


    But while he's there, an intruder is breaking into his wife's tomb.


    Colten gives her a serve for trespassing where she doesn't belong.


    But he can't drain her life spirit because she's already been bitten. She explains to him that she's trying to bring down Vlad, and that she's really on his and Sabrina's side. Colten says that if that's true, she'll stay there to prove it. Bella doesn't look too happy about that.


    Colten's daughter, Juniper is now a child and deeply misses her mother who she hasn't seen since she was a young toddler.


    Colten tucks her in and promises that it'll be the last night she goes to bed without a mother.


    The next day, he finally has all the ingredients to make the Ambrosia that Caleb and Lilith told him about.


    He wakes up Sabrina's ghost and she sits down to eat it.


    It works, Sabrina feels her vampire body returning to her!


    Sabrina is overjoyed to be back with Colten. To be back alive and to have a second chance at life!


    She greets her daughter again for the first time in years.


    Just as the celebration is in full swing, Vlad turns up to put Sabrina in a slumber - permanently!


    But Colten has worked too long and too hard to let Vlad ruin this perfect day. So he drags him outside to show the ancient vampire just how powerful he's become.


    He defeats Vlad, more easily than he thought he would.


    Caleb warns Vlad to stay away or he'd put Vlad in the ground - permanently.


    Then he shows Vlad to the basement to retrieve his minion, Bella and take her home. While in the basement, Vlad's eye catches on a portrait of a long lost friend. Colten wants to know what Vlad's beef with Sabrina is - why he just can't leave them alone, but Vlad says nothing, just takes Bella and goes.


    Whatever the secret is, Colten now knows he's strong enough to protect his family from Vlad... For now.

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  • TrashDeBluncTrashDeBlunc Posts: 85 Member
    @Celticgamer0 I like Lucian's look a lot! It's fresh, youthful goth that translates really well to that #eternallook!

    @kemisz Today is my first day on this thread, so this was my first encounter with your story but I must say, I was here for it! Triumphant reunion between mother and daughter! Protective kick-butt of the secretive big bad! I'll stay tuned!
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,927 Member
    edited April 2018
    Oh busy thread is busy...that is all lol.

    @kemisz from last page...Aleksy seems...well hmm I don't know what to make it, part of me wants to say that she and Caleb make a cute couple though with a lack of memories it's strange like he's crossing a line where he shouldn't.
    Now this page, oh well now that's not cool I got to have the whole story now :s Sabrina did something she shouldn't have didn't she? Is he just going to leave Constance to Caleb and make her forget her daughter. Or did I miss something and you already said something about the last part. I feel like Vlad isn't going to give up so easily.
    @ldmarko Juanita is adorable, short lived sibling rivalry is much cuter with tots, until they get older or if when they get older they like the same guy ha.
    @Play looking forward to see how things go for Erin and Heidi.
    @calaprfy I tried that and I liked how it went, I like to keep the lots busy with different sims.
    @Todiloo your apartment is really nice.
    @DinowCookie I like hearing about your family, and Annabel is really pretty shame with her sneaking around though not so pretty ha. I wonder if she'll keep to her family even with Marisol when the vampirism really takes over. Actually no I wonder if she really deserves Trevor at all guess we'll see..
    @TrashDeBlunc wow that is some good insanity you got right there the sims can really surprise you when the mood is right..or not right whichever I'm interested to see how long Sergio lasts before he wants to run off.
    @storminmay I do that too sometimes but usually I have things timed with a story so it works for me, sometimes rushing is just fun and that's what the normal or short lifespan is for ha.
    @Celticgamer0 oh he's too cute...says something about my tastes I guess lol,

    Okay think I got everybody now if I didn't I did give out awesomes, I already got my pics so let's go on then.

    It took some effort to shake off that ridiculous happy mood and eagerness leaving him surrounded in frustrations once again, though he wasn't used to it with just a few tweaks meaning she was here.

    "I know you're there, no point in sneaking around."

    Annoyed when he was met with silence he went up to lock himself in his room, the door already locked he just had to fly in through a hole in the wall as he suspected she went after him.
    "For the love of all that is good and just why are you here messing with me."

    "You sound like a teenage girl cursing her passage into womanhood, that specific time isn't so bad."

    He groaned hearing her voice.
    "You know that's look like a white Christmas ornament." referring to the bulbs one might put on a white tree she sighed.

    "I happen to like this dear, why is this house so empty?"

    "I can't talk to you, you've been messing with my head."

    "Well of course, you needed someone to meddle apparently you can't live by yourself like I thought you could."

    "Mother..." he mostly muttered.
    "Ah you haven't called me that in a century...can't you be happier when you do?"

    "No I can' said you had nothing left to teach me and ran off."

    For a moment she felt a little guilt as his mood seemed to sway a bit.

    "We've had this conversation before dear, I thought you didn't need me.."

    "Maybe I don't."

    "I think you do, I mean I would have pushed you to do something with your hair."

    "Stop it..." she'd tease him endlessly if he let her.
    "Okay is this better...hiss hiss."

    "Now you're mocking me..." not that attempting to stop her did anything about that.

    "I was just trying to cheer you up."

    "It doesn't fill me with cheer to have my mind messed with I don't want those fake emotions."

    "They are not fake, you aren't as evil as you think you are and you're hardly a loner, in fact why don't we go out this evening maybe you'll meet a nice girl and you can start a family."

    "First, stop doing that and second you lost the right to advise me a long time ago, now will you leave me alone??" he hissed at her.
    She sighed and walked over to him he hated how she would look at him and read his thoughts he was no open book, at least he convinced himself of it he dropped his gaze.

    "While it is not strange as that seems...that connects us I have always seen you as my own and only wished for you to be happy, I am not a witch I can't force you to feel something that is not there. This life is not working for you and you don't need me to tell you that you just have to accept what you did wrong for yourself."

    "What I did wrong for myself? I lived here I could feed when I needed and people left me alone except for a few fools wishing to spend the night in the 'haunted' mansion."

    He knocked her hands away agitated.
    "If you came just to interfere with my life then you might as well leave."

    "Come now Vlad, you know I never give up that easily."

    He was soon left alone with his thoughts, Lady Elimana had been there for some time even his own parents left him in an abandoned shack he grew up only because a pair of homeless individuals were kind enough to help. A couple, peasants that could barely afford to feed themselves, that never had children of their own when they died he was alone again. Just a boy in the shadows hoping for bread, until he gained a job as a butler where he remembered his first meeting of the Lady he called mother. It was just in passing but when he saw her again he had been changed he wasn't entirely sure if she just wasn't willing to admit she changed him. Rather than let him die in his misery or if someone else found him first, either way she'd been like a mother ever since. When she she said she was leaving, that he learned enough he didn't respond well, actually he went silent not saying a word he didn't even have the energy for a fake smile or snide remark everyone left in the end.

    If she wanted him to be happy she should have stayed he didn't want anyone he didn't care what she said he was fine just like this.
    (actually created her just to show in the thread up top but put her in and obviously swapped out vlad for his do over heh.)
    Back with the Vatores, Lilith wastes no time speaking to Bianca and her mother and heads back, Caleb was willing to keep an eye on Phoenix though feels he's doing surprisingly well granted he doesn't feel it. When she comes in she doesn't bother with pleasantries.
    "You, leave us." she says with a snap of her fingers.

    Phoenix wants to argue but then what she says goes...he's convinced himself that she may help him should things go wrong if he stays on her good side.
    Seeing her pacing Caleb makes sure that Phoenix is occupied before turning his attention to his sister.

    "What's the matter?"

    "I don't know I feel off, we need to talk."

    "There's been a lot of that going on, did something happen at the neighbors? Did they come at you with garlic."

    "One of the women there, she's crazy I'm sure but she said something..and I can't really tell if she's lying or not."

    "What is it?"

    "She said she knew her, our mother that she was there when I was named."
    "That's completely crazy right?"


    "Well not completely, unless she was a dark haired woman with a blond daughter about our human age."
    "Okay what do you know that I don't?"

    "A few things but it'll be easier to explain with them here."

    "What are you hiding from me?"

    "If you want to know you have to accept they need to be here."

    "Fine whatever but..."

    In a few seconds they aren't alone anymore.
    "Well dear to put things simply a piece of your mother lives with me, I have her most important memories...sorry for the run around you see we really have to have matter how light from both of you to show ourselves in."

    Lilith was more than lost, they weren't vampires, definitely human and vampires don't give parts of themselves away to least she's never heard of that.

    It was time for a long talk.

    Woo finished ha..
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    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member


    I feel so sorry for this version of Vlad.

    And Lilith and Caleb and Phoenix! I need to know where this is all heading and what their mother did and who this hummy and her daughter is!

    And apologies for my story - I had to cut out all of Constance's and Caleb's dates and romantic moments for brevity. So I know there's not the build up there that I intended. Colten is going to leave his daughter with Constance but be a permanent part of her life - well, until Constance finds out the truth about her daughter's parentage that is. But that's later down the track.

    And yeah, Sabrina did stuff but Vlad did stuff. There's a whole backstory there.

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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,927 Member
    @kemisz hah I just hopped in for a quick burst, ideas were coming and I had to cut it somewhere I almost kept going, ah yes Vlad has been through a lot and I included him just with a different story. I don't mind the evil version but I've always been that oddball that likes the happy sides of stories for all ages and the possibility that one shouldn't always hate the 'villain' because there could be more there. Mmhmm, I have a plan just not yet, Phoenix is not just a background character I have some stops to make with him and that all brings more light to the ladies that have joined them and their story.

    Ah I see, I was just wondering clearly Colten's feelings for his wife and now daughter are above all but it still seemed like he cared for Constance and then Caleb moved in either way fits I'm all for everything. I'm glad he'll keep up with his daughter she's adorable and needs her father. I do wonder how Connie is going to feel when the truth is out. Backstory, always need that ha okay I'll wait and see what happens next time you post.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • ViridisaViridisa Posts: 93 Member
    So I got a few updates to my Decades Challenge! As soon as Tsukasa ages up to an elder, we'll be moving onto 1910. That'll be in about 8 days or so. The house is going to get a major remodel then. They're going to need more space really soon. Lots of big things have happened in the past 2 days.

    The main thing, of course, is that heir Shigemasa aged up to a Young Adult! He ended up getting Materialistic as his final trait. I had him join the business career. I bought a computer so he could do his paper work, but I'm essentially using it like a typewriter. Literally all they're using it for is paperwork right now. I wish there was an actual typewriter in the game. I didn't give him a change of clothes with his age up. I'll probably do that with the entry into 1910 with all of the sims. Give them some more Westernized outfits.

    He did invite Marise over to propose to her. Luckily she accepted, so I didn't have to fight with that. Also, Marise's Traits are Cheerful, Loves the Outdoors, and Music Lover.


    That day Marise moved in and they had the wedding that evening. Here's some pictures of the wedding, as well as Marise's family. I realized them I'd dressed both their mothers in really similar kimonos for their formal wear. Oh well.


    Just a nice shot of the wedding. There was so much pink and gold, but it looked nice.


    Koiji randomly showing up in a suit. I forgot to change him into the right outfit before taking the picture.


    The whole gang is here! Well, pretty much. A certain crabby teenager decided to be the only one to sit on the other side of the wedding.


    One of the main hightlights of the festivities was Seiichi, Marise's younger brother, being angry when he arrived and Suika trying to cheer him up. They actually ended up being friends by the end of the wedding. Go figure.


    During the wedding, Seiichi, Marise, Shigemasu, and Suika went upstairs to play some cards.


    Marise and Suika looking like they're goint to be best friends.


    I also went into CAS and got some better shots of Marise's family. They're definitely an... interesting bunch.

    Shoji: Ambitious, Genius, Perfectionist (Father)

    Nariko: Hot-Headed, Insane, Family Oriented (Mother)

    Seiichi: Lazy, Mean, Genius (Younger Brother) (He was a teen during the wedding but aged up to a YA soon after)

    Mayoko: Insider (Younger Sister)

    Amaya: Cheerful (Younger Sister)

    I had Shigemasu and Marise Woo-Hoo as soon as I could after the wedding and now the 3rd generation is on its way! I have no idea what the kid is yet, but I'm excited. The house is going to need remodeled to make an extra bedroom, but luckily this is happening around the time we switch to the next decade.


    Literally the next day, Kojiro aged up to a teen. Turned out really adorable. I usually don't have this good of luck with sims born in-game. All 3 of the kids ended up looking great. Had to change his hair to black though because it wanted to give him blonde CC hair for no reason. He ended up getting the Active trait, so I decided that his aspiration should be Body Builder.




    Next up will be Suika aging to a young adult. She just completed her music aspiration with 4 days to spare. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with her next. Here she is teaching Marise how to play the violin. I'm probably going to put her in the Musician branch of the Entertainer career. I also thought about her and Marise opening a store together. Decisions decisions.

  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 751 Member
    Since Justice was too busy having fun Cop adventures and control was switched to her, no one thought of making dinner! So poor Cadence has to fend for herself.
    Justice: "Now listen, I understand that I hogged all the free will this household has to offer down at the Precinct which left you without food or any sort of entertainment but on the bright side...."
    Justice: "Look at these guns though."
    Then Genesis came over to hassle Justice about her first day on the force, must've been pretty exciting huh? Well not really, all she did was find out who was breaking into old ladies houses but hey, an adventure is an adventure.
    She was feeling pretty proud of herself until...
    Ace: "Justice....that's not a Sportsball uniform. You lied to me."
    But all was good because Justice invited her "friend" Kane to come over and he schmoozed up Ace considering he's a big fan of Ace's team, The San Myshuno Sportsers. Ace has made the Sportsers a championship winning team for the last 8 years. There was plenty of fanboying from Kane.
    That's when Justice invited Kane over to the romance balcony to seal the deal.
    And the deal has been sealed. Congrats Justice, got yourself one of the few men left in the world.
    Oh, that's where the shish kabobs went.
    .....What did we do to deserve cats?
    And then Justice and Kane might've moved a little too fast but....ah who cares, they're both consenting adults. It's all good.
    Juniper: "Human, you locked me out of the room last night. I bring this up because I heard concerning noises and I couldn't get inside. What happened?"
    And then Juniper went to go wake up Ace.
    Genesis enjoyed her day off today with a nice mudbath.
    Then proceeded to strut around in just a towel because the kids are at school.
    Justice: "Heeeey, I don't work either. This calls for some relaxing yoga."
    Wait, this doesn't look relaxing at all!
    Again, no one made food so Iris went to go fend for herself. Yep a pretty uneventful da-
    Wait, who the heck is this guy on our computer?
    Or this guy?
    Or this chick?!
    OR THIS-oh wait that's Grandma...She can be here.
    Sapphire: "Hey, if it weren't for me NONE of y'all would be here right now. I can come and go as I please!"
    She's got a point.
    And now there's a Ghost?! Why are all these people just walking into my penthouse?!
    Juniper's had enough of these strangers just walking into her house, they'll probably steal her food.
    Ace: "Oh one second mom, Ghost Dad's calling. Gee dad, the spirit world has great reception huh? No I don't want to go to the bar tonight. People just keep wandering into my apartment....No I don't know when Mom's dying."
    Sapphire: "If I ever!"
    Cadence: "Gee sis, you did so well in school you were promoted to Corporal in the Police Force just by graduating! I need you to help me with my homework."
    Justice: "Yes yes, stroke my ego more. It amuses me."
    And then Iris went to go and try and become a hacker. I have a feeling she'll be going places when she's older! Like jail.
    Justice: "Hey mom, all this yoga made me realize's been a few years since you wrote a new Bloodening kinda left the fans waiting....shouldn't you like....get back to that series or something before you have an angry mob willing to rip you apart?"
    And that's when Genesis quickly wrote a 384 page finale to the Bloodening books, fans claim it to be one of the most rushed, laughably executed finales they've ever seen in literature....but it was still better than the 8th book and that was enough to make it a best seller. Heh heh, Genesis goes out on top.
    Another person wandered into the penthouse! Wait....this guy looks familiar....
    You.....Ace's old rival, the Bro. He's back for revenge because he got fat and isn't successful like Ace!
    And then there was a tussling outside.
    Bro: "Come on bro, where you at bro? I'm gonna kick your butt bro!"
    Ace: "I hope you finally learned your lesson, BRO! Don't mess with The Ace!"
    Ace: "Now you get the heck out of here and stay out of my house!"
    Ace: "With your high heeled self."
  • WyrrenWyrren Posts: 686 Member
    I've been reading through these posts for a while today, and I'm inspired to write down some stuff of my own. I'll have to do it a bit differently, as I didn't take many screenshots the last week. I'll do better my next post! haha

    So... I loaded up my game today, like usual, and was immediately hit with the last exception error notices that mccc throws out. I decided to finally stop putting it off... today was the day I'd go through my mods and cc to try and figure out what was causing it.

    Took forever! But I narrowed it down to "cool1_object_PermanentIncense&LessAutoSmell&NoFires_V2HighRoomScore" I liked that mod because I could keep incense lit always and never have to worry about fires. Oh well. It's ok, because I'm happier not having the errors. lol.

    I bought Jungle Adventure a while ago, but I haven't played it yet! I really need to! I wanted a new family to use... but... I was being lazy and didn't actually want to make a new sim. lol. I browsed through my older sims, was just about to download someone off gallery, when I saw Ember. I decided to give my very first vampire sim a makeover, and turn her human!

    This is her originally, as a vampire.


    And now.


    She looks like a totally different sim! I turned her personality around as well. Instead of an undead predator of the night that collects humans to add to her cult, Ember is now a health conscious, creative, sensitive sim that wants to meet the perfect someone to start a human family with. I decided to try out a new Perfectly Balanced aspiration that I recently downloaded ( too. I figured it will align her aura and chakras and try to center and counter her evil past with her current peaceful life. :D

    Now where would she live? I didn't want to use a tiny starter. But nothing too big. Just like I had trouble picking a sim to play, I couldn't find a house I wanted her to live in. So off to build mode I went. I was going to build her a complete house and money cheat her into it. I made the house how I wanted it, and then furnished it sparsely. To start with, she had a simple, but complete kitchen and bathroom, and then a bed. That's it. I gave her $1,000 and let her free into the world.

    Here is her house about 2 sim weeks played, and after her now-boyfriend had moved in...


    This house was pretty easy to build since it's based on a sims3 build of mine that I loved. It's solidly cemented in my head from lots of play. lol I'm happy with how this one turned out as well. :)

    I decided to not use any more cheats after free building, but money was getting tight. $2k bills!? I didn't think about that! So Ember first got a job as a critic. She thought it could be fun, but soon found out it wasn't for her. She didn't like to pick people's art apart. Art was meant to be appreciated in all it's forms. So as soon as her boyfriend (whom she met at the romance festival!!) moved in and could help with bills, she quit her job, and decided to try out the teaching career. (Education mod @ Now her boyfriend, Devante, wanted nothing more than to explore the jungle and become an archaeologist. To do that, they needed to find a little financial stability, as boring as that is. Right now, they are working on their skills and trying to get promotions. Dev is an at-home writer (another mod... hoping to one day publish books about his travels and ancient relics.

    Here is Devante.

    Today he did a little junk collecting, and managed to find a slablet in horrible condition... but it still worked! (yet another mod... This one is new, just downloaded. Loving it!) Now when he needs to do a little work on the computer but his girlfriend is busy playing logic games (, he doesn't have to be a bad boyfriend and kick her off. lol.


    So that's about it for today. Hopefully have more actual gameplay later, but this was good to type out. Got me more focused on what I want to do next. Looks like Ember has some ideas of her own. ;)


    Thanks to anyone who read all that, lol. I know I typed a whole book here.
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    edited April 2018
    Hyacinth made yet another trip to the jungle to find more treasure so she could afford a bigger house & start adopting girls to finally get her Flower Girl legacy going.






    She still couldn't get used to the local cuisine, but the local drinks & social scene were much more to her liking.




    Upon returning home, one of the neighbors stopped by for a chat. I think that's one of the Heckings.

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  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member
    kemisz wrote: »
    Very nice @Todiloo! is there a way to save apartments? I did an apartment redesign and wanted to save it like a house to my library but it wouldn't let me.

    Thank you! The only way I know how to save an apartment is by not closing the rooms with full set of walls. So I leave out one wall piece between each room and then save and upload the apartment as a room.
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  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    I love the aesthetic of your story @Viridisa! So much work has gone into it, obviously!

    @Wyrren, great job on the house and sim! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's landscaped and fully decorated! Also, I love the story you've got going so far! Please come back and update us!

    @Todiloo - ah! That makes so much sense! And finally a way to save all my apartment redesigns! Thank you so much for getting back to me!
    My EA ID is TranquilloSims - where I upload starter homes, family homes and some more ambitious creations.

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    @Viridisa married women can wear black kimono to formal events, it's the most formal attire for Japanese married women whereas the brightly colored flowery ones are for unmarried women. OR your mothers are not married and I am telling you something you already know. :lol: Still very much enjoying all your screenshots in Japanese style, your child girl kimono's actually look quite adorable. ^_^
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    So I have bought 4 new packs this week. I have a problem!!! I got Toddler Stuff, Jungle Adventure, Dine Out and Outdoor Retreat. Jungle and and Dine Out were bought today so they are downloading right now.

    Eme has had three more boys since my last update. Thankfully the older four are all kids/teens now and grow up within a day or two of each other. Dayton is a teen, Jennie and Allan have both aged to children. Eme had twins but they are still babies so I can't tell if they are identical or fraternal. The three new boys are Kolby, Darien and Kendall.

    Dayton. He sure is handsome.



    Kolby. Those eyes though.
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    @kemisz Thanks ^.^ I tend to have a difficult time with stories as far as they go, but I am glad you like his backstory :smile:
    Loving your story and congrats to Colten for defeating Vlad! Can’t wait to read more!

    @TrashDeBlunc Thank you so much ^.^

    @RedDestiny92 :lol: If it makes you feel better I think he looks cute too. I am very proud of how he came out so thank you very much :smile:
    Awesome story ^.^

    @Viridisa Loving your take on the Decades Challenge! Btw, where did you find the outfits? I have been looking everywhere for a hakama

    @DoodlyDoofus I love Juniper :lol:
    I do find it a bit annoying that strangers always enter that apartment constantly. It is even worse during festivals. I always had to lock the door to keep them out though sometimes they would just stand at the entrance like obsessed fans :lol:

    @Wyrren Glad you found the cause of the error. I know there is an update on my mods usually when I get those :lol:
    Ember looks beautiful both before and after the makeover :smile:
    Love the house as well! Very cosy
    Devante looks mischevious :lol:

    @Idmarko Looks like Hyacinth enjoyed herself ^.^

    @Todiloo Oh! That makes sense and would not have thought of that :lol: Thanks for that info!

    @ccarrig_95 Yay! Cute sims btw ^.^ Dayton looks like a heartbreaker lol
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    So about that baby boom....


    :lol: They're not actually all still toddlers but these are all of the ones I dressed in my game. :tongue:

    Bonus: spot the vampire toddler.
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