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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • thecatxothecatxo Posts: 7 New Member
    Update on my family: Kaden and his wife had twins, one of each. Their names are Khalil and Annabella (i randomized the names, sorry but that's how i roll lol). Gene and Olivia also had a child, a son named Karson. I will get Gene and Olivia to have another child, hopefully a girl so that the couple also has one of each gender. :)
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    Woo I can finally post images :D

    So here's my sim Trevor Purdue, fifth generation sim ^_^ (Family tree)

    He started dating his first girlfriend today, Annabel Lothario.

    And here's a screenshot of Olivier's birthday, Olivier (the toddler) is Trevor's younger brother.
    Their mother is Brylee Purdue-Munch, the blonde woman. The man in the screenshot is Arvin Purdue who is their father.
    The woman in the blue dress is Janice Purdue, Arvin's younger sister/Trevor and Olivier's aunt.
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  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    Thank you @Celticgamer0!

    @RedDestiny92 wow. I was hooked the whole time I was reading your story. I've never seen a gentle letdown for a proposal before!

    @DinowCookie - Yey! Good job making it to the fifth generation! I have so much trouble playing legacy.
    My EA ID is TranquilloSims - where I upload starter homes, family homes and some more ambitious creations.

  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,237 Member
    @DinowCookie oh cool looking forward to more pics, your family is adorable :smiley:
    @kemisz ah thanks I'm glad to hear it sometimes when I post longer bits I wonder if anyone will like them, I haven't either I was surprised, I remember watching a let's play and I saw a sim knock a ring out of someone's hand but this was new. ha
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,237 Member
    edited April 2018
    Okay so got to playing and one of my new sims is not mine but he had a place with my idea so let's go.
    Phoenix was ready when he joined the Vatores there were always pits and such to hide out to meet creatures of the night not too advertised but the word got out. Lilith didn't often see people that she thought would be a good fit though he had something about him that seemed special so she brought him home. Caleb doesn't bother with her desires she wants to create more of them fine but it's up to her to deal with the process.

    "I'm glad I met you at first I thought it would be a joke but I know the actual pits you meet in have a particular blood mark."

    "So that's how you found it, well it pays to study we have a few places to send authorities to we like to keep those that aren't ready for the change we like our privacy and you have to be worth something to break through."

    "And you think I'm worth something?"

    "You could be."

    "Well I think much more highly of you people underground they know things everyone knows the Vatores, I didn't know you'd be so beautiful in brought me in to have children right? I'm ready."

    "Slow down, I didn't say you were worth that much." talk about a hit to the pride.
    "I mean..I want a family why live forever alone?"

    "Quiet, you made it this far the time for talk is later, you're free to run out and we'll never speak again otherwise stand I'm impatient." she snapped.
    He was quick to do as she said she watched him for a moment no need to beat around the bush. vvv the rest of course is in here.
    "Now to make sure you're really worthy, last through this and you will be a more permanent addition to my home.

    " you mean last, the change is harmless."

    "You're a fool if you truly believe that."

    "Well the information is crossed..I mean there is a lot.."

    "Another trick so we don't get little teenagers wishing to rebel against their parents."

    "So what happens?" he groaned.

    "Either you change..."

    "You die, we dispose of you and noone will care, good luck...and don't ever flirt with me again you haven't earned that right."
    "You were a little hard on him don't you think?"

    "Sure Caleb, and this is a charmed life."

    "Remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

    "Yes yes, happy rainbows and love."

    "Are you listening?"



    "Do do do da la lalaalalal."

    "...How do I put up with you?"

    "I'm awesome."

    "I thought you weren't listening."

    "I'm not."
    As they attempt to share some of the light knowledge should he make the transformation, Vlad is thinking he's finally learned to interact with the humans that have been just a meal to him for longer than he cares to count. He has spent many days alone finally something seemed to break in his mind. This time alone wasn't what he wanted he had a feeling he knew where the thought came from he'd always been fine alone he knew who could be blamed for messing with his mind. Though at the moment he wasn't too angry with her, after changing his form so he really did look like his 'ancestor' instead of himself. He just wasnt sure if he should try his hand at the bar or wait and see who got curious about his mansion next.
    Back with the Vatores Lilith is in charge of his work out routine.


    "That's not..."

    "Don't argue, work for that fourth sit up weakling."


    "I don't want any whining!"

    "Yes ma'am."

    Noticing her brother slipping off she went to check on him he'd always been soft, not that she looked down on him for it or anything but she did worry about him...she could be sweet when she chose to be.
    "Okay what's wrong?"

    "Nothing I'm fine."

    "You can lie to most people but that's not going to work with me."
    "...You don't need to worry about that."



    "Should I nag you for a few months before you can't handle it anymore?"

    He sighed.

    "I just feel off, like something is coming."

    "You think Vlad is up to no good?"

    "He's been keeping to himself lately he doesn't worry me, and it's not bad, it's like I'm missing something and it's making it's way back to me."

    "You don't have some secret love child or something do you?"

    "Don't even joke."

    "Okay that was wrong I mean daddy Caleb? Would never work."

    "You're the worst."

    "I love you too big brother."
    That evening they got some new neighbors rare, though they explained his feeling.

    "Mom this is ridiculous we're not going to find them."

    "Have a little faith dear, I did remove all the garlic after all someone is bound to come see the new neighbors."

    "Sure...just the wrong people." she looked sweet but she was a lot more than a bubbly blond.
    After a quiet night her mother is even more optimistic, one doesn't just give up.
    Wondering if they didn't find who they were looking for if someone else could help.
    At least there was something to keep her busy instead of just sitting around and waiting.
    Back home Noelle has pulled her sons out to come investigate the house, it had been empty, except for more garlic than anyone needed for so long time to see who bought it. With her Lilith, she nodded at Noelle before the door opened they had an understanding to say the least, the left her son alone that wasn't a vampire and she only stayed near her own family. It was the best way to coexist, Lilith was sure when she saw who was there that something was familiar about this woman.

    "Hi hi come on in." she couldn't have been more excited she knew she had a good feeling about this place.
    Xander wasn't so sure the house had been aired out enough he couldn't stand the garlic left over in the air. (or Xavier I don't know I always get their names mixed I raised these sims and you wouldn't know it lol.)
    "Hi I'm Bianca, you're really vampires aren't you?"

    "That's some greeting it's not often people come around here who aren't vampires that know we exist."

    "I just want to be clear from the beginning."

    "Probably for the best, well these are my sons Xander and Xavier both taken though I convinced them to remain next door, and you may call me Noelle, my husband wanted to come but he's still a little weary of the sun. We lost him once."

    "Oh how awful.."

    "It was, we got through it, I'm interested to know why you and..."

    "My mother, Vivian."

    "Your mother came here."

    "So Lilith I don't suppose you remember me do you?"

    "How do you know my name." she'd been watching her introductions...pleasantries were for after one sized up another.

    "Well I knew your mother, I was there when she picked it out."
    Yeah I gave them a different story what of
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    edited April 2018

    Okay, so much to unpack. First of all, that was an amazing character driven story. I NEED to know what happens next.

    I can't believe how nicely Phoenix fits into the story! Make Lilith work him hard! I love the make over you gave her and Caleb. I can never get them to look good. You guys are awesome.

    PS. Is it just me or does Phoenix look very familiar?! ;)
    My EA ID is TranquilloSims - where I upload starter homes, family homes and some more ambitious creations.

  • ViridisaViridisa Posts: 93 Member
    A couple of things have happened in my Decades Challenge. I'm still in the 1900s, but the heir, Shigemasa, is about to age up to a young adult in a few days. He's almost completed his Freelance Botanist Aspiration too.

    Since I realized I didn't get a good full body picture of him last time, here he is fishing in Newcrest:


    He also has a girlfriend now, who I am intending for him to marry as soon as he ages up. Here they are together. Her name is Marise Takamitsu. (I've actually created her entire family which I will get photos of at the wedding.)


    Suika, the only daughter of the family, aged up to a teen. Somehow she looks more like her father than Shigemsa does but she's really pretty in my opinion.



    Here she is in a more western-style outfit. I'm slowly starting to incorporate western clothing without completely loosing the traditional Japanese clothing.


    Ume, their mother, is about to age up to an adult. Kojiro, the youngest son, will become a teen in a few days as well. I never got to post a picture of Kojiro as a child, so here he is:

  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    @Viridisa I love your use of traditional Japanese clothing ^_^
    Visit me on the gallery! 😊
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  • ViridisaViridisa Posts: 93 Member
    @Viridisa I love your use of traditional Japanese clothing ^_^

    Thanks! I wanted to do the Decades Challenge but wasn't feeling like searching for a bunch of Victorian dresses, so I decided to start it in 1890s Japan and probably having the heir of the 1920s generation immigrate to the United States. I sort of have a rough draft of a plan for the family.

    I still haven't found a good kimono for my female child sims though.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,237 Member
    @kemisz thanks, ha glad you enjoyed it :smiley: I had fun setting everyone up. I knew Phoenix had a place when I saw him Lilith won't be done with him until she's good and satisfied with her work. I have given them a couple makeovers before in the past got to tweak things here and there to find out what's good for them. :) Oh it's all you because he definitely looks familiar hehe :D .
    @Viridisa I love your updates, can't wait to see how it goes for them through time :smiley:
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,466 Member
    While waiting for the baby to arrive Braden got the twins out for some fresh air & room to run.



    "Maybe some spicy food will finally get this kid out."


    Yup, that did the trick!


    It's a girl, Melanie.


    Didn't take her long to find the most annoying interaction in sims history.


    Juanita was like, "Okay, who is this person & why did she just cut in front of me?"


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  • JurassicKingJurassicKing Posts: 63 Member
    edited April 2018
    Didn't play today, but yesterday my Sim went to The Shrieking Llama and found Altair Ibn La Ahad from Assassin's Creed playing Foosball. Later she went to one of the clubs in Winderburg and Altair was there, along with Al Capone. They seemed to enjoy each other's company.

    I have a son lightspeeeeeed!
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,443 Member
    Two funerals today. Fortunately, I recently re-installed the funeral mod AND managed to get the urns ,so I can actually do that.

    First, I logged into one of my households to find the mother had passed away--luckily, her urn was on the lot and easy to find (man, I wish it just went into the inventory, lol). Looks like she dropped right at the bottom of the stairs :-(

    Of course, the sims remaining had no reaction (thank goodness for the funeral mod), but I still think this shot of Sal and the kids sitting around the little kitchen table is rather poignant.

    So then, it was off to the funeral, which makes them all properly sad. Went pretty good, tho I couldn't make the wreath interaction work. been a while since I used this mod, so it's possible I'm forgetting something. Anyway, here's some shots from the funeral.

    First everyone mourning.

    Then the kids spent some time reminicising.

    Dad was still crying ;-(

    And then the musical genius aspiring daughter (named for her mother, btw) dealt with her feelings via violin.

    The tombstone went out in the graveyard.

    And that was that. Oldest daughter had to bail early, cause she had work and was out of vacation days, but that was fine, we were mostly done by then anyway.

    So then I popped over to my next household. I'd actually witnessed this death, but I was playing a different household at the time.


    So I had to take the urn and bring it to their house. Turns out now the family can't add an epitaph now, so I shoulda had my other sim do that. Whoops. Anyhoo, the deceased's wife, sister and son threw the funeral.


    I didn't have anyone dress up special, just let them have their formalwear. The wife, Janice, is in her wedding dress tho, which I thought was quite sweet.

    Turns out I could actually have the deceased herself as the minisiter :-P

    "What am I gonna do without you, sis?"

    Her twin brother came too. This was a tough week for him--lost his wife and his sister, one after the other.


    She's basically raised these two, since their mother had had them late in life and passed away when they were young, so this was pretty heartbreaking.

    Her son Jay (short for Jaylin) lit a bonfire and turned it yellow, her favorite color, in her honor.

    Now the sister, Cat, is a loner and never really made many friends or dated much, but she's actually developed a romance with her nephew's old nanny, Izumi. She came to the funeral too, since she's a good friend of the family, and while she was there, serenaded Cat and got her all flirty--which is actually a pretty common response at funerals! They went for a date afterwards, and Cat finally asked her to move in!


    Took them a while, huh? :wink: Technically, they're not even officially dating, but I think this is a real thing. Izumi has the soul mate aspiration, so who knows? Maybe they'll get a twilight years wedding together.

    It was also Jay's birthday the next day. Everyone was still pretty sad tho, so I just did a quick cake rather than a whole party. And turns out Jay shares all of his deceased mother's traits (I use the legacy generator to pick traits usually). They'd been close when he was a kid, since they both loved the outdoors, but argued a lot when he was teen, cause they were too alike: both sharing the hotheaded trait. So, it's nice to see him pick up her family oriented nature as well.

    Rest in peace Salma and Lylin--you both had great runs, even if I never quite managed to get your aspirations done ;-P
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 892 Member
    Juniper knocked over the trash, she was probably disappointed that all the good food just kind of....blended together in this black sludge.
    Great-Aunt Tabitha just kind of showed up and challenged Cadence to a game of chess....Right before school. Cadence was late...
    Justice is trying this again!!!
    Aaaaaand failing at it again.
    Just stick with what you're good at Justice.
    Later that day, the Romance festival was held right outside. Might as well send Justice there.
    DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately due to Sims mostly giving birth to female Sims in what appears to be a reverse China effect, there are very few eligible men in the world....Except for Dillon Landgraab, that guy's pathetic. The few men that are single in this world.....just so happen to be fresh teenagers. So I had to be a bad person and make a new male Sim and if you look closely (please don't) you'll probably see that I was very lazy and just took one of my old Simselfs and just changed his clothes, hair and stuff like that. Sorry, but until we can get more men in this world this is what's needed! But anyways, Here's Kane Graves, just wanted a Sim named Kane and Graves was the first randomly generated name I found. Disclaimer over.
    Justice: "One second, I need some inspiration juice if I'm going to do this right."
    Justice: "Hellooooooooooooooooooo single guy."
    Kane: "Hi"
    So Justice flirted with him, and naturally being a man who has women all over him because of this male shortage, took the flirting positively.
    Guru: "Whoa, sorry lady I don't swing that way. Even with a male shortage around right now."
    Doesn't take much to win a guy over with a body like that.
    Kane: "So what do we do now?"
    Kane: "..........Think it's way too early for that."
    Well at least they exchanged phone numbers, that's a start.
    Ximena: "Heeeeeeeeey Justice, hope I'm not interrupting anything!"
    She says interrupting everything.
    Iris: "I can play piano with more than two fingers now!"
    An achievement.
    Genesis: "Imma make some shish kabobs!"
    I was really excited for those shish kabobs but I don't know where she put them....they're just rotting somewhere.
    Justice: "Come little sister, I shall show you the family past time. In time you too will have a golden voice."
    And despite that Rock Climbing wall the other day, Ace is back on it and going to the extreme. Don't stop being you Ace....on second thought you're getting old, might as well stop.
    Post-Yoga, Pre-work selfie! Where does Justice work?
    Well she finally did it, Justice is a police officer. And thanks to her being a straight A student she jumped right up to Corporal!.....Don't think that's how it works but............Oh well?
    She gets sent on her first case, this looks like it's important.
    Justice: "You see, in this current year we like to make witness reports more comfortable."
    So the Lab analyst found a good place to take a nap. Justice and the other officers may or may not have locked the door on her.
    Meanwhile, looks like there's a crazy party going on in here.
    Justice: "Heh heh, I have no idea what to do here."
    Then Justice had to search some inmates....
    Justice: "What.................what IS this?"
    Inmate: "Listen, it's hard to get a shiv behind those bars. Gotta take anything you can that can possibly break the skin.
    Meanwhile it looks like THIS inmate is looking forward to this search. The Male shortage is effecting even our inmates.
    Justice: "'re the one who broke into my Grandma's house!"
    Officially getting arrested for stealing an old woman's toys. For shame.
  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    There are so many great stories going on in this thread, and I'm finding myself invested in them. Congrats to Cat and Izumi, @FanPhoria

    The twins are so cute, @ldmarko and congrats on a new baby!

    So this is what happened in my game today. There were some surprises, even for me!

    Constance wakes up in a strange bed with no memory or idea how she got there. But there's a very nice man waiting for her to open her eyes.


    He introduces himself and explains that he found her passed out in the street but will make sure his friend shows her back to her house.


    The man, whose name seems to be Colten, calls his friend Caleb - Constance reluctantly leaves with the stranger, eager to get back home.


    But as she's leaving, she looks back because she has a feeling there's something she's forgotten or missed.


    Caleb sees her to her door, he seems like a serious kind of person, so Constance thanks him for his help.


    The only problem is she feels strangely nauseous. Something isn't right. Caleb seems to notice this and invites himself in to make her a cup of tea.


    The next day, the kind stranger, Colten shows up to check on her.


    She tells him about her surprise, that she's pregnant, and is kind of baffled by his strange sadness and shock at the news. He even looks a little...guilty for some reason?


    Her new neighbour comes by to exercise with her, but flirts with her a little as well. Constance thinks it's strange that he's so kind to always be dropping around and checking on her, especially since Colten and Caleb don't seem to like him much. But they won't tell her why.


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  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,466 Member
    @kemisz Thank you! You've got a great story going on too.
    Gallery ID: LDM2
  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,363 Member
    Linfeng became a teen.



    Entrance to the abyss
  • ccarrig_95ccarrig_95 Posts: 507 Member
    Emerson has been very busy. With four consecutive pregnancies (3 boys and a girl), she is taking a break and meeting more men. Her two oldest (Dayton and Finn) are children and Jennie and Allan are toddlers. They all recently aged up too. Such cute kids!!


    Finn. He is just so darn cute!!!!


    Allan. I love his skin.
    (Top left to bottom right)Edur Zahrah, Cinderella, Tiana, Pocahantas, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Emerson, Nicole, Traci, Addisyn
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,905 Member
    With Morgan Fyres finding her true self, Ulrike Faust falling in love with Joaquin Le Chien and Wolfgang Munch ageing up, The Renegades have disbanded, much to Max Villareal's chagrin.

    "This town can't hold me down forever," Max warned, "When I grow up I'm going to reassemble a bigger, more evil club, mark my words!"

    The Paragons, seeking a new enemy club, have targeted Partihaus.

    "They may be good-looking but they aren't perfect," said Siobhan Romeo, "We gonna show them how it's done. We're taking over The Narwhal Arms!"

  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member

    In my game today: Trevor Purdue and his girlfriend Annabel Lothario bought a house together. Though they agreed to not getting married because Annabel is non-committal. Annabel has been researching vampires behind Trevor's back and got involved with Marisol Straud (Vlad's daughter). She's pursuing her wish to become a vampire.


    Trevor and Annabel live in Windenburg now, the Munches old house. Bobbie Munch-Landgraab and Ryker Munch are their neighbors. They came for a welcome wagon.


    Annabel invited her family over and introduced them to Trevor. Which wasn't his greatest experience since Annabel's father is a gigantic man (muscle!) and insane as well, Trevor better not treat Annabel wrong!


    Annabel's cousins Sarah (pregnant) and Bailey and her younger brother Kelvin:

    Annabel and Trevor agreed to try for a baby under the conditions that the child would get the Purdue surname. She's pregnant!

    I'm really starting to enjoy this Annabel character and looking forward to playing out her story.

    Visit me on the gallery! 😊
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  • kemiszkemisz Posts: 602 Member
    @ShadowAssassin Linfeng looks like such a character! I can't wait to see what they get up to!

    @DinowCookie Annabel seems like a really interesting Sim! There's definitely a great story developing there! I can't wait to see what happens when they have a baby!

    @calaprfy Oh wow! Siobhan is really out for blood, aye? I am eager to see how that unfolds!

    Okay, here's what happened in my game today.

    Constance and Aleksy get closer, much to Colten and Caleb's annoyance - but they won't tell her why and since they're both relatively new friends, she chalks it up to them being overprotective.


    But she's starting to wonder about these strange new people and their interest in her life. She still is missing so many memories and still has no idea who the father of her baby is.


    Her questions are sidetracked a little when Caleb adopts a dog for her, after seeing how lonely and confused she was. Constance starts to wonder if he feels anything for her other than friendship.


    She definitely wonders things about him, like why she never sees him eating food even though he seems to love watching the cooking network. And she wonders if he feels about her the same way she feels about him.


    But ultimately, Caleb has too many secrets and she's had too much drama lately. Then there's Aleksy - simply, uncomplicated Aleksy. Maybe she should just stay with him. He seems to like her.


    And he seems excited about her baby. He's always asking questions and wanting to feel her belly. It's sweet. He's sweet.


    So when he pops the question, she says yes. Maybe Caleb does like her like she likes him, but the thing is - Constance has just had too much upheaval in her life.


    Finally her beautiful little daughter is born and Constance falls in love with her immediately.


    She marries Aleksy but instead of feeling over the moon, she feels somehow deflated. He's a great person, seemingly. But she doesn't feel any spark for him. And the guilt is gnawing at her.


    When they get home from the Romance festival, Caleb is waiting for them. Strangely, Aleksy says he's taking the dog for a walk. Constance is confused because... well, it's their wedding night. What is he playing at?


    Caleb says they need to talk. Constance feels like it's a little late for talking and tries to show him the door.

    But one thing leads to another no matter how much she tells herself to stop.


    While Constance is occupied, Aleksy's been making plans of his own, thanks to his master, Vlad and his partner, Bella.


    My EA ID is TranquilloSims - where I upload starter homes, family homes and some more ambitious creations.

  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,466 Member
    Despite Juanita's earlier misgivings, she decides she loves her little sister & wants to be friends with her all.



    On Saturday the family takes a day trip to Oasis Springs, where Kailani decided to do some fishing to wind down from such a busy week.


    Juanita, with her charmer trait, will talk to anyone & everyone & this local teen was more than happy to sit & chat with her.


    She also boogies with daddy in the club house.


    And I'm back on my old rotation schedule, so it was on to the Covingtons, another family with youngsters. This new save is more diversified with more singles, so hopefully I won't keep boring y'all with toddler pics.

    Brett & Kassie do want to grow their young family, but more children are on hold until they get some money for a bigger house. Kassie's cranking out the paintings while Brett works hard to move up through the astronaut career.


    Besides, his wild trait has made Charlie a bit of a handful. An adorable handful, but still a handful.


    He & Emmett are the best of buddies though, and don't need anyone else.


    Fashion victims of the week. Festival wear still needs work.


    And since JA came out, nearly every townie has been running around looking like this.

    Gallery ID: LDM2
  • PlayPlay Posts: 704 Member
    Only played for an hour or so today as I've got other things to do. I haven't posted in this thread before, but I've been playing on long life span with this woman (Erin) and her daughter (Heidi). Erin had a husband but he unfortunately died from anger when his wish from the wishing well went wrong. I haven't brought him back as I felt it was more realistic to just let her move on. Heidi developed loads of skills and completed all 4 aspirations when she was a child, and she's now recently grown into a teenager. Today I downloaded the More Club Icons mod as I wanted to delve more into clubs but the in-game icons were so basic and some didn't relate to clubs I want to create. Erin had a high Fitness skill and I wanted Heidi to gain this too, so I built a gym in their basement and created a club 'Fitness First'. Here's a screenshot of them all working out...

  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,905 Member
    I've decided to trial the idea of a community centre where all skill clubs can gather under one roof. I downloaded one onto the largest lot in Newcrest and so far it's looking ok.

    I've noticed that there is always at least two clubs gathering autonomously, plus the club gathering I triggered so three clubs gathered at the same time.

    My next idea is to assign three clubs to each lot so there will be plenty going on each time I travel to said lots. I might even have a three-way rivalry going on at certain lots.
  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member
    Today I finally made the finishing touches on my new apartment. I wanted to go for a thypical scandinavian look. I love the balcony :heart:

    ID: cykelnHH
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