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family tree idea for update

i don't know if this have been talk about already but i feel like the family tree need a update i thought with the parenthood pack it would of got
some love and attention it been needing some updates for a while now i feel like it having a hard time keeping track who is who on the tree or better yet you have to click around to find who your looking for i want the family tree to be more like the sims 3 i like the look of the sims 4 but i like how simple the sims 3 family tree was
Tyler.png it was more easy to keep trace of who is who and it had every family member on the tree to see with out having to click around i also feel that it should also keep trace of step parents and step kids better just because the sims parent die doesn't mean that the step parent sim shouldn't just be taken off the family tree hope i didn't miss any points what you guy think or want to see done with the family tree it also be nice to how family tree bio for sims family members like back story on that member also no more blank spaces where it just a empty picture im trying to reach out to the gurus about this


  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,655 Member
    Seconded! I often find myself confused, clicking around in vain in the family, clicking through different household members to try and make sense of things. For legacies it's really bad, cause the longer you play the more complicated it gets. Honestly, I'd love it if I could see sims' family trees in CAS or something too, so I can keep track of townies better too. And I completely agree about step-relations, and I'd also like it if you were told if they were adopted.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 1,353 Member
    Hear, hear. The thing that upsets me the most is that spouses who don't have children will be disconnected on the family tree as soon as one dies. This is especially upsetting for my gay couples since I rarely have them adopt.
  • CrayZCrayZ Posts: 229 Member
    I completely agree! The family trees feel so half-baked to me. Like Terra said, I hate that married couples aren't connected if they don't have children. For example, I tried doing a legacy where my heirs brother's wife was infertile, but very family oriented so she often would help with my heir's kids and her own sister's kids, but once she died, she dissapeared from the tree on my heirs side! I know it seems kind of small but that honestly ruined the legacy for me and I ended up starting a new one because of it.

    This is more of a relationship bad complaint than a family tree one but it also bothers me how the family tree recognizes step parents, but the relationship bar doesn't. Also, extended family. I wish my sims recognized their great aunts and uncles as family. Even if it was under a generic tag, like "family". I don't really care if third cousins a million times removed are labeled as such, but could they at least be labeled as cousins or family so my sims won't be able to flirt with them?
  • heatherXkittyheatherXkitty Posts: 307 Member
    Yes! I have been wanting the family tree updated and made better.
  • KoalaKateeKoalaKatee Posts: 7 New Member
    Family trees have always needed some work. I think they are so fun to look at when you have been playing the game for a while. Would be really cool if they put some more time into them so you could see a better array of connections.
  • applefeather2applefeather2 Posts: 4,003 Member
    !! Yes, give the family tree Some Love !!
  • Simmer_RaySimmer_Ray Posts: 534 Member
    Terra wrote: »
    Hear, hear. The thing that upsets me the most is that spouses who don't have children will be disconnected on the family tree as soon as one dies. This is especially upsetting for my gay couples since I rarely have them adopt.

    I had a gay couple and i actually just had to use cheats to fix the family tree cause the one parent wasn't being listen as the father i honestly hope since we only getting one pack this month they really show some attention to the family tree and other features
  • Simmer_RaySimmer_Ray Posts: 534 Member
    edited July 2017
    @SimGuruDrake is there a way you can get this looked at and some love to the family tree for us
  • Uzone27Uzone27 Posts: 2,808 Member
  • AngelSimmzAngelSimmz Posts: 41 Member
    The Family Tree needs to be fixed big time. In one of my games my sim's husband died and then what happened he was removed! They had children so when I clicked on one of them he still showed up but I just hate that he doesn't show up on his wife's family tree. :(
  • crazycat_135crazycat_135 Posts: 1,345 Member
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,655 Member
  • FurkeanFurkean Posts: 177 Member
    The moment I saw that family tree image from TS3 I immediately realized how many features we lost. I miss the simplicity TS3 has too!
  • JaysimsJaysims Posts: 209 Member
    I’m bumping this up.

    The Family Tree and Familial relationships need to be worked on.

    No more culling!
  • ShadyboopShadyboop Posts: 6,751 Member
    There should also be creating ancestors :T
    I prefer Shade than Shady
  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    I also miss the simplicity of the sims 3 family tree but as my family tree grows larger and WAY! more complicated I wish they kinda had it color cited so like blue would be stepfamily members purple half family members green adopted and so on(not those exacted colors of course) and in the corner it tell you like green was adopted blue stepfamily and so on sometimes it doesn’t even show these types of family members on the family tree. I know this would make it very complicated and I understand they might need to use the thing we’re you gotta click on people and stuff. But they could make it where you scroll up and down left and right. I know it’s a lot to ask but I really want it, fingers crossed for this or something like it in the sims 5 it make things much better and easier so I don’t have to make everybody in the family tree in familyecho or another family tree maker website/app.(yeah I know this is a very long comment so I sencerly apologize.)
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