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Will you buy the upcoming hampsters pack?

BrindletonBrindleton Posts: 415 Member
Will you? I can't wait for this pack :)


Will you buy the upcoming hampsters pack? 557 votes

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  • TheGoodOldGamerTheGoodOldGamer Posts: 3,559 Member
    Yup. Got ideas for a pet shop floating in my head already.
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  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 3,165 Member
    edited March 2018
    I'm not really sure. I would have said totally if it was a GP with bunnies, birds, maybe snakes (not a fan but it would make sense to have them), and ofcourse hamsters included for a fully fleshed out mini pets pack. But for just one pet and a couple of pet clothes (honestly i'm personally biased on pet clothes...it's pretty frowned upon where i'm from). I don't see the point of it for me.

    Again though I get it's simply a stuff pack, but I would have jumped for it if it was an actual small "pets" GP standalone from Cats and Dogs. Hamsters do look nice, but I just don't know it's worth it. I'll see.
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  • poeticnebulapoeticnebula Posts: 3,912 Member
    Most likely I will, but with only a brief teaser even I think it's too early to make that call.
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  • littlemissgogolittlemissgogo Posts: 1,808 Member
    EA has me hook, line, and sinker. . . I'm a real sucker for pet-related content.
  • rosietea03rosietea03 Posts: 22 Member
    Would rather a Seasons stuff pack like they did in Sims 3 than a hamster one :(
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,469 Member
    I'll say yes. I'm assuming though it will be a rodent pack. I want them for kids rooms and scientists labs. Maybe too they are a little lower maintenance then dogs and cat and some of my other households might have them too.
  • NeiaNeia Posts: 4,185 Member
    I don't know enough about the pack to decide. I'm ok with buying SPs that require an EP to get the content though, so it will depends on what's in it.
  • RexZhengRexZheng Posts: 201 Member
    I don't have enough info about the pack to justify.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,011 Member
    Unless there is a pet store pretty sure its a no for me but if the pack goes beyond rodents and adds a fix to fish tanks and birds I would have to get it but we know nothing beyond an ugly costume.
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  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,375 Member
    Should’ve made this poll tomorrow after the trailer. Seems pointless right now
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  • JulieJLynnJulieJLynn Posts: 39 Member
    I'm intrigued for sure but want to know more about it!
  • RnM92RnM92 Posts: 222 Member
    edited March 2018
    Absolutely not! This should have been in the pets EP, clearly they took it out just to make more money. I'd like to see EA explain themselves with this! This is completely shameless.
  • uo_aaronjduo_aaronjd Posts: 424 Member
    More goodies! First Jungle adventures and in a space of a few weeks a pet stuff pack, big thank you!

    Way I see it maybe it should have been in with Cats & Dogs but I'm not going to lose sleep over it
    A business that is trying to make money....well who'd have thunk it ....

    More packs please! here take my money!!!!!!! The day you stop bringing out packs is the day ill be annoyed
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  • AbyArashiAbyArashi Posts: 385 Member
    Yes because I have C&Ds and it will cost 9€ so it's ok, but I still don't like how they managed all of this :/
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  • JeanJean Posts: 1,195 Member
    I'll probably will.. 10 euros isnt that much.
    But first I'll see what's actually in it. That sneak peek wasn't nearly enough.
    Wanna see the full trailer too.
  • plopppo2plopppo2 Posts: 3,420 Member
    What, as in a 4-legged hamper?
  • leo3487leo3487 Posts: 3,855 Member
    edited March 2018
    Dine Out for cats?
  • leo3487leo3487 Posts: 3,855 Member
    plopppo2 wrote: »
    What, as in a 4-legged hamper?

    Only if can be programmed to put laundry into washer when is full (and turn on the washer of course)
  • CheekybitsCheekybits Posts: 989 Member
    Depends on what’s in it.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 88,243 Member
    Yes I will.

  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,351 Member
    edited March 2018
    Just for hamsters, no. I will reserve judgement after watching the the actual trailer and seeing what gameplay the pack may bring. I never get any packs at launch anyway. I am only interested in pet birds being introduced into the game though. My simself household is waiting in the library, unplayed, until we can add our missing pet birds
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