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Bug in this game?

my sims both died. But were is grim? I waited for him to show up. OR for the game to tell me to get another family because i have no more sims on the lot. Only the dog survived.


  • mrln1975mrln1975 Posts: 176 Member
    I have Jungle adventure. I have not played in awhile. Did any sims die yet being poisoned? And did grim show up?
  • aaronrulzaaronrulz Posts: 3,739 Member
    Yes, I have Jungle Adventures and my sim got poisoned and died like three days later. Grim was there
  • mrln1975mrln1975 Posts: 176 Member
    I guess it's a bug in my game then. Have to start over from a saved game.
  • kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,530 Member
    only three days, @aaronrulz ? mine took nearly a week (three days for stage one, three days for stage two, eight hours for stage three) before he croaked (...i wanted to play around with a poison ghost, almost felt bad since everyone else in the household had antidotes ...that he made for them, since he's a selvadoradan)

    also, @mrln1975 it might actually be because of the dog that that glitch happened. since technically family member, so there was a member left alive, but not playable, so couldn't make it do anything. i dunno. but still less than fun to have happen
  • aaronrulzaaronrulz Posts: 3,739 Member
    ah, you know what @kalaksed, I was just thinking stage 2 and then the final eight hours. I forgot about the stage 1 now that I think of it so that sounds about right.
  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 3,212 Member
    Maybe Grim Reaper was behind the wall.
    I had this bug where my sim died in the temple and Grim Reaper just stood doing nothing. As soon as I did a reset on him with testingcheats, he did what he had to do.
    So try reseting the Grim Reaper if you find him. If you don't, try reseting the dying sim.
    You can never discover The Sims games 100%. Even when you think you know everything, the game manages to surprise you.
    That's why I do experiments in the game from time to time and tutorial videos on YouTube.
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