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Start a Career weekly tasks: what do you do after?

WinMacSims3WinMacSims3 Posts: 1,610 Member
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Sometimes there are Weekly Tasks that require a Sim to start a career (e.g., Start a career as an Athlete) or have or have x Sims be in that career. When I get such tasks, I will have an unemployed Sim join the career and then immediately quit the career.

I don't see a reason why a player would have more than 1 Sim on the same career (e.g., 2 Scientists) because I don't find any practical use in The Sim FreePlay to have 2+ Politicians, Athletes, etc. especially if using Competition Center where it's only useful for 1 Sim anyway and FreePlay also doesn't have unique Sim specific rewards like other games have. In The Sims 4, it's usually common to have 2 more Sims in the same career if the player wants to unlock objects in both Branches or if more than 1 Sim is completing an Aspiration that requires a Sim to reach an appropriate level of the career (e.g., Culinary).

Similar with the "Buy an object" Task, they often appear when it's not necessary such as being asked to buy a Computer when you already have 10 of them. Same goes for the Careers, do you really need 4 Artists? I think one is enough.
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  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    I just let one of my sims switch to the required new career to get the reward and then immediately switch back to the previous career. If the sim was lvl 5 in the career then the sim will now still be lvl 4. So it only costs one level if you do it this way :)

    I haven't had problems with "buy an object". Not all my houses have computers. So that wouldn't be a problem. "Buy a telephone" would. But I would just upgrade one to a better model if I got that task ;)
  • WinMacSims3WinMacSims3 Posts: 1,610 Member
    edited September 2016
    I had no idea that you switch to the required Career and then switch back to the previous career at the cost of only 1 level.

    I really don't understand why The Sims FreePlay gives you Tasks to have a Sim start a Career when you already have a Sim in that career (e.g., getting the Task Start a Career as a Musician when you already have a Sim in the Musician career or Have 4 Sims employed as Politicians when you already have 1 Politician). I don't think a Simmer should be asked to have a Sim start a Career as an Athlete if at least one Athlete exists. Sure the Start a Career and Have 4 Sims in Career are the easiest to complete but I don't think a player needs 4 Athletes or Politicians in most cases.

    In The Sims FreePlay, there's usually no reason or benefit to have 2+ Sims in the same Career (e.g., 2 Musicians or Politicians, or 4 Artists or Athletes) unless it's Police, Movie Studio, or the Medical Staff because FreePlay lacks special Career rewards (except the 3 careers mentioned) and they're only used for the Competition Center which only allows 1 Sim anyway. 2+ Sims could be useful if playing with Aging where Sims may die or Sims that may be busy such as doing Hobbies especially the Events. For players who don't have (or rarely use) the Competition Center, 2+ Sims in the Career makes it nearly useless except in some cases making the Start a Career task and/or Have 4 Sims employed as aggravating (sure you can immediately quit or switch back but still).

    In other games, it's useful to have more than 1 Sim in the same Career due to reasons such as completing a Lifetime Want/Lifetime Wish requiring Sims to be in the appropriate Career (TS2/TS3), obtaining the reward item more than once with different Sims (TS3), obtaining unlockable items in both Branches of the same Career (TS4), or 2+ Sims completing Aspirations (e.g., Master Mixologist) requiring a Career (TS4). The only other game where 2+ careers is useless is The Sims since there's pretty much no benefit of having more than 1 Sim in the same career unless you want the two Sims share the same amount of skill points required for Career promotion (i.e., both Sims have a Career requiring Body) which probably may make promotion easier since you don't have to deal with different skills plus considering that Friends are shared.

    The game has a tendency of giving tasks asking you to do things you already have or don't need, the worst offenders are Buy an object, Change floors/walls/exterior walls/roofing, Start a career as, and Have 4 Sims employed as. The first two aren't bad if you're upgrading (going from 2 star to 3 star), buying an object not included in the lot, or do lots of house customization but the third and forth can be aggravating (see the above paragraphs) if every career already has 1 Sim in it. Almost every week I get a Start a Career task and/or Have 4 Sims employed as which is annoying since all careers I have unlocked already has a Sim so I really don't need 2+ Sims in the same career unless it's the Police and Movie Studio careers. The best way to deal with the Career tasks is use an Unemployed Sim to join the required Career and then immediately quit after the Task is completed or as @Erpe suggested, switch to the required new career and then switch back.
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  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    @WinMacSims3 Yes, compared to other games where you don't want to lose career levels or skill levels this game is quite different. Career levels aren't that important and actually skill levels in hobbies aren't either. If a sim reaches the highest skill level in a hobby then I actually think that it is an advantage to switch to another hobby and then back so you again start at level 1 in the same hobby because you get LPs for advancing in skill levels while it doesn't seem to me that a high skill level in a hobby really makes the sim more successful while doing the hobby. So skill levels in hobbies doesn't seem to matter. The only exception is that in a few hobbies some tasks aren't accessible at the lowest skill levels. But that really isn't so important because the sims advance quite fast in skill levels for hobbies. I therefore think that the opportunity to get rewards for leveling up is more important.
  • WinMacSims3WinMacSims3 Posts: 1,610 Member
    edited February 2017
    Lowering your Hobby level and having 2+ Sims in the same Hobby could be useful although it can be detrimental if you tend to use the Competition Center to gain LPs. However, the Competition Center may be redundant for LPs if Hobbies are used since you can easily earn LPs very quickly using Cooking since there's a meal that takes 1 minute so earning the 5 LP prize is easy, and getting Level 6 will earn 1 LP per Sim but the Competition Center is useful if you have a few Hobbies unlocked (if the player is further in FreePlay and/or has Discovery Quests completed, players will need several Sims in different Hobbies since the Competition Center will use those Hobbies, this also includes Chocolatier and Ice Sculpture if player unlocked it.) although you have to deal with the game nagging you to start a Discovery Quest if you aren't working on one. The only actual use for levels is the success outcome in the Competition Center where high levels means you can get gold and silver medals, otherwise they have no use.

    What doesn't help is that FreePlay loves to give you a Start a Career as or Have 4 Sims employed as even if every Career you unlocked already has a Sim employed and the game tends to give you these tasks every week, sometimes more than once (getting Start a Career as a Musician and then Start a Career an an Athlete). Sure having 2+ Sims in a same career is useful for Professions especially when you start encountering Sims requiring a specialization specific Workstation or if doing SimTown Market Events although I believe you would have to finish the Shift with the first two Sims to do another Shift with the other Sims as otherwise the 3rd+ Sim would work Offsite but this will be very time consuming especially with Double Shift unless you are comfortable with using LPs since Workstations do not require Social Points. However, normal careers won't have much use of having 2 or 4 Sims in the same career unless if doing Life Dreams involving Careers since almost nothing in FreePlay benefits from having 2+ Sims in the same career unless one intends to use the careers before going to work/school or bed although planting can be used and there's no limit on how many times Sims can plant while Sims can only work once per day.

    Almost every game except TS4 it's redundant to have 2+ Sims in the same career unless if the Lifetime Want/Lifetime Wish in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, respectively, require the Sims to be in the same Career to complete their Lifetime Want/Wish. The Sims 3 may have use for this if you want each Sim to unlock actions or want more than 1 Career reward such as getting the Experiment action from the Science career and Salute social from Military (also unlocked from Military School) for each Sim, or getting more than one Actor trailer from the Film career. The Sims 4 on the other hand has 5 Aspirations with goals requiring a specific career (Criminal for Public Enemy, Culinary for Master Chef and Master Mixologist, Tech Guru for Computer Whiz, and Entertainer for Joke Star) and all careers (with the exception of the Professions in Get to Work) have two Branches with their own unlockable items. This depends on the player but if you want items from both branches especially since Painter's Patron of the Arts has the Rustic Dream Bed or want more than one Sim unlock the Fresh Chef (Food made by Sim never spoils) or Potion Master (Sim can produce Emotional potions for §1,000 that otherwise cost Satisfaction points) traits which require the Culinary career, you'll probably be having 2+ Sims in the same career.
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  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    I don't think that completions are important for getting LPs. But I like to do them anyway and I prefer variation and therefore attempt to have sims in as many different hobbies and careers as possible.

    The fastest way to get LPs definitely is to have all your sims working on cooking. But I is dull and way too monotonous for me. I would soon be bored and wanting to play another game instead if I played that way. So I don't do it.

    The worst quest I have met is btw "Watch a movie at midnight" because I always sleep at that time and I don't want to stay up that late just for this. So as an exception I just chose to use 10 LPs to get past that quest even though it is against my principles to waste LPs on such things. Anyway this quest at least proves very clearly that this game is targeted at adults and not 13 yrs olds :)
  • MingYangYoMingYangYo Posts: 362 Member
    I make 1 switch careers and when that task is complete I switch their jobs back. It only knocks my level down a little but they never start at level 1

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  • freckleF0xfreckleF0x Posts: 1 New Member
    How do you get a sim to switch to a different career?
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