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I want my dogs in bed with me!

As title says...
I miss my doggie sleeping next to my sims
Its a bonding experience


  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 6,032 Member
    Agreed. Not gonna happen though
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 2,984 Member
    I think Cats can, if they love you enough. Not big dogs.

    I wish they would too, even if it had to be large beds.
    "I'm not saying Stuff Packs thrill me to my wretched, rotting core. I'm just saying that we only get one expansion pack a year because Devs only have one pair of hands. You want to buy more half-finished packs like Get To Work? Do you?"
  • MegamiNyxMegamiNyx Posts: 23 Member
    > @Minai said:
    > As title says...
    > I miss my doggie sleeping next to my sims
    > Its a bonding experience

    I wish they could also. It would be cool. I don't like them just sitting next to the bed wishing they can get in T_T.
  • TS1299TS1299 Posts: 1,292 Member
    Yep. I don't control my pets in The Sims 3 that much, so I was shocked when I saw my sims dog jump of the bed and sleep with my sim. That was my favorite discovery on The Sims 3. I wish we could have it back. But then I realized they don't update Expansion Packs anymore unless they create pack that has something to do with dog sleeping, which is impossible.... Still can't accept the dissapointment that I had when the Cash Registers are just decorations.(Yep Decorations because every business management things can already be done at the business panel.)
  • 0xx_Simmer_xx00xx_Simmer_xx0 Posts: 195 Member
    Same. It's a nice moment to screenshot. It also helped if my sims were broke.
  • kismetkismet Posts: 61 Member
    It would be excellent for some type of patch for the game. They patched in other things so I don't think it's entirely impossible. Hear that EA? Get on it please
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