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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • SeraphicPinkSeraphicPink Posts: 202 Member
    edited February 2018
    Well, in my game today?
    Liberty Lee had her first child with her husband. It's a boy and a toddler now!






    LOL. Baby "Silas" wasn't too thrilled this new version of him showed up. LOL. I thought it was creepy and interesting at the same time this happened.
    Baby Silas did eventually....leave. :D

    Gotta love those glitches.

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  • MaggiedollMaggiedoll Posts: 241 Member
    edited February 2018

    Possibly the saddest thing I have ever seen sims do. Didn't even know the caregivers could reject hugs from toddlers..
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,382 Member
    @RedDestiny92 She was getting chummy with Marcus Flex for a while there, that may have some potential!
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  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,794 Member
    I'm trying to hurry Cid through college (for a reality game on here). lol Thank goodness for all-in-one bathrooms. They save so much time!

    Ok, Cid is feeling somewhat under appreciated. He works hard to feed his roommates. I finally got my Monte Vista and baker's dozen ovens to work. Yay! But what does his roommate do? Eat burnt mac and cheese despite having perfectly baked breakfast calzones on the counter. Tsk, Tsk.


    After studying, Cid runs to the bowling alley. He needs to work on upping his rebel status. He meets Samantha Gray and really hits it off with her. But then his alter ego walks in...as a fairy. Bwahahaha! I almost peed myself. Too funny!


    I decided on another day after he finished class to go down to the square and yell through his bullhorn to up his rebel status more. I didn't care which subject he yelled about. lol After all, no one was listening anyway. :D So, being smart like I am, I chose death.


    I thought he was just showing off his death-like pose. I've never protested before...or at least not about death, I guess.

    Unfortunately, that was the absolute WRONG choice.


    I lost quite a bit because I hadn't saved in an hour or so. :D Uni seems to hold a curse for me. The two times I've been there, my sims have both died, and I've had to go back to previous saves. :|
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  • FeisbukaiteFeisbukaite Posts: 698 Member
    edited February 2018
    For the past 2 days I'm playing my oldest sim and his family . He was the first toddler I ever plaid . I was learning the game with him. My heart is breaking, because he is dying right this moment :( His granddaughter and wife are watching ... I sent his 2 other children and son in law to volunteer to have less tears at the moment of death. I stopped the game, I can't gather myself to look at it. It just began ...
    Their dog passed away 2 days ago :(
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  • FeisbukaiteFeisbukaite Posts: 698 Member
    edited February 2018
    Enzo Overeton is walking to his death ... :(

    It's happening, I feel so sad ...
  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,941 Member
    @Feisbukaite It is hard to watch a favourite sim die :(

    After the death of Fairfax, Lord Byron purchased another dog for the manor. Emma the English Springer Spaniel!

    Percival grew into a handsome young man

    Francis meets his intended, Eloise Landgraab, the youngest daughter of Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab

    A beautiful wedding that united Alexander and Constance Goth

    Percival is such a cad :lol:
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  • FeisbukaiteFeisbukaite Posts: 698 Member
    edited February 2018
    OMG, I can't believe it !!!

    Kiera Overton tried everything to save the love of her life, even seducing death !!!
    and it worked !!! Yaaay !!!
    pleading for the sims life never ever worked for me until now,. I'm happy dancing !

    It looks like grim reaper was very happy with his decision, because he was clapping when Enzo's first thing after coming back to life was to play with his granddaughter.

  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 778 Member
    Day One of the married life for Genesis and Ace starts now!
    Already off to a rocky start folks.
    Ace likes his new urban life, why run around nature when you can run around in public....Shirtless. Oh Ladies!
    Not the kind of lady Ace had in mind, he was hoping for someone you know....not related.
    Genesis has not wasted any time despite being pregnant and has started work on her next horror novel, The Bloodening II: Revenge of the Bloodgrinder.
    Genesis: "What a wonderful story."
    Let's try this cooking thing again, since her cooking skill is still dangerously low, the only thing on the menu is....Pork and Beans!
    Day One of the married life and Ace already has to endure wife farts. Oh joy.
    Ace: "The rent for this apartment was 9,000+ simoleons....I only have 10,000 Simoleons....Maybe I CAN'T afford this place..."
    Meanwhile Sapphire came over to check this new place out, and to get a feel of her Grandchild.
    Sapphire: "Speaking of which, aren't these bathroom conversations great?"
    Later that day Sapphire and Genesis were enjoying a rousing game when suddenly....Genesis' water broke! It's labor time baby!
    Sapphire: "Surprise! I'll stop at nothing to be the first Sim to see my grandchild."
    Meanwhile, no one at the desk. How unprofessional.
    Ace: "Don't worry, I'll take care of this."
    The Athlete says thinking he knows how a hospital works.
    Sapphire: "Don't worry, only 33% of my patients have died on that table. You'll be fine.
    Genesis: "Is that my heart?"
    Sapphire: "Don't worry, it'll grow back No it won't."
    Sapphire: "Oh hey, that isn't the only thing I pulled out of there!"
    And that's the story of when Justice Shepherd was born.
  • rjssimrjssim Posts: 1,160 Member
    It was a good Valentines Day, we had our first kiss.

  • LJFoxieLJFoxie Posts: 928 Member
    edited February 2018
    Esme Smallwood went all Rafiki on her baby brother Landon! :D I should have called him Simba! ;)


    Oh and the Joker was at the vets! Probably having Harley's hyenas neutered or something! >:)


  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,984 Member
    @Maggiedoll ah how sad.
    @ldmarko oh now I want to see their babies Marcus has pretty good genes, hmmm I'll wait and see what you post though :D
    @Celticgamer0 they make the prettiest kids.

    Had awesomes to toss out ha, I do like hanging out amount this thread, I don't remember why but I thought to give the Pancakes a chance as a couple so I made a new save.
    Bob letting Eliza know he's going on a diet...I think she doubts he'll stick to it.
    We begin our struggle that same day...which was Sunday.
    When he finished his small workout I got an idea, and we needed a cake for it, not the place...don't care :smiley:
    They probably remember when she was a teen before she came upstairs how fast time flies huh heh, I added both her and Paolo to the family and tweaked them after.
    Marcus must have thought to remind them that the locker room is no place for flirting.
    I kept her basic look for the most part, she really likes Paolo and they were already friends though the save is new, thought this might be good for them but I had other duties.
    Like some jogging while Eliza cooked something healthy.
    Dance vid for fun.
    The next morning, his first thought of the day, I could have slimmed him down in cas but I didn't want to I just altered a few details of his face though really I think Bob is pretty good looking as sims goes.
    Something light for breakfast and another jog.
    His time finished in the gym after.
    No reason they can't try to start a family they're still young.
    She's disappointed when it doesn't work....but I cheated for fertility rewards after to make it better.
    So excited he's gonna be a dad.
    She's in such a good mood she doesn't mind cleaning up after him.
    After a jog he's a mess...I like how the clothes piles can look different.
    After his shower straight to the gym...also she finished a book though I think I cancelled it at the last minute since she had to go to the bathroom and she still finished it, now this is what she gets paid for don't know.
    Why is that some definition I see peeking out.

    'Yes it is, impressed?'

    I sent them to bed early so they got up early...this is breakfast.
    Don often comes to mentor I didn't know that they were building a friendship too, they only talk at the gym.
    Same day after of course.
    So excited to meet the baby....dad.exe has stopped working please send help..lol.
    Finally Trinity was born while he was out for a jog...little stinker wouldn't open her eyes.
    He is huge...funny I had a female sim that worked out instead of getting the edit slim down and she got real skinny but mixing the equipment together got this result. Also someone said food helps for that...not sure about that but it's cool to see different results.
    I really like those pants on her so she didn't change much also the game says she put on weight but I don't see it guess they can go to the gym together though.
    Pancake family photos.

    will have to play more :)
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,382 Member
    Hyacinth headed out to the Humor & Hijinks festival. She was a little shy with the mike at first, but soon warmed up to the crowd.




    Her team lost, but they enjoyed the fireworks anyway.


    Not much else happened, she went to Granite Falls to collect some plants & work on her Herbology skill (and roast some marshmallows), then she did some cooking, painting & gardening. Right now I'm mostly trying to get her funds up to finish her house.




    She may be sleeping in a tent, but boy, does her garden look awesome.


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  • KarliaKarlia Posts: 310 Member
    Mabel and Miriam (Remember them?) went on a date at the Simizu. In the middle of the meal Mabel left the table for a second to go freshen up a little as her hygiene need was low and guess what happened? Their waiter swooped in, picked up Mabel's food and started gulping it down right infront of Miriam! He stole her date's food! I mean, who does that?! Well, Bob Pancakes obviously but I mean, seriously. They still had to pay for the full meal and this all happened on the date Miriam was supposed to propose to Mabel. Well, she still proposed but all my pictures were ruined because at that point Mabel's hygiene was so low that she had a green cloud following her. I'd be surprised but this stuff is pretty much the usual for this couple.

  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 778 Member
    The Shepherds are slowly but surely getting used to being parents so they decided to do the responsible thing...go out and do fun things while leaving their newborn baby unsupervised!
    Ace notices Baylee working a stall....looks pretty cramped in there.
    Why don't either of them just go work in that empty stall over there?
    And here's Ace chatting with Baylee later that night, complimenting that outfit of hers.....she was probably more confused about the fact that someone would compliment her uniform but whatevs.
    Oh wow, Ghost Grandma was wandering around town as well!
    Also, Ace needs to stay in shape, he might not have any workout machines in this apartment but he has his workout DVD's he can watch.
    What has Genesis been doing all day? Well easy, painting a mural with the expecting Kibo parents.
    Ximena: "Don't want to disturb the goth while she's mural painting."
    Hey it came out pretty well, but let's be honest she mainly used this as an attempt to get a nice selfie.
    Next day? Geekcon! Time to enter the ultimate game challenge, she lost.
    Don't know if Baylee is cosplaying as Mario or if she just takes any job that's hiring.
    Ximena and Genesis geek out over the cosplayers before Ximena finally convinces Genesis to get a selfie with one of them.
    If she's going to get a selfie with a Cosplayer she might as well get one with the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.
    Some time later, it's time for Ximena to finally tie the knot! I mean she already has a baby with Casey Goth, might as well finally get married. At least Clint gets along well with Casey over here.
    Sapphire's just happy that she's still young enough to look her prettiest at her second child's wedding.
    Ximena got Ace back after the last time when he embarrassed her at his wedding. Don't think all the wedding guests needed to know that Ace did THAT back in middle school.
    Also, Baylee was there and aged up during the party. How rude.
    Let's just say auto-woohoo and no strings attached woohoo makes fools of us all.
    There looks like there was some regret in there.
    But hey, the rest of the ceremony went off well.
    Congrats to the Goths!
    Genesis: "I might've had an affair with your sister."
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    @Karlia How rude of Bob! You should have him fired!
    Origin ID: paradiseplanet27
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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,984 Member
    @ldmarko I really like her garden I need to have my sims garden more.
    @Karlia wow trust Bob to be the one stealing food from paying customers heh.
    @DoodlyDoofus oh the drama...I can't wait to see what happens.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • Littledreamer1994Littledreamer1994 Posts: 232 Member
    Day 27

    The Simmons Family

    Had Anya rejoin the medical career again, having to start over of course. While there was still time i worked on completing Kana and Lizette's childhood aspiration.

    Had the twins woek on their respected skills. Some pictures of the twins in action

    Both twins reached level 10 in their respected skills :smiley:

    Magnus came down with an illness in game :anguished: so had him taken to the vets asap. Treated and ready to go

    A little sore from work, Nobuya indulged himself to a bath when he got home as well as quality time with his children. Kana and Lizette completed their aspirations in time for their birthdays.

    All Extra Credit and Homework completed, Mayu was outside on the climbing wall. Lizette caqn now gain the piano skill, already at level 3 while Kaya gained a logic skill.

    Anya's 1st dayback to work started today.

    Kaya and Lizette's Birthday Party

    Anya went to her second day at work and Candy aged up :smile: got a nice little promotion aswell

    Organised a birthday party for Lizette and Kana once she got home

    Finn and Mayu finally had their first kiss during today's birthday party and a little making out in the walk in wadrobe :love:

    Kana-Nerd Brain

    Lizette-Musical Genius

    Had the girls work on completing their next aspiration. Seeing as its also the weekend I had Mayu spend some more time with Finn

    Day well spent at Finn's, sent Mayu home. Upon aging up, Lizette and Kana are already B Graded pupils :smiley: Anya got promoted again and Mayu got invited out with Finn to the Humour and Hijink Festival today :smile: Had to end it early due to curfew. Aurora aged up.

    Looks like Kana got unlucky. had an enraged Mayu drink from her :fearful: Anya is now at level 4 in the doctor career. Magnus became ill so took it upon myself to treat him. All treated and good to go.

    Fayre came by for a visit today. Lixette csan now write her own songs, Aurora and Aurelia had also come by to visit.

    Weekends! Anya made it to level 5:smiley:

    Claire's birthday :smiley:

    Lizette has almost maxed out the piano skill, currently writing her 1st song. 1st song written, working on her second song. Weekends, Had Mayu visit Finn again.

    The Romance Festival was in town so was the perfect place for Mayu and Finn to spend time together, oficially becoming a couple in the process so that turned out well plus they have quite a strong chemistry.

    Meaghan had invited Anya for drinks out tonight.

    Liz wrote her second song and one step closer to Anya's next promotion. School Projects sent out and in progress.

    Lizette maxed out her piano skills.

    Tuesday night party with Meaghan and Loved Ones at the chalet. Anya got her promotion and is now an R.N. Working on Lizette's last song

  • ElenadewyElenadewy Posts: 60 Member
    @DoodlyDoofus Aww, the couple looks so cute together!
  • simmerlyrosesimmerlyrose Posts: 195 Member
    edited February 2018
    One of my Sims' kids was playing hooky with her cousin (at the nightclub - why always the nightclub?!)
    Anyway, while Ana's playing piano in the background and her cousin's upstairs, I noticed that Bjorn the mixologist fell over. And oh my god! He died. During work. While Ana and Madelyn are playing hooky at the bar. All the townies look very sad. Except for those other two, who are evidently still waiting for their drinks. RIP Bjorn.


    I sent Ana to go bring Bjorn's urns to his family members. Apparently, his wife Clara already had died, so I had Ana put their urns both in the living room. And then Ana delivered the news to their daughter Elsa.
    What a sad day!!

  • RadicalMissyMRadicalMissyM Posts: 41 Member
    In my game today I invited another Sim to meet me at 'The Blue Velvet Nightclub' and it said she'd meet me there and when it loaded we both were there and then she just disappeared, so I had my Sim call her to invite her to hang out there and it said she was busy. Rejected. lol

    Does that happen often?
  • ccarrig_95ccarrig_95 Posts: 507 Member
    @DoodlyDoofus If you have it, I would love to see your family tree. I bet it is awesome!

    So my 100 baby challenge has been off to a great start. 4 kids with 3 baby daddies. Belle started working as an art critic to make up for the bills. It also gives her a chance to stay at home with her babies.



    Hayley, Twin A.

    Mckenzie, Twin B.
    (Top left to bottom right)Edur Zahrah, Cinderella, Tiana, Pocahantas, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Emerson, Nicole, Traci, Addisyn
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,382 Member
    Back to the rotational save for a bit, on the Napoli family now. Brandon makes that final push to reach the top of the astronaut career. Emma stays home with the kids, so she paints to supplement their income.


    While the older girls were playing in the open space next door, I caught these two sisters-in-law cheating at chess.


    Another string of birthdays coming up & lots of cake, since this is one of two families that have six kids, but no multiples.

    Starting with Rachel.



    She wanted to be one of the big girls so bad, & now she finally is! Eva congratulates her younger sister while Reuben the only boy, looks on.


    Meanwhile Emma & Stella are solving the world's problems.


    Smart, popular Adrienne takes a moment's break from her busy life.


    Alissa looks like she has an attitude, but she's actually very sweet.

    Gallery ID: LDM2
  • CastieICastieI Posts: 536 Member
    I made a genderbend of my usual family, and in my usual family one of the males does all he can to spread his genes to every Sim he can find. Though I'm using females now, that isn't going to stop me from doing the exact same thing and I've set one of them to 'get others pregnant'

    So we have Mora (long brownish haired vampire) who already has started trouble between her coworkers (Lady Gaga, Maria Brink, Lana Del Rey; I have the three of them in a house in town and they all just work with Mora lol) because she ate in front of them. So now she's currently trying to make amends between all three of them, though she was already on good standing with Lana Del Rey.

    She successfully managed to impregnate Lady Gaga though despite the fact that she hates her and she had a kid named Miranda Gaga (lol) but did not inform me of it. I had to look in Mora's lineage.

    Lana Del Rey also appears to be pregnant but no word on who's it is, but it's probably Mora's.

    Meanwhile Mora's roomate Petra got a job at the police station and made her first arrest and witnessed Lady Gaga and Maria fighting in the street for some reason but wasn't fast enough to issue the citation.

    She decided to chat it up with Lana while she was over at the house too.

    So here she is with Lana:


    And here is Mora desperately trying to make amends with Maria and Lady Gaga. Maria is at least back to green, but Lady Gaga is not so easily swayed.


    Also, Petra's first arrest; she looks so confident and angry (one of her everyday outfit is perhaps questionable for her work outfit)


    And Maria and Lady Gaga fighting in the street for some reason

    Trouble at home I guess

    That an uppercase i at the end of my name, not an L! Do not @ me with the L.
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