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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
    Congrats to all three winners of this great challenge! It was loads of fun!

  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 629 Member
    edited January 2018
    double post
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,554 Member


    The Highbrow Library is a very magnificent modern structure, towering over the surrounding countryside, the views from the top must be amazing! The bold red and white scheme certainly make this building stand out and the green of the trees make a wonderful contrast, which softens and enhances the appearance. The balconies on various angles make great use of extra space and I love how you've decorated them in artificial grass to give a true garden feel. These areas are great rooms in themselves, each with a different activity. I love the Zen Zone for yoga and meditation, looks so tranquil and serene and a wonderful place to focus. The outdoor Kids Zone is another favourite, they can enjoy the fresh air playing while the adults watch. Gorgeous modern interiors, very stylish all round. You have made great use of even the smallest space under the stairs and turned it into a reading nook, ingenious. I also love the design of the computer suite, very spacious and well laid out.

    Suggestions: Compared to the rest of the build the car park seems a little dull. I feel there is too much concrete, perhaps a combination of terrain paints to create road and pathways to the building might add interest. Maybe substitute the fence for a hedge or add some planted borders or potted plants around the edges. A few waste bins and lights would also be good additions to enhance this area.


    Newcrest Library is a wonderfully unique and futuristic structure which takes intricate roofing to another level, amazing work! The shapes and forms you have created add great interest to the library in a modern and geometric way. Great choice of windows for this design, being large means lots of light to the interiors. You have also created a great car parking area, made more interesting with the hedge/fence combination, seating and waste bin. The outdoor tables are perfect for reading and relaxing in the fresh air. I also love how you've made use of the smaller areas to create a chess nook and pets area, very well thought out. The foyer is lovely and bright and very welcoming. Fantastic check in area and the display of books is a perfect centrepiece. Each and every indoor space is designed to a very high standard and I love the lemon theme throughout the ground floor. My favourite area is the colourful kids space, so bright and cheery and the comfy cushions make a wonderful story telling/reading area. Wow, what a fantastic idea to dedicate the second floor to science! I love the aqua theme with the pops of brighter colours, the enlarged object is very appropriately placed and looks amazing.

    Suggestions: I would suggest drawing a thin line of brown earthy terrain paint where the exterior walls hit the grass as I think this makes a build look more realistic. I also suggest you think of entering at Expert level for future challenges.


    Eon Bibliobibul is a fabulous modern library with a wonderful roof design and great choice of large windows which will bring lots of light indoors. The entrance to the library is absolutely beautiful, I can almost hear the soothing sound of the fountains. The glass fencing adds great style to the library and the topiary sculptures are perfectly placed either side of the walkway providing balance to the build. I also really like how you've designed the parking area, the flower beds divide the parking bays in such an attractive way and really enhance the front appearance. The spacious and airy interiors provide a good atmosphere and each area has been well thought out. My favourite area is the gorgeous rooftop garden, what a beautiful place to read and relax in the fresh air, looks so tranquil and peaceful.

    Suggestions: As we judge solely from your slideshow we like to see everything, so more pics please in future. It's good to take a few shots of each room/area at different angles so we get to see the whole picture. Also, make sure gridlines are turned off using 'G' unless we specifically request this. Regarding the flooring in your library I would have used a different type/colour for the interiors, this would give more definition between inside and outside and provide extra interest to the build.


    Great Newcrest Library is a fabulous modern build, very chic and stylish. Wonderful choice of large windows which suit the design well and will provide much light inside. The plants at the front add colour and enhance the library's facade and the benches provide a sense of balance. It's good to see you've brought the modern elegance inside with the monotone theme. The open plan layout works well and I really like how you've divided the different areas. You've put a lot of thought into this build and provided many activities. I absolutely love the cafe and the balcony terrace is perfect for reading in the fresh air. The computer suite is another favourite room which is lovely and spacious.

    Suggestions: Your library is very beautiful but I feel the interiors are a little too neat and tidy for a community place. More clutter would have made the interiors more realistic and 'lived in'. I also feel there is too much wooden floor on show, perhaps some strategically placed mats/rugs here and there would break the wood up a little.


    Yertle Library is a very unique and interesting structure, wonderfully modern and futuristic in style. The large windows placed all around the build will provide light and airy interiors and make for great views of the surrounding countryside. The planted areas either side of the entrance enhance the appearance of the front and I love the car park design, the ramps are fantastic. With the structure being such an unusual shape cannot have made the interiors easy to design but you have really pulled this off in such a fabulous way. The librarian's desk is perfectly placed for checking in and out and keeping an eye on the visitors. I also love all the greenery in the chess area and computer suite, this adds colour and style to these areas.

    Suggestions: There is such a lot of concrete inside the library and you have worked wonders with greenery to soften the look. I would have used a different texture on the half walls, perhaps natural wood, to work with the greenery in making the insides even more attractive.

    The Winner of this challenge is ....


    Second place goes to ....


  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,912 Member
    Congratulations @kilra0 and @FidgetyAtom you both created fantastic libraries :)
  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 629 Member
    oh wow...
    ... thank you @masajo & @BuildnShare!

    :star: Congrats @FidgetyAtom such a vibrant modern library :star:
  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,885 Member
    Congrats @kilra0 and @FidgetyAtom!! Amazing builds, both!!!
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  • itslouisitslouis Posts: 24 Member
    Congratulations all! Fun
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Congrats to @kilra0 and FidgetyAtom!!! Yay!!
  • FidgetyAtomFidgetyAtom Posts: 128 Member
    Congrats @kilra0 !! Love love the build, you do amazing work :D

    Thanks for the cheers everyone
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  • StangMix2StangMix2 Posts: 238 Member
    Congrats @kilra0 on winning and the bump up to Expert! Congrats @FidgetyAtom on second place :smiley:
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  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 629 Member
    edited January 2018
    Thank you sweeties :blush: Don't know if I'm already ready for playing with the big kids. My builds aren't very popular and I'm a bit surprised to have won another time. There were so many beautiful libraries out there. But glad that you like it :smile:
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,156 Member
    Congrats @kilra0 on winning and the bump up to Expert! Congrats @FidgetyAtom on second place. Well deserved to the both of you. :smiley:
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,554 Member


    The striking abstract geometric shape of your Newcrest Public Library immediately projects a modern outlook! The exterior sculptures and murals are an attractive addition to the façade. The several outdoor reading areas and children’s play area are nicely landscaped. Inside the large central sculpture provides a focal point for the interior, and I love how you’ve used the staircases to surround it. You have used MOO very creatively to create table lamps and computer benches. I assume the MOO’d glass doors still work to provide egress to the back of the lot. There are also lots of nice touches like clutter details and the toddler toilets in the public restrooms. Wonderful work! :smiley:

    Suggestions: Just one minor quibble. I might have put a sidewalk at the front of the parking area leading to the main sidewalk rather than putting the fence and landscaping (which could go beyond the sidewalk). I think when people exit their vehicles they are more likely to want to go forward towards the building rather than behind to get to the main sidewalk. Also, a technical trick: if you bring a Sim onto the lot and use the live camera, you can take shots of the stairways with the floor above showing and not the sky. It just looks more realistic.


    There is a wonderfully dynamic mix of wall textures, windows and doors used in your Newcrest Public Library. The use of ornament on the façade is also very clever—especially the “open book sculpture”. The lot as a whole is nicely landscaped. Inside you’ve used a classic red, black and white color scheme which really ties the whole interior together. I particularly like the conference/meeting room, but throughout the building are wonderful realistic details like the clutter around the reception area and the piles of books on almost every surface! The children’s inside play area looks colorful and fun. Nice job! :smiley:

    Suggestions: The architectural print over the door (by the café) to the restroom looks out of place. I might have put the man and woman decals there instead to indicate that the door leads to the restroom. And speaking of architectural prints, I would have used just the two different ones in the conference room rather than repeating one of them.


    The idea behind your Story Pods is intriguing! I like the concept of a “communal” library maintained by the users. Each pod contains books or toys or objects that the community can interact with and they are all realistically set up. It is indeed a progressive idea! I also like the quiet spaces between pods and the way you designed the parking lot. The architecture of the pods is cohesive and gives an overall modern look to the lot. The rooftop area is especially attractive and looks like a fun area to stop and play chess or have a cup of coffee. Very nicely done! :smiley:

    Suggestions: Although we know it never rains or snows in Newcrest (yet), I thought the café area could do with a little shelter over the counter—at least a buffer in case it gets windy up there!


    Transforming the public library into a community center is an inspired idea. The architecture of No Dusty Tomes is striking—you combined wall textures well and created interesting geometric shapes with the building and archways. The landscaping is lush—especially with the eye-catching fountain. And I like how you used the wall light fixture as a recurring theme inside and out. The colorful interior looks inviting and you included lots of nice clutter details to make the spaces look real. And the fact that you used base game materials only is spectacular! :smiley:

    Suggestions: I might have used some terrain paint here and there—like under the bushes that border the parking lot and around the bare edges of the building itself as it sits on the lawn. I also was just a bit confused by the outside seating areas. Maybe putting a chess table in one of them would give a more specific purpose.


    Your library is full of ingenious details. I love how you’ve used the enlarged shelves as an architectural detail in the outside café seating area! The building as a whole has a simple, modern look which is very appealing—nice use of contrasting wall textures. The inside is laid out in a logical and convenient way. I like how you’ve used pops of color to enliven the otherwise neutral color scheme. And among the many splendid details, my favorites are the toddler changing station in the restroom and the glass-walled computer room! Nice work. :smiley:

    Suggestions: Since you devoted an entire floor to children, it might have been nice to have a children-friendly restroom on that floor as well as on the ground floor. Also, be careful not to zoom out too far when taking your images. There was some serious distortion in some of your images. Better to take more images than try to get everything in one shot.


    Newcrest Library has a sleek, modern look with a generous amount of windows! The slight asymmetry is very attractive. The blue green rug on the ground floor makes a bold statement and helps to liven up the neutral interior. The café area looks inviting; I like the use of the interior brick walls there. And the many bookshelves leave no question but that this modern facility is a library. I also appreciate your showing Sims enjoying the space! :smiley:

    Suggestions: I might have used some terrain paint around the exterior to add realism to the plantings and to the building sitting on the grass. You might have added a reception/check out area at the entrance, which is what a library would normally have. Also, be careful not to zoom out too much in live camera mode. Some of the images were distorted; take more images instead! And we expect all images to be labeled at the expert level. If you use tumblr as your slide show, you might consider using the text mode rather than the picture mode. That way you can label each image in your post.


    Talk about dramatic sun-filled spaces! Modern Newcrest Library is a striking modern facility. And rather than the staircases, I would say the spiral light fixture is the focal point. It is one of the rare times that enlarging an item actually seems appropriate! You have thought out carefully the various areas of the building and I like how each floor recedes from the one below it to maintain the open feeling. I would say, however, that with no ceiling above the basement children’s area, the noise of children’s voices, rather than being contained will go right up to the fourth floor. It’s still a great idea, though, and the sunken garden with the bird feeder is a lovely addition. The toddler area is also a favorite. Nice job! :smiley:

    Suggestions: I’m not sure why you put in that eighth window on the ground floor at the back of the building. I wouldn’t have minded the asymmetry of the block of seven windows (and two widths of wall) on each of the four stories, but the bottom floor with the eight windows looks a little odd. The third story also definitely needs more seating.

    You all did marvelously well. You made my job very tough!

    The Winners (tie) of this challenge are ....

    @Ainsleyf and @linday

  • withlovejulienwithlovejulien Posts: 571 Member
    Thanks! Great feedback as always!!

    Congrats @Ainsleyf @linday Wonderful work! And congrats to @kilra0 @FidgetyAtom
  • NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,215 Member
    Congrats @linday @Ainsleyf @kilra0 and @FidgetyAtom on your wins, placement and bump up!

    There were some really awesome libraries this time around! Well done all!
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  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,156 Member
    edited February 2018
    Congrats @Ainsleyf @linday, well done :)@BuildnShare, I play tested my library and all MOO doors work perfectly. :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,912 Member
    Many congrats @Ainsleyf and @linday fantastic libraries :)
  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,885 Member
    W0000t!!! Congrats @linday and @Ainsleyf, great builds all around folks!! And thank you once more @BuildnShare for the wonderful feedback, yes, I think you are probably right about the food area needing a little shelter, darn those budgetary restraints ;)
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  • lindaylinday Posts: 1,332 Member
    edited February 2018
    Congrats, @Ainsleyf, @kilra0 and @FidgetyAtom!!
    And well done to the rest of the entrants as well, it was so much fun seeing what all of you came up with, so many great builds, I do not envy the judges at all!

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I completely agree! *cough*filling up space *cough*

    First build I ever finished and shared in TS4 :open_mouth: and all because of some pretty intense pushing from @FaithofKaela - I owe you this one! ;) Let's do it again! :#
  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,885 Member
    @linday - there is already a new challenge up :tongue:
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  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 629 Member
    Congrats @linday and @Ainsleyf so cool libraries <3 I would enjoy reading there too.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,554 Member


    Suggestions: Unfortunately I couldn't judge your lovely build because the media was inaccessible. I placed it in my game to see if I could at least provide you with some comments, but you have Stuff packs that I don't, and 20+ build/buy objects were replaced with base game objects when I loaded it. Thus, any comments I made would likely be inaccurate. If you can make your media view-able, I'd be happy to provide feedback for you at that time. We hope you'll participate in the future, and we'll be happy to help you figure out media sharing if you'd like us to.

    I love the unique shape of the building with eye-catching terraces and interesting rooflines. The picture windows giving a glimpse of the shelves inside are nicely done. Love the statue out front. You have so many cute details inside that make it look like a real library like the book cart, card catalogs and books stacked on the work tables.

    Suggestions: Make sure you’re in live mode when taking pictures so that grid lines don’t show. Also make sure you take plenty of pictures of all areas of your build. I couldn’t really see the details of your café and kids’ area.

    The front of the library is beautifully landscaped. Love the statues and fountains. Very interesting and modern shape to the building. The book “statue” on the top level is a very creative touch. Love the children’s area with the puzzle piece floor covering. The modern tile work at the entrance is a nice addition. The upstairs portion of the library is modern without being too stark. I like the arrangement of the shelves and the seating areas. The café area is nicely done – again love the modern tile work on the floor.

    Suggestions: Even though I love the landscaping out front, the style doesn’t quite fit what would typically be considered modern (it’s more traditional or eclectic). The staircases that opened from the interior rooms into the outdoors were troublesome - how would they keep rain and critters out?

    The front area and parking lot are impeccably done. Love the greenery and stone pathways. The library is small but functional. Great lob on the front patio area. Cute kids area – love the animal chairs. The overall feel of the lot is modern and sophisticated. Although small, this library includes a ton of detail and charm.

    Suggestions: I would have liked to have seen more exterior and interior pictures with the walls up. It’s difficult to get a full picture of the build with the walls down. Also,it’s a little impractical for patrons to have to go outside to access the restrooms.

    Really pretty building from the outside. I like the elevated front patio and parking in the front. The entrance is so charming. The large book logo on the front of the building is a nice touch. Really great materials choices inside. I love the contrast between the brick, wood floors and glass railings. Good color choices and matching of wood tones from EA objects. That upstairs seating area with view of the large clock is fantastic. Great chess area.

    Suggestions: In comparison to the front and interiors, the back area is a little bland. Try to give all aspects of your lot equal attention.

    Wow - this is very impressive for a first build! The exterior of the building had a very creative shape. Kudos for using a variety of architectural elements. Darling children’s spot. Love the color and décor in here. I like that you’ve included a variety of rooms and spaces and not just rows of bookcases. Great cafe - love the clutter you've chosen in this area. The second floor with help desk looks very realistic.

    Suggestions: Work on your camera skills to better showcase your build. Here’s a good article that will give you some tips.

    There are some very nice builds! Thank you for sharing them and giving me the opportunity to see your work.

    And the Winner of this challenge is ....

    @maryjane2joe !

    Based on the overall detail and complexity of your build, I'd suggest that you enter future challenges in the Established category :)

  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,156 Member
    Congrats @maryjane2joe, well done :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,912 Member
    Congratulations @maryjane2joe :)
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