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Rebuild: A Sims 4 Genetics & Building Challenge


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    Time for comments!

    @Ojenn Mini Jenn seems to be rocking the later life stages! I really feel like Charlotte and Lucas would make a great couple! They seem to hit it off, indeed. Poor kitty, having to wait that long to get treated by the vets! Good thing Charles stuck up for him! I love Charles' green eyes, so pretty :love:. Congrats to both Charles and Charlotte! Cute update~♥.

    @Heckstress17 I'm so happy to be back, too! It's great to be back in the community again, it kind of feels like a big family all excited to see what's happened in the lives of our sims, bahaha. Purple is my favorite, too! Now onto your update: Jason seems to really dig Ariana, calling him up shortly after meeting!... And then he totally missed his chance by suddenly disappearing.. :angry:. I loved Ariana's try-hard face when she was at the arcade with him though. The family dinner pics are so nice! I just love when the sims get back together with family for a meal, it's a great way of catching up without having to visit them or them visiting you. Oh yeah, be careful with the pufferfish! :scream:. Ugh, I just love the scenery your lot has, it's really beautiful. I'm totally jealous of Ariana :tongue:. Doodle really IS a cutie ♥. Seriously Jason!? This guy... His friend Kieran doesn't look half-bad either, though.. LOL having all the potential mates over for brunch at the same time would've been SO awkward irl, but it's totally acceptable in the sims :joy: Ariana's got some balls! She doesn't seem to have a lot of luck with her dates though, first Jason Evasion and now Kirk the Jerk... Congrats on her siblings and their spouses though!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Yes, I'm from europe! The Netherlands. :blush: I didn't know it would affect my builds as much, haha ♥.

    @debjameswhite Poor Quinton and his little hellspawns... :joy: Boy, they do grow up really fast! It's good that Quinton still has time for Salem, though, very nice to see an owner dedicated to his little pupper like that! Poor Salem, hope the vet made him feel all well and better again. What a lovely little ceremony, congrats to Philomena and Quinton! ♥. Oh noooo :cry: RIP Salem... Lovely pictures, and the triplets don't seem that bad at all, huh? Hmmm....

    @JBAG521 Yay! I'm not the only one in Willow Creek then, lol. Looking forward to your update!

    @ambzz3 I'm happy to hear you enjoy our stories! We sure are having lots of fun. I catch myself checking the forum more often than I should, just to see if anyone's made an update yet, haha :tongue:. Feel free to lurk, or maybe even join us at some point!!

    Will update later tonight xx.
    Happy Simming~♥

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    Just wanted to share my work in progress photos - three days of building this and I have finally finished the architectural elements. I am thinking I might tackle landscaping next. The original house plan can be found here.


    My version
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    Risha has been practicing playing the guitar (While being heavily pregnant) a lot for her job, and it raises her fun, too!

    She's been having some aches here and there...

    Aiden aged up into an adult kitty!

    This picture captures his personality so well, LOL!

    Di came over to see how Risha was getting along. The baby could come out any time now...

    Risha made some sugar cookies, because I really always wanted someone to max the baking skill but never got around to it.. I didn't know the cat would it eat though! :scream:

    He seems quite smug about it himself.

    Then he had a nap on the porch after.

    Rachel popped in later that day, too. (I swear, a family member is at Risha's doorstep every second of the day. I kind of love that they're a tight-knit family ♥)

    They took a cute selfie together.

    Risha's been having more and more aches...

    Considering Rachel just had a baby herself. (I meant to check what they got, but I totally forgot!) Risha thought sharing her complaints with her sister was the best option. Rachel really empathized with her twin.

    I remember that face all too well from Risha's teen years...

    Then Rachel give her a loving hug as mama Di watched on. Tyler was at work during all this.

    And then... It was time.

    Mini-nursery tour;

    I had to dedicate the entire top floor to the nursery...




    BECAUSE WE HAD TRIPLETS! :scream: :scream: :scream:



    I made all the baby beds green later, I forgot to do it before taking pics.

    But yeah, Risha and Tyler had two boys and a girl, Mitch, Matt and Meghan. (I was SO set on giving them names with different starting letters this time around... But now that they turned out to be triplets I just HAD to...)
    Thank god for Di and Rachel being there at the time of Risha giving birth.

    I may have taken too many pictures but heck, I was super in awe with the mom-instincts kicking in, lol.

    I've never seen them kiss their babies before!? Is this new??

    Grandma Di helping with feeding them.

    Aswell as Rachel.

    Tyler came home later that day and went to meet his minions, but they were all asleep.. :cry:

    He decided to give them a little cuddle anyway. ♥

    I think he's gonna be an awesome dad.


    That's it for now!
    Happy Simming!
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    Ambitious adventure sounds like fun may have to attempt this one too
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    @ambzz3 Hi there! Thanks for checking our challenge out :) Hope to see you playing soon!

    @wild4sims Welcome to our thread! Would love to see you play :)

    @Heckstress17 the aliens don't age up faster on their own. That was my compromise with myself. I aged them up to see what they would look like and 2 of them in their disguise have Naomi's eyes and the other one has Matias's eyes. I couldn't get rid of them, but I want Quinton and Philomena to be able to have a family too. So in my story, the triplets will be young adults in just a few months! Luckily Gianni only took some of the pets with him. I have Jordyn. The only grave I haven't been able to find was Sasha but that is ok.

    @OJenn I'm loving your little wip house! I am looking forward to building a house again soon. I can't wait to see your heir in this house :) I wonder if it is James!!

    @Aehnyx I love the picture of Risha with her Mom. I love the look on Risha's face. Woot! Congrats on WANTED triplets! I love the nursery!! Aww I loved the pictures of Risha with her Mom and sister and the new babies and I really loved it when Tyler came home and met his nooboos. It's super cute!

    OK... @everyone I posted a picture of a sim who looked like Greysen but wasn't Greysen thinking you would all know who it was... It was Quinton! I was giving him a little addition and decided to see what he would look like with Grandpa's hair since I thought he looked an awful lot like him anyways :)

    Both of the pics below are Quinton

    Also, just thought I'd show you how the triplets aged up in their disguises.
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    @OJenn I love the house! I cant wait to see the finished product!

    @Aehnyx Turns out you and I have similar challenges in a couple of ways :wink: Arent grandparents and visiting relatives the best in these situations? Its EXHAUSTING having multiples and parents both with full time jobs. I was texting my mum last night keeping her updated with the insaneness this game has been inflicting on me and all she could say was "good luck" :joy: I missed out on going to Lily's YA birthday because of the insanity. It just wasnt possible and Im still mad about it! And I know what you mean about having to renovate an entire area for the kids. I had to do the same thing - twice!

    @debjameswhite I know they arent what you wanted, but the kids are gorgeous in their disguises!!! And Quinton does indeed look like Greyson's clone. I did guess it was him, but I wasnt sure enough to post that :joy:

    @everyone I dont think my Story Progression is working. I see all of your non-heir sims getting into relationships, married and having kids and what have you, but mine seem to be static and its annoying me. I thought for sure Ginny and Tyler would at least be together by now but literally nothing has changed.


    Family Tree - needs updating, but will contain A LOT of spoilers so Im holding off for now

    Lily tends to be Clary's mentee, but she really enjoys it

    And these are from when I got Fitness Stuff and I think I only played with it for like an hour and then didnt play again for a couple of months. I think this is when my graphics cards started doing its flickering and I was too scared to play again

    Family game night!

    I honestly cant tell you who this is (I think its Luna or Ginny but Im really unsure), but the dancing video was autonomous

    And then the wedding finally happened! Richard had already lived here for AGES

    See Im pretty sure Ginny and Tyler are in a relationship but this is as far as it has gone in my game. Im getting really frustrated because none of Hermione's siblings have progressed in anything

    And then we celebrated Sirius and Carina' birthdays

    But then the most shocking thing that has ever happened to me in a Sims game happened - Carina died of heart failure from being so angry (Im pretty sure). This is the only sim I think Ive ever had die from anything other than old age and Im still mad/devastated. I adored her :cry:

    But we do have generation 4 on the way to ease the pain a little
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    Time for comments!

    @debjameswhite Wow, Quinton does look a whole lot like his grandpa! I think the triplets turned out really pretty, for aliens :open_mouth: I'm glad you keep them in your game, very interested to see what happens next in your game! ♥

    @JBAG521 Imagine having triplets irl :scream:. The sims with triplets already tire me out, LOL. Oh my you used the fitness pack! I've had it for months now, too, but I haven't done anything with it whatsoever :sweat:, I should probably get around to making a gym, because seeing your sims working out looked really fun! Congrats to the newlyweds! May there be oodles of babies :tongue:. I like the way you styled Tyler, he looks so different in your game! It's fun to see what everyone does with the bachelors. Oh no! Poor Carina :cry:. And just after her birthday, too... Congrats with the little nooboo on the way though! Fingers crossed to not having triplets, haha!

    I'll be playing a bit today so I may have another update tonight!

    Happy Simming! ♥
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    Just to let everyone know, it's convention time for me. I'll be heading to Dallas tomorrow morning and I won't be back home until Wednesday. I'm not sure if I will be able to comment while I'm gone, but I won't be playing or updating. I hope there's a lot of updates for me to read when I get home!

    @JBAG521 The triplets looked so great, I couldn't get rid of them.

    Hooray! It was fun to see the fitness pics but I was really happy to see the wedding! I was noticing my sims not getting married too. But then one suddenly would. I'm not sure what's going on but I hope Ginny and Tyler end up together. Sloane and Londyn did not end up with the people I wanted them with. Whoa! Carina! :( What was she so angry about? I had that happen to one of my sims. They were out to dinner and the sims mother was there and she got so angry she died too. That was way back in Willow Creek :) It's so sad you lost her :( Well I can't wait to see the new babies. You're does soften the blow :)
    Chapter 28: Ups and Downs

    When Philomena moved in, she brought one of the kittens her cat Penny had. This is Stella. So much was going on with Gianni’s death and Salem’s death we didn’t get any pics of her as a kitten.

    Not much time went by before the triplets aged up again and appeared to be adults. They were ready to go out on their own and meet some of their own kind.

    When they left, it was Philomena who lost it. Quinton was sure to comfort her.

    When Philomena excused herself Quinton broke down too. He had only had them a few months but he loved his children. He hoped they would make it in the world.

    Philomena caught him when she came back out.

    She thought she knew something that might make him feel better.

    The next day, he had more good news. He reached the top of his career path.

    He received the promotion after inventing a machine that opened portals to other worlds.

    Weeks later Philomena realized she really wasn’t feeling well.

    Sure enough, that night, she had some news for her husband. He couldn’t believe it.

    He was so stunned he didn’t even notice when Stella got on the counter.

    Of course he was happy though. He was just a little bit afraid after what he had just gone through.

    Before we knew it (because I forgot to hit pause) the babies (yes twins) were here. Grady and Kristina.

    We found out that Londyn was also pregnant!

    Things are going great and no one is terrified.

    On one of his jogs, Quinton came across a little sick cat.

    He went home and changed and then he set about making friends.

    He was relieved when the little guy finally let him pick him up.

    Then it was time to take him to the vet and to make him part of the Valentino family.

    At home Stella keeps watch over the babies. She is certain they want to hear her sing.

    Fidget is enjoying his new home.

    The twins aged up and they’re pretty cute. Grady has his Grandpa’s eyes. Kristina has her Dad’s eyes.

    Quinton has a lot of time off to use so he has been staying home with the babies. Grady is never happy when Mommy goes to work.

    Sooooo…when the twins aged up I tried to go to CAS to change their clothing. However when I got there, they were babies again. When I exited CAS we were back to the beginning of the previous day. During that time, Londyn had her babies too. So I went through the day again and the twins aged up. When I went to look at Londyn’s family she had 9 people in the house. I almost lost her by going into CAS. I moved her out of the house so it was just her and 4 babies. The first set of twins were just in the house without parents. I fixed that though. It’s kind of interesting that the babies look different.

    Here are all 3 of the siblings with their families.

    With that my friends, I am done for a few days! See you at the end of the week :)
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    No way to recover them unless I loaded the sims onto the gallery?
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    Just here for comments. I might be back with an update later tonight. Just don't wanna spam too much.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I can totally understand why you love Billie. I think there's only been one time I've had a born in game sim that I literally wouldn't change anything about. Billie is just honestly perfect. I couldn't get over how pretty she was when I put her in my game. I seriously considered her and Ariana dating lol but as we've talked about before I don't like same sex pregnancy, unless it's alien or vampire, then I can kind of explain a female impregnating another female. But since they're both human I'd want them to adopt, and that doesn't work for this challenge. They're totally BFF's though. You should totally go back to long lifespan for her generation.

    @OJenn - Yes! I love @JordanNicoleJJ 's restaurant. I can't bring myself to part with it and place your market down. I've decided I'll place it next generation, and just alternate between the two from then on out. I really wanna play with your market too. I definitely thought Jason was trying to pawn Kieran off on Ariana too. I really love the house you chose to build. You've done such a great job with structure. That roof and porch must not have been easy to make. It looks really great. I can't wait to see it when it's finished!

    @Aehnyx - We are totally a big happy family of sims loving nerds happy to have you back lol! Having sims catch up over a family dinner is my fav way of having my heirs stay in touch with their family. It always make for such nice pics, but the best part is since they're all waiting for their meals to come out no one gets up and wanders off lol. I'm in love with the scenery from this lot too. Brindleton Bay has taken over as my favorite town. Sorry Oasis Springs! omg can you imagine having a group lunch with all the different guys you were interested in :joy: Like you said, I'm glad it's the sims and Ariana could get away with it. The thought of having to go on 6 different outings with the guys she liked was just so much for me lol. Kirk the Jerk! That's perfect.

    Aw, Aiden the cat is still adorable full grown. Gotta love how he's eating the cookies right off the plate :lol: Aw, Risha's Mom and sister coming over to see how her pregnancy was going is so sweet. You've really inspired me to make sure I keep the family involved in my heir's life. Risha's black dress with the cut out shoulders is totally something I would wear in real life. The nursery is adorable! I can't believe you had to dedicate the entire top floor to it! Now I see why :astonished: Triplet toddlers sounds like a nightmare. Good luck Rish and Tyler lol! It seems like Rachel and Grandma Di are gonna be a big help though. I love the babies names. I like having all my sims have the same starting letter each generation, it helps me keep better track of them. It's perfect for the triplets too. The pictures of the girls taking care of them are great. I just picture Tyler coming home to 3 bassinets and losing it lol He looks to be handling it very though.

    @debjameswhite - Gone till Wednesday!? That's too long :cry: I'm glad you were able to update before leaving though. Hopefully Dallas has some warmer weather waiting for you too.

    I think it's brilliant how you handled the triplets and their aging. They still get to be a part of Quinton's life and story, but by having their alien genetics speed age them you've got plenty of time for Quinton and Philomena's life together too. Stella is precious. I swear everyone's elses' cats are cuter then mine. I think it's so sweet that Philomena was sad to see the triplets go. They really aged up nicely by the way. I kinda like that Quinton kept his feelings to himself until he was alone. I know they're kinda a touchy subject with him, but it's clear he loves them. Congrats on getting him to the top of his career. I know that one's pretty time consuming, but it's so fun and satisfying to finally be able to build the wormhole generator. I love the pics of Philomena breaking the pregnancy news to Quinton! He looks so shocked, and I really like him with the beard and that sweater too. Multiples again! At least they got one of each. Philomena's scared face is the best :joy: I think all new Mom's have been there at least once. How sweet of Quinton to rescue Fidget and make him part of the family. omg and I love the picture of Stella wailing at the twins :love: They're really cute toddlers! Londyn and Sloane's little families are coming a long nicely too. I'll have to checkup on all of them in my game. I was hoping Ariana would bump into Quinton and they'd at least become friends but so far she hasn't even met him :confused: I know Londyn has a story progression family though.

    @JBAG521 - It sounds like you might have romance/story progression turned off for your played households. I can't remember exactly where that setting is, but for the longest time my sims weren't getting married off or anything either and that was the problem. I never got the fitness SP so it's neat to see your whole family out and working out on the new equipment, especially the rock climbing wall. Is it Ginny in the colorful outfit? I love it! Did it come with the pack? Richard and Herminone tying the knot was a long time coming. I'm glad to see they finally made it official. omg Carina died of anger?! I have never ever had a sim die of anything other then old age. I keep wishing for a random death lol. I'm sorry. I know she was one of your favorite sims. The generation 4 baby being on the way kinda helps lessen the blow though.
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    @Aehnyx - congrats to Risha on the triplets! I love seeing that the family is still so close and can help out with the kids. I love that nursery too, it's nice and spacious.

    @debjameswhite - Oh wow that is so freaky how similar Quinton looks to Greysen. And the twins have some interesting genetics and I can see a bit of their dad in each of them. I am kind of glad the triplets are older now and off on their own. I really want to see Philomena and Quinton's kids. And aww seeing Philomena and Quinton sad after the kids left was so sweet. Congrats to Quinton on reaching the top of his career. And welcome to Grady and Kristina ♥ they are so cute these two! See you when you return, I hope you can check in and read up on the updates even if you don't post any of your own.

    @JBAG521 - Love the fitness pack so much, all the items that came with are so cool and modern. Congrats on the wedding it was nice to see everyone there. I hope Ginny and Tyler are together, if not they are very close from what I can tell. Oh, no poor Carina! I wonder what made her angry. Ohh excited to see if the baby gets Richard's red hair or his eye shape.

    @Heckstress17 - Yeah the roofing took me forever to do on the house I finally made it inside and finished a room, I hope to get the rest done today.

    @korniwalk - The only way to get the sim mates is via the gallery since it seems to be easier for everyone.
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    Ariana got invited to the city by her friend Kieran. She was excited to go since she'd never left Brindleton Bay. The first thing she wanted to try was playing basketball.

    She wasn't very good, but she had a fun time learning anyway.

    After basketball she and Kieran sat down to test out a bubble blower. Kieran kept giving her these types of glances when she wasn't looking. I was hoping he'd make a move, but he never worked up the courage. For now they're just friends.

    Ariana was surprised to see her sister Sophia in the city too. Apparently the flea market brought in a lot of tourist.

    Sophia was well into her 3rd trimester at this point, and Ariana was excited to get to feel the baby moving.

    And if you look closely, between Sophia's bump and Ariana, you can see Sophia's new husband and baby Daddy, Derek. That's right, he actually left his wife for Sophia! I don't think I've ever had that happen before. Must be true love!

    Back home a few days later, Ariana got a visit from one of the guys she had gone out to lunch with.

    This is Benjamin. He and Ariana have a love of the outdoors in common and instantly hit it off. His last name is Driftwood which I think is perfect considering she lives right on the beach lol

    He scored some major points with both Ariana and myself by paying a lot of attention to Doodle.

    Honestly, he kept getting up to pet him. It was the cutest thing. I remember thinking this is it, he's the one!

    She and Ben got to know each other a bit more, then headed down to the beach outside to fish together.

    Ariana really enjoyed spending time with him. It felt easy, like an old friend she'd know her whole life. The fact that he was gorgeous didn't hurt either.

    After spending nearly the whole day with her, Ben had to leave. I didn't miss getting this pic of her checking him out as he left though.

    The next few days went on as normal. Wake up, paint...

    tend to the garden...


    Then she decided to invite Ben over for dinner. She was a little nervous, she had become really good friends with him, but she definitely wanted more. She just didn't know how to tell him that without risking their friendship.

    Conversation flowed effortlessly between the two as it always does, but Ariana was too scared to bring up how she felt.

    When Ben suggested they stargaze on the beach together she got the first indication that maybe he felt the same too. But the two friends weren't ready to act on their feelings just yet and Ariana was content to take things slow. She hadn't exactly had luck in the romance department.

    The next day Ariana was in her favorite coffee shop when she met a new girl in town. She learned her name was Billie Black and had just moved here from another seaside town.

    She and Billie have a ton in common, and for the first time in her life, Ariana had met another girl that was as much of a tomboy as she was.

    Isn't Billie beautiful!? @JordanNicoleJJ has the best heir this generation. She and Ariana are well on their way to being best friends.

    And while Ariana was out making new friends, Doodle aged up! I just love Ari's face in this picture lol :lol:

    I can't remember what type of cat it says Doodle is, but he's got a pretty unique face shape. Does anyone know how to adopt pets you've made in CAS? Or can we only add them to the family like that?

    Anyway, Doodle is now more of a handful then he ever was as a kitten...

    Ariana's got a lot of training to do, but Doodle just might get away with everything. He is her only baby after all.

    That's it for now. Happy Simming!
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    Time for comments!

    @debjameswhite Have fun at the convention! Please do let us know how it went! :blush:
    Stella seems to fit right in! Oh boy, the triplets sure aged up fast! I'm glad we'll be able to see more of them, though. Poor Philomena, finally accepting strange alien babies in their life, only to have them leave the nest just a couple months later. Quinton is a good husband for comforting her, even though he's having a hard time himself, too. Oh wow, congrats to the twins! I really like their names, looking forward to see what they look like when they're older! The little cheetah-like kitty looks so cute! I love the name you chose for him, haha. Omg the toddlers are so cute! I love the bright eyes :love:. Looking forward to your return! ♥

    @Heckstress17 Yessss Kieran, I did like him from the moment I saw him. Aww, too bad he didn't make a move, but I'm glad they're friends at least! Sophia seems to be glowing! :tongue:. Hope she and Derek are happy, now that the wife is out of the way :wink:. Ohhh Benjamin is adorable, they do seem to have chemistry going on. And he seems to like Doodle! That definitely scores some points here, too. Benjamin and Ariana are cuties, haha. I'm sure there's feelings on either side but neither have brought up the courage yet to do anything about it, atleast so it seems. Yay Billie! I'm glad to see her in your game, she and Ariana are two peas in a pod. I think Doodle may be a siamese? He has that snout type aswell as the markings, anyway. With Aiden, I just made him myself and added him the family. I don't think there's any other option to adopt 'CAS'-made pets. Love seeing the little garden coming along nicely!


    Risha loves to cook fancy gourmet meals after a long night of hard work.

    I'd like to think it's quite therapeutic to her in some way.

    Tyler sometimes picks up Aiden and has a cuddle with him, of course he can't be forgotten, even with the triplet madness!

    I'm so happy to see no one in the family is forgetting the cat, I'm honestly the same. :joy:

    Risha seems so happy with her three little nuggets though.

    Look who passed by all aged up, and is yet again in an angry mood! And is in desperate need of a makeover Auntie Isa!

    I liked this picture of Risha painting as Tyler was tending to his garden outside.

    Risha got invited to her mothers birthday, so of course she had to go! The first thing I saw as the lot loaded in, was Ron being an absolute sweetheart to Halle.

    And since I didn't have a lot of pictures of Ivan last time, I'm making up for it now. He's happy to see his family again, too.



    Risha catching up with Rachel and Rue.

    Yet again Ron and Halle being cuties. I have no control over them, and they keep finding each other. ♥

    And there she was, finally off the computer, the birthday girl!

    She's still beautiful as ever, rocking those grey hairs.

    Don't worry I gave her a makeover, lol.

    Suddenly, I heard a baby crying. I got quite confused, and looked upstairs to find a baby in Rue's old room!?

    Turns out Ron and Halle had a son! His name is Eugi.

    As Risha returned home, she thanked Tyler for watching the babies.

    And gave Aiden some attention, too. I may have a slight fear of him running off since most of my attention goes out to the kiddos

    Then it was feeding time.


    I'm glad to see Tyler and Risha this happy with their lives.

    It was already time for the little nugglets to age up into toddlers!
    Mitch has brown hair, Matt has black hair, and of course, Meghan is the girl, lol.

    Play time with daddy!

    Meghan seems to be a mommy's girl though.

    The boys playing with toys as Risha helps Meghan teach shapes.

    I made them a little BBQ and playground area outside.

    Matt still has to get used to sliding, lol.

    Mitch and Meghan seem to be good friends already, even though they can't speak yet.

    Risha and Tyler went to sit outside with them as the toddlets babbled on.

    After a long day of playing, the triplets slept soundly ♥.

    That's it for now!
    Happy simming~!

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    Ever since she moved out Charlotte has been making a conscious effort to keep in touch with her family.

    She and her mom always meet up for lunch at the market on her days off.


    Charlotte is apparently a mommy's girl, they've always been so close when she was growing up.

    Charles has been looking for love since he was a teen and he always felt like there was something between him and Laura so he asked her out.

    He was a bit nervous at first and his anxiety threatened to get the best of him at times.

    But Laura was super sweet and she kept him smiling the entire time.


    Their date went really well and Charles is hoping he can build up enough courage to ask Laura out again.

    While Charles was looking for love his younger brother James was looking for a nice shot of espresso. Instead, he stumbled upon this cute little barista. 02f33393dc.jpg

    Turns out it was Evia Delgato, her mom owned the local vet clinic in town.

    James felt his stomach tighten whenever he looked at her. After her shift, they hung out on the docks until the sun went down.

    Speaking of dates and butterflies mini Jenn and Mister Asher went on one last date together.



    The day had been a good one and love was certainly in the air.

    But then later that night Carl passed away, leaving the entire family heartbroken.

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    Just comments for now. Im having an off day today after researching all day Sunday for the essay I wrote and submitted yesterday but Ill be back at some point with an update. Im definitely not going to run out of pictures any time soon!

    For those of you asking about Carina's sudden death, I cant remember what she was so angry about. I think it just started off as a teen mood-swing and then little things happened like uncomfortable moodlets and things and then it just culminated in cardiac arrest. It happened literally seconds after she blew out her birthday candles and I was SO shocked. I still am, tbh, because she's the only sim Ive ever lost to anything other than old age.

    @debjameswhite Naaw! Stella is super cute! Congrats to Quinton on finishing his career! And to them both for the pregnancy! The twins and Fidget are sooo cute!!! I wonder what Quinton will do with that portal?....

    @Heckstress17 Ive been through all of the MCCC settings and I cant find any setting of that kind under any of the menus. Any other suggestions? And if youre talking about the pink/purple two piece gym outfit, thats CC I got from TSR (Im assuming). Im pretty sure its supposed to mimic Nike or Adidas.

    Kieran is TOTALLY into Ariana!!! Surely one of these guys have to work out for her. Ugh, now I have to decide between Kieran and Ben? But how!?? They are both super cute and clearly Ariana and Ben get along so well so maybe they are really well suited for eachother. I guess we'll find out soon enough, wont we??

    @Aehnyx I still love Aiden's different coloured eyes! Oh my gosh the triplets are SO cute as toddlers! And I love that Ron and Halle are still so in love! Rachel is still gorgeous as an elder, though I didnt doubt that she would be for even a second!
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    @JBAG521 - I took a pic of what settings you should tweak.
    To find it go into the command center from a computer, then click on MC Pregnancy. The two settings I put in red are the ones I had turned off that were preventing my sims from being involved in story progression. Hope that helps :) Oh and I really like Kieran too. Ariana's made her decision in my game and I'm really happy with it :blush:

    @Aehnyx - Sophia and her new hubby are very happy now. I still like to pretend sweet Sophia didn't know she was married when they got together lol Ariana visited them recently. I'll post those pics next time. I think you're right about Doodle being a Siamese. The game says he's a "Javanese" which I've never heard of, but I assume he's a mixed Siamese. I really love how you made Aiden. I think I'm gonna do the same for Ariana's next cat. It was fun to get one from the adoption agency, but I really wanna customize one.

    We keep posting our updates around the same time :smile: Seeing Risha in the kitchen feeling therapeutic about her cooking was nice. I was worried how she and Tyler would hold up being such young parents of 3! I can't get enough of the Aiden pics. He's such a big lovable fluff ball. Oh Aunt Isa! I remember her! lol her outfit indicates she's having trouble letting the good old days remain in the past lol. I like that picture of Risha painting and Tyler tending to the garden in the background too. Aw! Halle and Ron are so sweet together! I love seeing sims I have no control over being all in love on their own. And they have a little boy! How cute! Ivan! It's nice to see him again. Love that living room by the way. Rachel looks so pretty in that pic of the 3 sisters catching up. Di's a very pretty elder, Ivan is a lucky guy. Good thing she didn't resist a wardrobe change like her sister in-law lol. omg the triplets are so cute! I think it's adorable that Meghan is a Mama's girl. The shot of Risha and Tyler chatting on the picnic table while the triplets stand near by is perfect :heart: Great update!

    @OJenn - Aw! I love the shots of Charlotte and her Mom out for dinner at the market. They remind me of Sophia and Naomi in my game. They're very close too. How awesome that Jenn earned the relaxed parent label and Charlotte "Mommy's girl" :heart: So sweet. I'm so glad Charles found the courage to ask Laura out! I love that first shot of them. It seems like they've got a lot in common, and Laura doesn't seem to mind taking things slow. I really like them together, but don't go breaking my sim daughter's heart :wink: Evia is adorable. Her outfit is so perfect I think James should wife her up now lol! When I read that Jenn and Carl went on their "last date" together I was hoping you meant last because you were moving on to your heir. I wasn't ready for Carl to go :disappointed: I'm so sad. Those last shots of their date were gorgeous though, and I'm sure Charlotte will come home and be there for her Mom.
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    Billie invited Brice over for a dinner date at her new house. He couldn't help but steal a kiss while they cooked. (Excuse the paint color, it's since been changed because it clashed with the cabinets :lol: )

    Billie had never cooked before, and Brice wasn't much better, so they just kept it simple and made some box mac n cheese. It was hilarious watching them struggle so hard :lol:

    They enjoyed their sub-par meal on the deck, watching the waves come and go. Billie couldn't believe this was really her house--and her view!

    Seriously, look at that view :love:

    She couldn't wait to get out on the beach the next morning. She downloaded a trail map and set out to explore her new neighborhood right away.





    Tired--in a good way--after a long day of hiking, Billie invited over her two best friends, Brice and Ariana, for a bonfire.

    Ariana (still a teen in my game) couldn't stop raving about Billie's new place!

    Overall it was a great evening and brought everyone closer together--especially Brice and the new pup! (Sooo many brownie points :wink: )

    Billie has settled into a nice routine. In the morning, she jogs around the beach and collects little odds and ends.

    Little Koda follows her around and enjoys playing in the flowers while Billie digs for treasure. Sometimes she even helps by bringing home little treasures of her own!

    In the afternoons, Billie works at the vet clinic. She's found it to be a surprisingly great way to meet new people! This guy is Rob Pancakes, who just happens to be an outdoor lover like herself! (If only they didn't have such similar skin tones, I'd consider her dating him--he's a cutie!)

    Bonnie has brought Tabby into the vet a few times--generally for check-ups and to get spayed, but this time the poor baby had hot foot! Despite the undesirable circumstances, it was nice to see them.

    Koda aged up at the clinic as well--she's gorgeous! Man, I love her. She's so smart and poised. A+ doggo.

    Of course Billie had to give her some love between patients <3

    Once home, they started training right away. First up: Sit!

    Koda's a quick learner, and Billie couldn't be happier. She gets so giddy every time Koda learns a trick, and Koda gets so happy because Billie's happy :blush:

    Now that she's bigger, she's always at Billie's side...or watching her back...or occasionally chasing birds (hey, at least she brings Billie some feathers for her collection!).

    That's all for now! I'll be back for comments soon :smile:
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    Time for comments!

    @OJenn I think it's super cute that Charlotte has brunches with her mother on her days off. Oh wow, I didn't know sims could 'actually' have the friendship title "Mommy's girl", that's awesome! Laura and Charles are super cuties! ♥ Gotta love clumsy girls, too. The old couple going out on a date was perfect, just how an old couple should be. Rest in Peace, mister Asher! :cry:.

    @Heckstress17 I guess we do update around the same times, haha! Even though we're in different timezones, or so I thought. Funny!
    I'm really curious to find out who Ariana settled for! Though I have a hunch that it's Benjamin :wink:.

    @JordanNicoleJJ Haha, gotta love the sims who are not yet familiair with cooking! They always look so clumsy doing it. I'm glad I tought my sims how to cook in their teens, so they shouldn't have to worry about cooking a meal for potential mates. :blush: OMG, I know right!? Brindleton Bay is just absolutely gorgeous. I'm kind of jealous that you guys are already doing Brindleton Bay :tongue:. I ADORE the scenery pictures! ♥ Yaaay Ariana is in your game, too! It's fun to see other peoples sims involved in other stories. The puppy is still the cutest thing ever! Wow, guess the Pancakes family does have some good genes hidden somewhere, LOL. Aww Koda is such a beaute! Such a lovely update~!

    Happy Simming~! ♥
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    edited January 17
    @JordanNicoleJJ - Ooooh the new house! You've gotta show us more of it. I don't think the wall and cabinets color clashed, but that comment did make me laugh lol. I really love how adorable Billie and Brice were in the kitchen trying to make mac n cheese. I am living for all of the scenery pics! There's so many beautiful spots in this neighborhood that I don't even know about. It's really nice to get to see them in your pictures. The bonfire pictures are the best. All 3 of them look like such great friends, and I love how you've styled Ariana. Little Koda :heart: How adorable is she. Brice gets major points for doting on her. Billie working part-time in the clinic is so perfect for her. It makes me wanna do the same with Ariana when her Mom dies. Aw Koda looks so different full grown, but she's still adorable. I love those shots of her and Billie. The bandana collar was made for her.

    @Aehnyx - I'm getting ready to post this update and wondering to myself if you're gonna post too :lol: You're right, I don't think we're in the same timezone (I'm on Eastern time US.) so that's what makes it funny. Oh and your hunch about Ben was right too :wink:

    I know I posted an update yesterday, but I've just been playing so much and have so many pictures to post. So here's another pic spam... feels like no one's called it that in a long time lol

    Ariana and Ben have been spending a lot of time together. It didn't taken her long to realize that she had feelings for him. When he came over for one of his usual visits she decided she was gonna let him know.

    Instead of voicing how she felt (because let's face it, confess attraction always fails) she showed him.

    She never dated as a teen, and her few other romantic relationships never got this far, but she was pretty sure Ben was enjoying the kiss too.

    And she was right, Ben definitely felt the same way. :heart:

    The next night Ariana decided to have her Mom and sisters over to discuss her new relationship. Before they came she grilled up some chicken for dinner.

    She felt a little guilty for not inviting her Dad, but she really needed a girls night to talk about the new developments in her love life.

    Doodle always manages to be the center of attention. Thankfully Ari had enough time to talk about Ben before her cat came looking for attention.

    He's such a love bug, I can't even be mad.

    While her sisters went off to play with the cat, Ariana got some one on one time with her Mom. Naomi encouraged her to not be afraid of moving things forward with Ben. From everything that her daughter had told her, Ben sounded like a great guy, and Ariana was obviously smitten.

    Not long after her talk with her Mom, Ariana invited Ben on a date to a restaurant in Oasis Springs.

    Ben was always very sweet and made sure to tell Ari how beautiful she looked every chance he got.

    The way that he looks at her just kills me :love:

    They both tried an experimental dish for the first time and Ariana couldn't get over how great it was.

    Ben liked his as well, though I think his excitement had more to do with being on a date with the beautiful girl in front of him.

    At the end of the night Ariana asked Ben to be her boyfriend. He was so relieved. He had wanted to make things official for a long time, but he respected Ariana wanting to take things slow. Now they were officially a couple!

    A few days later Ariana visited her sister Sophia in her new home. Turns out her brother in-law is loaded and owns one of the nicest penthouses in San Myshuno.

    This lifestyle didn't really seem like Sophia, but as soon as Ariana sat down and got to know her new brother in-law she understood. He was quite charming, and very easy to get a long with. She was happy for her sister.

    Then she went upstairs and met her newborn niece, Evangeline. This baby is going to be so spoiled!

    Sophia must not be getting much sleep because she slept through Evangeline's cries. So Ariana went to tend to her, only to find her Dad running nonchalantly on the treadmill. He must be a fan of the "cry it out" method. That's not cutting it when Aunt Ari is around! lol

    The next day Ariana was invited out by her friend Kieran for lunch.

    They caught up and he told her how he just got married. (Which explains why he never tried anything romantic with her!) She felt a little weird bringing up Ben, she always felt there could be something between them, but knowing that Kieran had found someone made her feel relieved.

    He hugged her goodbye, and she felt really happy knowing nothing was weird and they would stay friends.

    A few days later Ari called Ben over. Doodle had run away... she was devastated.

    Ben was shocked. He knew what a great cat Mom Ariana was, and couldn't believe that Doodle would stay gone for long.

    He tried cheering her up the best way he knew how. By distracting her.

    And it worked. Ariana had never been kissed like that before. (I love how romantic Ben is!!)

    She suddenly was thinking twice about taking things slowly... :wink:

    Thankfully the very next morning Doodle came home! It's the quickest a runaway pet has ever come home for me. Good boy Doodle!

    She made sure to spoil him so he'd think twice about running off again.


    That's it for now. Happy Simming!
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    @JordanNicoleJJ - Billie's little dog is so cute and totally distracting in that first picture. And the pictures of Billie exploring her neighborhood are so nice I really love that area and I am glad we are all there with our sims in Brindelton. Oh wow, a Pancake that actually looks pretty cute. And Koda is a perfectly floofy looking doggo, I love her facial expression.

    @Heckstress17 - Yeah I was so sad losing Mister Asher, my real life husband said it made him sad seeing mini Jenn so sad. And don't worry Charles and Laura are so cute together and he is a gentleman!

    Aww, things in Ariana's life definitely are going better and I am so glad to see Ben apart of her life. I agree with her mom he is a great guy and he seems very caring. So relieved to see Doodle wasn't gone long, it always makes me so worried when they run away. Sophia has a great spot there in San Myshuno and her guy isn't too bad on the eyes either, what a hunk.
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    Back for comments! Ahhh I'm loving everyone's updates.

    @debjameswhite I love how you played out the aliens' lives so quickly--makes sense since they are aliens after all! For what it's worth, they aged up really nicely! I really like the girl (sorry, I'm awful with remembering names). Those comparison pics of Grayson and Quinton--wow! I knew one was Grayson and one was Quinton, but with the same hair and facial hair, I could barely tell them apart! How amazing that the genetics passed that far. I'm so glad Philomena moved in. Her cat is so pretty! She and Quinton are perfect for each other. Eeeeeee yay, nooboos! Looks like the multiples curse is still getting you, but at least it was just twins! LOL Philomena's think it's bad now--just wait til they're toddlers, honey! :lol: And congrats on adopting another cat! Their little family got big real quick! Oh. My. Gosh. The toddlers are the cutest little things. Quit it--you're giving me baby fever and Billie doesn't need that right now! :wink:

    @OJenn Love love love that house! I'm always amazed by how close your houses resemble the floor plans you find, yet you always put your own spin on it and imo make it look even better! I can't wait to see more. It's so nice to see that Charlotte and Mini-Jenn have been staying in touch. That market lot is absolutely perfect for lunch dates! Charles is finally having some luck in love. I'm rooting for them--Laura is beautiful! And James is doing pretty well for himself too! I hope things work out for all of them. Mini-Jenn and Mister Asher's last date was perfect, I'm so glad they got that time together before he passed <3 It's hard losing your simself, but it's even harder losing your simself's significant other.

    @Aehnyx Full-grown Aiden is SUCH a derp :lol: I love it. I also love how tight-knit your family is! Everyone's so supportive of Risha and Tyler, it makes me happy. That nursery is amaaaazing! :scream: It almost reminds me of a daycare a little bit, which is good because oh my gosh, TRIPLETS!! Risha looks like she's got it all under control though. I adored the pics of Di and Rachel coming over to help out. I'm glad Tyler stepped up to the plate and is helping out too! Now that's a real man. Aww what a lovely birthday party. It was so nice seeing the whole family together again and to see Ron and Halle still so in love--with a baby no less! Di still looks stunning as an elder :love: And the toddlers ahhh!! I'm kind of partial to the boys this generation, but of course with those genetics Meghan is bound to be a stunner.

    @JBAG521 Looks like everyone had a great time at the gym! I've gotta remember to get my Sims out more often. I really want to build a gym in Brindleton Bay, but I'm not sure it would be worth it considering they have all that beach to run on! LOL @ that dance exercise video--I haven't seen that yet! Aww the wedding was beautiful. Hermione looks amazing in that dress--did she lose weight? She looks like it. AHHHH Carina nooooo!! I hate emotional deaths--they're so unexpected! The teen mood swings are pretty dangerous because sometimes they get a +50 Angry or Embarrassed moodlet and that immediately puts them in the danger zone for hours :grimace: Aww congrats on the pregnancy! Richard looks so happy :blush: Can't wait to see the little nooboo.

    @Heckstress17 Looks like Ariana had fun in the city! I'm really digging Kieran, but he's no longer my fav after reading the rest of your update ;) Aww preggo Sophia is sooo cute, I'm so ready for her to be a mom--she's gonna be great. Wow, her baby daddy is CUTE :love: Go Sophia! Ok, I'm in love with Benjamin. That hair, those eyes, his love of the outdoors and Doodle :love: Marry him!!! Seriously, I can't get over how much I love him. Now you've got me wanting to download a bunch of Sims off the gallery and make Billie date around, because Ben is one fine catch... AHH speaking of Billie! I love seeing her in your game. They look like they're having a blast together! I love it! I'm pretty sure you can only add your own pets through CAS, or you could always adopt a random cat then edit it in cas.fulleditmode. To me doodle looks like a Siamese--ironically one of my RL friends has a Siamese with the EXACT same coloring! Pffff pic spam all you want, I'm loving all your updates. YES Ari finally made a move, you go girl! Ari and Ben are so perfect together, I can't handle it. Love seeing all the girls back together again. Lol poor Matias, but girls just gotta have girls' night once in awhile! That formal date was absolutely gorgeous, wow. The food, the scenery, the couple--perfect. I don't think you realize how emotionally invested I am in these two already :lol: Woah--the view from that penthouse :anguished: Seriously, go Sophia! I don't even blame her for homewrecking at this point :lol: I'm glad Ari ended things with Kieran on a good note and that everything worked out for him as well. Ok, Ben being so upset about Doodle running away sealed the deal for me. He's perfect. If Ari doesn't marry him I will :lol: Those last few pics are my all-time fav pet pics, Doodle just reminds me of my friend's cat so much, and those graphics are on point :love: Gah I loved these two updates. My greedy self already wants more :tired_face:
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    I am loving reading all these updates! @Heckstress17 I am sitting in Orlando looking at palm trees while I wait for my plane to my snowy state to board!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 930 Member
    Home!!! :) I was so happy to get to read updates after a long day on the convention floor :) Now I can comment!

    @Heckstress17 I love Ariana trying to play basketball. Kieran is a cutie but I know who is in her future and I approve. I was so happy to see Sophia pregnant :) I agree about Sophia. She is good and sweet and there is no way she'd have an affair with a married man! I am glad he did the right thing by Sophia! I definately ship Ariana with Benjamin! I love him playing with Doodle. It is so cute! I love all the pictures of them together. You found a really cute townie!

    And you gave me two updates! I love the girl's night and Doodle is a hoot. I'm glad everyone gives him the attention he deserves! It was nice she got that one on one time with her Mom. I still really love how you did her elderly hair. I wish I had thought of it. She looks amazing. Ben is too good to be true. I love that look he's giving her. Lucky Sophia living in luxury now. Can't wait to see how her babe ages up too! I'm glad Doodle didn't stay away too long. Silly cat!

    @Aehnyx I love the pictures with Aiden. He's a very handsome cat! I adore that Ron is with Halle. It is so sweet. Aww Di looks so pretty as an elderly woman. Those babies aged up so cute!!! I love all the pictures of the toddlers. Their play room is awesome and I really love the slide picture :)

    @OJenn I love when you have your extras still be part of the story. Something I want to be better at doing. I love that she's a Mommy's girl. Too cute! Laura seems really cute and poor Charles. He looks so nervous! Evia is cute too. I love that pic of her failing at the coffee machine hehe. OH the last date was so sweet but the ending is heart breaking! That must have been really awful for you <3 Poor mini Jenn.

    @JordanNicoleJJ Aww stealing a smooch while cooking is always sweet. I love that view too. I'm going to miss it when I move on to the next generation! Awww that puppy looked just like Salem did when he was a puppy but you got a big dog!!! Lucky!! :) She is really cute.

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    I got to play almost all day at work (morning shift is always dead), so I've got another update! Please excuse the blurrier/darker-than-usual pics--I'm fighting with my graphics again :unamused:

    Now that Koda's big enough to keep up, she and Billie have been taking morning jogs on the beach. The view gets distracting sometimes ;)

    Billie didn't hear from Brice for a few days, so she decided to stop by his house and make sure everything was alright.

    He wasn't home, but his mom was kind enough explain that Brice has been working as water boy for his dad's pro football team. She was happy for him, but she didn't understand why he couldn't at least text her back...

    Either way, it was nice meeting his family. His mom was a total sweetheart, and his brothers treated her like she was already part of the family!

    Not wanting to waste a trip to Willow Creek, she spent some time exploring before heading home. She found a really rare frog by the river behind their house!

    The view wasn't too bad either--a little creepier than Brindleton Bay, but pretty nonetheless. She made a mental note to come back and explore further some day.

    Later that week, Koda went into heat. Billie isn't ready for little ones of any kind, so she took her into the vet right away.

    Koda didn't seem to mind. I don't think she's any more ready for puppies than Billie is for nooboos!

    Another week or so later, Billie finally got in touch with Brice--he was coming over to "talk." He showed up angry, and the first thing he did was kick over Billie's trashcan!

    Koda came down to check out the commotion, and he proceeded to yell at her! He actually yelled at her!

    I was beyond mad watching poor Koda run up to Billie with her tail between her legs :angry: 3-12.png

    Billie was so confused, she'd never seen Koda so upset before. She gave her a big hug then went outside to destroy figure out what scared her baby...

    She unloaded on Brice. No one hurts sweet little Kodabear and gets away with it! (It was at this point I discovered his adult trait...Insane.) Furious, she told Brice she needed some space--she wasn't sure if she wanted to see him anymore and needed time to think.

    BFF Ariana came over first thing in the morning to get the gossip in person. "And you didn't smack him because..." Yeah, Ari was having none of Brice's plum.

    She hung out for most of the day (is it really your best friend if she doesn't use your computer while she's at your house :lol: ), and between her and Koda, it really lifted Billie's spirits.

    News travels fast, because that very same night her mom called and told her about the romance festival in San Myshuno. Billie wasn't sure that she was in the mood for romance, but she went anyway to see her mom and sister.

    Bonnie, the baby of the family, is all grown up now :bawling: (She's so pretty..gah I wish there was a way to have more than one heir :lol: )

    They started with some "liquid courage"...

    They ran into Ariana by the souvenir stand, and they all chatted the night away. It was really nice just having a girls' night. Billie learned that Bobbie moved out--to Windenburg of all places! Apparently her exchange student friend offered to host her for university. Knowing her sister, she was probably spending more time in the club than in the classroom :lol:

    Billie stuck around for awhile after her mom and sister left, she was still feeling the drinks she had and figured a little harmless flirting couldn't hurt...she was glad she did when this hottie checked her out as he ran by :smirk:


    She ran right up to him and blurted out a compliment before she could even get out her name. Smooth, Bil.

    He took it well! (Well, obviously, he was was the one throwing flirty looks in the first place.) Billie needed to get home and take Koda out before bed, so they swapped numbers and promised to get dinner sometime :blush: Now she's just got to figure out what to do about Brice.......
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    Oh I totally forget to mention, apparently Laundry Stuff is out--I had no idea until I saw a gray stuff pack icon when I loaded the game! I'm having a blast with it! The build/buy and CAS stuff is AMAZING! I just wish there was more. I haven't tried out the laundry itself yet (because I don't have room for a washer/dryer in Billie's house lol), but I remodeled the other two homes I built. I think I'm going to give Billie's house a big make-over after she gets married so she has room for a nice laundry room lol.
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