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What should be added/fixed with free updates?



  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 88,958 Member
    edited January 2018
    Live mode:
    • Sort books/items per bookshelf/storage unit. It's so annoying how all stored items on the lot appear when clicking on any storage unit. It looks unorganized and it's annoying to sift through a thousand stuff to find a specific thing. I like organizing collectables into their own special chests, and organizing my bookshelves into fiction, skill, music etc.
    • Quicker eating times. Seriously, it takes sims like 60mins to eat cereal....
    • NPC firemen, burglars and police.
    • Gift-giving. What's the use of birthday parties if you can't give any gifts? :(
    • Updated pet fish system. Why can't we feed them? :neutral: That's cruel. The poor things are just lonely decorations. They should be fed or they'll die, and sims should be able to watch and talk to them, as well as build relationship with them (as real people do) and be sad if they die if they had a good relationship with the fish. Same goes for frogs. The frogs are so cute but we can't feed or play with them either. Stop the animal cruelty! Give them some love.

    Build/Buy mode:
    • Paint texture to ceilings. Beams would also be seriously cool.
    • Terrain tools. If not actual hills and valleys, at least a pond tool. That won't cause routing errors so there are no excuses.
    • Stage tool. Because bands and preformers don't feel special being on the same level as the audience.
    • More swatches to doors and windows. Ugh. Barely anything matches.

    • More hair and eye colours.
    • Make-up oppacity slider
    • Body hair.
    • Being able to unlock those cute fishermen and gardening outfits that the NPCs wear.

    Sims, personality and life states:
    • Attration system. Turn-ons/offs like eye and hair colour, certain personality traits and skills, and maybe a certain reputation (innocent, faithful, player, cheater etc.) A certain star sign can also be set as a turn-on/off.
    • Star signs. Should most certainly NOT replace attraction system, or influence attraction in any way to be honest, unless it's a turn-on or -off. It's mostly an immersive detail for those that like this sort of thing. Add in the socials to "ask about star sign," "chat about horoscope," "talk about how typical (insert star sign) you are" (might offend them) etc. for some gameplay.
    • Likes/dislikes Fav food, colour, music and drink. Would also be fun to choose a least fav food and drink, so they can be unhappy when encountering it and complain/insult the sim who presented them with it etc. It would be nice if their favourites actually have some influence on them too, like "My jam" happy buff when fav music is playing, being extra happy when eating fav meal or drink, and being happy when in a room filled with their favourite colour and being able to "compliment colour scheme" on a sim's house with that colour, as well as being able to compliment a sim if they are wearing the sim's favourite colour.
    • Memory system. Nothing that happens in a sim's life, affects them in any sense of long run. Since it was advertised that TS4's sims are "smarter than ever" and that things in their life affect them later on, I only think it fair that we get exactly that in an update. Memories should be tied to other sims and locations, eg. a sim maybe remembering their first kiss when visiting the lot it happened at and turning happy/flirty, or getting sad when visiting the lot where a loved one died etc. Maybe eating pancakes reminds a sim of their honeymoon, because they ate it every morning for that period, or seeing pufferfish nigiri makes a sim sad/scared because they saw someone die from eating it.
    • Scared emotion. I'm kind of shocked this wasn't added at launch, since fear is one of the core emotions humans experience... Anyway, things like the dark, the tragic clown, ghosts, aliens, vampires, broccoli (hehe) etc. should put a sim in the scared emotion and cause them to panic, pass out, die from severe fear etc. Of course, we should be able to choose a fear or two for our sims so they don't freak out at everything, as well as a "brave" trait and "coward" trait.
    • Updates to existing traits. The traits need some serious updates. This is my favourite trait ideas thread.
    • Sims with conflicting traits should have a harder time getting along. A good sim and evil sim are so easy to become friends. This is anarchy. Give us some drama!
    • Let child skills actually contribute to their lives when they age up... I have children practice an instrument at every waking moment, but they only start actually gaining skill in it after they've maxed creativity, which is a massive waste of time. And if I didn't max their creativity but they still practiced an instrument A LOT, they didn't acquire any skill at all. If a child practiced a certain instrument for a certain amount of hours or spent a lot of time drawing/playing chess etc, they should immediately have some skill in it upon aging up/maxing out the relevant child skill. The level of child skill can give them a boost throughout their life at how quickly they learn skills in that area, but they should actually start with some skill that they worked on during the child stage even if they did not max the relevant child skill.
    • Consequenses. Oh, you skipped school without calling with a valid excuse? DETENTION. You didn't do your homework and thought you'd get away with it? Ha, no. (DETENTION.) Bob, you slackin' at work again? Oh, that's fine. (NO IT'S NOT YOU'RE FIRED.) You catch my drift. Sims get away with everything in this game. It makes playing kind of boring, since there's no kick out of doing something that might get you into trouble or any risks. It's kind of like watching a movie without any antagonists - then what's the point?


    Get to Work:
    • Add the neighbourhood with the hospital and police station to the Magnolia Promenade map so we can visit it. Sick sims going to the hospital would be really fun, and being able to go to the police station would also be cool, even if only for story telling reasons. (I mean, the neighbourhood is already there, they basically just have to edit the map so we can access it from there.)
    • Retail system update! There are plenty of suggestions on the forum for that fan favourite (lol).
    • Option to disable goal list during live work. It's kind of annoying when I want my doctor sim to actually do her job, but the goal list keeps telling her to complain about her job to her co-worker or she'll get a preformance decrease (and my sim actually likes her job...and it's the first day). The option to disable goal lists in general would also be great. I have my own idea of what a fantastic date is, and while massages are nice, I certainly wouldn't give one on the first date, or every single date, as the game wants us to.

    Dine Out:
    • Reduced waiting time for order to arrive at tables. It takes FOREVER!
    • Ability to assign family members as chefs and waiters.
    • Ability to play as a chef or waiter! It gets really boring playing the owner of a restaurant if all you can do is look at everyone eating, occasionally scolding staff and bugging customers to ask how their meal is. It's not like we're asking for a Diner Dash experience - we just want our sims to be able to stand behind the cooking stations as chefs, take orders, report order at cooking station, and deliver order as waiters. Maybe "guilt trip for tip." This would make restaurants way more entertaining and open up more story telling options. Besides, all the animations are already there! All we need, are the interactions.

    Outdoor Retreat:
    • Ability to set lots in the world as residential/rental. It would still work the same as before, but now residential lots can't be rented and sims can live there. Seriously, so many options for gameplay and storytelling (and history challenges!) would be opened up if we could live there.

    What are your suggestions for things in TS4 that need to be updated/added in a free update? :) Let us know in the comments!

    In bed animations and new relationship ties in CAS.

  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 66 Member
    Please please fix the issue where artists cannot sell their paintings in street sales!!
  • LiaRose1435LiaRose1435 Posts: 718 Member
    I agree with most of these ideas, but I love that bookshelves share an inventory. It annoys me in the sims 3 that the books are all on different shelves. I know it's more realistic that way, but it's hard to remember what bookshelf I put a specific book on.
    Am I too lost to be saved?
    Am I too lost?
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,333 Member
    edited January 2018
    YES TO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also sim biographies, this was a sims 1 and 2 base game thing and patched on ts3 camon.

    PLUS more things/tweaks for the current traits.
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 985 Member
    edited January 2018
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    YES TO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also sim biographies, this was a sims 1 and 2 base game thing and patched on ts3 camon.

    PLUS more things/tweaks for the current traits.

    I think you can write a biography already if you go into manage worlds :smile:
  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 32,102 Member
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    YES TO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also sim biographies, this was a sims 1 and 2 base game thing and patched on ts3 camon.

    PLUS more things/tweaks for the current traits.

    I think you can write a biography already if you go into manage worlds :smile:

    that is house biographs I think the Louis wants sim's private we got in Sims 2 and 3.
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,413 Member
    All these look great. I would really like to be able to look at the contact to sims that you share a household with when planning a party, more unlockable skills for kids, and some better photography options (being able to take pictures of toddlers like we can pets, for instance)
  • TentacrocaclesTentacrocacles Posts: 432 Member
    -Add back the option to send your kid to private school and have the principal of the school over for dinner/to see your house so you can impress them and get your kid into the school.
    -Consequences for kids when they get caught ditching school or staying out past curfew (but pls make sure we don't have that bug where the sim is doing the sneak animation constantly even after they got away with sneaking out)
    -Sims being frightened or shocked when they see a ghost and potentially dying of the fright (my elder sim saw a ghost that came from an urn in the basement and then proceeded to chat to it with no reaction)
    -Pool slides and pool toys (these should have been in the backyard stuff pack or seasons tbh, so they need to be in a free patch for one of these packs, or a free patch for everyone).
    -Ability to change the depth of the pools
    -Ability to add stairs going into the pool like this

    A link to my most recent build in the gallery

  • Saturn830Saturn830 Posts: 45 Member
    The most critical thing that is needed right now is CAW. There's no reason it can't be done now that terrain tools are a thing and it's only fair seeing as they actually seem to be moving backwards on the pre-made worlds. Not everyone is playing on a toaster and we should at least have to option for worlds that are even half the size of those in previous installments.

    Beyond that:

    -More Traits
    -A Fear emotion
    -Something to deepen interactions between Sims
    -A height tweak on teens
    -Cars (so I don't have to hear about it anymore)

    Some form of rudimentary story progression and a color wheel - or at least additional color options for existing items - would be great as well, but I'm not holding my breath for either.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 88,958 Member
    A proper Memory System like the one we had in TS2.

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