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Day 9 of Simsmas: New Years, new town, new house

EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
Day 9 of Simsmas: New Years, new town, new house

What better time to start over in a new town than the start of the year.

Challenge of the day: Gather your Sims, move them to a new town that you don't play often and buy/build them a new house!

What does the new house look like? Why not try out some new styles for house design?



  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 2,886 Member
    edited January 2018
    Back Story
    My mad scientist Sim wanted to think about science and conduct experiments at home. He moved here for the new year after he saw this lot listed on the local online real estate website for Mangolia Prominade. Now, all there is to do is spin into his scientist gear each morning after his synthetic food and disappear across the street to his job. What a nice little commute!
    Lot name: Building Blocks Of Matter
    street view
    bird's eye view of the house
    living room
    Brickblock at his computer

  • EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
    edited January 2018
    @coolsim9999999 Uuuuuu I really love the mix of wacky, retro and scifi elements :smiley: But why is the poor guy napping outside on a bench :p ?

    (SimMage's new house is undergoing finishing touches, so I'll show it soon!)
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  • EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
    So as promised here is SimMage's new house :blush:

    This house has been under construction for a while now, but I am finally happy with it. Went with a mix of modern and Gothic :)

    All the screenshots in the spoiler below!
    Front of the house

    General layout

    Chess corner for a logical vampire (safely under a tree of course)


    Kitchen+Dining room

    Living room:

  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 2,886 Member
    edited January 2018
    Thank you very much @EA_Mage! I wanted to show the backyard, and my Sim has the Insane trait this time. So, I decided that he may want to nap on a bench...lol :o!

    @EA_Mage --- I really like your house, as well! The vampy/spooky stuff looks great B)!

  • phantasmkissphantasmkiss Posts: 213 Member
    I do a lot of Victorian style houses, but for the New Year, I tried a farm house.

    Household: Meet William and Mai Fanning, and their Grandson, Bay.
    When William and Mai asked their grandson to move in, they hoped he'd help restore the family farm. Instead, he spends most of his time in his basement gaming palace. Will they get through to him before their time is up?

    Lot: Here is their farmhouse. Maybe Bay will make fixing it up his New Year's resolution?

    Bay started modernizing the kitchen before he went back into the basement. He's done a lot of work down there, at least...
    Generation 1 | Donors 6 | Adult Children 1
  • SimplyToriSimplyTori Posts: 1,786 Member
    edited January 2018
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  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 5,958 Member
    New Year new type of sim and new place to stay ;) But what could it be?


  • EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
    edited January 2018
    @phantasmkiss I do hope Bay helps his grandparents out with renovations because that is a great farm house!

    @SimplyTori Tiny houses are fascinating - everything you need in an adorable, but small space. Very well done :smiley:

    @mcrudd That's great! Love the dark, old and slightly broken look. A witch or a VampireWitch?

  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 1,806 Member
    Wish I'd seen this, but I didn't have a chance to play yesterday and didn't look. I do have a family that I can move when I play today. I don't really like what happened with the layout of their house the last time I changed things and was thinking about moving them anyway. If it's to be a town I don't play often, either that means getting a family of five into an apartment or moving someone back into Willow Creek, which I hadn't meant to empty of live sims.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 5,958 Member
    EA_Mage wrote: »

    @mcrudd That's great! Love the dark, old and slightly broken look. A witch or a VampireWitch?

    a vampire witch, still needs to meet her dark prince to turn her ;)
  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 7,589 Member
    EA_Mage wrote: »
    Day 9 of Simsmas: New Years, new town, new house

    What better time to start over in a new town than the start of the year.

    Challenge of the day: Gather your Sims, move them to a new town that you don't play often and buy/build them a new house!

    What does the new house look like? Why not try out some new styles for house design?


    This is a great idea, especially for my Sim Taylor who lost her husband right after Thanksgiving.
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 1,806 Member
    And here's the Davids' new house, with all new furniture to go with it. They haven't finished decorating yet, but it's liveable.

    The roof was an attempt to recreate something from a real estate catalog, but I don't think it worked quite as I hoped. Ah, well, it's unique anyway.

    First floor, showing the location of the basement stairs. Debating whether or not to put a door there. I may widen the hallway first if I do add a door.

    Another view, with the kitchen and living room exposed. Joanna's second act after lighting the fire was to zone out on the couch, while Aaron needed to relax with a game of chess after all that moving. Tali's a curious little kitten.

    Second floor, as seen from the top of the stairs. A third bathroom for the kids, with teenage Eli and child Jacob at the back of the house and Tali's nursery closest to the stairs.

    Unfinished basement, with Ziva's room in the corner. I need to set up the study for music, writing and painting still. The puppet theater ended up down there for lack of anywhere else to put it.

  • EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
    Looking good @TresaofPern ! Roofing is my pet peeve as well, can never get them quite right :blush: But I do like your design!

    @catmando830 Good luck to Taylor! Let us know how she gets on in the new house if she does decide to move :smile:

    @mcrudd I am sure she will have no trouble finding one :smiley:

  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 1,806 Member
    Thanks, EA_Mage. I think I spent an hour fiddling with the roof alone.
  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 7,589 Member
    Taylor has moved to her new home. She is hoping that 2018 will be a year of healing and new friends.




    Welcome to your new home Taylor
  • EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
    @catmando830 Gorgeous! That front garden alone should cheer Taylor up :smiley:

  • GruffmanGruffman Posts: 4,831 Member
    I thought the saying was go big or go home ... now its go big and move into a new home.
  • GruffmanGruffman Posts: 4,831 Member
    Alright. Challenge accepted.

    My current family of 8 was in the new BB town. It was nice, it was quite beautiful ... but I did have issues with the location of my current house, namely a routing issue so ... they upped and moved. A new house in an old town ... Oasis Springs. I built them a four bedroom, 3 bath house.

    Overview. I left the area up front bare on purpose. That way if I needed a spot for a wedding arch and benches, there was room. If I had toddlers and wanted the ballpit and tubes, it could be done, or even plop down a tent for some outside camping for the kids on a weekend.

    The outside porch. A bench, few plants. I like having an outdoor area for those guests who just show up and knock on the door. Meet them outiside, sit on the bench for a minute, then kick them off the lot without them ever coming into the house.

    The foyer/front room. Jackets and boot racks on the walls for the sims to put their non-existent outer wear. The shoe rack is in the lower left, the jacket rack isn't visible with the wall down view. I always liked entrance rooms.

    Kitchen. I like large and spacious kitchen rooms. Center island with bar and seating. A smaller dinner table to the side.

    The hall of collections. 6 magic seeds, 12 easter eggs, an incomplete snow globe set ( in progress ), an elemental display rack, the sugar skulls display ( also in progress, they had all of them but lost them somewhere along the way ).

    Living room with fireplace. Yes I like to do strange things with floors. Don't judge me.

    The entire second floor is for the younger stages. A nursery in the back, toddler room, two single beds in one and a double bed in the second. Generally kids stay in the single bed, teen gets the double bed for mess around options with a teen. With a large play room in the middle of it all.

    The top floor is just for the parents. Large open bedroom, a couch for cuddling. Private bath and an outside rooftop patio for meditation and yoga.

    The yard does have a pool, hot tub, small outback patio with picnic table, grill, and the garden. The vampire has his own bed chamber in the back mausoleum.

    The basement has a sauna, a small weightroom with the treadmill, boxing bag and weightlifting machine. There is also a card table, dance floor, radio system, karaoke machine.

    And a future laundry room.

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