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Sims 4 won't start because of "damaged or missing files"


I've recently bought the Sims 4 download for mac and I have been trying to make it run for days now. But it won't. The message popping up is this:

Unable to start:

Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. Please try reinstalling the game.


Also, I have been looking for a Sims 4 folder everywhere on my computer, but it doesn't exist. I've reinstalled the game and Origin a couple of times already, but it doesn't help. Apparently more people have this exact issue, but up til now there is no solution.

Anybody here had the same problem? Is there a way to solve it?



  • Lunder89Lunder89 Posts: 155 Member
    The game should have its place in the Applications folder somewhere.
    Anyway, I have one thing you can attempt. If you right click Sims 4 in Origin (My Games tab), and select "Repair game" (It might not be this exact wording, it's my translation from what it says on my Danish system)

    That solved some Sims 3 issues for me recently.
  • Kendra326Kendra326 Posts: 502 Member
    Do you have any custom content? I got this exact message and removed my cc and it worked again.
  • RoosmarijnRoosmarijn Posts: 3 New Member

    I repaired the game, but it still won't work. I do have the Sims 4 icon in my applications folder, but no game files. And I don't have any custom content either. So the mystery remains so far...
  • Lunder89Lunder89 Posts: 155 Member
    Have you tried uninstalling Sims 4, and then reinstalling it?
    To uninstall it, open Origin, right click The Sims 4, select Uninstall.
    Open your Documents folder on your mac, and MOVE the folder "Electronic Arts" to the desktop.
    Reinstall the game.
    Allow the game to create a new folder for the save games, and start the game. If the game starts, close it, DELETE the Electronic Arts folder in the Documents folder. And MOVE in your own save games that you moved to the desktop earlier. (The Electronic Arts folder).
    If the game now refuses to start, the error is in the Save games folder, if the game starts, then the error was somewhere in installation.

    Hope this helps.
  • RoosmarijnRoosmarijn Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank you very much for you help, Lunder89! The game finally started!
  • Lunder89Lunder89 Posts: 155 Member
    Could you use the old save games, or did you have to start over?
    I would like to know if other people ask the same question! :smiley:
  • xxchloexx182xxchloexx182 Posts: 3 New Member
    I know this is old but if anyone new comes along on here who has this problem or a simmilar problem where their game wont start up, read this blog post - (wont let me post links on here yet but search it)
    it tells you that it could be something in your Mods folder that is sopping the game from starting up! :)
  • Claramarie_77Claramarie_77 Posts: 1 New Member
    I had this same error! I have windows, but this worked. Thanks!
  • michipoticanomichipoticano Posts: 1 New Member
    hi. i would like to ask how to open the sims 4 when it is in PAR file? I recently copied the game from my cousin's laptop, and when i'm trying to open it, it wont. What should i do?
  • EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,363 EA Community Manager
    hi. i would like to ask how to open the sims 4 when it is in PAR file? I recently copied the game from my cousin's laptop, and when i'm trying to open it, it wont. What should i do?

    @michipoticano That sounds like you don't own a legitimate copy of the game. Discussions surrounding pirated games are not allowed on the forums.

    Forums Rules:
    Actions with Zero-Tolerance
    • Talking about illegal activities. This includes software piracy, “hacks,” “torrents,” game "cracks," and more. See that happening on the boards? Report it directly to EA.

    With that said necroing threads (this one was last active 2 years ago) is also against the above linked rules - please read them over.


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