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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,197 Member
    The exterior designs of the cottage farmhouse and the red barn looks very nice! @Laebeth :) The ramp up to the barn entrance looks great and the lavender is a nice touch on the edges of the barn. The flower box windows are a pretty touch in the farmhouse. Very nice fenced Christmas tree farm area! The overhanging string lights look pretty! Very nice open plan layout of the living and dining area. Sims will enjoy sitting relaxing on the sofa watching tv. The candles and flowers on the coffee table and dining table are pretty and calming for Sims to see whilst resting on the sofa or enjoying eating a meal at the dining table. The type of dining chairs used looks very nice, and the wall pictures are a homely touch for the sims to see when eating a meal. Very nice festive Christmas tree area between the living and dining areas. Very nice fireplace sitting nook on the upper landing area! Sims will enjoy sitting relaxing there in front of the fire.
    The Kringles will enjoy living there :)
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    Entry Form
    QC challenge no: 56
    Origin ID: coolsim9999999
    Are you a novice builder: no
    Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced or Unofficial level: Intermediate
    Original Lot used (lot name and town): The Summer Home in Windenburg
    Gallery Name: Jingle Kringle Cottage
    Gallery Link:
    Notes about entry:
    1. Mrs. Kringle has a small pantry just off the kitchen. She also enjoys fishing to ensure that there’s enough fertilizer for her small vegetable garden.
    2. A “partridge in a pear tree” adorns a kitchen wall.
    3. Because the climate to which they moved is temperate, they can use the pool in the summer, since it’s just warm enough. They didn’t want to move to a place in which snow is never seen after having lived at the North Pole for their entire lives before retirement. The indoor rooftop hot tub is perfect for year-round use, as long as they can spin into warm clothes as soon as they get out of the hot tub.
    4. In "his" part of Jessica's stable, Kris still “works out on his sled,” but now his sleigh is his prized possession when he’s not on selling trees on his new tree farm (Mrs. Kringle bakes goodies to place next to the tree farm’s check-out counter) or spending time with Mrs. Jessica Kringle.
    5. The retired wishing well sits in the front yard, just like this retired couple.
    6. The teddy bear in Kris’s office is from his chief elf, who retired a couple of years before Santa did because he had to find his Dad in New York City...lol B)!
    7. Kris didn’t want to throw out his “work stuff,” so it’s in his office, which mostly serves as a library, although, a few random future start-up genius children in SimNation did manage to discover his new address because they’ve already been reading Mom and Dad’s programming books and are already extremely computer savvy, and he’s planning to respond to a few of them --- as long as they promise not to tell other children his new address.
    Creative Notes:
    1. There are two small “silos” with extra feed for the reindeer on both sides of the front porch – each with a special little roof atop them. The Kringle’s are planning to make them taller after they settle into their new home and life.
    2. Both Kringles have a closet in the far end of the bathroom. That area isn’t playable because I wanted a creative solution to giving both of them a closet, so both closet’s are decoration.
    3. The cash register doesn’t work. It is just for decoration because it’s on a residential lot.
    4. Candy cane flooring at the edge of the bathroom and bedroom --- including the curved top of both candy canes.
    5. The “reindeer” each have their own stall in the stable, and there are two empty stalls for breeding.
    Street view
    First floor
    Second floor --- hot tub time!
    Kris behind the counter at his tree farm --- between the goodies his wife baked for anyone who purchases a tree there. He’s ringing up his first customer now, and since it’s such a momentous occasion, Mrs. Kringle comes over to watch her husband sell his first tree from his tree farm.
    Eating a nice steak from their grill. You can also see the stable. In “his” part of Jessica's stable, the additional garden pot that Kris is crafting is for when his wife decides to enlarge her vegetable garden.
    The Kringle’s enjoy sitting on their new front porch roasting marsh mellows or eating Mrs. Kringle’s special fruitcake.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,197 Member
    The layout of Jingle Kringle Cottage build and the exterior design of the home looks very nice! @coolsim9999999 :) The lit white trees look very pretty along the front of the build! The wishing well is a nice touch there. The two silos for the reindeers food either sides of the front porch look great! The wreaths are nice festive touches on the front exterior of the home. Very nice rooftop patio! The wreaths are a nice touch on the hot tub gazebo and the Christmas trees look very festively nice in the corner nooks. The Kringles will like the relaxing is the hot tub. It is great that there is a pond for Mrs. Kringle to enjoy fishing in. The design of the Christmas tree farm area looks great! It looks great how you have used the terrain paint for pathways. It is very special that Jessica has a baked goods stand for Sims who come to buy Christmas trees. Very nice outdoors dining patio. The sims will enjoy cooking meals on the bbq and eating them at the red and white umbrella in the outdoors air. Very nice outdoors living nook area where the sims can enjoy sitting on the chairs and watch the birds feeding on the seed feeder, and in the bird house and birdbath. They will enjoy swimming in the pool. It is a very nice picture of the Kringles enjoying sitting on the wooden seat bench near the fire. The flower cart and stump tables look great there. Very nice design of the stables! The individual stalls and reindeers look great! Kris will enjoy crafting on the woodwork bench
    It is a very nice home for the Kringles ! :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,607 Member
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    Thank you very much for your awesome and extremely detailed review of my country cottage for the Kringles B)! I'm really happy that you liked the layout of the Kringle's cottage, the trees with lights on them in the front yard, the baked goods at the checkout area of the tree lot baked by Mrs. Kringle, the wishing well, the silos for the reindeer, the hot tub and second Christmas trees near that room, and the fishing pond, as well as the way I arranged the Christmas tree farm and made paths with terrain paint B)!

    I'm glad that you liked all the wreaths, the cookout area with the grill, the bird feeder area the campfire to roast marsh mellows and the red flowers on the tree stump tables, as well as the flower carts :D!

    Thanks again for all your wonderful reviews of my stuff, as well as everyone else's o:)<3B)! It's so nice of you to do that for us :D!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year @rosemow and everyone :):DB)<3!

  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,607 Member
    You're welcome @rosemow B)!
    Thank you very much for your Christmas wishes, as well :D:)!

  • emereemere Posts: 1,401 Member

    Thanks @Ainsleyf (christmassy, I like that word!) @rosemow @Cbear13 o:) I really try to be festive at Xmas :D at least when I'm simming and when I bake cookies!

    @Laebeth that white house is so beautiful, I love the color scheme of the decor <3 That ramp looks great, it is a roof? how do you keep it in place? with a room? Roofs at the ground tend to disappear.

    @Nore your reindeers are so cute!

    @coolsim9999999 your house is so joyful, I love your floor candycanes <3

  • jadeiamjadeiam Posts: 146 Member
    This build has been loads of fun! Thank you so much @Cbear13 and our other judges for such an awesome challenge :)
    I've been super busy of late and have had it finished for a while but had to play test, snapshot and upload etc, just making it in time!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with loads of love, peace and of course a pressie or two, hugs to all x

    QC challenge no: QC56
    Origin ID: jadeiam
    Are you a novice builder: No
    Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced or Unofficial level: Advanced
    Original Lot used: The Summer Home, Windenburg
    Gallery Name: Mistletoe Cottage
    Gallery Link: Mistletoe Cottage

    Notes about entry: This picture perfect cottage has been built for Mr and Mrs Kringle, now in their retirement. They were after a cosy country home complete with barn for the reindeer! Mr Kringle requested some land to grow Christmas trees for families and Mrs Kringle really wants to spend more time in the garden and greenhouse. Features include country kitchen, formal sitting and dining room with fireplace, breakfast room and den. Upstairs has two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, plus comfy nook with desk for Mr Kringle to keep up with his mail, well, try to!

    Link To Images Gallery

    Mistletoe Cottage
    Mr Kringles cosy nook so he can keep up with his mail, well try to, it's piling up!
    Mr Kringles chillaxin' spot where he likes to hang out and sell the odd Christmas tree.
    Mrs Kringles is loving her new garden yard and greenhouse!
    Not used to the warmer weather just yet, the Kringles love cooling off in the pool!
    The comfy barn and barnyard, ready for reindeer :)
  • NoreNore Posts: 236 Member
    Quick last minute question as I rush to finish haha. Do we have to make note of items that intersect by design and there's no way to not make them intersect? For instance, dining chairs that intersect with table clothes when placed on a dining table or windowsill flowers that intersect slightly into the window? Thanks!
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    Link to a story I started: Chronicles of a Simki

    Origin ID: NoreKP

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,197 Member
    The exterior design of Mistletoe Cottage is very nice! @Oliana :) Very nice roofing and dormers! The front porch and the spandrels used there looks very nice. The pink flowers look very pretty either sides of the front steps, and the white picket fencing is a homely touch. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The study desk nook is very nice! Kris will enjoy sitting at the desk table using the computer or relaxing in the armchair reading his mail. The letters look great on the top of the desk! The wall pattern and the patterned floor rug gives a warm feel to the room. Very nice Christmas tree sales nook ! It is a very nice nook area for sims to come and buy their tree, as well as a nice place for Kris to relax in the outdoors air and have a drink from the bar and food from the cooler, under the shade of the umbrella. Very nice picket fenced harvestable garden and greenhouse area! Mrs Kringle would enjoy growing and harvesting plants there. The overhead lights and the flower cart are nice touches there. Very nice pool area. The Kringles will enjoy swimming in the pool, or resting poolside on the seat having a chat. The flowers on the table and surrounfing the chairs there look very pretty. Very nice exeterior design of the barn! I have looked at the extra pictures of your home and it looks a very warm and homely home. The colour scheme is calming and very nice.
    The Kringles will enjoy living there! :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,607 Member
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    @Nore --- Check out the top two posts of page 286 of this thread from July 28 about dining tables with table clothes.
    You could make a note of it, if you want.
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  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    @laebeth - very cool! Love the white and grey and the cut-your-own tree stumps are awesome!! Cool traditional red barn and the upstairs sitting area is so pretty.

    @coolsim9999999 - very cool candy stripe floors and I love the tree farm counter and stable stalls. Nice!!!!!
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,607 Member
    Thank you very much @Ainsleyf B)!
    @Ainsleyf --- Awesome teapot on the stove B) ! The rest of the details are really cool, too :D!

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    Thank you @rosemow @emere @Ainsleyf :blush:

    I forgot to thank you @coolsim9999999 ! So thanks :blush: That tree stump idea, funny you mention, I was so excited when I thought of that! haha. A small, yet fun, detail :wink:

    @emere Ah yes that is a roof. Not sure how I did this but I didn't have any issues with it during playtesting. I did the bulldoze test so. It seems stable. Maybe because it's attached to the actual wall of the house, and not just "free standing"?
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    Oh darn, well I won't make the Sim challenge this time, but one has to make tough priorities some times :p
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  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,607 Member
    Awesome cottage @Laebeth B)! I really like the barn and your personal story to go with it :D! That tree stump idea was so unique :)!

  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,607 Member
    Thank you very much @emere! I'm glad you like my house, especially the candy cane flooring :D!

    @emere --- I really like your house, especially the exterior of the house and the tree stand area and landscaping, as well B)!

  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    @oliana - very pretty home and I especially love the garden and the little umbrella'd counter. Cool build!!
  • NoreNore Posts: 236 Member
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    Finally finished budgeting and playtesting just in time! Spent all day on it haha, budgeting was way harder than I realised, went from nearly 400,000 to 160,000 haha! . Just have to take pictures and write some notes if that's okay, wanted to get the Gallery link in time!

    QC challenge no: 56
    Origin ID: norekp
    Are you a novice builder: No

    Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced or Unofficial level: Experienced or Advanced, although I'm not certain, I feel a bit intermediate in some judging categories haha. Perhaps, if it is alright, you could assign me to whatever category you feel is best? I'm okay with any of the three.

    Original Lot used (lot name and town): Municipal Muses in Willow Creek

    Gallery Name: Kringle Kottage

    Gallery Link: Kringle Kottage

    Notes about entry:
    Painting and photo credits for winter themed art: jessie0905 and tiya33
    Build Story:
    Here’s a short story I imagined as I built this lot. The family is just something I created and isn’t meant for the sims contest.
    This house, though once a warm family cottage, now serves as a perfectly preserved museum as the birthplace and flagship store for Kringle Korp, one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, specialising in trees, reindeer and all items Christmas-related. It all began with a young, entrepreneurial Kristoff Junior. Unlike his father, Kristoff Junior yearned to get out of the North Pole to make a name for himself. He had lived his whole life under the shadow of a father who was one of the most famous men in the world! Now he was ready to set out into the wider world. He bought a cottage in Brindleton, modestly sized and just the right notes of warmth. It was there he met Indira, the love of his life. They spent many wonderful years in their cottage, and despite his best efforts, Kristoff Junior couldn’t help but go all out every Christmas with decorations. Indira also would put up decorations not only from her own culture, but many from around the world in a true harmonious celebration. Soon their home was blessed with more laughter with the birth of their son. They realised they’d better start saving soon for his college tuition, and decided to open up a quaint Reindeer and tree farm. Little did they expect their small farm to become a booming success, and expand to all parts of the globe. Like Kristoff Junior, though, his son, Kristoff III, yearned to make his own name soon enough, and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up :)
    And here's a picture:

    Intersection Notes:
    - There are numerous instances where I use two objects for clumps of snow that intersect a the base or on the roof with objects. This was done purposefully to imitate snow clumps. As snow isn’t technically solid I figured it was okay since objects can realistically show through snow.
    - In the barn, there are reindeer standing on grass. The grass was put there intentionally to hide the floor tiles. It was impossible to not have the reindeer intersect with both types of grass, but it was done purposefully to imitate reindeer grazing.
    - There are several rocks intersecting in the Nativity Scene, this was done purposefully to create a rock wall. Numerous other objects intersect in the scene itself, but it was done intently to create the Scene :)
    - There are some intersections in the Christmas Tree and Santa with his Reindeer on the rooftop. Namely the lights on the tree, the star on the tree, the antlers of the reindeer, Rudolf’s nose, and the reins. All of the intersections in these 2 items were also done intently in the effort to create new artistic aspects.
    - All of the intersections in the trainset, like the tracks were also done intently.
    - The headphones on the couch were done on purpose to show a lived-in effect.
    - Part of the snowflake hanging décor in the living area goes into the pillar, but that’s how they place and there was no way to avoid it.
    - In the coat room, the shoe rack and coat board intersect with the wall. This was done on purpose to create a built-in effect as if these items were built directly into the walls of the coat room.
    - Part of one of the drapes in the entrance hall intersects the halfwall, but there was no way to move it out of the way.
    - Also just noticed as I look for notes that I forgot to move the entrance hall rug out from under the walls/pillar haha, ah well :) That was not done on purpose and I imagine points will be docked haha.
    - The fridge and the cabinet in the kitchen intersect a bit. This was done on purpose to create an effect as if the fridge was built into the wall.
    - There seems to be some kind of glitch where roof trims show up on the interior walls, this was unavoidable. I tried to put pictures over them because it was ugly haha.
    - In the child’s bedroom, the shelves intersect the paintings. This was done on purpose because the intent was the paintings were actually a mural on the wall or were the wall itself. Thus the shelves would naturally be then built into that “wall.”
    - There is a pathing issue in the master bathroom, but it appears to be a glitch. Even after I moved everything out of the way, the sim was stuck in the bathroom after they went in. No idea how they could path in but not out. I had no idea how to fix it.
    - The lattice on the upper floor balcony intersects the rail a bit, this was done on purpose to make it seem like it is growing around the rail.
    - The second floor above the barn was left empty on purpose to be an expandable loft or attic or guest house space.

    Images (3-6 max): (please post 1 street view photo)
    Street view from an angle, to show the main cottage and farm :)

    Close-up of the front yard features, including a Nativity Scene, Santa on the roof with his reindeer led by Rudolf :), and a unique Christmas tree

    Family room featuring a trainset village model

    Child's bedroom in a super space theme :)

    Overview of the lot to showcase the Rudolf-themed fencing and tree farm. Can also see the Nativity Scene roofing and Santa's sleigh curving on the rooftop.

    Close-up of the barn, where if you look closely you can see the signature red nose of a young Rudolf Jr. peaking under the fence rail :)
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Challenge 56 is now officially over, fantastic holiday spirit everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    Challenge 57 is now posted on page 1, as judges take a break this time every year we are hosting a just for fun challenge for this next challenge to keep you guys entertained while we relax. There is no judging or winners and everyone will receive a maxis nom and banner for your efforts.

    Challenge 57 found here
    ✦✦ Origin ID: cbear1313 ✦✦ Gallery: cbear1313 Gallery ✦✦ Cbear's Creations ✦✦
    ✦✦ Quality Control Contest ✦✦ QC Monthly Contest ✦✦ QC Create A Room Competition ✦✦
    ✦✦ Quality Control Practice Challenges ✦✦
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,197 Member
    The new Holiday Challenge sounds great! :) I will look forward to seeing everyone’s dream holiday destination !
  • NoreNore Posts: 236 Member
    @Cbear13 I was rereading the rules to make sure I did everything correctly and I forgot to give credit for photos/paintings in the actual lot saved to the Gallery (although I did credit them here in the forum). I was wondering if I should take the lot down, modify the description and relink it to the Gallery, or rather if this would be okay to do now? Thanks!
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    Link to a story I started: Chronicles of a Simki

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  • RivendellStarRivendellStar Posts: 1,004 Member
    @Nore Love the nativity scene!

    @Oliana Beautiful cottage!

    @Laebeth Lovely interior!

    @coolsim9999999 Cool candycane flooring!

    @Liz_GoBucks Great stables!

    @kimartist Love the snowy photos and festive red and green decor!
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,607 Member
    Thank you very much @RivendellStar B)!

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,197 Member
    Kringle Kottage is a very creatively designed home for the Kringles! @Nore :) The design of the Nativity scene, the Christmas tree with the snow on it. and the reindeers and Santa on the roofing looks very great! The fencing looks so very creative in the shape of Rudolph and the Christmas tree! Very nice exterior of the barn. I have been posting on other threads about your build so I won’t write any more about it here, but just wanted to say that it is a very creative Christmas themed build! :)
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