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Who's Your Favorite YouTube Simmer?


  • belle10belle10 Posts: 11 New Member
    My favourites for building are The Sim Supply, Deligracy (as many others have stated), and Irrelephant Sims - I loved her Decade Build series and her new Build Around the World series. Her videos are very informative and she spends a great deal of time doing research to make her builds as accurate as they can be in The Sims. For LPs I really like Urban Sims. I find her storylines engaging.

    Honestly, I do not get the hype about lilsimsie. I followed her for awhile but I just find her builds too predictable (she doesn't take a lot of risks and seems to stick to a very specific style) and her LPs are boring. I also just got sick of her build videos because she never actually talks about the build, she just rants about how unfair her life is.
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,983 Member
    edited October 2017
    @pepper090889: You're the sweetest! Thank you so much for supporting me! I'm hoping to bring some LPs to my channel soon once I can figure out how to properly record one!

    I can't just pick one, so these Simmers are constantly on my Watch List, though I can't always keep up with all of the awesome content they put out. I also tend to stick to smaller YouTubers, though I do watch some of the bigger ones too:

    - AlissaTheSimmer
    - Artsie-Simmer
    - Aurora
    - Devon Bumpkin
    - Girl Meets Pixels
    - jessamica92
    - KittyPixels: this is jessamica92's new channel
    - KenziiSims
    - kiwisimming
    - laurenplays
    - lolosimming: this is laurenplay's new channel
    - Meagan Jo Sims
    - PixiesAdventures
    - Simmy Lex
    - Simplee
    - spellburst
    - thatsweetsimmer
    - The Sims Gallery
    - Xanthippe

    These Simmers do a mixture of everything - builds, CAS, LPs - and they truly are my favorites. I've shared this big long list in hopes that ya'll might discover some new Simmers apart from the big names out there! :heart:

  • MissNightOwlMissNightOwl Posts: 740 Member
    Of course it's CaptainSauce :) He's not a very good source when it comes to reviews etc., but his stories are simply AMAZING :)
  • MidnightAuraMidnightAura Posts: 5,702 Member
    My favourite is Starlight Sims. I also like Simmer Jonny and xUrbanSimsx
  • SimmerAliSimmerAli Posts: 5 New Member
    I love The Sim Supply! I think James is fun to listen to, and he has great builds!
  • CeeMiltonCeeMilton Posts: 94 Member
    my favorite is xSimsugar, i started watching her disney legacy challenge and have followed her since. I also like vixella to, she's super entertaining.
  • YvinatorEliteYvinatorElite Posts: 97 Member
    My all time favourite is Andrew Arcade, he does Youtube and now started to also stream more actively on Twitch. He actually inspired me to start youtube myself as well!
  • SimmerNickYTSimmerNickYT Posts: 703 Member
    My favourite YouTuber Simmers are XurbansimsX, Devon Bumpkin, Steph0sims and IrrelephantSims! I can't pick a favourite out of these four though. Every YouTube Simmer is unique in their own way!
    Not so obsessed anymore with building in TS4!
    YouTube: | The Gallery:
    Twitter: | Origin-ID: SimmerNickYT
  • Shadow_Simmer_14Shadow_Simmer_14 Posts: 52 Member
    My favorite personally is Vixella, she's really funny and makes really cool builds.
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,642 Member
    Vixella & XUrbanSimsX
  • CreativeSimmerCreativeSimmer Posts: 156 Member
    defnitily DELIGRACY, her channel is amazing, I'm hoping to get some of her merch for Christmas :smiley:
    Youtube-Creative Simmer
  • gummybear0724gummybear0724 Posts: 1,146 Member
    Deligracy and lilsimsie. Today my favorite would probably be lilsimsie but they're both really good. I do enjoy James (SimSupply's) builds as well.
  • YvinatorEliteYvinatorElite Posts: 97 Member
    Andrew Arcade is still my favourite Simmer, but I recently found Aurora and she has amazing Sims 3 Videos!

    I also started my own channel a few weeks ago! here is my first video for Cats & Dogs (let me know if you like it!)

  • link4566link4566 Posts: 59 Member
    Hatsy for builds (+ plus some of her stories she tells during them are hilarious). And LGR for reviews B)
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,748 Member
    I like XUrbansimsX, Vixella, and Aviatorgamez.
  • NetNet11215NetNet11215 Posts: 152 Member
    def simproved for sure
  • Bananacupcake1Bananacupcake1 Posts: 60 Member
    I don't really follow any "youtube simmers" such as TheEnglishSimmer or anyone but occasionally some of my favourite youtubers do post sims series e.g. Joe Sugg :)
  • fidelis_x0fidelis_x0 Posts: 74 Member
    I’ve been watching a lot of this new YouTuber called emilime. She has really great builds and lets plays. Definitely worth checking her out.
  • SsimBeanSsimBean Posts: 154 Member
    The Sim Supply is amazing! His Rags to Riches Series' are always a blast! I love Lilsimsie too, she a fantastic simmer!
  • CreativeSimmerCreativeSimmer Posts: 156 Member
    definitely deli (deligracy)
    Youtube-Creative Simmer
  • AngelSpark04AngelSpark04 Posts: 5 New Member
    My favourite is also deligracy
  • Lady_LuSsh01Lady_LuSsh01 Posts: 296 Member
    Mine is sims supply because he does awsome builds and i like his rags to riches story.
  • Lady_LuSsh01Lady_LuSsh01 Posts: 296 Member
    > @pepper090889 said:
    > Currently the three main Simming channels I watch are lilsimsie, Thetideschanging, and theplumdot.
    > lilsimsie has a few TS4 LPs going at the moment and she does a lot of building and renovating.
    > Thetideschanging has some of my favorite LPs. Her TS4 LP is currently on Season 2 and it's by far my favorite sims LP I've watched. She is a great story teller and also does a lot of speed builds.
    > theplumdot has a TS3 channel only. At the moment she just has speed builds and CAS videos but she's a great builder and has great commentary.
    > I do a lot of builds and CAS videos on my channel. I've attempted LPs, but I'm still trying to get used to those. I have mostly TS4 videos, but I also have a few builds and Create a Pet videos for TS3. If you're interested: Artsie-Simmer

    I just started watching lilsimsie and diligracy is another good one.
  • TerezaSims85TerezaSims85 Posts: 114 Member
    My favourite youtuber is ME! :smiley:
  • TerezaSims85TerezaSims85 Posts: 114 Member
    > @mandyyporto said:
    > i like hatsy. and 2 brazilian ones called Jr e Mi and Nat Cavalcante...

    Don't know her but looks really good!
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