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    @coolxman, Great I'll add a play area!

    Good Luck with your competition! :mrgreen:
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    @coolxman, Alpine Stone Mansion is ready!

    This Stone Mansion has 12 bdrm, 15 ba plus 3 half ba, formal living & dining rooms, library, home office, ballroom, lounge, kitchen with butler?s pantry, breakfast room, family room, lower level rec room with bar, gym, home theater, wine cellar, arcade and an attic for expansion. Outdoor features include a gated entrance, motor court with fountain, swimming pool with hot tub, pool house, BBQ gazebo and play area. ~ no cc or cap ~ DNA Request for coolxman ~ by romagi ~ Enjoy!


    Download: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9161555

    Media: https://imgur.com/a/ju112




    Request: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/comment/16091039/#Comment_16091039

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    Alpine Stone Mansion is an absolutely gorgeous home Rox. Fantastic job creating and decorating this mammoth build. Love all the special touches inside and out. My fav bedroom is the yellow and grey but those kids bedrooms come a really close second. Love the kitchen. Really neat idea with the bed 'pillows' and the spring rider carousel is so cute. Of course my fav animated sparkly wall is there too. So much detail everywhere. Just amazing. Well done! :D
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    Oh My God, Rox! What a gorgeous mansion! How perfect is in the architecture and decoration! Just a master piece! <3
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    Alpine Stone Mansion is a very grand build! :) The exterior design and layout of the build looks so very nice! It is a very detailed build! Very nice outdoors areas! The furnishing of each of the rooms and areas looks so very nice! Very nice design and colour schemes of all the bedrooms ! The open space kitchen looks very nice. Very nice long dining table nook! Many sims will enjoy sitiing there eating meals together.
    It is such a very detailed and special home build! :)
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    What a gorgeous house! Love the colors, that huge dining room, and sooo big with so many bedrooms! Your building skills are ... awesome? Can't think of another word. And I get to use it cause I have all the EPs!! This will look perfect on the Landgraab or Alto lot. Can't wait to get in game and try it out.
    The Sequel: FINALE

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    @romagi1 , Wow Rox, you did a fantastic job creating this real life mansion into a sims house, the exterior looks just like it!!! And how amazing you made everything look, considering you had limited EP's, SP's and store content to work with. I don't know which bedroom is my favorite, thinking the black and pink one, then the yellow and grey one, and love the walk-in closet to the yellow/grey room. But each and every room is decorated so beautifully and of course, the grounds are gorgeous! Rec'd and will be downloading for a closer look. Love it!!!
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    Thanks so much @soocoolsim, @AIRIS6962, @rosemow, @ZeeGee and @Sandraelle!! :)

    LOL, Paula! I'm hooked on the window box things! :):p I really like the grey and yellow for a nursery but I saw several Master bedrooms in those colors too so I thought I'd try it as my requester likes grey.

    Inma! That means alot coming from you!

    Rosemow, it is indeed a long table! I needed room to seat everyone in the home!

    ZeeGee, Thank You! I built it on the empty lot up there with the Alto's and Landgrabs! :)

    Sandy, my fav part (after the build of course) was decorating all the bedrooms! The grounds were hard to do as I am used to putting dirt under all the trees and bushes but this house had immaculate grounds with green under everything so I opted for those rubber play mats under everything in the children's area.

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    @romagi1 omg thank you so much the house is great t
    hank you so much the house looks great
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    Hi All! I've a Sim and a small cabin for Ari's contest! Come join the Fun! :)

    Contest here: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/930088/the-holiday-cabin-a-build-create-a-sim-contest-now-open/p1

    Sim's Name: Devin Delaney
    Link to Sim: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9166550
    Sim's Traits: Bookworm, Natural Cook, Family Oriented, Eco Friendly, Loves the outdoors


    Devin is an only child; it was just him and his Da growing up. With his father being a teacher they spent their summers and holidays at his Grandma’s cabin. Devin loved being outside fishing and swimming, but his favorite time was the evenings quietly reading by the fire before bed. (One of Da’s rules) His grandma was the best cook ever and Devin enjoyed helping her in the kitchen. Every year his cooking got better and grandma used to laugh and say that one day he would make a fine husband. Grandma grew all her own fruits and veggies so Devin naturally learned the rewards for being kind to mother earth. Devin became a teacher not just because his Da was but because he liked children and knew that someday he would have a large family. Now that Devin is on his own he’s decided to find a cabin down the road from Grandma’s so he could still visit her and Da and do some entertaining of his own.

    Devin is hoping this will be the summer he finds that certain someone and one day pass on all he has learned to his children.

    Devin is quite pleased with the cabin he found. It’s within walking distance of his Grandma’s cabin, there’s room for a small kitchen garden in back, and it has a small enclosed back porch with plenty of windows to make it perfect for a grilling porch and a washer. The kitchen is small but it’s all he needs to cook for small get together with friends and family. There’s a screened porch overlooking the pond with room enough for a small table for romantic dinners. It has one bedroom and bath downstairs but there’s a loft bedroom large enough to put a couple of bunk beds for when his friends stay for a visit, they will even have their own bath. He can see it already. Fishing and horseshoes during the summer and Ice skating and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit during the winter! It’ll be perfect for Holidays and summer break with friends and when he has his own family!

    Pictures (4 maximum in this thread):




    Slideshow/Separate Thread Link: https://imgur.com/a/bb8ZV

    Additional Information:

    Libra – Irish Green – Country Music – Key Lime Pie

    Middle School Teacher (lvl 5) - Surrounded by Family

    Lots of skills and lifetime points

    Lot name: Moss Creek Cabin
    Link to Your Lot: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9166553
    Final Price: $32,536

    Description: Quaint Mountain cabin with open floor plan. Sleeps and eats 6 with 1 bedroom and bath downstairs and a loft bedroom with 2 bunk beds and bath upstairs. A grilling porch with a washer and screened porch overlooking the pond. Fishing and Horseshoes during the summer and Ice skating and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit during the winter!

    Pictures (4 maximum in this thread):





    Slideshow/Separate Thread Link: https://imgur.com/a/bb8ZV

    List of WANTS that you included in the home:

    Space to entertain a small group of close friends
    - Open plan kitchen/living area
    - Hardwood floors throughout the main areas
    - Small plants included as part of the décor
    - Reading loft or nook – not sure if it’s a nook but it’s a cozy chair by the fire.
    - At least 2 items that fit their personality (hints under The Client)
    Bookcase, recycle bins, room for friends and family, can feel outdoors but still be inside, comfy reading chair by fireplace, 4 outdoor activities.

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    Devin is handsome! :) It was very nice reading about his background details, and learning about his childhood experiences and his life nowadays. It was great also reading about the details and features of his cabin home. It is nice that it is located near his grandma’s home so that he can visit her and his Dad.
    Very nice exterior design of Moss Creek Cabin! :) The log wall exterior texture looks great and very nice roofing! The pond is very nice for fishing and ice skating! Sims will have fun playing horseshoes and enjoy sitting around the firepit toasting food and keeping warm. The kitchen garden is a nice touch. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home and open plan layout of the kitchen, dining and living room areas ! The wooden texture of the walls and furnishings looks very nice. Very nice sofa and armchairs fireplace sitting area for Sims to enjoy sitting near the fire keeping warm, chatting or reading a book. Very nice kitchen! The types of stoves used there look nice. Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming in through the kitchen windows whilst cooking. Very nice screened porch! Sims will enjoy cooking on the grill there, and looking out at the pond and outdoors views whilst eating their meals at the table. It is nice that there is a washer there and an outside clothesline. Very nice bedrooms! The bunkbeds look very nice how they are placed in the loft nook areas.
    It is a very nice and warming cabin home for Devin to enjoy living in! :)
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    Rox, my goodness you certainly have a knack with making good-looking sims. If only I was eons younger and pixelated :smiley:
    What a great cabin! I like the visual interest of the rooflines and the interior is so neatly laid out. Well done! Rec'd :smiley:
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    Thanks so much Ladies! There are more sims and cabins already entered in the contest I have linked above! Come join the fun!
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    Devin looks quite handsome with interesting traits and LTW for a single. The cabin looks super lovely and very cozy as well, with a beautiful garden and pond. I think I will activate the winter season for it again, some snow would be just perfect; especially now.
    Great work as usual :smiley:
    I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
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    @jonluke32, please reply to the questions here! Thank You!

    A few questions.

    1. They have pics of the front but I'm not sure what the backyard looks like or what you would like back there.

    2. What is in the small wood addition to the home?

    3. From what I've read she rents rooms out so there must be a fourth bedroom somewhere. I have room for a small one upstairs or is it in the wood addition to the home?

    4. Please list the Store content that can be used: Please furnish it and make it to look as close to the house in the show as you possibly can. So any store content can be used? If so, I think I can make the house a bit wider.

    When I sent the friend request I saw that you own everything except Sweet Treats. Is there a reason you don't want Ambitions or Fast Lane used?
  • jonluke32jonluke32 Posts: 92 Member
    The house that Grey House looks likes is Foxbar and was likely built in the 1840s in the Italianate style. It is located south of Governor's Road and overlooks Spencer Creek in Dundas. Foxbar is the exterior filming location for Grey House in The Good Witch series. There is a website with more info but of course I can't post it

    1. I don't think I've ever seen the yard on the show and so just make the house and the yard should be understated and maybe the house is on the backedge of the lot because there is a big front

    2. I don't know-maybe your team member who has seen the show can be of some help. I think it might be a sort of solarium.

    3. I believe that all the rooms are upstairs and I have heard of (at least) 2 guest rooms.

    4. I received Fast Lane for Christmas, but I don't have Ambitions. Is there a way that I can fix that on my profile?

    Here is a more elaborate description of the house:

    Foxbar is the product of Scottish stone masons. Above the door is a set of paired, round-headed windows with shutters, scroll decorations on the staircase. Another scroll is found on the mantel in the library. Flanked by built-in bookcases, the fireplace is incorporated into the room primarily for warmth, but is an important design feature. the marble is actually a faux marble finish! The library is found on the north west corner of the house, backs onto a south facing parlour that has no fireplace. There are two ducts in the ceiling that provided warm air from this fireplace to enter the parlor. Two leaded glass ‘picturesque' windows were salvaged from a renovation and placed in a hallway to add light to the coat closet.
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    @jonluke32, I have found several sites about the house and the Good Witch but none of them show a floor plan nor an abundance of pictures of the interior or the backyard. You could try pasting your link and then adding a couple of dashes in it that I could take out.

    My team mate only remembers the shop and it was several years ago.

    The only way I know that you might be able to get something fixed on your "My Page" is to contact EA support. I'm not sure they have much to do with the old site anymore tho. I will try not to use anything from Ambitions. Your "My Page" also shows that you own several of the EA worlds. Do you own them?

    Do you own any store content? On your form your answer was Please furnish it and make it to look as close to the house in the show as you possibly can. I can do that better if I have some store content to use but if you don't own the content it will not show in your game. :/ One item in particular will make a difference as to how wide I can make the house. Unless you don't care if it has the shutters. Do you own this painting? I'm thinking I can make it look like a shutter, so I could use a 2 tile window and make the rooms as large as they look.


    or this window for above the front door?


    Since I don't know which way the house faces I do not know which is the north east corner of the home. I can only follow the pics that I can find to hopefully figure out where each room is situated. Except for the top floor. The only picture I can find for up there is the girl's bedroom.

    Edit: We found an aerial shot of the home and it is much larger than I thought! I am going to have to start over on what the floor plan might be. I should be able to for sure get the 2 extra bedrooms in! :)

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    Alpine Stone Mansion is huge! It turned out very beautiful. Great job!

    Devin Delaney is very handsome.

    Moss Creek Cabin looks very cozy and charming. Such a lovely cabin.
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    @romagi1 ok, so before I just copy and pasted your name in but now I just started typing and selected it from a pull down lets see if that works.

    So, I didn't own those two things but I did buy and download them so now I have them

    I haven't been able to find a floor plan for the house either. The links I get when I search are most Pintrest and I can't find an actual plan from there, maybe you can.
  • jonluke32jonluke32 Posts: 92 Member
    > @jonluke32 said:
    > @romagi1 ok, so before I just copy and pasted your name in but now I just started typing and selected it from a pull down lets see if that works.
    > So, I didn't own those two things but I did buy and download them so now I have them
    > I haven't been able to find a floor plan for the house either. The links I get when I search are most Pintrest and I can't find an actual plan from there, maybe you can.

    Darn, still no link in the name!
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    jonluke32 wrote: »
    > @jonluke32 said:
    > @romagi1 ok, so before I just copy and pasted your name in but now I just started typing and selected it from a pull down lets see if that works.
    > So, I didn't own those two things but I did buy and download them so now I have them
    > I haven't been able to find a floor plan for the house either. The links I get when I search are most Pintrest and I can't find an actual plan from there, maybe you can.

    Darn, still no link in the name!

    Hello @jonluke32 :)
    You need to be a full member for the blue name link to appear.
    You need to have 50 points and 30 posts before you can become a full member and can then have an Avi picture, post pictures, have a signature, start new threads, edit posts , post links that show up correctly and have quotes appear in grey boxes . This thread explains about it.

    You have the required points but just need more posts.
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    Thanks @Heledriel! Always glad to see a familiarAvie! :)

    Thanks for stopping by @illusie! :)

    Hi @rosemow! Thanks for showing @jonluke32 to the information thread! :)
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    @jonluke32, Drat! I was hoping having the 50 points would help but maybe by the end of this request you will have your 30 posts too! :D

    Thanks for purchasing the window and picture! :)
    Sometimes those new to the forums and The Sims 3 are not aware of the store. Just wanted to make sure you would be able to download your request without alot of replacements!

    So I'll go with All Ep's and Sp's except No Ambitions or Sweet treats.

    But, will use what I need from the store to make it match as close as possible. Thanks! :)

    I've got it placed on a 50 x 50 and from the aerial views it looks as if it really doesn't have a backyard but it does have something of a side yard. Will try to get a WIP posted for you sometime this weekend. B) Unless you would prefer not to see WIPS unless I have a question?
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    @romagi1 your Alpine Stone Mansion turned out amazing, I will have to install it and give it a proper look around! Love your sim and cabin also!
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