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The Wysehearts: 50 Foals Challenge (THIS THREAD IS DEAD...NEW ONE MADE)


  • SamelaRitaSamelaRita Posts: 882 Member
    Wow! Two sets of triplets - that's impressive! You keep inspiring me to try and breed horses - but most of my time seems to be going on replacing all my photoshop images with imageshack ones in my old stories. Did you have the fertility thingy for both the mothers?
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    @SamelaRita Thank you for your kind words ^_^. I find playing the horse/animal related challenges to be fun. As for the fertility treatment ltr only Terrwynn has it. Julienne was already pregnant when I combined the family so hers was all natural. Gave me a shock too...having two sets of triplets born just a few sim night apart O_O but I love a good challenge and raising six kids (now more) is quite that.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    edited October 2017
    ElijahsBabyGurl you've got a hectic full household there. lol Sorry laughing but i know how you feel :) Can't wait for your next update and wonder if any of the children will be horsey people. Poor Terrywynn so much on her hands now. Gosh it helps when you have older children helping the younger ones, but when they are all young yikes... keeping track is a handful. Non the less enjoy and i hope you get some giggles out of it. I know i did when i had 24 windows filled at one stage. Makes story writing so much more fun too.
    @SamelaRita come join in the animal challenge it's great! My first one is the foal challenge and i absolutely love how the story and characters have evolved. It is refreshing playing with the curiosity of how the babies will turn out. :)
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member

    (A/N: Update in the works)

  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    Happy Halloween to you too my dear. I hope you have/had a wonderful day and get lots of goodies to enjoy! :)
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    edited November 2017
    Chapter 0.4 Part 2 ~Partial Update~ Chapter 0.5 soon to come...
    **I am so sorry for this brief update, my game was giving me issues and I had to move the entire family to a new town. I lost most of my screenshots and had to work with what I had.**

    (A/N: This chapter had to be fast-forwarded from here, as I lost quite a bit of progress when Riverview glitched my save. Both Pochacco and Wardley are in my Studio! The family is safe and the story continues with Chapter 0.5)
    ~All the children are now Teens, Terrwynn gave birth to another set of Triplets; 2 girls 1 boy and had a daughter with Alistair (out of my control silly girl). Nick was abducted and gave birth to a half-Alien baby girl named Charla.
    ~Toddlers are now Children.
    ~Teens have been enrolled in Boarding School to ease the stress on the family.
    ~Alistair is no longer in the family, but can be found in my Studio. I managed to save him!

    Chapter 0.4 Part 2

    It had been a wild week for the family. Between losing her parents and taking care of 6 Toddlers, Terrwynn and Nick had their hands full. Nick hired a temporary nanny named Alistair Keyes (no longer in family due to glitch). He was a natural with children and would help see to their needs.

    Things seemed to fly by. The children grew up and Tamarinde gave birth to 2 foals a week or two apart. The two foals were given the names Pochacco and Wardley. Both are male.

    The family has certainly grown. Julienne should be proud to see how well her daughters are growing up into fine young ladies. Nick and Terrwynn are very supportive parents.
    The children are all so much alike yet different. Out of the 6, several have interests in art while the other 2 are more logic and book driven. The children were home-schooled and excelled in their after-school classes all of them in Art.
    Terrwynn is so proud of her nieces and sons.

    The family finally decided that now is the time to move to a new home! They moved to the sleepy, yet bustling town of Meadow Glen (Riverview glitched my save…lost a bit of progress). They found a beautiful ranch style home complete with a small playground, garden and barn that had a basement. Terrwynn loved it!

    Pochacco and Wardley grew fast and loved their new home.

    They had a huge pasture to play in and the surrounding area was covered in trees. The perfect place for two foals to have fun.

  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    Oh My dear my heart broke when i read you had game glitching. I know how devastated i was when it happened to me. I sure hope you have fixed it and you don't have this problem again :( - truly sorry to read this.

    Beautiful house and neighborhood. - OF course Terrwynn is going to have triplets her and Maxx must have a secret code against us lol ;) - regardless gorgeous kids!! Love how they are art based! Such talented children!!!

    Oh my i just love Pochacco and Wardley and the blazes how they have contrasting markings.

    You actually said something interesting, that due to game glitch "Alistair Keyes (no longer in family due to glitch)" - i have found that with Maxx's first child Holly, when i had a massive game glitch she no longer is her daughter in her family tree..... i wondered what happened but never could work it out, i believe you've just answered a lingering curiosity for me.

    I truly hope all works out and no more horrible glitches!! :(

    Look forward to the next chapter. - fingers crossed it all goes well x
  • SamelaRitaSamelaRita Posts: 882 Member
    I hate glitches! I was doing a story that went haywire and I had so much rebuilding to do, and it was so frustrating! I really feel for you :(
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    edited November 2017
    Here is the long awaited update! Sorry this took so long everyone I had allot of personal issues to deal with and i kinda put it off. Im sorry for making everyone wait for this chapter I do hope some of you have stuck with me.
    This one is gonna be a tear jerker and I'm sorry for that...but anyways onto Chapter 0.5.


    Chapter 0.5 The Future Is Not Always Kind...

    The family has grown so much. The family has 5 new Toddlers (soon to be children), a new mare, a new stallion and a soon brand-new foal. Neptune found a loving home and Mystogan will be on his way to the EC for sale.

    All six of the children are now Teens and have been enrolled in Boarding School. Soleil, Lyman and Blanche are in Art School, Zell and Francine are in Prep School and Romeo was sent to the School of Peace and Love. Terrwynn hopes that this was the best decision she could make as far as their education. She’ll miss them.

    Before moving from Riverview, Tamarinde had given to her foal, sired by Lucky. He was named Mystogan. She is currently pregnant with Neptune’s foal and Mystogan is all grown up.

    Wardley and Pochacco had also grown up and were sold to the EC to be found new homes. (Image of Wardley could not be found)

    Terrwynn and Nick are enjoying each other’s company and exploring their new home. The children have discovered the park and Terrwynn is thinking of adopting another cat…a female companion for her dear Mittens. Who loves his new territory!

    Though it seems he has a severe dislike for televisions…he tried intimidating it but it seems that the TV was not impressed…

    The five toddlers are now children, and each has their own personality. Though all 5 of them seem to have a love for adventures and writing.
    Tamarinde has added her contribution to the household and gave birth to Neptune’s foal. A beautiful young colt named Jupiter.
    He seems to have his father’s attitude. He’ll be a fun foal to have around!

    Grandma Emma has also been hanging around. She can often be found playing on the computer, hovering near the children or helping herself to her daughter’s wonderful home meals. It is nice to see her every now and again.

    Ellie’s Imaginary Friend, Cosmo has also decided to make his appearance. It will be fun to see how their relationship grows from here and if she can make him real. Charla has one too, his name is Paisley. I love the IF dolls and only allow one or two per generation (bringing them to life is tricky. I have two options…Rainbow Gem or Imaginarium Potion. Either way is fun ^_^)

    Terrwynn decided to stick as much to routine as possible so she wouldn’t think about the Teens. She took care of the horses; spreading hay, filling troughs and tended her garden. She even made the Teens’ beds, so they’d be clean for when they returned.

    She also spotted some of their many paintings on the wall. This one was of a flower bouquet painted by Romeo. She loved it. Her children were so talented, and she couldn’t be a prouder mom and aunt. She loved them dearly.

    Terrwynn, the silly goose, has decided to investigate the strange metal portal that ‘magically’ appeared in the yard (been there since the beginning lol).

    Nick didn’t like her touching it but she goes against his warning, that it could be dangerous and steps on the small circular object in the center of the portal. The object makes a loud whirring noise and suddenly erupts in a flash of bright blue light scaring Terrwynn a bit.

    As she waits to see what will happen next, a man appears out of the light wearing a strange blue outfit. He seems friendly enough and introduces himself as Emit Relavart.

    He assures her, he means her no harm and instead hands her a very strange book, explaining its her key to time-travelling to a future land called Oasis Landing.

    She decides then that she wants to experience this Oasis Landing and steps into the blue light quickly followed by Nick and all 5 children. He had been hovering nearby and wasn’t about to let her go alone.
    (After a 10 minute loading screen….lol)

    Terrwynn and her family arrive in Oasis Landing. They look around in amazement. There are hover cars, hover-boards, walking robots and even jetpacks. Terrwynn looks around and sees Emit waiting for her, a huge smile on his face. He tells her to enjoy her stay in Oasis Landing and then walks away leaving her family to explore on their own.

    Even here, Terrwynn’s celebrity status prompts others to ask for her autograph. She happily signs a piece of paper for this very excited Plumbot whose name she didn’t get.

    Her family settled into future living quite well. Terrwynn was able to buy one of those fancy cars and her kids loved the automatic food dispensing machine and digital art easels.

    Terrwynn had found love in the futuristic instrument called the Laser-Rythmicon. It was a harp but with lights instead of actual strings.
    She loved how the lights produced melodies she’d never heard before. Soon she was a master of the instrument and played it every chance she got. When they returned home to the present, she was taking it with her (along with her car and a few easels).

    Nick and Terrwynn loved living in the future and spent as much time as possible with each other. Stargazing and just cuddling in bed, Terrwynn was on cloud nine.

    While there she gave birth a set of quads; 2 girls and 2 boys. She and Nick named them, Viktor, Gladion, Lily and Angelica. She had so many children to take care of now with the addition of the quads but she couldn’t be more proud!

    All the children got along so well. When not painting or working on homework, they mingled, played dress up, ruled as kings and queens and just behaved like kids.
    Little did they know that their peaceful and happy life in Oasis Landing was about to take a dark and traumatizing turn for the worst.

    After Nick and Terrwynn had spent the day mingling with the paparazzi; signing autographs and answering questions (they were both 5-star Celebrities).

    They got home and spent some quality time together (both rolled a wish for another child…geeze these

    The extra-marital activities were too much for Nick it seems because the next thing the entire family knew…he was being paid a visit by a certain unwelcome visitor…Grimmy. He showed up just as all the members of the family settled into bed for the night.
    This was Terrwynn’s worst nightmare. One minute she is holding her husband as they drift off to sleep, the next she sees his shade begging not to be taken while her room fills with 9 distraught and confused children and 3 Plumbots who are terrified at seeing their creator disappearing.

    In just one night her entire existence shattered. She now had 9 children and 3 Plumbots to care for and she was pregnant…with the last child(ren) she’d ever get from her beloved husband. They set up an area just outside his garden for his marker…she sat in the chair and stared not knowing what to do next.

    She wearily crawled back into her bed after sobbing her heart out in front of Nick’s grave holding her son Viktor.
    Viktor settled in next to her watching over her while she fell asleep. He knew he had to be strong for his mother and all his siblings. He was taking up the mantle of ‘Man of the house’ despite having several other brothers capable of doing the same thing.

    The next day, Terrwynn said her goodbyes to Nick and started the transporter that would take them back to the present.

    She decided not to linger any longer in the future. She would come back some day but not for a long while. She made sure everyone was present and back home they went.

    Once back home, she decided dwelling on the fact that Nick was no longer there wouldn’t help. She gathered up Mystogan and Frost and took them to the EC to be sold so she could buy more stallions.

    She considered selling Lucky, but just couldn’t bring herself to part with him yet…he was Nick’s favorite horse.

    She bought a new mare as a companion for Tamarinde and tended to the other horses. Everyone was depressed in the house and the animals could sense it. Now Terrwynn had to worry about Mittens going next and was extremely tempted to use the 'Young Again' potion on him...she still might...

    She decided to enroll all the children in different boarding schools to ease the stress in the house. Viktor didn’t want to go so she allowed him to stay home, Charla also.
    She settled into writing novels about her life with Nick and awaiting the birth of their last child.

    Viktor slept with her each night, protecting and consoling her when she would cry out in the middle of the night because Nick was not there. He decided that his mother needed him and until she remarried...vowed to never leave home (Im settling on Viktor as Heir...possibly Charla too)

    Life for the Wyseheart-Knack family will be a bit rocky but with time, healing and some TLC they will persevere. Who knows maybe Terrwynn will find a new love but for now..she needs to grieve the loss of her beloved husband...

    Nickolas Wyseheart Knack "Cherished Father, Grandfather, Husband and Friend; May you soar on Angels Wings"
    (In-Game Age: 176 Days) Passed on Thanksgiving Day (in real life) 11/24/2017.

    (Author’s Note: Below is a video I made just for this chapter. I hope you all like it and please leave a comment stating what you thought. This was VERY hard for me to write about. I loved Nick and to see him go...was devastating for me that is why this update is so late…I couldn’t bring myself to type it out for the longest time but I knew I HAD too.)

    In Memory of Nickolas Wyseheart-Knack (this was the hardest Sim death I've gone through...I became VERY attached to Nick).
    Song: When You're With Me
    Artist: The Afters
    **All ©s regarding song use are Respected and Reserved**

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  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    @bebasim I do hope all is well with you and yours. I haven't heard from you in a while so I am kinda worried. I commented on your latest posts for your challenge and I'm working on the next update to mine. I miss chatting and seeing your wonderful responses. I do hope you and yours are okay. <3
  • Fiveme2Fiveme2 Posts: 963 Member
    Awwwww :(R.I.P Nickolas!!!!

    Yay i ordered sims 4 for the ps4 ! So now i can sim but still no laptop :(
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    I know. It broke my heart when he passed on but then again my Sim did marry an Elder. I'm glad that he was around to see most of his children born. Thank you for reading my chapter @Fiveme2 its been unusually quiet and I'm worried about one of my readers I'm hoping she and hers are okay. I hope you are able to get a laptop soon. Congrats on getting TS4 for the PS 4 that is awesome :D Are you gonna get cats and dogs? I'm still uncertain whether I'm gonna buy it or not...still have the parenting pack to consider too...I'm undecided :P
  • Fiveme2Fiveme2 Posts: 963 Member
    Your welcome!
    And I dont think cats and dogs is out for ps4 yet....but i would love to get it thou!
  • SamelaRitaSamelaRita Posts: 882 Member
    The video/song was lovely - know what you mean about getting attached to some sims. For me it was my first ones ever, back in the days of sims 2. Liked the chapter, despite the sadness. How did you do quads? That's never happened to me...triplets, yes, quite often, but not quads. Was it a mod?
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    @SamelaRita thank you so much for commenting. I actually used the 'instant baby' cheat through Master Controller to get the fourth baby. I wanted to round it out a bit and present myself with a challenge. So far Terrwynn has had 4 sets of Triplets, 1 set of Quads and 2 children born separately (Charla technically shouldn't count because she was born through Nick but I'm counting her anyways). Right now the household is a bit more stable with only 4 children (the remaining "grew up" with help and took the other children with them). Poor Terrwynn needed a huge break. I'm working on my next update so look for it ^_^
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    edited December 2017
    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 Hello my darling, thank you for your concern and i'm so sorry I've had you worried lovely. I read your update and held it together almost until i watched your video, now i can't dry my eyes the tears keep falling. I know how hard it is when a favorite sim dies, it's almost like real life, speaking of RL this is why i have been away, i did send you a pm but our 14 yo cat died in my dads arms and hubby and myself buried him, it's been very hard since and with my parents being older, I've been worried about dad who is fretting after him a lot. Most of my time I've been spending visiting them to see if they are ok. So i have been MIA for a little. I am terribly sorry if i worried you luv. I'll pm you my facebook page so at least you can keep in touch with me there, if and when something like this happens. If you like?

    Now for the chapter and update WOW firstly what a stunning family!! The horses, the children you have such a huge task in watching over them. they are all beautiful and gifted! I am curious to see how the family copes now especially since Nick has gone. :(

    I subscribed to your youtube, what a beautiful video tribute for Nick, <3 i'm still tearing up after watching it!
    Lots of hugs to you my friend, i have missed you so much and hope you are well too.
    Love to all especially Terrywynn, think it's time my sim family sends her some grieving gifts for her loss :(
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    @bebasim I'm so so so sorry about your cat love I do hope you are coping okay. I know what it means to lose a pet. I'm glad (but also sorry) that it made you cry. That was kinda the intention with the song choice. I wanted a song that showed how much they cared for each other. I am guessing I chose the right song :3 As for Terrwynn, she seems to be coping okay. Most of her children are moved out so she can focus on Victor and the other 3 living with her currently. I'll warn you now... the next update isn't as sad but there is another loss that Terrwynn has been dreading....:( I am nearly done with it and it'll be posted today. I do hope you'll watch for it. I'll reply to your PM too ^_^
  • KARRKITTKARRKITT Posts: 250 Member
    I am certainly reading, even if I haven't been commenting. I think I finally got a Sims 3 game save to cooperate enough for a challenge-story. Take a look in this story section. Honestly, due to Sim problems (not all being glitch-related) I haven't encountered any natural deaths in a family yet, though am expecting some sooner or later...

    Also, at some point I'll be doing a Sims 4 story-challenge so might be worth watching there too for mine. :)

    Still lovely horses and story.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 I can't wait for your update!! :) I am also working on the final chapters of my 50 foal challenge... all slowly coming to an end it's depressing....
    Oh noooo not mmmm.... i'm dreading the day he's gone :( i wont spoil it if i'm right but *gulp* I shall be waiting to see your update sweetness.
    Saw your pm and replied too ;) xo
  • Fiveme2Fiveme2 Posts: 963 Member
    edited December 2017
    Any idea how i can post on here even thou its on the ps4? O.O

    I want to do my human challenge (getting it tommorow or the 5th yay)
    Post edited by Fiveme2 on
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    Just wanted to let everyone know that my update is still in progress. Currently I'm having some Internet issues but I'm still working hard on it. I'm also extremely sick with the flu and had to be hospitalized. My husband was nice enough to bring me my laptop so I could message you guys. I'm sorry for the update being later than normal. Until my internet is fixed and I'm home its up in the air. I hope to be better soon. ~^_^~ in the mean time though... MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (if I dont get online by then)
  • SamelaRitaSamelaRita Posts: 882 Member
    Poor you! Sounds grim indeed. Hope you're back together and functioning by Christmas...
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    After nearly five days I'm finally home from the hospital. I'm taking some pretty strong meds for my flu and will be able to update very soon. I hope everyone has been well. Sorry for being MIA. My Internet has finally been restored too. I'm sicky but happy.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    After nearly five days I'm finally home from the hospital. I'm taking some pretty strong meds for my flu and will be able to update very soon. I hope everyone has been well. Sorry for being MIA. My Internet has finally been restored too. I'm sicky but happy.

    Just relieved to hear you're back home and mending, remember health first your followers will understand. This time of year is hectic too so please look after yourself sweetness that is first and foremost so important! And update when you can as long as you are getting better. Missed you terribly tho! xx
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