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My Sims can't sleep in peace!

wickedjr89wickedjr89 Posts: 1,777 Member
They are constantly getting up. I've tried everything. I'm playing a Sim I randomized in CAS named Sebastian, who I eventually made him a dog named Frankie, and they moved in to Catarina Lynx's place with her 4 cats when Sebastian and Catarina become a couple. They won't stay asleep through the night. Always getting up several times. I tried walling off their bedroom and locking it so the pets can't get in, thinking it was the meowing. I got them married even though they'd sleep for a little bit together so I didn't think that was the problem (and then realized even if it's just one Sim in the bed I have the same problem). I tried changing the bed, deleting the stuff near the bed/on the wall, turning off autonomy, repairing game, even replacing their house with another one and furnishing it myself. I don't use any mods or cc.

Any ideas why my Sims won't sleep in peace? I can't find any information on anyone else having this problem :(

Edit to mention it happens even when all their needs are in the green.


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