How To download Sims 4 CC that is a .rar file to mac?

I only ever done scripts and .package I just drop this in my mods folder or?....


  • Tremayne4260Tremayne4260 Posts: 3,091 Member
    .zip or .rar files require a program like Stuffit Expander to uncompress the files so that the game can properly read them. Stuffit Expander should have a free version.
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  • peticalepeticale Posts: 8 New Member
    It's actually very easy to install .rar files, but yeah you'll need to download separate software to do it. Personally, I use an app called UnRarX & it works great, super easy to use. You can just google like, "rar file extracter mac" to find other options. But once you've installed whatever app you plan to use, you might have to right click & "open with" to find the app, & then set that as the default app to open all further .rar's.
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