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The Drifter Challenge - House 002 - Rules


  • VihishaVihisha Posts: 2,767 Member
    @mojot89 GRATZ on completion of House 002 of The Drifter Challenge!!
  • VihishaVihisha Posts: 2,767 Member
    @Thymeless I do hope that u r feeling better! Nice 2 have u back! =)
  • VihishaVihisha Posts: 2,767 Member
    New YouTube content added!
    -Zylria ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTOKLtiAZP8ifpMND5Lrjuw
  • cdshrout1171cdshrout1171 Posts: 44 Member
    So, if I can't work on the Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration until the heir ages up to Child, does that mean I can't collect anything in order to build my house until then? I need to do something else to earn money until then?
  • NakendraNakendra Posts: 156 Member
    OMG guys I'm about to cry.
    So in game Heir and his wife went to visit his parents house. Wife goes into labor, but before I'm able to click on her to go to the hospital, his mother past away. And because he was panicking over the wife, he wasn't able to plead for his mother Honey. Now they are at the hospital and wife have a baby boy. I use a website to random the names, and the 1st male name that came up is Honeyfrost.
  • NakendraNakendra Posts: 156 Member
    @cdshrout1171 you can collect stuff, you just can't go camping til heir age up to child, and if you have more than one kid, they all need to be a child before you can go.
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,660 Member
    @nakendra, oh no! Too much was happening at one, how hectic and frustrating!
    That's an interesting name.
  • KariseKarise Posts: 1,198 Member
    @Nakendra Congrats on the nooboo. It is an interesting name - I guess they wanted to name him after his grandma. :smiley:
  • NakendraNakendra Posts: 156 Member
    @illusie @Karise it is an interesting name, and I love it. The naming site I use; I wanted it to be between fairy and witches with the last name Desiree. Since the parents did named him after grandma, they going to call him Frost. I'm just hoping that since he gotten her name, he will inherent her blue hair as well, since his father (heir) didn't.
  • NakendraNakendra Posts: 156 Member
    Honeyfrost as a toddler. OMG I'm in love with him already.
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,660 Member
    Honeyfrost is adorable!
  • KariseKarise Posts: 1,198 Member
    @Nakendra He's very cute.
  • NakendraNakendra Posts: 156 Member
    Honeyfrost just had his birthday. Here he is in his age up party outfit. Once party is over, going to give him a makeover. qHY1Kjl.jpg
  • KariseKarise Posts: 1,198 Member
    @Nakendra He's a handsome young man. :smile:
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,660 Member
    edited September 2017
    @Nakendra, nice looking kid! Have fun with the make-over.
  • CommaSpliceCommaSplice Posts: 169 Member
    So question on house 002. I have been adding my sim family into groups and having them fish together, grab a bite together, etc. I did the former after my heir twice managed to set herself on fire and I was worried her son might hurt himself. They have all been catching fish. Am I allowed to sell what they have in their inventories or no?
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,660 Member
    I think we are allowed to sell them.
  • CommaSpliceCommaSplice Posts: 169 Member
    I ended up not selling what was in their inventories until my heir aged up and before I moved him out. It worked out better than I hoped. I was worried that she wouldn't get the aspiration completed in the window, especially as a lot of the Let's Plays I watched on YouTube were having trouble getting the 5 nights in a tent to complete, but it worked out ok. I'm a couple of days into House 003 now!
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,660 Member
    I found the answer to your question and it selling from their inventories is allowed.
    Congrats on completing all goals and have fun in house 3!
  • KariseKarise Posts: 1,198 Member
    @CommaSplice Congrats on completing house 2 and good luck with house 3.
  • FennadevFennadev Posts: 180 Member
    edited November 2017
    Hello, I am not new to the challenge, but started over due a computer crash at house 3 in the past challenge.

    Here is my update on house 2. I am playing this with Jason Bieber(Son of Justin Bieber, something with him being the only sim I have left from my old game files). Just randomly eating:

    After one day(Yup was lucky to find both the 225 and 250 simoleons fossils*katching*). He does even have a comfortable bed!

    And that's it for now haha, I already got a stove and fridge on the second day btw. It will be hard though to find him a mate since most of my game's population is either a child or an elderly since halfway my first house I started to use MC Command since I would find it such a shame if Jules just didn't get a wifey etc.(Jules is the younger brother, he aged to a teen just recently) I have to invite him over to show him haha.

    And I found out that both the mailman and the pizza delivery guy are male as well. Gardener not spotted yet, now hitting him up with a random gurl, she does have a job though, but not an active one.

    And I just let him adopt the Mayor something cat(sorry, I play the game in Dutch) even though I don't know whether dogs or cats are allowed in this challenge. I guess I just allowed them in mine. I found it so sad to see him being homeless so.
    Post edited by Fennadev on
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,660 Member
    edited November 2017
    @Fennadev Good luck in house 2!! Looks like Jason has got a good start.
    Great that you are adding a cat to the family? What is the Dutch name? I'm Dutch but play my game in English.
    My guess is that it is okay, because you can't control them and they don't give you an advantage for the challenges.My sim family in house 12 has got a puppy :)
  • KariseKarise Posts: 1,198 Member
    @Fennadev Good luck in house 2. You look like you've had a great start. In one of my attempts at house 2 my sim married a waiter from the restaurant so you could try that if the mailman/pizza person (gardener?) are all male.
  • FennadevFennadev Posts: 180 Member
    And from a great start to not so much money income since I wanted a gurl whom I met at the job, so I let him become a scientist.
    Still to adore like that:

    Then he invited a coworker over:

    It got hot:

    Meanwhile the house was progressing slowly:

    And he had a man's night out where the female bartender decided to fall asleep forever, good partying guys xD

    She got pregnant ( I changed her clothing style after this picture):

    And it was a girl! Justice Bieber shall carry on the legacy if I make it passed this house. (Don't mind the house set-up, I was so ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off of the cat and dog waking up Jason all the time that I will lock the door for everybody when he sleeps, so his gurl was having a very bad time as well xD)

    I married them, since I thought it had to be done(walls are down since I didn't find the money yet to buy any wall papers for outdoors, that's how broke they are):

    Her dog also moved in and has been dirty ever since, since we have no bathtub, but with the baby soon to be toddler I have to get one though:

    Also that is Jules his younger brother in the last picture. And if I remember correctly his wife is called Lana. His daughter is about to age up, so another picture spam is on the way.
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