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What Have You Done With Brindleton Bay?

My OCD does not allow me to play before sorting out my hoods (darn it!), so I have been busy editing BB to my liking (does anyone else keep calling it Barnacle Bay, like me? lol)

Here's how I've done so far:

I've made the wharf totally community, left the museum as-is and put the expensive area to the right with all the existing rich(ish) families there.

I just need to do the one remaining area, which will be cheap(ish) homes :) Oh yeah, and I need to finish off the park too.

So - please let me see yours!!


  • ExxCeeExxCee Posts: 238 Member
    That's a great idea to have all the community lots together - I've only built one house so far as I was too excited to play with the pets... but today I will be working on rearranging the world and maybe building/modifying a couple of community lots.
    Origin ID: ExxCee
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 2,872 Member
    I've placed the BB lots that were in my library in BB.

    Two houses and a library I think.

    The next step is to place any Maxis created sims into the world. There's usually some for each pack.
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,951 Member
    can someone tell me where the cemeteries are in BB, I heard there were 2, but I can't even find one and I do not see a lot with a cemetery
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