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List your ideas for car gameplay here one of the SimGurus wants to know


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    K_clampett wrote: »

    This isn't a petition just an idea thread for what we want to see with cars and other vehicles. There is a car petition thread though.

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    @Selarono If you haven't found it yet, check out simdoughnut's car lot in the gallery... he's also got a package of just cc for it.
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 86,531 Member
    I'm sure there is a way to implement cars in TS4.

  • Amoni__AaliyahAmoni__Aaliyah Posts: 3 New Member
    Maybe you could add cars in a patch like with toddlers.
  • VeronicaHerndonVeronicaHerndon Posts: 60 Member
    I would like to see woohoo in cars. Teenagers getting their drivers liscense. The ability to create a car from scratch and the possibility of joining an automobile club.
  • zombiesuezombiesue Posts: 148 Member
    I can't be bothered to read through 9 pages but gear head stuff like upgrades, some cool stuff for show like undercarriage lights (at least oil changes!?!?!) would be cool. Also motorcycles, and hover cars (hover motorcycles!) for alien sims.

  • MekoSharkMekoShark Posts: 152 Member
    I'd love the idea of having a drive-in. I don't know if it is possible to have customized cars drive into designated lots but the movie theater and restaurant have already been implemented so those can be easily added. I'd utilize it for teen hangouts and storylines where the wives would catch their cheating spouses. >:) And of course I'd have my family nights out there as well. o:)<3<3<3 I also hope there could be toddler animations that allow for them to make the car dirty or throw up in it. >:)
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  • jrare1776jrare1776 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like the cars to function similarly to how they did in The Sims 2. You could place a driveway that ran from your lot into the street. You wouldn't teleport into the car but, instead, open the doors, sit, and close the doors. The sim would pull out of the driveway, drive a little, then disappear to the location. This being able to work for sims with careers would be great. Car seats for toddlers, maybe? Teens could learn how to drive from adults (not just parents) by driving up and down the street. They could learn how to parallel park, too, if there were street parking for any sims living in the neighborhood or just visiting. Another idea is driver's ed? An NPC could come to the lot to teach the teen, the teen could go to a location to learn to drive like an active career, or the teen could disappear like going to a non-active career. My one concern is how owning cars would work in some worlds like in Windenburg. In the main part of town, it's all bricked and fake cars don't even drive there. Same for the island. But I hope it works out!
  • Lexi51502Lexi51502 Posts: 5 New Member
    I think Cars would be great as a patch, since s4 isn't open world, I wouldn't want to pay for something we'll barely use, But I do agree that if added, the cars should have the same animation as they did in the sims 2. I think them getting in the car and then fading out of sight would be perfect, then the loading screen would pop up. Adding cars I feel like would be a cute touch to add more realistic gameplay. I always want to build garages and I feel like the ability to do so would be amazing, instead of just having to size up a toy car and then my sims holding a massive car in their hands autonomously lol.
  • SimmzSimmz Posts: 70 Member
    Sorry if someone said a few of these already but:
    • Have there be a driving skill for teens/adults. Maybe at level 2 or 3 they can get a permit (Essentially a piece of paper in their inventory. Provides realism :p ) and at level 4 or 5 they'll get their license.
    • Have cars breakdown once in a while. Maybe add a mechanic to the available home services or have car repair be a new skill too.
    • Different pros and cons for each car. Like the super fast cars might break more, a more reliable car might have bad headlights or not enough leg room (which could be shown through moodlets or whatever their called now.)
  • saphnaelsaphnael Posts: 60 Member
    Street race
    Road trip.
    Vehicle Stats (Fuel, Durability, Clean) and Vehicle Customization both cosmetic and performance.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,486 Member
    • WooHoo in car
    • Listen to radio/music...
    • Drive to community lot
    • Drive to special roadtrip sightseeing lots!
    • Garage doors
    • Gas pump (decorative)
    • Fix up car

  • HarlowandMeHarlowandMe Posts: 231 Member
    Whenever they add Cars in, wouldn't it be cool to have custom Campers or Mobile Homes to live in:)) They could add a new world where their are trailer parks, and they could add a lot in for campers in Outdoor Retreat. Where maybe your sim is a world traveler, Doesn't want to live in just one spot. Or maybe you sim got kicked out of the house and has to live in their car. Maybe they can add new skills and new aspirations. Instant happiness and inspired moods. World Traveler Goals, and collectibles.
  • mariajane216mariajane216 Posts: 81 Member
    I would love to have my sims be able to build their own cars and be able to park them in their driveway and/or garage. As sims work on their cars it can level up their handiness skill and they can unlock new upgrades through levels similar to the rocket science career. Road trips would also be a lot of fun to have your sims go on!
  • whyaccesswhyaccess Posts: 182 Member
    A sims race car world that has a race track, race and earn your way up in fame. fix up your car in to the hot rod that you want, maybe it will attract some one to woo-hoo with in the car.
  • BaenreBaenre Posts: 595 Member
    I didn't read through all of this but these are ideas I've been thinking about (it might be too heavy for anything other than an EP):

    I don't know how that would work with a closed world but maybe it can be used for something else like having a career where your Sim is a mechanic or automobile engineer (they design new cars and create design portfolios, trying to get these designs picked up to be manufactured). Meanwhile mechanics can fix cars up, mod them, etc.

    There can be a level to your Sims' mechanic or engineer skill.

    Also your Sim can start off with a jalopy and mod it or upgrade it to be something impressive in regards to their mechanics skill.

    Something else they can do with their cars is depending on your Sims level, they can race the cars. For more informal setup, they can do drag racing on a large lot and make money winning, or go broke losing. And on a more formal setting they can do circuit racing on large lots. For Sims that aren't into the hands on approach with cars, they can attend races and make bets or even sponsor another Sim and their car.

    So in a nutshell this EP would have:
    3 skills- Mechanic, Auto Design (Engineer), and Racing.
    Two career paths- Mechanic (garage inspired) or Automobile Engineer (corporate inspired).
    Car events: Drag Racing (informal) and Circuit Racing (formal)
    Party event: Car Show. Basically here is where your Sim showcases their car and invites their friends and family or anyone to come hang out to "view" the car and have fun with a cookout and music. Here is where a Sim can get sponsored by someone if they like the car or the Sim, and then they can get a leg up on Drag Racing or Circuit Racing.
  • LenaDieters11LenaDieters11 Posts: 1,346 Member
    Would love race car drivers as a job
  • Marialoca75Marialoca75 Posts: 10 New Member
    [quote="Simmer_Will;c-15883486"]I replied to Kimmi with some ideas I'd been working on for a new car-themed Game Pack a while back, tentatively titled "Burnin' Rubber".


    Ideas would include:

    - Sims learning to drive in a new 5-level driving skill - mastering it earns you a license
    - Sims can become mechanics in an all new active mechanic career based out of a new car garage lot type
    - Mechanics will also need to work on the new 10 level Mechanic skill which will unlock the ability to upgrade your cars in different ways (underbody lights, custom horns, hydraulics) and could include unlockable items like a tow truck, garage items like tool chests, etc.
    - Cops! This game pack could also introduce police officers (and police cars!) to the series with them being able to pull over your Sims (off-screen) for driving without a license, speeding/getting in an accident (low-level driving skill) or even for having a broken headlight (need to fix your car by bringing it to a garage or repairing it yourself!)
    - Bicycles and motorcycles should be introduced in this pack, with bicycles being available for children and up - maybe even a cute little tricycle for toddlers!

    [b]EDIT[/b]: It's important for the Gurus to understand that we don't necessarily want cars just to serve as transport from point a to point b, because in the Sims 4 we can just teleport. Therefore in-depth skills, upgrades, new lot type (garage), new career, etc. all become more of the focus rather than just driving like in TS3. [/quote]

    PLEASE !!!! This would be perfect !
  • noodlesandmenoodlesandme Posts: 188 Member
    I'm not fond of the " toy cars" that currently patrol the roads in this game. If we must be confined to a closed, restrictive world, then it might be nice to recapture what was offered in TS2. School busses are missed as well.
  • Aesir26Aesir26 Posts: 304 Member
    edited October 2017
    I really like some of the ideas that have been posted here.

    I also think I would have to agree with the idea of making the cars function like in TS2. Not as an exact copy-paste but more in the sense of giving us more to do with them than just go from Point A to Point B. Being able to build a car from the ground up or repair it would be nice and I certainly wouldn't mind being sims being able to drive their kids to school again.

    In addition, I have to say I really like the idea of a mechanic skill that some people have spoken about. If something like that was implemented then they could possibly add a new "Gearhead" trait.
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  • SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,694 Member
    The way that cars worked in TS2 would fit TS4 perfectly. Give us the same level of animation and fun options (including the option to drive to work) that we had with TS2, as well as the return of school buses and the carpool cars, and I'd be happy. Of course, I'd also love motorcycles, dirt bikes, bicycles, and a drag strip too...just saying. B)
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    Drive to community lot
    chatting in cars/talking in cars. :)

  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 86,531 Member
    Glad to see this topic getting revived again.

  • pamy1124pamy1124 Posts: 525 Member


    Did you guys see these cars parked in the recent Cats & Dogs livestream???
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