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How Many Hours Have You Played the Sims 4?


  • BlueOvaleBlueOvale Posts: 740 Member
    edited October 2017
    1038 hours, since release.
    This adds up to 43 days. A little over a month of my life, yet it feels like a lot more!
  • MikaScarletMikaScarlet Posts: 34 Member
    984 hours.

    I've been playing since City Living, and haven't played today, yet. o:)
  • snowandbriarsnowandbriar Posts: 45 Member
    1636 hours. Yet again, both my sister and I share an Origin account.
  • Glitter_SimmerGlitter_Simmer Posts: 3 New Member
    112, I guess you can say I'm a sim freak :)
  • CrazyboutTheSimsCrazyboutTheSims Posts: 2,739 Member
    I have played the sims 4 3,027 hrs. :D
  • OEII1001OEII1001 Posts: 3,682 Member
    Update -- 3424 hours as of today.
  • ResSteelResSteel Posts: 63 Member
    278 hours! I have had the game 3 years and I barely have any hours! D:
  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,559 Member
    Got the game in December 2015. Logged nearly 3400 hours. I do leave my game running during the day though, and play it in between household chores. Two of my three children also play the game on my origin account as well, so they contribute to total hours played.
  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 2,139 Member
    379 total since March of 2016. I took a few breaks to play TS2 and TS3 before toddlers were released. Now that I am 80% retired, I am hoping to add to my total number of hours.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 2,152 Member
    333 and counting. :)
    (I thought I was weird, but... most of you have a lot more! I feel better now that I know that. :D )
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 3,472 Member
    2713 so far
    -probably just playing Phasmophobia :p
  • umbralshadowsumbralshadows Posts: 212 Member
    bout 4000 hours
    lookin for lets players an reviewers for tha short/demo version a my game
    download here
  • MelsieYTMelsieYT Posts: 289 Member
    I've logged 198 hours so far and will definitely hit 200 today. I thought I spent a lot of time playing! Look at you all in the thousands! I love it! XD
  • DivieOwlDivieOwl Posts: 1,161 Member
    2290 as of right now
  • Aesir26Aesir26 Posts: 304 Member
    edited October 2017
    735 hours since its release while having to contend with a full-time job and other life-related shenanigans. I imagine that number will shoot up once C&D comes out in November.
  • LiaRose1435LiaRose1435 Posts: 720 Member
    I've played 716 hours since 21 January 2017
    Am I too lost to be saved?
    Am I too lost?
  • dancingindiordancingindior Posts: 159 Member
    My origin is stuck at 70hours and saying I last played Sept 16 so I have no idea!! definitely around 400 hrs
  • becks1112becks1112 Posts: 901 Member
    975 hours since release...although I'm not sure that's accurate.
  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,041 Member
    1336 hours. I originally bought the game a few months after its release in 2014 and had it installed on my old computer. I uninstalled it because it couldn't really run that well on it so I installed it on the new computer I bought in June 2015. I think I had only played about 24 hours on the old computer so I've clocked up some 1300+ hours on this computer but I go through spurts where I won't play for months and then I will play nothing but.
  • Katie123Katie123 Posts: 925 Member
    310 hours from september 6th 2014 wow I thought that was alot lol

  • basslinewildbasslinewild Posts: 268 Member
    777 hours since 11/17/15. I bought it when it first came out and hated it, so only played an hour and returned it. Haha. Now I can't ever go back to any previous Sims.
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  • alan650111alan650111 Posts: 3,290 Member
    I am at 2,499 hours since release date! Wow! That is a lot of my life taken up by Sims. I have a problem! lol
  • alan650111alan650111 Posts: 3,290 Member
    7912 <3

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT???! Wow! That is A LOT of Simming!!!!
  • SanguiniRebornSanguiniReborn Posts: 26 Member
    557 hours. Not as many as I thought it would be. I feel like I've played much more than that but, oh well.
  • Sonata13SingerSonata13Singer Posts: 183 Member
    Origin says 140 hours but it could be more or less because:
    a) It probably counts the time I paused the game to do something else.
    b) It probably doesn't count the time I play offline.
    Origin ID: Sonata13Singer

    I also create music and art (search up Sona13Singer on google... but I haven't been uploading a lot recently)
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