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Do you play with just one household?


  • rileyandjacobrileyandjacob Posts: 42 Member
    Generally speaking I play different families and never stick to one household.
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,651 Member
    Definitely rotational. It does happen on the rare occasion where I've got saves in which I only play one family, but I love having multiple families & setting up story lines that concern all of them to some extent :) This is my current main save:

    Now of course, there's always 1 or 2 families you prefer, even in rotational play. But I love that I get to switch from a stressed mom and dad with 3 kids to my YA carefree couple to households with older kids, etc. I also enjoy switching between their skills and jobs, so rotational is definitely more fun for me, on average anyway, than sticking to a single household :)
  • MrMonty96MrMonty96 Posts: 1,715 Member
    I play a legacy but I play the spares and heires on rotation.
  • JodainJodain Posts: 95 Member
    I used to play just one household until one of the kids moved out, now I'm playing that family + two of the kids that moved out (another one is about to too) + a vampire since I just got the Vampires pack.
  • vancanuckfan86vancanuckfan86 Posts: 1,156 Member
    I have different saves to play different ways. Three different saves for game play (have others for building and such...).

    1. Play one household. Decide who I will continue with out of their kids and once that kid grows up they are the only household I play.

    2. Start with one household but then play all the kids that they have when they grow up. May play some more than others.

    3. Play rotational. Start with a few families and play them in rotation. Same goes for when their kids grow up.
  • KlthfKlthf Posts: 230 Member
    I currently have 15 households and I play them all. I have played with this save since January 19th this year.

    Managing all those households can be difficult. I keep track of everything that happens in game (like marriages, dates, promotions, deaths, etc.) in a word document. Because I don't want to miss any of my Sims' birthdays or deaths, I play with aging off. I have defined an age range for all the life stages and a year in my game consists of 20 simweeks. My Sims only age up on their birthday. I have a special birthday calendar to keep track of their age.

    I grow very attached to all of my Sims. Their stories evolve while I am playing and I am writing it all down. I also take screenshots and because I always note the real time date of my play session I am always able to find the screenshots that belong to a certain event. Using 20 simweeks to represent a year, forces me to have Sims date each other for a long time before they start living together. They also have to wait some time after their marriage to get children (unless I planned otherwise).
  • ScottyiskawaiiScottyiskawaii Posts: 7 New Member
    I have 2 my not so berry save file and my legacy!
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 9,374 Member
    I have used the large number of families in saves and played rotationally throughout the whole sim series and now with Sims4 I finally, after 3 years figure to try something new...duh. :D I have a newish save that are all vampires in FH and they are all related. I usually avoided playing the premades, sometimes just couldn't get attached and I would end up deleting them. Now, I spent the weekend playing the Vatores and they are a hoot! I love both of them...Lilith married Gunther Munch (shudder) and I began by playing Caleb. He became enamored with Ashley Belflower, my CAS beauty and newly turned vamp. So naturally fixing up a really great empty vampire house and moving Caleb in and away from his awful partner, "what'shername" and into his own pad.

    Fast forward two sim weeks later and a couple of dates and they are a couple, Ashley residing in Caleb's pad. So, my question inserted here is...where can you go to eat on a night out when you have a couple of veggie vamps on your hands?

    I just finished hosting my first vampire house party and it was a success, in my eyes, lol. I think I got a bronze but meh. Why doesn't EA make more "plasma" goodies for my vampires to eat. I know they exist on liquid but how boring! :D Why can't we have some "vampire-safe" foods for our fanged sims who choose not to suck on the necks of residents of their world...eww. That is why I'm building a vegetarian vampire empire, bwahahah. I got the idea from Caleb and sort of stuck with it. So he, Ashley, his sister and her husband, Gunther who btw asked Lilith to turn him (and vampirism suits him) and their adorable toddler son, Joshua who is also a vampire. By sticking to one neighborhood and building it up into a vampire haven, it has given me a new way to play...just what I was looking for. <3

    There is a wonderful mod at MTS where this modder made a vampire drink tray and all it takes is "Restock Tray" to replenish 6 Plasma Janes in a sim minute. Thank heavens because there were a lot of thirsty vampires at that party, lol.

    I have big plans for my "hood." We are going to form a club, Vampires United and volunteer, family outings, parties, dance/date night, I built a club, The Haven who cater exclusively to ones with fangs. Now if there were some way to limit non-fanged sims from coming in. This gives me a new goal and different gameplay to try. I love it. <3
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  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 37,628 Member
    I've got one single-played-household save but it never holds my interest as long as my rotational saves. I prefer being able to skip around and play in ways that what I do interlocks with other things I do in other households.
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  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 591 Member
    I usually play 2 or 3 at a time with all different stories. Like for example, one is an aspirating chef with her roommate gay bestfriend, another would be the all american family and the wife is secretly a woohoo succubus that cheats on her husband everyday to satisfy her needs. If I don't I get bored of the same household.
  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,924 Member
    I play in rotation so I have several households in each world. Right now I am playing in Windenburg. When done with all households there I'll move to the next world.
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  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    I basically switch to other households if I want them to interact in a special way. Like Vlad not showing up when needed or help Bella Goth being turned into a vampire...
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,513 Member
    It was necessary to play rotational style in Sims2, if you wished your families to not bring home the very same Sims their grandparents knew in school. :open_mouth: (Talk about living in a time-warp.) However, Sims3, really went out of its way to discourage the multiple household play, unless you just didn't mind losing the wants your Sims had. I got very used to playing only one household for all those years of Sims3. Oh, I'd have the grown children move out, but I had my singer Sim move out with his sister (even though she was married) so that I could continue playing him, primarily, while making sure her family happened the way of my design.

    In Sims4, I attempted early on to play rotation, since I very much liked controlling the different households, which were really satellites of the original households, IE, their grown children. At first it was disappointing. I had six households and by the time I got back to the first one, the husband had a 'girlfriend'. It's been explained away that since there's no real story progression, that these 'relationships' weren't very deep, nor serious. I still didn't like it. Then, others explained that all I needed to do was to set the game play so that ONLY the active family aged. I've had better luck with this and most recently have been playing rotation style again in one save. I also have MCCC, I just need to make a few settings to assist me more. I'm still learning this mod, but it's great.

    My other save, which often gets neglected is that original family I began to play in Sims2. I created many of these characters and eventually, this game save will become more of a rotation.

    Since I will go back and forth between saves, when the mood strikes me to play the other family, that is, I guess it's fair to say I play many households.
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  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    If there's one thing I've learnt it is recommended to rotate between as many premade households as you like and keep 'em breeding. Otherwise folk die out and the ugly, game-generated sims take over!
  • AHolyToiletAHolyToilet Posts: 870 Member
    I stick with one household.
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    I generally only play with one household. I will pop into the homes those who are in Shinya's life at the moment for aid the current story line I am playing out.

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  • OceanBeautyIIOceanBeautyII Posts: 27,012 Member
    edited October 2017
    With The Sims 1, I just stuck with one household.
    With The Sims 2 I stuck with one household until a new expansion pack came out. Yeah, my love toward my sims was very temporary and I really only rotated when I needed to age a sim up.
    With The Sims 3 I stuck with one household and rarely changed around because I got attached and wanted to make sure my sims didn't die without me. One time they did. I had just come back to that household when the grim reaper was taking away my favorite vampire... she died of hunger with plasma fruit in her inventory.
    With The Sims 4 I do rotational play. It's nice focusing on one family but the game can be boring pretty quickly if you don't make it interesting for yourself so I switch to different households with different stories. A human x vampire couple, an alien who crash-landed, a vampire who let her jealousy get the better of her and tear apart her marriage etc...
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  • Goth583Goth583 Posts: 1,203 Member
    For the most part I do play only one household at a time when I play, but sometimes I will switch between the three households I play while in game. I'm still new to rotational play, but I try to complete a part of the story before moving on to play with a new household. - Check out my current TS4 Legacy!
  • aprilroseaprilrose Posts: 1,832 Member
    Switch between, I currently have 15 households (at one point I had almost 30) that I switch between.
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  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,544 Member
    I currently have about 25 households, but that is likely to vary depending on whether I get bored with a few of them.
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 81,584 Member
    I mostly play with one household.
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  • LenaDieters11LenaDieters11 Posts: 1,346 Member
    I play rotationally with all premades from all worlds. I have my settings on normal life span and aging on for active household only. I think I have about 40 households now. I feel like it gives me the ability to explore so many different aspects of the game. I tried playing with one household only in Sims 3, but noticed how I got bored and I didn't like how everything in the neighborhood moved on without me really experiencing it. I then just tried to play rotationally, but it was a I am glad I am able to play my way again!
  • Madachan88Madachan88 Posts: 360 Member
    I'm playing rotationally with pretty much every Premade Households and my one Created. And with aging off because Cats and Dogs is coming near. My one Households considering a Runaway Vampire Teen, 2 Vampire Siblings that inherited it a house in Forgotten Hollow. A Crash landed Alien too; a russian Mafia Boss who seeks Undercover in Willow Creek. A freelancing Hippie Gal. And a clumsy Girl with the dream of owning her one restaurant.
  • agustdagustd Posts: 946 Member
    I only play one household through generations until I feel the need to start fresh for some reason, usually when I reach more than 10 generations and the family's story feels complete. I've tried to play rotationally since it was something people usually recommend you first when you ask for tips to spice up your game, but it actually had the opposite effect on me... I find rotational play kind of boring. When I get to the next household I don't feel like doing anything, because I just did something similar with the previous family and the gameplay gets even more repetitive way quicker.
  • EmoFlowersEmoFlowers Posts: 325 Member
    In TS2 I used to make full neighborhoods from scratch and rotationally play those. In TS3 it wasn't a thing for me. The CAW tool was way over my head :lol: but it was mostly because when you'd change households all the saved wishes/whims would disappear. I played a lot of families and I liked having the 'Try for Baby with...'/'Get Married to...' wishes to be saved & fulfilled because that was a ton of points. Not to mention I don't think I actually realized how to change households in one world until two or so years into the game.
    In TS4 it depends on the story I wanna play. I usually have multiple households in one world and I play them until they're good enough to survive on their own, then I leave them for a bit. Their whims also disappear but the giant point whims are uncommon for me these days so I rarely save whims anymore. :sweat_smile:
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