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Which icon did you vote for?



  • IceyJIceyJ Posts: 3,941 Member
    I wanted to vote for the laundry basket, but from a distance it looks like a pile of dung. So I voted for C.
  • GiorgiGiorgi Posts: 44 Member
    C for the win!!
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 2,613 Member
    I missed the vote by a matter of hours! *bursts into tears*

    I don't see what most of the icons given as examples have to do with laundry, though, even with explanations.
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  • ToreshinboToreshinbo Posts: 561 Member
    I voted C. I was a little dissapointed that it was going in the Laundry direction, as Off the Grid was a better idea imho. So I voted the washing machine icon because it's called Laundry Day anyway.
    Not that this is bad, it's just the direction what I didn't expect.
    Still hyped for it :smile:
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