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Builds By Lisa17Ann



  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Hello @Welshy that is so sweet and a wonderful compliment about my builds! I hope you enjoy building :)

  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Hello My fellow Simmers and Building friends :) I am very happy to bring you my newest build! Why am I so happy you ask? Because, anytime I get to combine my two biggest Geeky loves of The Sims and Harry Potter I am one Happy Witch! <3 This was a Entry for the Quality Control Monthly Challenge (it's just for fun so No winners on this one but, if you'd like to join in you can find it HERE This is the last day for the stadium challenge but, a new one will be posted tomorrow)

    FireKnights Quiddtich Stadium is for the Willow Creek home team. If you’ve arrived using Apparition You’ll enter through the muggle camping guard house, or you can use the magical portal tree at the back, or to the left of the muggle entrance area where you can travel with family’s using the portkey area. To the back is a small camping area. There is lots of food and merchandise stands within the stadium as well as seating and fireworks for your comfort and entertainment. On the basement level there is public bathrooms, changing rooms, and training room with workout and rehab facilities for the teams. The Original Lot is Oakenstead in Willow Creek. It’s best to place with MoveObjects on But, I think it will be fine to place without it. If you’d like to download it click HERE and you will be magically taken to the lot! Happy Simming and don’t let the Muggles get you down!



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,199 Member
    FireKnights Quidditch looks so very creatively great! :) It was a such a great idea for you to do a Harry Potter themed stadium, with you liking all things that are Harry Potter themed! The towers look so very great! The penants on them and the flags are great! The colour schemes of the build capture the theme well! Very nice outdoors camping area. Sims will enjoy sleeping in the tents, or enjoy sitting around the firepits toasting food and keeping warm. They will enjoy cooking meals on the grill and eating the food on the picnic tables in the outdoors air. The design of the interior of the stadium looks great! It looks very great how the quidditch field is set up! The balconies of seating for sims to enjoy sitting there watching the match looks very nice! The market stall is a nice touch.Very nice gym room.The flooring and wall texture gives a very nice look and feel to the room. The quidditch players will like using the punching bags and treadmills to keep fit. They will also like having a relaxing massage on the table. The coloured curtains look very nice in the build. The glass signed jumpers are a nice touch on the walls. The locker room is great! The robes are a nice touch on the wall. It is nice that there are chess nooks in the build. The layout of the basement level looks great!
    It is a very creatively designed build! :)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Thank you again @rosemow for you sweet and kind comment on my Quidditch stadium :) Have a wonderful day!

  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Already caught FireKnights Quiddtich on the Gallery, but had to comment here as well. Wow, such a creative build! Love all the rooms you put in the basement, all the decorations, the camping spot and the overall look is just spectacular, love it! B)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Hello @Corwim thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments on my quidditch pitch! It was so much fun for me to do! I'm happy to hear you love it! Also thank you for your kind comments on the gallery as well! Happy Simming to you! :)

  • RyeCris16RyeCris16 Posts: 2,285 Member
    FireKnights Quiddtich is such a creative sports stadium build! :smiley:
    I really like your architecture, really reflects from the building in Harry Potter so well! I love how you added banners on turrets and that roofing with a flag! Your landscaping details are so pretty! Love that you added a knight chess piece lights out front! I also like that you added a camping area at the back. I also love the row of hedges around the lot. And the inside of the stadium, so beautiful! Love that you added a gym. The stadium area is so creative too! I love the use of ring fountains as the goal rings and added mannequins too as players.
    I love it! I already added this to my faves! :smiley:
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  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,568 Member
    FireKnights Quiddtich is such a magnificent build. WOW, I love how you've brought in the Harry Potter theme and made it into such a magical structure, awesome creativity :)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Thank you so much for you kind comments on my Quiddtich Stadium @RyeCris16 and @masajo it means so much to me as this was such a fun build for me! Sorry for the late response. Life is busy and I was on vacation visiting my family in California. I'm a bit jet lagged but, hope to get back to building soon. And, also to catch up on what everyone else has been building. :) Happy Simming!

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,199 Member
    Hello :) You would have had a very special time with your family <3 I hope that you recover from your jet lag very soon.
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Hello @rosemow thank you for your kind words. I had a wonderful time with my family. I made very special memories that will last me a life time it was also a difficult trip for me as my father and mother are having some health issues. Hopefully all will be well soon though :) As for the minor annoyance of the jet lag it's a bit like having narcolepsy haha Luckily it's a busy time of year for me and I'm trying to keep busy as I can to keep awake for as long as I can! I hope you doing well and life is treating you kindly! :)

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,199 Member
    I am sorry to hear that your parents are having health issues :( I hope that the medical treatment that they are having may help to ease any pain they are experiencing and may help them with their health. It would have been hard for you to leave them. They are just a loving thought away though <3
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Again thank you for you kind words @rosemow it's always hard to leave but, certainly harder when I know they could use my help. Luckily my brother is close by. In case they really need help! :)

  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Family Home
    It's a large 3 bed 3 bath home with a large eat in kitchen, living room, play room, study, and plenty of out side space.
    Thanks for Looking and Happy Simming! :) Download it HERE












  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,199 Member
    Hello :) Welcome back to the forums! It is great that you are back building and posting builds again :)
    The exterior design of Family Home is very nice! :) Very nice roofing and the dormers and flower box windows look very nice. The flowers and plants in the front garden look pretty! Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home ! The living room is very nice for sims to sit and rest on the sofa and armchairs and have a chat. The blue colour of the walls looks nice and it is great that round fish table is placed there. The sunflowers and leaf pictures, and keys wall decor are great touches in the room. Very nice design of the kitchen! The layout looks great! It is very creative how you have done the bar stool and workbench counter feature in the middle of the room! The wall utensils, fruit bowl, jars , sauces and mug rack are great kitchen touches there. It looks nice how the cabinets have been placed in the room. Very nice pink and white colour scheme of the bathroom. Very nice study desk nook in the study. Sims will enjoy using the computer at the desk table. The items look very nice on the shelving in the nook. The play room is great! Sims will enjoy doing artwork on the activities table or have fun playing computer games. The kids pictures on the wall and the hot air balloon prints add a great look to the room. Very nice furnishing and pink and blue colour schemes of the kids bedrooms! The backyard areas look great! Sims will enjoy painting on the easel in the sunshine, and enjoy watching the birds feeding on the seed feeder. They will enjoy cooking on the bbq and kids will have fun playing on the monkey bars.
    It is a very nice family home! :)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Hello @rosemow :) Thank you! I’ve missed building a lot and also seeing other simmers beautiful and creative builds on the forums.

    Thank you for the lovely review of Family Home it’s so sweet of you to take the time to leave such kind words! :)

  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,332 Member
    It's lovely to see you back @lisa17ann! Family Home is a wonderful build and awesome place to raise a family! I especially love the kitchen and cool blue boys room. :blush:
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Thank You so much @WrathofCath it's nice to be back building a little! Thank you for your kind words about Family Home :) I like the kitchen as well...It's much better then my real life one :D Which I'm more then ready to rip out lol

    I hope your doing well and I will try to get on and check out your builds soon as they are always so beautiful and I'm sure would give me some much needed inspiration! :)

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