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Plumbob Pictures Challenge

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The Plumbob Pictures Backlot came with the Sims 3 Nightlife EP. It was a rabbit hole for Sims in the Film career, but Sims could also take tours and WooHoo. For this challenge, it’s been rebuilt as faithfully as possible in the Sims 4, and is base game only so it's available to all Simmers. The large building is furnished as offices and a sound stage, and in the back is a superstar trailer!

The soundstage is ready for your creativity! Download the soundstage shell here and build a set for the current theme, or any past theme.
You aren't required to download the backlot or the superstar trailer, but you can if you want. I'd love to see any stories you make with them!

No Custom Content! Your films should reach as many Simmers as possible.
In-game cheats are allowed, like bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.
You may not add windows to the outside walls, and existing doors/arches may not be removed.
Do not change the wall height! Your entry must fit properly inside the Plumbob Pictures Backlot!
Build your set entirely inside the soundstage shell.
You can build rooms or partial rooms in the shell, but your entry must be uploaded as one room, and not as a lot.
You can submit more than one entry per challenge, but only one entry per person can qualify for a prize! The rest should be Unofficial.

Tips for uploading
Here is a tutorial on how to put enclosed rooms into your entry but still be able to upload the whole room shell.
It's a good idea to double check that the whole room is saved by placing it again after you upload it to your library.

The Plumbob Pictures Challenge is for builders and designers of any skill level. If you're a beginner and your concept is amazing, for example, you can still win an award! If you don't want to play for awards, or if you miss a deadline, you can still submit something as Unofficial. Since I'm the awards committee at the moment, everything I submit will be Unofficial. I'm in this for the ideas!

Enter to win a signature banner and icon.
Categories include:

Best Base Game
Best Pictures
Set Design
Film Concept
Quality Control
Best Actor(s)
Costume Design

Plummy Award winners will receive a Maxis nomination in the Maxis Thread.
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