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The Aria Chronicles Finale! - Final Update - updated 1-1-18


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    Liked this spoiler
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    Aw, I'm sure Adriel and his dog will be very happy. :blush:
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    Oooh more drama! :) Love it! Desdemona is a little devil hehe I wonder what will happen now, will she tell Iago? What's going to happen with Aaron/Aria? And Darian's crush is too cute - will Aria find out?!
    My two favorite shots of this chapter <3
    Lovely chapter! It was so worth the wait :)
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    I'm looking forward to giving all of my characters pets. What sort of pets do you guys think they should have?
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    I think I've told you think before - Darian's character inspiration sort of coming from Sirius Black (Harry Potter), so I'd say a big black dog for him :wink: would match! :smiley: I'm super looking forward to having a pet... can't wait more for November to come! <3
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    Ooh! I love your story so far! (Can't wait for more, EEK!) And I'm excited to see what pets you give them (and to see the pets pack in general)
    I just enjoy playing the Sims 4 ^_^

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    @PhantomEnna welcome to my story, and thankyou for commenting! Feedback is always appreciated.
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    Chapter coming tomorrow. I have a day off for once (who knew those existed?) with no one home to stop me.
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    Chapter 19
    Whispers of the Heart
    Darian wasn’t worried. He had seen everyone else worry and plan extensively over lessons and worry about the smallest detail, but he wasn’t worried in the slightest.

    The way Darian saw it, he had three different things to teach the others. Basketball, guitar, or singing. Aria had just taught violin the other day, so he wasn’t sure he wanted to teach guitar. Singing was more of a personal activity of his, and he didn’t want the scrutiny from Iago. Basketball seemed like an alright idea though, but it was basic. What new activity was there to learn about basketball? He mused it over.


    The other thing he mused about was Aria. He hadn’t really been in much contact with her lately, but the truth bubbled in him like a simmering sauce. While he appreciated the trust that Aria had put in him, he didn’t want to be the only one who knew about it. He wanted to share it. He also wanted to protect Aria, but that was just friend stuff, right? That was purely platonic, surely. Or was it? Darian was confused by his own head, something that didn’t happen often.

    Trying to forget about Aria for the moment, he turned back to what he was going to teach for his lesson. Basketball seemed like the best idea for the moment, he decided to go along with that. Maybe he could make it fun somehow.

    Mr. Rhys led everyone down to the basketball court, where Darian was waiting for them. He stood confidently there, and he knew that what he was about to do was silly, but it was going to be fun if people could get into it.


    “Welcome to my domain, minions.-”


    “Actually, I play basketball just as much as you do, Darian.” heckled Justin.


    Darian didn’t let the interruption phase him. “We all know how to play basketball. I am the champion of this court, so I figured I have free reign of the space. Today, we will be playing what I am going to call splash basketball. Every time that a team makes a point, the other team has to jump in the pool and and then come back to the court and the game resumes. If you spend more than five minutes in the pool, then your team loses a half point for each minute extra. When you come back to the court, wipe your feet. We don’t want any cracked skulls.” He said all of this with a goofy smile.

    “Teams are as follows: Iago, Justin, Mr. Rhys, and Mr. Merriwether are on team A. Alec, Adriel, and Aaron. I will be separate as a scorekeeper.”


    “Shouldn’t we be team A because we have all the A names on our team?” asked Aria.

    Darian thought about it for a second, then scribbled on his pad. “You are now team A. Ok, since team A has less people, they start with the ball. Go!”

    (Please excuse any clothing inconsistency. They all switched outfits when they started playing. )
    Darien looked on as Aria expertly made a shot, just like he taught her. It hit nothing but net, team B all took a jump into the pool, came back, and promptly made a goal. Iago was too short of breath that he didn’t make any remarks besides the cheers of victory when his team won. Everyone had a lot of fun over all. Darian was happy.


    Team A won, but only by two in the end. Aria was so happy that after she high fived all of her team mates, she hugged Darian. It was a bit of a shock; Darian had been a bit of a wall flower the whole time, but this was pleasant too. A nice surprise.


    Everyone had left the locker room, or so Darian thought. He was looking at his reflection in the mirror, having a ponder about what he was doing. Did he love Aria? He wanted to wrap his arms around her and keep her warm, but he felt the same way about any little animals like puppies and kittens. He just felt like this was deeper than a cute-pet attraction. Gosh, what was this? Did Aria feel the same?

    “Dude, you’re still here? Aren’t you beat from the game?” it was Justin, Darian’s good friend. They’d known each other for over a year, and with such a small pool of students, it was easy to make best friends.

    “Yeah, I’m still here. What are you doing here?”

    “I like to take a good soak after I exercise.” he paused a moment. “You look like you have something on your mind. What’s up, man?”

    “She’s a girl.”

    “I would hope a she is a girl, but which she are you so perplexed about?” chukled Justin.

    Shocked that he had let it passed his lips, he couldn’t stop himself. The dam was open. “You’re friends with Aaron, right?”

    Justin recalled the frog incident. Since that day, they had become pretty good friends, just like anyone else in the school, and that meant pretty close.”Yeah, you could say that.”

    “Aaron confided in me, and I need to tell someone. Will you promise to not tell anyone what I tell you?”


    “So you want me to do your job for you? You know how hypocritical that is, right man?

    “Now that you mention it, yes, but will you?”

    “Of course, man. How can I put your mind at ease?”

    “Aaron’s a girl.”


    “Oh,” he took a small pause and thought about it. “That makes sense. Sure.”

    “That’s it? Just ‘sure’? This is a huge deal!”

    “Apparently you think it is.”

    “Of course it is. Dude, I think I’m in love.”


    Extras :cookie:
    Would you like to help me fix the toilet, Justin?

    Could you guys not all look in different directions?

    Come on!
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    No comments on the last chapter?

    The next chapter may be up later today or tomorrow, featuring Alec!
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    Btw i did like the basketball chapter very much! :)
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    Sorry, late again! Soon, soon, though. In this week for sure. (School has started again and while I am taking only two classes, work is picking up too. I work in a craft store and everyone wants to start projects since it's getting cooler where I live. That means more hours. )
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    So, soon didn't happen.

    But Maggy gave birth to a baby girl! Alicia. Another 'A' name, Briggs family? Amber, Amara, and Alicia. *eye roll*
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    Is splash basketball actually a thing??? Darian should have kept his mouth shut. The more people who know, the more likely it is to get out. :|
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    I made up splash basketball just for this. I thought it would be fun.
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    Chapter 20
    Sneaky, Sneaky
    Iago met Desdemona at the nightclub. They always met there, even though Iago sometimes wished that they would meet somewhere not quite so public and close to home.


    Desdemona immediately locked lips with Iago, then after a few seconds came up for air. “I have something for you, sweety. Come with me to my office…”


    She lead him to the closet, holding his hand the whole time. “Oh, Dezy, you are enough for me any day. I’m looking forward to what you can give me extra.”

    “This shouldn’t disappoint you.”

    She had her hair down and covering her face, which was odd for her, but looked sexy none the less.

    Getting into the closet, Iago started pulling on his clothes to get them off, glancing at Desdemona as he did so. He could just make out a mark on her face, like an old bruise. It was nearly covered by her hair, but not quite well enough.

    “Hey, what’s this?” He touched her face, examining it.


    “The price for information, it seems. Those girls at VonWind are crazy. Each and everyone of them. But the information was well worth it. Iago, I found out something about Aaron. He’s a girl.”


    “Wh- what?” sputtered Iago, suddenly pulling away from her. “I don’t understand. How did you get this information?”


    “His real name is Aria Stone. She use to be student at VonWind before I enrolled. She was transferred because the record says she was a troublemaker, and poor. How disgusting. I reside in a room that housed a poor person. I hope I’m not diseased.” she said with a smile.


    “So little Bambi isn’t perfect. I will use this to my advantage. Bambi has a new hunter. Now then, Dezy, shall we?”



    Alec was a bit bitter. He didn’t have any close friends at Ourruning. He made better friends with the walls of his room than the other boys. They would invite him to do things every now and then like play video games, or go to the club and dance, but even if he went, he didn’t feel like he was really connecting with anyone. He was just swimming in a pool of acquaintances.


    He didn’t have anything to teach that was interesting. He liked reading, but that was more his father’s department to teach. They did physical activity just the other day, and he didn’t think that it would be a good idea to be active again. Besides, what was there to learn?

    He went down to the computer lab to hop onto the computer. He wanted one in his room like Iago, but his father wouldn’t let him, and simply said that Iago wasn’t supposed to have a computer but he couldn't take it away because it was Iago's property.

    He turned on the computer and opened his bookmark for a chess tournament. The system automatically matches you with another waiting player, and the match ensues.


    He thought that he was alone- after all, the lights were off. That’s when her heard a soft crunching in the corner of the library behind a bookshelf.


    He was scared, fearing that it was a mouse, and then decided to pull himself together. Come on, man. It’s just a mouse and you’re way scarier that it is.

    He got up from his chair, making a noise as the chair sprung back into resting position. The crunching stopped. Alec stopped as well. After a second, he straightened his spine and walked over to the noise, finding not a mouse, but a Bambi. At least, that’s what Iago would have said. Gosh, why am I thinking like Iago?


    “What are you doing down here?” Alec asked in an accusatory tone.

    “I read. Why does everyone find that such an odd occurrence for a reader to be in the library, reading?” Aria held a large volume of a series that Alec had never seen, but the cover looked good so he made a mental note to remember to check it out.


    Alec relaxed and sighed. “You startled me, that’s all. I’ll be over there, at the computer. Don’t worry if you hear me swear. Hey- where did you find Pocky? Can I have some?”

    “I- I- You don’t see me with this, and especially don’t tell Adriel.”

    Alec arched his eyebrow and went back over to his computer, then came back.

    “How are you reading in the dark?”

    “Maybe I can read braille. Ever think of that?”

    “We don’t have any books in braille. You came down here for the Pocky, didn’t you?” the situation was dawning on him.


    Aria floundered. “I, I had never had Pocky before! I just wanted some more, but if I left a box partially full Adriel would find out that I had been eating it, so I had to eat the whole thing, not that I’m complaining.”

    “But you brought your book, and left the lights off. You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

    Aria could tell that she was cornered, so she just came out with it. “Yes.” she said strongly. Alec smiled in the dark at the confidence.

    “Why were you down here?” Aria asked in turn.

    “I was going to try my hand at beating some people on the internet in chess. I’ve been reading a book on it but, I haven’t had much practice with real people.”

    “You know that the people on those games could all be cheating or bots, right?”

    Alec frowned. “You know, I hadn’t. I like to think on the bright side. Optimistic.”

    “Sorry I had to burst your bubble. So what are you going to teach the class? Have you decided?”

    Alec looked away to the computer in the distance. “No, I haven’t. I’m not interesting like the rest of you. Justin has cooking, Adriel has coding, You have violin, and Darien has too many talents to count. I don’t know what to do.”


    Aria thought for a moment, and Alec went back to his computer. He had been matched three times, all of the opponents had left because he was taking too long to respond.

    Aria came over and joined him. Alec started a game, and Aria interjected. “Why don't you move that piece?”


    “Which one?” Alec said, bewildered.

    “The front row all the way to the right. I don’t know what that one is called, but it’s that one.”

    “A pawn?”

    “Yes! That’s the name.”

    Alec turned to look at Aria, imagining that he had laser vision so he could remove the silly smile from Aaron’s face. “You don’t know what a pawn s called? You read so much, how could you not know?”

    “I read fiction, not strategy guides. Now move.”

    “No, I’m not going to move that piece because if I did I would open myself up too much.”

    “Nonsense. Let me see what sort of damage that one move could make…”

    Aria directed Alec for five turns, and the opponent won in six.

    “That’s it, I’m going to teach chess tomorrow. Final answer.”

    Aria looked a bit defeated. “Good, I think I need it.”


    One thing was for sure, Alec liked to wake up early and get things going. He was showered and dressed by 5 am, and was hustling everyone else to get ready as well. He was nearly jumping all over the place, and that was without coffee. Or maybe he had gotten some of Justin’s coffee. Ara loved the smell of Justin’s coffee.

    Mr. Merriwether had already made breakfast. Aria had no idea how he got up so early every morning, but breakfast was always ready to go in the morning. This morning there were pancakes, made from scratch, not even from the company by Bob Pancakes. Aria sorta missed Bob Pancakes; pancakes. She had them as a child, and hadn’t since.

    After eating, they were all herded down stairs in their pajamas. It was six in the morning, and everyone was still a bit groggy. The main room had been furnished with folding chairs, tables, and chess boards. Iago audibly groaned.

    “Dude, it’s too early for this. Let me go back to bed…” Iago trying to turn around, but Mr. Rhys stopped him in his tracks with a stern look. Iago put on a ‘whatever’ face, and went to the tables.

    Justin, who smelled like his coffee and was still holding a mug, paired up with Darien, Adriel paired with Mr. Rhys, and Mr. Merriwether stood apart, he had to clean the campus, as was customary in the mornings. Iago and Aria were the only ones left to pair.

    Once they were all paired, Alec simply said “Start.”

    Iago, being the black set, waited for Aria to go first. She contemplated what to do, then moved a pawn forward two. Iago moved as well, and the game took off. Aria was a bit apprehensive after making Alec lose last night, but Iago seemed confident. She wanted to wipe the grin off his face.


    OF course, Iago was smiling for a different reason than winning at chess. He leaned in, and whispered, “So, how’s Tori? Is she getting along with Desdemona ok?”



    Aria froze up a bit, then willed herself to loosen. Of course Iago would learn about Tori. It was obvious, and nothing that he said just then wasn’t common knowledge. Aria had stated that she was in a relationship with Tori to get the guys off her back about getting a girlfriend. Desdemona went to the same school as Tori, was even roommates with her, so nothing was out of the ordinary.

    It was the way he said it though, as if he was in on a secret and was taunting her. Like he knew something.

    Aria smiled and took one of his pieces. If he was looking for a sign of weakness, he’d have to try harder.

    Aria could hear Mr. Rhys making little noises when Adriel made a bad move, and she envisioned that Mr. Rhys would go easy on Adriel, but not so far as to let him win. “Mr. Rhys, stop making noises when I make a bad move. If you have something to say, just say it.”

    Alec moved here and there, telling them which piece can take advantage of a situation, and so on. Darien wanted to use his knight to do everything because he felt like knights are the heros of every story.

    “What if your knights are all gone though? asked Alec, and he plucked the knights off the board, both Darien’s and Justin’s. Darien was struck with disbelief for a while.

    Iago moved back in his chair. He didn’t really care about the game of chess, but on second thought he may care if Bambi beat him. He acted like he didn’t care either way.

    “You know, Desdemona says that the girls of the school are all distant from her. She can’t seem to make any friends.”


    “They’re a close group, that’s for sure.” commented Aria.


    “And how would you know that?” inquired Iago.

    “Tori told me, and I’ve been to visit before.” she responded without pause. She was looking at the board like nothing was amiss.

    “Right, well, tell Tori to tell the girls to lighten up. They’re all being terrible housemates.” With that, he leaned back into the game.


    “You shouldn’t let your mind run away so much, Iago.” Aria said as she moved to take his king. “It distracts you too much.”


    Good for you, Mrs. Stone! You nearly killed Mr. Pinefall with the tredmill!

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    Aria! Stealing is wrong! :joy:
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    Can you blame her? It's Pocky!
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    True, true.
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    I wanna do some videos, does anyone have a good software to use?
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    I'm cooking something good for the next chapter.
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    Looking forward to it!
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    Unfortunately, I'm going to be pretty busy through Halloween. My costume is very time consumeing as I'm hand stitching on lots and LOTS of flowers on the bottom. Very time consuming. :(
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