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How many of you guys play lgbt/ethnic couples?


  • KarliaKarlia Posts: 310 Member
    I tend to start out with straight, white sims and then incorporate diversity over time. My sims often marry sims of different races because the skintone of another sim has exactly zero influence on how well they get along and so they marry whoever fits them most, not whoever has a "matching" skin color. Most of the time the heir or heiress of the family is straight (because I do not like unrealistic pregnancies unless it's due to an alien abduction) but I do have spares from time to time who are gay or bi. I don't have any trans sims because I feel like I do not know enough about being trans to portray a trans sim accurately in my game, the same goes for genderfluid and genderless sims.

    This only goes for the sims I am playing though, mc command center brings diversity into my townies and I'm happy about that.
  • KittensMeow10KittensMeow10 Posts: 161 Member
    I hadn't realized till looking at my Sim family tree, but over half of my couples are same-sex couples. I'm trying to get more racial diversity into my legacy, but with the way I play my game I can't really make that happen on purpose. My sims pretty much live their lives and if they meet someone I think they fit with, I have them date them, regardless of race or gender. This means who my sims marry is pretty random xD
  • JessicaBPlyrJessicaBPlyr Posts: 70 Member
    I have one LGBT couple in my game. I haven't played them yet so no pics. I honestly didn't create them that way, it kinda just happened.
  • MoonSimMoonSim Posts: 102 Member
    I predominately play with families who are not solely cis/hetero/white/skinny/etc. just subconsciously I guess. It just doesn't reflect reality and I tend to hit the randomize button when I make a new household and then just go from whatever it generates. I normally play lesbian families just reflecting my own self, but I also think this idea of a stereotypical "perfect" (lol no) nuclear family tends to get boring fast (tbh because that's a narrative that's taught in a really narrow and linear way so the fun comes from deviating from that pretend ideal
  • bionicdessertsbionicdesserts Posts: 320 Member
    edited July 2018
    My games OGs aka original gays. My very first sim married premade Zoe Patel.

    Next was these guys.

    One of my first actions as a sim 4 player was hooking my two pop girl favs up into the supercouple I dream of. Bey+Rih=4ever!!!

    What I believe is the very 1st wedding in s4 where I want all out and actually got everybody in formal wear and threw a party. Good times.

    Now I have lesbian weddings all the time, I mean who can resist the allure of the 2-dress wedding.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have lgbt and interracial couples out the ying yang in my game.
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  • SimmzSimmz Posts: 72 Member
    edited August 2017
    I'm not going to put pictures of all of them, but I love diversifying my Sim neighborhoods :) . Currently, I have an LGBT couple, 3 interracial couples, and one Indian/Middle Eastern looking family. They're all currently being played in rotation with my other Sims families so I don't have enough time or room for more.

    Quick pic of one

    This one just happened when I paused the game after taking the first pic. His little face is just too cute!

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  • MarnettiMarnetti Posts: 1,047 Member
    I love playing with interacial couples. And since this is the Sims, 'interspecial' (supernaturals & etc) couples as well! Can't wait for more lifestates to come out :heart:
    ~I just like lifestates. Is that too much to ask for?~
  • JodainJodain Posts: 95 Member
    Honestly the majority of the sims I make are non-white and usually bi. Currently I'm playing with my sim Myla Lee-Benali. She was born to a Korean dad named Kellen and a black mother named Robyn. She's also bi (as a teen she dated Yuki Behr and is now married to Salim Benali). Her and Salim have a son and 3 daughters named Archer, Ava and Arya (twins), and Anais. :-)
  • trulyoutrageoustrulyoutrageous Posts: 245 Member
    I almost always play non-white non-straight sims or the pre-made sims that are supposed to be sims of color (like Bella Goth, the Calientes -- well not so much it seems anymore but still -- or the roomies household).

    Oh and here's Mr. Bruno Marsim lol

    I definitely need more pictures of my LGBTQ couples.

    supersonic, simobotic, disconnected, not respected, who would ever really wanna go and top that?

  • trulyoutrageoustrulyoutrageous Posts: 245 Member
    fewlines wrote: »
    definitely. i wish i had more skin tones to work with, though.

    in TS4, the household i'm obsessed with (through which i try to act out a story from my daydreams--think of my behaviour as being similar to how maladaptive daydreaming is described) consists of six bandmates/friends: Latina (Venezuela), Latino (México), Black (England; also happens to be gay), Indian (England), Caucasian (England), and Romani (Wales). the story takes place in Southall so a few are 'locals'/from neighbouring/nearby areas and the others, for different reasons, ended up there.

    they're already a very diverse group but there will be biracial/bisexual/same-sex/a-sexual romantic situations as the story develops. one of the biracial couples will end up adopting a baby who is Black. and so on. my main problem is getting the Sims to mirror how all the characters look in my mind. ha.

    Xmiramira has a great skintone pack for sims of color that you can find here and there's another one here.

    supersonic, simobotic, disconnected, not respected, who would ever really wanna go and top that?

  • fewlinesfewlines Posts: 1,488 Member
    edited August 2017
    thank you, @asesina. :)
  • RuthAnn107RuthAnn107 Posts: 55 Member
    I love playing LGBT sims[img][/img][img][/img]1i6xj.jpg [img][/img]33kx0r9.jpg [img][/img]11qlh8l.jpg [img][/img]1zskyd.jpg

    If you can't tell by now I love double dress weddings XD
  • ladybreidladybreid Posts: 3,455 Member
    asesina wrote: »
    I almost always play non-white non-straight sims or the pre-made sims that are supposed to be sims of color (like Bella Goth, the Calientes -- well not so much it seems anymore but still -- or the roomies household).

    Off topic but, mind blown, I always thought Bella looked white and that Caliente was an italian name.

    On topic, My girls I posted before are all long gone, I deleted all my saves to start fresh because I kept putting my Gabby in every family. Any ways I'm currently making a Vampire. I never plot out a story line ahead of time but for a change I am.

    Nyxia Valatora (the vamp) will have a female captive to feed on. She will be kept in the dungeon with the door locked to everyone but Nyxia. and things over time will change I plan on getting the "lunch bag" to fall in love with her captive who will not always be a nice vampy.

    I'm still creating them so I'll have to come back here and post picks.

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  • ToastyChanToastyChan Posts: 153 Member
    Some of my fav households (:
    The Xykeez Household:
    (left to right) Bo, Melissa, Yasin, Lily, Mahlika
    The Augustin Household:
    (left to right)
    Rose, Oliver (who doesn't look like his twin sister at all), Pearl, Charlie, Louise
    The Eom Household:
    Martin, Ana, Laura, Bill
    The Hayward Household:
    Arizona, Sita, Rose (I like this name lol), Milo, Violet
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  • ikabarrplaysimsikabarrplaysims Posts: 8 New Member
    Lol me! My simself also named Ikabarr (which is basically me) so, basically I have a bff named Johnny and he is attractive to me. I am male. I've been using cheats so now we're basically <3 <3
  • simlandersimlander Posts: 196 Member
    edited October 2017
    I recently started a new save where I deleted all the premades and am trying to really make the sims feel like my own :smile: The first family I created is the Henderson-Beaty family:
    From left: Lucy Henderson, her wife Leila Beaty, their biological twin daughters May-Sun and Marisol.
    I'm thinking of sharing their story on my tumblr (with the same url as my account here).
    The backstory is roughly this:
    Lucy and Leila are childhood besties who became lovers in their teens. They got married and had their two daughters with the help of technology. The girls share looks and personalities with each parent, Lucy and May-Sun are blonde, sweet and maybe a bit shy while Leila and Marisol both share their red hair and their romantic traits, apart from the currently-unknown fact that while Leila is a soulmate-seeking-romantic, Marisol wants to date as many people as she can! But, plot twist: Leila isn't entirely sure she has found her soulmate yet. Did she confuse friendship with love? Or is she just having a (almost)middle-life crisis?
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    edited October 2017
    I have always created them to have diversity in my game but I have never played them until a fluke happened in my game. Shinya was over at his flavor of the week (Luci) house and her best friend (Reeve) who I created to be her gay best friend was there. Completely due to antonymous woohoo enabled in the MC Command Center mod this happened. Shinya, Luci and Reeve were all chillin on the couch watching a movie when all of sudden Luci invites Shinya to her bedroom. When they got done next thing I know Shinya and Reeve went into Luci's bedroom and well you know the rest. I played it out that things just got a little freaky between the three of them. Shinya and Reeve clicked so well together and they are just darn cute together as well!!! They ended up having a wild love affair in which the flame still flickers even though he married and has children with Candy.


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  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 29,362 Member
    i play them occasionally.

    i'm writing a genetic challenge alphabacy . i found out last week my sims girlfriend ex is married both a man and a woman. and while i have no problem with it.i'm not sure how to write it. i want to be sensitive and my friend thinks i can be but i never wrote gay charaters before.
  • Orchid13Orchid13 Posts: 8,823 Member
    I play ethnic couples :) I haven’t had a chance to create a gay couple yet, but in my head I have sims leaning towards the same sex. I enjoy having more diversity in my game.
  • tastongtastong Posts: 14 New Member
    [quote="KShannon;c-13666526"][i]Most[/i] of my couples are multi-racial, but I only rarely go with LGBT couples. I enjoy playing with genetics, and don't have mods to allow for LGBT pregnancies.

    You don't need a mod. You have the ability to choose which sims can impregnate and which can get pregnant in cas under the gender options. :)

    Also, I enjoy making diverse sims and since I am queer, I make my sims queer as well! I hope queer isn't a banned word bc that would be kind of insulting.
  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,997 Member
    edited October 2017
    I like my game to reflect as much realism as I can thus I like to believe I have diversity in my game. I currently have two and a half same-sex couples in my play cycle. The reason I say two and a half is my vampiress is bisexual :smile:

    *Brady (on the right) is a Drag Queen as well*
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    edited October 2017
    Well... Maybe not what the OP had in mind but I play a twist on old campy European pulp vampires. Aka the lesbian vampire coven.
    Central characters are two vampire sisters and they are definitely gay, and only turn beautiful single women...
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  • MeebxMeebx Posts: 129 Member
    Not yet, but today I will make one! I like the idea what ppl been saying just go and let them fall in love with who they want <3
    ID: Miubeex
  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,041 Member
    I am an anything goes type of player. I have sims that might be straight in one save and gay or bi in another. I let them decide from save to save who they want to be with. I also like a variety of skin tones whether they be brown, purple, tan, green, so forth. I love having diverse towns.
  • Kim5496Kim5496 Posts: 1,261 Member
    I have MCC mod so all kinds of people get paired together and I love that. I have made so many different types of people in CAS, and I love to have as much diversity in my game as I can. I have made drag queens which is really fun, to have these handsome men walking around but then they show up to a party or formal event all dressed up in drag. I think half of my town is LGBT+ just from the way I have my MCC set. I also have it set to where they can have biological children so I never have to worry about going into manage worlds to make their kids but I do sometimes if I'm really attached to the couple and have a story line planned for them. :)

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