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List your ideas for car gameplay here one of the SimGurus wants to know


  • BD5141BD5141 Posts: 3,044 Member
    I would also like Teens to be able to learn to drive and would like the Teens to be able to drive them self and any siblings to school. Would like mechanic as a career so that our Sims could learn how to fix and repair a car that has broke down and how about having a Sim run out of gas. Maybe even a race car driver as a career or emt or fireman so many things could be done with vehicles.
  • Juniormints74Juniormints74 Posts: 288 Member
    Ooh there are so many great ideas listed here! Awesome recommendations fellow Simmers! I'd also love to see infant and toddler car seats added in this pack. :)
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,389 Member
    . Let's see a drive in park would be cool. where you can have the cars park in rows facing the screen. Or just a parking object where car have to park at, so people can build a drive in park. which means that, watching tv while in the car should be and option.
    . or like a kissing rock for the teens.
    . The option for teen to take driving classes at school or from their parents.
    . school bus pick up for the kids or drive to school
    . I want to see my sims drive away..long enough to take good screenshot. which didn't happen with the elevators T_T
    . Bring back the fixer upper car from the sims 2 and it could be a bonding thing where multiple sims can work on it. like the rocket ship
    . with GTW the car could be buy-able so buidling a showroom is possible.
    . maybe make a track where the cooking couters from restaurants can fit for a foodtruck on a lot. or the have some food trucks like the stands from city living
    . and have different typs of cars. sports car, cheap car, trucks, beetles, those volks wagen busses .

    What is a kissing rock?
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,389 Member
    I like the idea about car wash venues and also Sims washing cars.
  • Winifred_WillowWinifred_Willow Posts: 423 Member
    I would love to see cars added to the game. The ideas shared here are fantastic and I would be delighted having them in the game! I like having my sims in TS3 working on their cars and I would like to have something like that for TS4 but more elaborated upon. The new Mechanic job would be ideal, the game desperately needs different professions. I would like seeing the family piling into the car to head off somewhere. We could add car camping or drive in movies.
  • ElectraRaiElectraRai Posts: 99 Member
    What about sims feeling ashamed of driving cheap/broken car, or feeling pumped beacause owning a brand new car. Perhaps woo-hoo in car? ;) I'd love to see sim just go and wash car or try to repair it. Sim can have a car related trait and feel angry whenever their vehicle will be used by other sim or get broken! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!!!
  • ElectraRaiElectraRai Posts: 99 Member
    And guys, do you remeber helicopters from the sims2! I want helicopters too xD
  • trastelltrastell Posts: 72 Member
    I love all of the other suggestions.
    It's not as important to me that the cars actually go anywhere, but I love the woohoo, makeout, and listen to music interactions from Sims2.
    I also LOVE the suggestion that someone else had that there could be hidden lots available only by traveling in a car - I'm really, really wanting a beach, although I have been holding out hope for a beach themed vacation game pack.
    Maybe if there's a Car Enthusiast trait, there can be a whim to have a collection of cars
  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 9,117 Member
    I don't care one way or another, but if they do offer them they should be FREE. I'm tired of being nickeled and dimed to death for such miniscule add ons.
  • jus1nickiejus1nickie Posts: 360 Member
    edited July 2017
    Thought about this for an hour now. For garages and driveways to work in the sims 4 there would have to be some sort garage or driveway tool implemented for homes with foundations that are rised for players who wants a indoor garage with a driveway to drive in and out of. It would have to be a tool that would make a room automatically a split level room. Any thoughts?
  • ledetteledette Posts: 26 Member
    I love many of the ideas suggest in previous post. I would also like to see cars that can be rebuilt and then sold for lots of simoleons up to 50,000 or more.
  • halfnotes9halfnotes9 Posts: 163 Member
    Haven't read through all of these, but I liked the convertible in Roaring Heights we got to build! That was cool! I always had a woman building the car! LOL
  • ClaimingTheFifthClaimingTheFifth Posts: 417 Member
    Whatever is done (if anything with cars) it probably will not be with driveways and garages. Since we now have decor cars....if we build a garage that isn't totally silly, we cannot use a foundation on the house. What's really nasty is that ALL buildings on a lot have to have the same foundation elevation. Therefore, unless you think a garage looks classy with steps at its elevated foundation on the house or anything else. It seems with the current S4 platform, about the best we'll ever do is maybe a driveway ? :/
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  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 587 Member
    I am sure others have stated the same as I am going to, Its on page 3 already and I only saw the feed this morning.. Sims 2 had the Sim open the car door and get in - Sims 3 did not they just appeared in the vehicle..I would like to see the Sim actually get in the vehicle and close the door . If there could be a Vehicle to fix that would be great and a Teen able to work on it also..If there could be a Job added like Mechanic - It would add much Needed game play, and a job / Career...I went back and read some comments.. There could be made Special Garages for the Car, it would Not be an attached to the house garage , Like others have stated about if a home is on some sort of rise- like for a porch..

    Thank you for asking for our in-put...

  • Juniormints74Juniormints74 Posts: 288 Member
    I don't know if this has been mentioned, but maybe they could add that Sims would need to pay car insurance. Also, they would need to have a credit check to determine what kind of car they would be eligible to buy. :)
  • NightWolfKelly19NightWolfKelly19 Posts: 12 New Member
    I would really like to see an aspiration and career tied to cars. I think it would be great if sims could refurbish and build cars, it would be a great expansion of the handiess skill. For careers it could start with factory worker and go up to professional race car driver or car company ceo. An aspiration could be tied to owning progressively better cars, fixing you own car, building handieness and climbing the car related career ladder. It would be great to have several tiers of cars to buy, as my sims are often multi generational households with too much money.
  • DaninhozinhoDaninhozinho Posts: 14 New Member
    I would like that cars in TS4 would be like in TS2, where sims would have a animation to get in a car, make woohoo in it, and too build a garage in my sims house, with a lot of decorations e and objects to put in it.
  • GoddessqueenbGoddessqueenb Posts: 89 Member
    Cars is a must have in this game. Why wasn't this consider from the start?
  • carlywycherleycarlywycherley Posts: 568 Member
    I would love cars like the sims 2 had where u have cars that drive up the driveway also it would be good to be able to woohoo in cars, have kids be able to pretend to drive also both cycle bikes and motorbikes would be cool and strollers and car seats would be good. I just love the idea also love the idea of electric cars etc also camper vans would be good to go camping anywhere
  • jus1nickiejus1nickie Posts: 360 Member
    Whatever is done (if anything with cars) it probably will not be with driveways and garages. Since we now have decor cars....if we build a garage that isn't totally silly, we cannot use a foundation on the house. What's really nasty is that ALL buildings on a lot have to have the same foundation elevation. Therefore, unless you think a garage looks classy with steps at its elevated foundation on the house or anything else. It seems with the current S4 platform, about the best we'll ever do is maybe a driveway ? :/

    yea I was thinking they would only implement a driveway as well because it would be less work and resources.... but I still think some kind of split level room tool that won't elevate the room when foundations are eleavated would be awesome so we could have garages and another build tool as well but since its the sims 4 sadly I don't think another build tool will happen.

  • szMermaidszMermaid Posts: 254 Member
    If someday the police and thief npcs are added to the game, it would be cool if the cars could be stolen or attempt of theft. Our police Sims could look for the suspect and have the car back, or else the NPC police in the game would recover it. It would also be cool if the Sims could dance lightly while at the wheel with the car parked (while waiting for the other Sims to get into the car), or take Selfie behind the wheel, instead of standing like statues looking forward. And I hope it's possible to see the Sims that are in the back of the car, through the window, because in TS2 they were like ghosts, it was only possible to see the driver and one Sim behind, the others were invisible. That would not be nice. It would be nice if a Sim that is inside the car could take a photo with a Sim that is out of the car (from the window and with the car parked). Having the ability to assemble and dismantle the car, make paintings and some custom designs, would also be great. Oh, and it would be great if it were possible to have a car shop, where you go and can buy it for yourself, or buy it to give as a gift to someone else, for example, for a son/daughter who has just become a young adult, or for a wife / husband. The most rebellious teenage, may have the option of leaving with their parents car without them knowing, and then parents would have the option of punishing for it (if they find out)

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  • Orchid13Orchid13 Posts: 8,823 Member
    Cars is a must have in this game. Why wasn't this consider from the start?

    Cause the game was released half baked
  • laura95laura95 Posts: 2 New Member
    You could have a career of becoming a taxi driver - bus driver - pizza / delivery driver - chauffeur driver - rally driver.
    teens could rebel and drag race in carparks and get brought back by the police. then having to pay a fee for the car to be released.
    parents taking the children / teens to school.

    i remeber back in the day of having cars in sims and i loved the idea.
    have a variety of small cars / family cars / 4x4s / sports cars / saloons

    could you have a car showroom where you go and look at cars ?
    choose a used or brand new ?
    make it a business that sims can own or a career from car washer to sales admin - sales executive to showroom / garage owner ?
  • MikeAM91MikeAM91 Posts: 165 Member
    edited July 2017


    There are already some amazing ideas on this thread! In no particular order, the main features I would like to see in a GP are...

    1. Car Socials (Woohoo/Makeout/Listen to Music/Honk Horn etc)

    2. Cars get dirty and ability to wash cars (Parents could ask kids to wash cars as chore like setting table)

    3. Cars break down like other objects (Either repair yourself or call mechanic/repairman)

    4. Auto career (Start as car washer move up to mechanic then choose from two branches Auto Company Exec or Race Car Drive)

    5. 2 new skills... driving skill and mechanic skill

    6. With high enough mechanic skill upgrade cars with special wheels, paint, horns, etc. Either keep the car and enjoy or sell for a profit.

    7. Parents with high enough driving skill can teach teen sims how to drive. Resulting in higher base driving skill when they become young adults.

    Free Patch... Police and burglar NPCs! If the Auto pack is purchased driving will sometimes generate a chance card choosing the wrong option might get you a ticket. Low driving skill sims have a higher chance of getting a ticket.

    I know the devs can figure out a great way to implement garages with the way foundations currently work. I would think they could have a specific garage tool. We can already do split levels the only issue is making it so the foundation doesn't appear and isn't "active" so we could put garage doors etc. at ground level. Specifying a certain room as a garage would take care of this I think. Other than garages, I would like outdoor parking spaces and gates for driveways.

    Since we have closed worlds I'm completely fine with the car driving to end of the area and disappearing, but I would love the loading screens to be updated with a picture of your sims in whatever car they have and some nice little traveling animation.

    There is SO much you could flesh out of a pack like this. IMO this would be a significant game changer. It will add more realism to the game (most people have a car) and will definitely help to not break the immersion. I'm imploring begging the Sims team to produce a GP like this!
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,957 Member
    edited July 2017
    Car interactions I would like to see:
    • WooHoo in car
    • Listen to music in car
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