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Small Features You Would Like?


  • SimAppleSimApple Posts: 27 Member
    A lot more traits . It's outrageous that our sims only have a handful of meaningless traits to choose from. Traits in this game should be a lot more influential.
  • bmj97bmj97 Posts: 60 Member
    i was just thinking about piggy banks for kids? like they can do chores or smth for money and then put it in their piggy bank.. idk what they would do with it though lol. maybe be able to buy certain kids stuff off the computer.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,097 Member
    Lots of good ideas here. With you, MasonGamer, on the medieval stuff, adds a whole new dimension to the game. Neptune Suzy has gowns like the one you show for Sims2, don't know if she's translated her magic to Sims4. Maxis made a 'castle in a kit' back then, which might do well here for period players. A small feature that would be very helpful is the age meter that lets you know where a sim is along their age group progression.
  • ALB101ALB101 Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Callum2000 said:
    > Hi all,
    > I was wondering what small features you would like added into TS4. I don't mean anything game-changing like pets or seasons - I think most of us would like to see those at some point.
    > I for example really want the option to buy a cake instead of having to make one yourself every single time. I'd also like the option for sims to play tag with each other, and for swings to come back. Just some small little features that add to the game! What would you like to see?

    I would like to see a bigger neighborhood or more lots to add and it would be nice to customize the neighborhood like in the sims 3.
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,077 Member
    In regards to small features, I would like to see the following added...
    • Careers (Education, Law, Military, Etc.)
    • Body Hair
    • Burglar NPCs
    • Food Processors
    • Garden Sprinklers
    • Green Houses
    • Grocery Stores
    • Lot Traits
    • Lounge Chairs
    • Personality Traits
    • Spiral Staircases
    • Trash Compactors
    • World Editing Tools
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  • cjosecjose Posts: 262 Member
    MasonGamer wrote: »
    I was hoping a CC creator who made great quality conversions from clothes - buy content From the Sims medieval to The Sims 4 But I'd love to see more costumes.

    I was looking back at concept art


    things like this

    OMG YES! I really, really hope they add medieval things back, but I think that would be more of a Stuff Pack than a patch
  • AbraKadabraAbraKadabra Posts: 270 Member
    more careers, more traits, deck chairs, spiral staircase...
  • JustaRandomSimmerJustaRandomSimmer Posts: 4 New Member
    This probably isn't a small feature, but I would love for disabilities to be in the game, this would me the happiest person in the world, because I would be able to make my sister in the game look more like what I see when I look at her o:)
  • lasummerblasummerb Posts: 2,703 Member
    I didn't realize body hair was missing for the longest. I have cc hair for the chest and legs, now all my guys have hair on their legs and some on their chest. Not a lot, though.

    I want to see the hip hop and rnb stations back. I put my own custom music in game, but I want a Simlish radio station.
  • CynnaCynna Posts: 1,926 Member
    Yes, thank you.

    The missing Hip Hop and R 'n' B stations are truly an oversight.
  • AbsafraginlootlyAbsafraginlootly Posts: 18 Member
    [*] spiral stairs and midlandings for staircases so you can change their direction - straight stairs really limit building
    [*] funeral social events

    And I too would like a medieval stuff pack.
  • AenmondAenmond Posts: 31 Member
    You all have some great ideas I'd love to see implemented too, and here are a few of my own.
    A 'Giftable' option: I think certain objects, probably those you can carry around in you inventory, should be giftable. So an option to wrap up something as a present and give it to other sim is needed. For example a toy for a children, or being able to gift potions or books.
    Filters for meals: Filters could be made according to the different dlc's or the type of food you're cooking. As in each dlc more recipes have been added, there is now a long list of meals to cook. Filters would make finding a recipe much easier.
    Filters for your sims inventory: When you start collecting way to many things in your sims inventory, at least in my experience, it becomes a mess xD. Filters according to the type of objects, such as fruits and vegetables/harvested items, frogs and similar collectables, minerals, fossils, misc, etc, would make everything tidier.
    Dancing: First of all, sims should be able to dance in pairs. I'd particularly like a romantic dancing option. Then different types of dances according to the music your sim is listening would also be a nice addition to the gameplay.
  • taydevtaydev Posts: 696 Member
    Dividing the family funds. I have a teenage sim who works, but his hard earned money goes into the collective funds when he should be able to save what he earns for when he moves out.

    I also agree with body hair, hip hop and r&b stations, and taking family photos.
  • CuddlyKritterCuddlyKritter Posts: 66 Member
    I would enjoy if they expanded on the Aspirations. I love trying to meet the goals it sets out and gaining the rewards it offers. I really feel there should be a wellness aspiration under the athletic section and a baking aspiration under the food section.

    I really liked the idea of choosing the amount of cash a sim takes with them upon move out. Or at least making that amount a percent of the household savings rather than a flat 20k.
  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,675 Member
    I want family inheritance because when a Sim die the family get nothing
  • Bear31Bear31 Posts: 3,412 Member
    I'd like the stuff that is just meant for clutter, with the exception of some things, to be used. Like the things that they unlock from their careers--I know some can be used, but some others are just'd just be fun for once, say if you got a knife set for a reward for a promotion in the chef aspiration, that they could use them. Instead of them just appearing out of thin air.
  • blkbrry7blkbrry7 Posts: 4 New Member
    Slow dancing, more party options, new careers, another empty world
  • OoAtomicKittenoOOoAtomicKittenoO Posts: 47 Member
    Height sliders! My mom is 5 ft tall and my dad is 6 ft. They look almost the same height in-game!
  • HelenaWiktoriaHelenaWiktoria Posts: 148 Member
    I've said that in another thread already, but I really wish for both friendly and complaining animations for "Ask to Leave" interaction. It's really small feature, but would make a big difference, in my opinion.
  • FKM100FKM100 Posts: 875 Member
    Another little thing - I liked the way the bedside tables in Sims 3 tucked in neatly next to the bed when you placed them and the dining chairs tucked in neatly under the table. I really miss that.
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,135 Member
    Bunk beds
    Roller/ice skating
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  • fewlinesfewlines Posts: 1,488 Member
    casts and bandages?
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  • ElenPinkElenPink Posts: 540 Member
    Teenagers to have mood swings and develop pimples.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 85,669 Member
    Dancing Together fixed so sims face each other when dancing together.

  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 85,669 Member
    lasummerb wrote: »
    I didn't realize body hair was missing for the longest. I have cc hair for the chest and legs, now all my guys have hair on their legs and some on their chest. Not a lot, though.

    I want to see the hip hop and rnb stations back. I put my own custom music in game, but I want a Simlish radio station.

    Yeah Hip Hop and R and B are two I want as well. I also want Big Band and Caribbean Music.

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